The morning wasn't as awkward as Marceline had thought it would be. But in her opinion, it was probably only thanks to the fact that she had pretended to be asleep as Finn was making his leave. Usually she would sleep like a baby after a night out, but this time she couldn't help but stay up for half of the night, making sure that Finn had enough room and that he was always covered with blankets.

"Like looking after a baby, for crying out loud," she mumbled under her breath. Okay, it was true, she wasn't really mad at Finn, perhaps more at herself. Marceline wasn't easily the kind of girl that let her emotions take over her. She had let it happen once and had gotten deceived, lied to and hurt. She liked to think of herself as the kind of girl that thought everything thoroughly through and didn't act on every whim, even though it may have seen sometimes just the opposite to regular bystanders. But for a change, it was nice and comforting sleeping next to someone who you knew you could trust and just talk to, when you felt like it. Perhaps that was the reason Marceline stiffened and forced her eyes shut when she felt the warm body next to her start to toss and turn.

Finn slowly opened his eyes, trying to figure out, where was he and how had he managed to end up there in the first place. After a few moments of vigorously blinking, he finally managed to identify the room as Marceline's and the bed he was sleeping in was also Marceline's and that someone rolled in the blanket next to her was also - - Marceline?! AND WHY IN THE NAME OF GLOB WAS HE NAKED?! Could it be that... No, there was no way. Or was there? Finn had to check it out just in case. - Yep. Marceline was naked too. He felt like he was going through a mini heart attack. Or was it panic attack? He wasn't quite sure. He slowly wriggled to the furthest end of the bed, pulled the blanket up to his nose and peeked cautiously in the direction Marceline seemed to be sleeping.

"-oh glob," a quiet, barely audible whisper managed to escape his lips. And that's when all of the previous night's memories started flooding the young boy's brain.

How Marceline had invited him to a party in the Nightosphere to celebrate his birthday.

"-oh glob."

How Finn had his first drink.

"-oh glob."

The song Marceline had sung.

"-oh glob."

The way they had danced together.

"-oh glob."

And when he had almost confessed his feelings for Marceline...

"Oh glob."

And when she had kissed him...

"Oh glob!"

And, and...


That wasn't meant to be this loud!

* THUD *

Finn fell out of the bed and backed towards the wall, one hand covering his mouth, the other his boy-parts, the blue eyes not even once leaving the heap of pillows and blankets underneath which the vampire was sleeping.

'What was all that about?'

After a few minutes of reflecting the previous night's activities and letting it all sink in, Finn finally mustered up the courage to stand up and start gathering his clothes, which were thrown all across the room. Pants on the table. Shoes? - Underneath the bed. Briefs were hanging from the foot of the bed and the blue t-shirt... on the floor. And underneath Marceline's bra. Finn doubted for a minute if perhaps he should just make a sacrifice and leave it there. Then he crouched down and let his fingers hover over it. Everything came flowing back. Finn picked it up and let his fingers caress the lace part of it, then brought it a little closer and inhaled the sweet scent emitting from it.

Suddenly, something on the bed started moving and Finn's first reaction was to send the foreign object in his hands flying across the room. So he stood there, half naked and frozen in fear, waiting for the Vampire Queen to either kick his sorry ass or to start laughing hysterically. Needless to say, nothing happened. Marceline just turned to the other side and pretended going back to sleep. Finn let out a eased sigh. He picked up his shirt and tugged it hurriedly on.

The white rabbit hat was still waiting on the red couch where the boy had left it, just like a loyal dog. Finn pulled it on and sat down.

"Oh boy..."

Now there was really something to think about. But was he really that shocked by the way this night turned out? - No, he wasn't. Okay, maybe a little, but still he had no regrets whatsoever. And if he'd probably ever get the chance to do it again, he would. Oh boy, he would. Thinking back on those soft lips and dreamy words Marceline offered him, it was hard to think otherwise. Finn felt butterflies in his stomach every time he thought about her. Or perhaps it was more like hummingbirds or... seagulls. Yeah, that's probably more accurate. And the feeling made his head spin, like he was about to throw up rainbows and cotton candy. It was nice. It was new. And it was his. Nobody could take it away from him, not Jake, not Bubblegum, not even the Lich. And what made it even better was the hunch that Marceline probably felt the same way. He wasn't quite sure, but he was going to find out pretty soon.

So the hero almost skipped to the kitchen, pulled a box of strawberries and some tomato juice from the fridge and served it nicely on a tray, along with a vase which held a small pink flower Finn had picked from the planter on her windowsill and carried it upstairs. Having put the tray down on the nightstand, he made sure the curtains were tightly closed, then kissed Marceline on her forehead and headed home.

Yeah, yeah, I know, a short chapter. But at least that's something, right? Right? Well, anyways, I sort of felt guilty about leaving you guys hang like this, so I finally pulled myself together and wrote another (mini)chapter. To tell you the truth, I kind of felt like I didn't get much feedback from the last chapter, so it kind of slowed me down at first and now my life had taken quite an interesting turn during the last few months, plus it's superSUPER busy at school, you know how it is.

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