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Song Inspiring: BIRTHDAY by The Beatles

They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you

"I told you, Kory," Raven repeated tiredly, "I don't want it."

When Raven turned to look at the alien, she nearly folded at the pouting look. "Please, Raven!" she pleaded, "I wish to have a celebration for my friend! You are turning twenty, and we wish to celebrate with you."

Cyborg lightly pat the empath on her back, "Why don't you let her have this one, Rae?" Now Raven was more likely to fold now that her big brother was pouting as well. Garth chuckled and whispered to Arsenal, "Five bucks says she folds in 3…2…"

"No," Raven repeated. And Arsenal smugly took five dollars from the Atlantian.

"Why are you so against a party, Rae?" Argent asked. Raven shook her head, "You know I don't like loud music or colorful celebrations." Raven had to ignore the comment about loud music from Jinx- something about metal screaming and what not.

"I will make it simple, Raven," pushed Starfire, eager to celebrate the turning twenty with her leader and friend, "We will reside at the Pizza place…and just eat. No loud music, just time with friends. Will that suit your fannies?" Garth kissed his girlfriend on the cheek and corrected her, "It's 'fancies', Star."

Raven tapped her finger against her chin, "One condition. No presents. And no dress-up. Uniforms are fine." Mas and Menos asked instantaneously, "¿No regalos? ¿Por qué?" Raven shook her head, "Money like that can go to better use, not on presents for me." Jinx opened her mouth to disagree, but Raven put her finger up and said, "Final offer."

In less then a second, Starfire flew over to the empath and squeezed the living day lights- not that there were many- out of her. "Oh thank you, Raven!" she screeched. Raven lightly pat her on her back, "N-not that I don't love you, Star, but please drop me." Starfire dropped down to notice they were floating near the ceiling. "Much apologies," Starfire said before letting Raven levitate back on the ground.

"Oh there is much planning to do," Starfire pointed out, "I must reserve a very large table for our party. Oh, and I must call the Red Arrow and Night-"

"No," Raven said for the umpteenth time this day, "Invite, Roy. Not…not Nightwing."

Arsenal raised an eyebrow, "I thought you guys were on some unity-pact, or something?" Argent nodded in agreement, "Why don't you want him there, Rae?"

"Most likely, Nightwing would bring his team along," Raven reasoned, "And remember the last time you guys were left alone with them?" Her teammates showed mix versions of amusement and guilt.

"Is Nightwing no longer your friend, Raven?" asked a curiously worried Starfire. Raven shook her head, "I just don't want to have to pay for restaurant repairs," she glared at Garth, Arsenal, and Cyborg, "Again." The boys did their best to hide their chuckles.

"It's fine Rae," Jinx said, happy not to revisit her ex-boyfriend, "It's your party and we shouldn't push it." Raven nodded and left the room to meditate.

Cyborg looks around, "Who's going to call him?" While everyone was having mini arguments on who needed to call the former Boy Wonder, Starfire floated to the metal man and asked, "I do not understand. I believed Raven said she did not want Nightwing here." Cyborg smirked at the naïve girl, and Garth answered for her, "She may not want him there, but she'll be happy when he shows up."

"Yep, it was the weirdest feeling fighting my old mentor," Wally recalled, retelling the younger heroes the story of fighting a mind-controlled Justice League. Tim- having already heard this story from Dick and Bruce- got up and saw his computer working on the holographic computer. The weird thing is: it was a day off.

"Did you get a lead?" Tim asked his older brother. Dick brushed him off with a wave of his glove, "Yeah…go do that."

Tim sighed, took out his miniature version of the computer, and hacked into Dick's own tech. Next thing he knew, Dick was staring at Pop-Up Adds ranging from a new Volkswagen dealership to lonely housewives in need of his services.

Dick glared behind his mask, "I should've never taught you that trick." Tim smugly glared back, "Well you should've paid attention to me first." Dick muttered an apology before turning back to the screen, disabling the adds.

"So what are you doing?" Tim asked again. Dick finally answered, "I'm looking for presents for Raven."

