Okay, so here it is, my first EVER story, that anyone else may read besides myself. I guess it doesn't follow any certain storyline or whatever, it's just stuff I wrote down so don't get too mad when I get some of the facts or timeline wrong.

And if anyone was curious of the title, it's inspired from the Walking Dead soundtrack You Are the Wilderness by the Voxhaul Broadcast. It's a good song, I suggest listening to it. Or dont. Who am I to tell you what to do, right? Anyway, let's get started then.

Finn woke unusually early this morning. Jake was still asleep and the sun had just laid it's first streams of light across the waking land of Ooo.

There was a good reason for Finn's early awakening. Thanks to him and Jake saving the Candy Kingdom (once again) a few days back, princess Bubblegum had finally agreed on going to the couples only movie night with Finn on Saturday. And today was the day.

„Aww yeah!" Finn leaped out of his bed with enthusiasm peculiar only to him.

„Good morning, my beautiful sun," he said, standing on the open window in his pj-s, as Jake often did. Not even a knife storm or the Ice King could have spoiled his mood.

After standing there for a while, he finally decided to wake up Jake as he was getting hungry, but at his 14 years of age, still unable to cook a meal.

„Hey! Hey buddy!" Finn gently shaked his brother's shoulder.

„Naw, Meatman, don't go in there! I'm sorry!" Jake muttered under his blanket.

Jake was having a lot of Meatman-related dreams lately. Usually after them he had promised to stop eating Meatman's meat for a while, but by noon he had habitually forgotten all about it.

„Dude! Wake up!" Finn said in a more demanding voice. „Today is the day!"

„Day? What day?"

„Today is the day I finally go on a date with PB!"

If someone had told Finn 6 months ago that he would now be going on a date with Peebles, he would have diagnosed them with a serious case of whacked-out poobrain. And that mainly for two reasons. For one, she never showed any interest in him whatsoever, implying to him that he was too young and immature for him and constantly reminding, that her „duty lies forever with the candy people", as she used to say. Secondly for the simple reason that Finn, at the time, was still dating Flame Princess. It started out great, but the more Finn and FP spent time together, the more clearer it got that deep down in her heart, no matter, how much she said, she hated him, she still loved her father and wanted to win her approval. Finn tried to look the other way, but Jake eventually saw, what was happening. Deep down, she was still evil and no matter, how good Finn was, there was no way of changing that. „That's just the way things are down there at the Fire Kingdom," Jake tried to comfort him. Eventually, Finn came around and after a brief talk with the Fire Princess, they decided on not seeing each other anymore. The boy was devastated, but after a few months he got over it and channeled his affection-hungry energy back to Bubblegum.

„Alright man, let me just, like, get my... oh yeah, I usually don't wear clothes." Jake slowly stood up, streched himself and climbed down the ladder.

„Okay dude, bacon pancakes good enough?"

„Bacon pancakes, yeah!"

After a good and nutritious breakfast, Finn and Jake decided to kill some time playing video games, as they had nothing better to do. The hours were slow to pass, as Finn kept checking the time at least twice every hour.

„Relax man, a watched kettle never boils."

„What's that supposed to mean?" Finn was starting to feel a little annoyed, the suspence and anxiety was killing him.

„I mean, that we need to take your mind off of the big date tonight. Wanna go on safety patrol?" Jake knew, how much Finn loved going on a patrol around the forest, even though he found it excruciatingly boring, he was willing to sacrifice himself for the wellbeing of his brother.

„Yeah, I guess we could do that. Alright! Let's go! Mabye on the way we could stop by at Treetrunk's to get some good old apple pie."

„Now that's what I'm talking about!"Suddenly, going on safety patrol didn't seem like such a bad idea for the small yellow dog.

After a few hours of small scale adventuring, the two bros returned home as it was time to start preparing for the date.

Finn stepped out of the bathroom, hair still dripping hot water, as he had just taken a shower.

„So, let's get started," Finn said, standing on the bathroom door, his small, trained body's most private parts covered with a light white towel.

„No, no, that won't do. Now get in there and dry these overgrown locks of yours,"

„But we don't even have a hairdryer," Finn stated, „can't I just go like this?"

„No, you can't just go like this. Girls don't like wet men. It's the other way around. Remember not to get those two messed up!"

„Wait, what?" Finn didn't understand a word his bro was saying.

„Look, if you drip those wet hair all over PB's dress, you'll like, ruin her outfit or something. I dunno. Just trust me on this one. Lady never lets me near her, when I'm wet."

'Yeah, that's because of the wet dog smell,' Finn chuckled to himself.

„Hey, what's so funny? Am I funny to you, Finn?"

„No, I just got those random giggles... Anyway, what do you suggest I do then?"

Jake pondered on the thought for a while, hoping to look smart in front of Finn, but came up with nothing.

„Well how the heck should I know man, I'm just a dog. Mabye you could try the shake'n'dry technique, it works well for me."

„Hahaa, yeah!"

Finn started to shake his head and body as hard as he could until he felt like he was going to lose his sense of direction.



Jake was pointing at the small white towel that was laying on the ground due to some excessive shaking.

„Dude, I'm not embarrassed in front of you." Finn laughed like a fully dressed boy with no worries in the world. „But then again, you never know, where Marceline might be hiding, luring, to catch us off guard. Better get dressed."

„Good call dude."

