I use to be a normal girl, until that night when the pain of my forgotten memories came back. I was close to dyeing from the pain when he came into my room. He laid me on my bed because I had fallen to the ground. Then he leaned in close and whispered in my ear "Relax Yuki, I'm sorry I can't protect you from the world I wished you would never have to be apart of." I could feel his breath on my skin it sent shivers up and down my spine, then came the searing pain when he sank his fangs into the nape of my neck, soon after it turned into a dull throbs. When he pulled away that's when the pain became unbearable it was as if someone put liquid iron in my vines it was a searing heat that threatened to completely consume me. Suddenly I felt Kaname lips on mine and a sweet tasting liquid flowing from his mouth to mine. My eyes shot open and as if compelled to. Agents my own will I swallowed it hungrily and then I felt in me the yearning for more. I couldn't control my self I pulled away from Kaname and sunk my new teeth into his neck and began to drink the sweet liquid rushing from Kanames body to mine. I pulled away from him and sat up and loomed in the mirror and gasped tears streaming from my eyes witch were now a very bright blood red. I felt myself withdrawing into the darkest senses of my being and shutting my self there.


Her blood tasted so good I had wanted to taste her for a very long time but I didn't want her pulled into my world yet. I was very troubled when I discovered her in her room writhing from pain of the memories my aunt and uncle had locked away. Only to slowly and painfully reappear. When Yuki had her fill she looked up and saw herself for the first time as a vampire. I could see the purple in her eyes dilate to where the bright red of blood lust tinged her eyes was gone, hidden behind her pupils. "I am sorry about this Yuki, I hope you can forgive me for dragging you back into this terrible world. I will leave you now so you can think, come to me when you are ready." So I got up and I opened the window and jumped out landing quietly on the ground outside. Now that she has awakened she is mine and no one will come between that.


I stretched my arms and sighed I had been working on a matching pair of taming charms one for me and one for Yuki even though hers isn't meant to be used to tame a vampire . I had made them out of the strongest charm I could find so that any vampire whose blood drooped on the center charm even a pure-blood would not disobey me. And would do what I told it to. I planned to give the charm to Yuki on her birthday witch was two days ago but they weren't finished yet. So I had worked tirelessly to finish the charms so I could give it to her. One was a charm in a velvet blue box witch I had set it in. It had the shape of a heart with a hole in the side, the other witch was on my wrist was a dagger witch fit into the hole in the heart. I got up out of my chair and grabbed the velvet box and sprinted away to Yuki with it. When he got to Yuki's room he raped on the door three times and waited. Yuki opened the door but there was something wrong blood drenched the front of her shirt coming from her neck. "Oh my god! Yuki are you okay?! Who did this to you. I will kill hi..." I was cut off as I looked into her eyes and her pupils were fully dilated looking like placed pools of water but ringed around it was the unmistakable red tinge of a vampire's blood lust. Yuki slowly started to lean in to me and placed her head on my shoulder and then I could feel her tens up and coming very close and right when she was going to sink her fangs into me I backed away touching my bracelets main charm to Yuki's neck were her blood was pooling and I drenched the main charm in her blood. As tears streamed down my face I uttered the word "I draw on the vampire hunter blood with in my to bind the vampire to me by blood so that she will obey my every command." He said and his charm turned blue with heat I gasped because only when a pure-bloods blood touches an enchanted charm dose it turn blue. As the color and the heat faded zero walked up to Yuki having a terrible taming tattoo on the left side of her neck touched the charm to it and Yuki fell instantly asleep. I caught her as she fell and laid her in her bed.


the last thing I saw before everything went dark was zero looking sad uttering words and then as he stepped forward a searing burn in her neck and then her vision faded she hadn't meant to attack him but she was just so thirsty she couldn't control her body. I woke up and looked around for zero but he wasn't there I went to go open my door but I read the words on the door in my mind. "Yuki stay here" I tried reaching for the door but it instantly shocked me for trying. I gave up knowing I wasn't going to get out. I went into my bathroom, looked in the mirror, and gasped "he tamed me! Zero tamed me! As a vampire to a vampire hunter!