"The Titans leader?" Tim recalled, "She was pretty. She had a really cute-"

"Aren't you with Cassie?" interrupted a slightly bothered Dick. No one was really bold enough to make those types of comments about Raven- and he liked being the only one to really do it to her face. The current Robin shrugged, "It was just two dates. Hasn't really escaladed into anything. But nice try; I'm not distracted that easily."

Dick growled, "Yes, it's for Raven- leader of the Titans. I can't decide between this old collection of classic Oscar Wilde books or these scented candles." Tim scrunched his nose when Dick suggested candles, until Dick explained, "For her meditation."

"Those gifts sound like something you give her on…I don't know, a friendship anniversary," Tim pointed out. Dick sighed, "Well I don't know what says 'Birthday'. She remembers her birthday as the day her father tried to take over the world."

Tim joked, "You could get her a scepter. Or a t-shirt that says 'Daddy's little girl'." Dick grimaced, "Not funny, Tim."

Tim waved his hands in the air dramatically, "Well what do you want to get her?" Dick thought for a moment and decided the answer he had in his head wasn't appropriate for Tim's not-so-young mind.


Dick went back to the computer and saw Arsenal and Garth's face appear. "What do you need, guys?"

Arsenal opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by the background sounds of Argent screaming/chasing Mas and Menos and Jinx. Garth rolled his eyes and said, "What are you doing tonight?"

Dick teased lightly, "It's going to cost you a lot of money to take me on a date, Garth. And aren't you with Starfire?" Garth left the picture- mumbling something about Dick being over cocky or a pain in the ass. Arsenal asked, "We're having Raven's birthday party at the Pizza Place in Jump. You want to come or not?"

A distant Cyborg scolded, "There's a polite way to ask!" Arsenal responded, "Too bad I haven't found it!"

Dick looked confused at the (former) archer, "How come I'm finding out about this now?" Arsenal sighed, "Cause Kory finally squeezed a 'yes' out of her." Dick smiled in amusement.

"You in or not?" he impatiently asked. Dick nodded, "You want me to bring anything?" Arsenal shook his head, "No. Rae said no presents and no dressing up. See you in…an hour."

"Was the Team invited?" Tim asked, causing Dick to open his eyes in realization. He was too busy wondering why Arsenal was inviting him instead of Raven herself (with their not-that-used mental bond, he figured she'd try and save money and computer/battery power).

"I don't know. Should I invite them?" asked a confused Dick, and Tim was amused to see this side of Dick. He suggested, "You should at least invite Gar and Karen, right?" With a nod, Dick walked over with Tim to the common room- aka, the room with the TV. (Mount Justice was still in the middle of it's repairs, if you can really call reinstalling rooms in a mountain repairing.)

Dick was approaching his team- within hearing distance of Wally and Artemis arguing over some of the very first battles they fought as a team- when Garfield ran up to him with… two meshed up pieces of clay (they were supposed to be a bunny and a bird). He looked up at Nightwing, "You think Rae will like it?" Tim eyed it behind his mask, "What is it, Gar?" Gar smiled proudly, "They're bookends!" Dick and Tim nodded in mock realization.

Karen walked up, "Hey Dick, Gar and I were going to head over to Jump, did you want to come with us?" Dick stared funnily at her, "How'd you know about the party?" Karen eyed her leader oddly, "Uh…Rae-Rae called." The former Titans leader's eyes went wide behind his domino mask, "She invited you personally?"

Gar awkwardly stuttered, "W-well we called to wish her a happy birthday…and she happened to invite us." Karen put her hand on Dick's shoulder, "That's not a problem is it?" Dick shook his head, "It wouldn't matter if I thought it was." She smiled, "You coming with us or not? We're going via Zeta."

"Where are you going via Zeta?" asked Mal, her boyfriend. She shrugged, "Old friend's birthday party. It's in Jump City."

"You're going to Raven's birthday party?" Mal clarified. Karen sassily put her hands on her hips and repeated, "That's not a problem is it?" Mal crossed his arms over his chest, "Isn't your ex- Cyborg- gonna be there?" The former Titans East leader scoffed, "Me and Sparky are just friends."

"You know, if you're going to eat pizza in Jump, maybe we could tag along," Artemis suggested when she and the other teammates walked over. Dick had a small gut feeling that there was some ulterior motive; she was still mad at Argent and Jinx. "We haven't had dinner and we're hungry," she concluded.

