Back at the lair Donatello was extracting a blood sample from both Splinter and Karai.

"Now," he said, "when I place them on this analyzer, it will scan the DNA and search out genetic similarities. Based on that we can determine whether or not Karai is Splinter's daughter." Donatello put the blood on a couple microscope stages, one for each sample, and turned on the screen. Each side of the split screen view zoomed in to reveal the genetic structure. Then squares appeared around identical points on each strand with the label of the trait appearing and figuring out if they were inherited or not, e.g. a box appeared on the same spot on the respective DNA strands, saying "eye color:" on Karai it's brown, on Splinter it's brown. It said "MATCH". After a while the machine went "DING!"

"That means it's done." said Donnie. They looked up at the screen.


"That's that then," said Leo, "dreams do have meaning."

Before Karai could react a couple Kraang-droids showed up.

"Kraang," one Kraang said, "search this place for the one known as April O'Neil."

"Yes, Kraang." said the other Kraang.

"They're after April!" Donnie said. He extended his naginata blade and swung at a Kraang, however it turned around and grabbed the wooden bo staff and threw him against the wall, breaking the stick.

"Dang it!" Donnie said. Leo, Mikey, and Raph drew their weapons but the Kraang had already gone off to find April.