Jake didn't like seeing his brother naked lately. When a few years back he hadn't minded him walking around the house just as nude as himself, then recently, due to Finn's maturing, he felt uncomfortable and embarrassed in Finn's naked company. Sure, he was a magic dog who could strech in any ways he wanted to, but still, he felt degraded.

Finn swung open the closet door. „So, what should I wear then? Something casual? Or mabye formal? What do you think Jake?"

„Well, I'd call for a loot suit."

„Jake! I'm being serious." Finn had the previous loot suit memories still too fresh in mind. He looked ridiculous in it.

„Alright, alright," Jake chuckled to himself. He thought Finn had looked adorable in it. „Let me dust off your black suit. Let's see if it still fits."

Jake took Finn's old black suit from the closet. Well, technically, it was a brand new suit, Finn had only woren it a few times, but it was bought years ago. Luckily, it still fit, although a little tight from the chest.

„Yeah, I look awesome!"

Finn stood in front of a mirror, admiring his charming boyish looks.

„Come on dude, it's time to go!"

„Oh boy, I-I... don't know if I'm up for it. I feel super nervous."

„No time to waste!" Jake threw Finn on his back and rode him to the candy palace.

„Alright dude, I'll leave you to it, I still have to pick up Lady."

„Wait, you and Lady will be there too?" Finn felt like staying home instead. Cause now if he messes something up, not only half of the Candy Kingdom will be there to see it, but also his brother with Lady.

'Oh boy, what have I gotten myself into? Why didn't I choose to go somewhere more private, where all of the candy citizens wouldn't be watching my every move?'

„Yeah, of course we will. It's our quality time. Plus I'll be there to back you up when things should go south. Look, there comes Peebles. Good luck, I'm out."

The princess wore her regular pink gown, which made Finn think that he had a bit overdressed for the occasion.

„Hey Finn, you look nice."

„He-he, yeah, you too, princess." Finn could almost hear the sweat dripping down his back.

„So, ready to head for the movies?"

„Um, yeah, sure. There isn't anywhere else in the world that I'd want to go more right now." His voice was shaking along with his knees when he stated that obvious lie.

„Finn, are you alright? Loosen up, we're just going to the movies, okay?"

„Yeah, yeah, sure. I know that. It's just hot out here, thats all."

Finn and Bubblegum didn't exchange a word after then on the way to the cinema. Good thing it wasn't a very long way or it had been quite the awkward silence. Upon arrival, Finn suggested that they'd sit in the back.

„No way Finn," Bubblegum said in her usual cheerful tone. „Let's sit in the front instead."

„But all the seats there are taken."

„Well, being the princess here kinda gives you some privileges."

Bubblegum smiled and patted on the free forner of the pink blanket next to her.

As the movie started, Finn remembered the reason he fleed from it the last time he went to the couples movie night. All the film was about smooching. And by the looks of things, they were the only ones there not smooching. Finn peeked at Bubblegum to see if she was showing any signs of disgust, that had given Finn the oppurtunity to suggest leaving. But nothing. She just sat there with a dreamy face, staring at the movie.

'Oh crud. This is going to be one hell of a long movie,' he thought to himself.

Sitting there, waisting away his evening, Finn couldn't help but thinking about how much fun it was when he came to the couples movie night with Marceline and how much he would be rather jamming with her than sitting through that lame movie.

'I hardly belive that Peebles would like to go and run with the wolves after the movie. Or wrestle with me,' Finn thought.

„Hey, PB," he whispered, not to disturb the others from smooching, „what do you think about wolves?"

„I think that they are terrifying creatures. And filthy. I don't even want to see one ever since you bought two of them in my room."

„I'm sorry. Marceline thought it was a good idea, that you'd like it."

The princesses face turned bright red and she frowned.

„Well of course Marceline. Eine Schlampe."

Finn was amazed at how angry she had gotten from the mention of Marceline's name. He knew they didn't get on very well, but this was a genuine suprise.

„What was that?"

„Oh nothing, nothing Finn. Let's just enjoy the film."

As the movie ended, Finn walked Bubblegum home, as a true gentleman would do. This time she even tried to get a conversation started with him, but Finn was very quiet and she managed to get only a few yes and no answers form him.

„What's wrong, Finn? You seem distracted."

„Huh, what?... Oh, nothing, I'm just tired, that's all. It's way past my bedtime. Hehee, he." He tried to look happy and joyful, but failed miserably.

„Alright Finn, if wou say so. Auf wiedersehen!"

Finn just waved her goodbye and headed back to the treehouse. This was the second time this evening that he had lied to the princess that he had thought to have a major crush on. He wasn't sleepy at all, he was just bored.

Upon arrival to the treehouse he found a letter nailed on the front door. It was from Jake. It read:

'Yo Finn, I won't be home tonight, staying over at Lady's for some quality time. There are some leftover spagetti in the fridge, eat it cold or let BMO heat it up for you. Don't touch the stove by yourself!

Love, Jake.'

For a minute or two Finn stood outside the treefort and pondered on his possibilities. Then he turned around and started heading for the forest, which emitted almost a blue shade under the pale full moon.

„Guess I'll just go to Marcy's house then."

So, tell me what you think and if i should write some more. Okay, I'm going to write more anyway, but if I should publish it here then. And please, comments and reviews are always welcome, so is constructive critisism and grammar nazis.