Dick crossed his arms over his chest, "I don't know guys. Remember what happened last time you were in Jump?" Miss Martian put her hands up defensively, "We'll just be there for food. We'll behave."

The former Boy Wonder gave the current Boy Wonder a look- silently telling him to make sure they keep to their word- and submitted, "Fine."

Starfire felt lucky when the owner of the Pizza restaurant agreed to let them have a party- especially when he agreed to let them use all the tables on the roof. Something about not wanting to have Titans blood in his restaurant when millions of fans came barging in.

From the corner of her eye, Raven didn't look so grumpy. Anyone who knew Raven could tell that her eyes were smiling as she watched Red Arrow's daughter help unwrap his present to her- he did get the memo about no presents, but had already bought the gift anyway. She gave both of them small hugs when she saw it was some very big book that Raven wanted.

"Nice job, Star," Argent complimented. Starfire clapped her hands victoriously, "Even Raven is very happy, it seems."


The Titans turned around to see Gar, running towards them with interestingly wrapped presents, Bumblebee, and Nightwing…and the rest of the team.

They were screwed.

Gar, completely oblivious to the obvious tension, ran up and hugged Raven. He showed her the gifts he made, and Raven's face was a mix of amusement- Gar made the bunny as a memory of her time in Mumbo's hat- and a mix of anger- probably from her team disobeying the whole invitation fiasco.

"I thought we only invited Nightwing!" whisper hissed Jinx, in the middle of a glare with Artemis.

Garth crossed his arms over his chest and turned to the Team, "What are you guys doing here?" Batgirl, ignoring Blue Beetle, Impulse, and Lagoon Boy who were pigging out, smugly answered, "We're just here for pizza."

"Well then get off the roof," Argent said coldly, "This is a private party." Artemis snorted, "Yeah, it's really private to have your party on the roof of a public restaurant." Argent formed a red plasma bubble on her hand, but the bubble was enveloped in a black bubble.

"Look," Raven interrupted, "If you have nothing nice to say to us, you're not obligated to stay." Dick noticed that Raven was extremely bothered by their appearances. Raven's inner battle towards her birthday was about to turn external.

Dick stepped up and spoke for his team, "If they promise to keep their distance, can they eat dinner here?" Raven raised a slick eyebrow at him, "'They'?"

Starfire gulped nervously, "Yes, Raven. We…went against your orders…and invited Nightwing." Dick's eyes went wide behind his mask- against her orders?

Raven sighed in defeat and looked at Nightwing through his mask, "They…are welcome to stay." Nightwing crossed his arms over his chest, "May I speak to you in private before we party too hard?"

Raven walked calmly up to him. "Don't be whelmed," she mocked before encasing him in her powers.

Dick landed feet first on Titans Tower- completely contrasting his previous memory of being alone up here with her. Raven removed her hood giving Dick the chance to look at her face. Her eyes still shined like heliotropes and her hair was nearly long enough to rest on her breasts.

"Is there a reason you didn't want me celebrating your birthday with you?" he bluntly asked, making her miss these faux-arguments they used to have. Except this argument was real and possibly on it's way to ugliness.

"If it makes you feel better," Raven started, "It wasn't something hurtful." He stared at her confused, "What should be classified as 'hurtful'?" She sighed, "I didn't not invite you because you reminded me of…the first birthday I celebrated with the Titans." He knew that was her way of being somewhat comforting, which it was in its own way.

Dick walked closer to the sorceress, "Did I do something wrong? You know this is an important day to me." She raised an eyebrow, "It is?" He nodded honestly, "It's me celebrating the birth of… the woman I love."

Raven shook her head and watched his feet walk even closer towards her. He put a finger underneath her chin (not exactly forcing her to look at him, but she knew he wouldn't remove the digit until she did). Dick had apparently removed his mask while she was staring down at the ground. He gave her that very famous crooked smile- why all the good-looking guys have crooked smiles was a mystery to her- and told her, "It hurt that you didn't want me to celebrate you're birthday with you- I barely get to see you enough as it is."

She sighed in defeat, "You make an excellent argument. I was…I was wrong not to include you." Dick smugly asked, "What was that? Did I hear Raven- the most magnificent, empathic sorceress and Titans leader- admit she was wrong?" She rolled her eyes and chided him, "Don't push your luck, Dick."

He moved his hands from her face to her waist, and said, "I know you didn't want a birthday present, but I did in fact get you something." Raven raised her eyebrows, "Are you going to make me close my eyes and kiss me?"

The light blush on his cheeks was obvious only to her. He mumbled, "Just close your eyes." Raven smirked, doing as she was told, and said, "You better not have ate garlic before this." He chuckled and Raven felt his body press even closer to her.

Instead of meeting with his lips, she was met with…paper?

Raven opened her eyes and saw Dick holding a small booklet to her mouth. He removed the booklet and Raven wiped at her lips, "What the hell?"

Dick laughed and handed her the booklet. She began laughing with him when she saw what was inside.

Handmade…badly drawn…and four of each:







"When'd you have the time to make these?" she asked.

Dick shrugged sheepishly, "I've actually had these since your last Titans-West Birthday." Raven ripped out the last one and gave him a questioning look. He chuckled, "Gar was in the room when I wrote that," and he suggestively asked, "Did you want to use that one now?"

She rolled her eyes, "Our teams are most likely tearing up that Pizza Place…I don't have time to cash in right now."

He nodded and walked closer to her, "One more thing…"

As cliché as it was, Raven liked Dick kissing her on the rooftop as the sun was setting. She had a feeling he'd pull a move like this, but she really didn't mind.

"The last one…you don't really need a coupon for that," he huskily said once they pulled away. Raven rolled her eyes, "Starfire will kill me if she thinks I'm avoiding her party."

Dick nodded in understanding, and he knew that her hugs alone were deadly (he already knew what her punches were like).

"You Justice League wannabes! I cannot believe-" Someone threw a cake.

"You damn witch, how dare you-"

"Dammit, you got water in my-" Someone threw the refreshments.

"Oh please, you shouldn't be worried about-"

"C'mon guys, it's a party…why don't we-"

"Shut up Robin!"

"You are such a-" Someone threw a chair.

"What kind of super-"

"My grandmother could do that better then-"


Everyone stopped the verbal insults when they saw Raven and Nightwing returning.

Raven- monotone voice still there- scolded her team, "Is there a reason you all are covered in cake?"

"We leave you alone for ten minutes," Dick started at his team.

"What happened?" the two "birds" asked.

"He did-"

"She did-"

"They were-"

Raven clutched her head, the feelings of anger, guilt, and satisfaction rapidly firing at her. Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zin-

Even repeating her mantra in her head wasn't helping. "Argh!" she yelled angrily, her powers releasing too much energy.

The sign was torn up. What was left of the cake was blown up. The food was split into crumbs.

Raven opened her eyes, noticing the mess she created.

"Dude!" everyone turned to look at Gar…who was on his back…in hysterics. "Just like old times!" he gasped in between breaths.

Then…Cyborg began laughing. Raven turned to see him…holding a Gar shaped piñata, "She didn't get the piñata this time!"

"Oh Raven, you have done it again!" laughed Starfire, joining in. She was about to open her mouth when she heard a masculine chuckle.

A confused Raven turned to a snickering Nightwing. He put his hands up defensively and said, "C'mon Rae…it's kinda funny."

Cyborg, Starfire, and Nightwing apparently lost it and joined Gar on the floor in hysterics. Even Raven's lip was trembling before it became real laughter. The furniture that Nightwing's team was originally hiding behind was enfolded in black magic, but it didn't even leave the roof.

Everyone was staring curiously at the Original members of Titans West, watching them laugh hysterically at their memories and the current debacle.

Raven sat up and wiped at her teary eyes, completely shocked that she hadn't destroyed anything in that small loss of control.

"So…Raven…we don't have a cake to celebrate with," Arsenal pointed out. Jinx gulped, "Yeah, but Star saved the…the um…the Throknarr," holding up the crown of meat.

"What do you want to do Raven?" her teammates asked. Raven smirked, looked back at her old teammates, before answering:

"We're going to need…ice cream."

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