April was suspended by chains above the portal to Dimension X in the T.C.R.I. building.

"Kraang," said a Kraang, "as you can see the one known as April O'Neil is now Kraang's prisoner."

"Kraang can see that, Kraang." said another Kraang, "Kraang Prime will be pleased."

"Who's Kraang Prime?"

"Kraang Prime is Kraang's one true master, Kraang worship Kraang Prime."

Karai and the turtles sat in the kitchen discussing the Kraang's recent capture of April.

"How did the Kraang find out where the lair was?" asked Leonardo.

"They probably traced Metalhead back here," said Donatello, "More importantly why do the Kraang need April?"

"Kraang Prime needs her." piped up Karai.

"Who's Kraang Prime?" Raphael asked.

"I don't know, the Kraang I interrogated refused to tell me."

"What does this Kraang Prime need her for?" asked Leo.

"I can guess." said Donatello. The scene cut to them back in Donnie's lab.

"I noticed April was unharmed by the Kraang water when anything else from our dimension dissolves on contact," he said, "so I took the DNA sample April sent into the Worldwide Genome Project," (Revealed to be a Kraang front in episode 15 "The Alien Agenda"), "and took the liberty of analyzing it. And I found out this." The screen showed a strand of DNA from the saliva sample. It revealed traces of Kraang DNA.

"So that means that April's mother was part Kraang?" asked Raph.

"No," said Donnie, "I salvaged some info from the Kraang storage device and found some T.C.R.I. casualty reports, the most recent being Robyn Sheen in 1995, who in 1993 married Kirby O'Neil and, days before she died, gave birth to April. From that casualty report I discovered that the officially filed cause of death was childbirth, but it was actually an accident involving an experimental form of Mutagen in a secret lab."

"What does that mean?" asked Michelangelo.

"Yeah," said Raph, "for once this isn't just Mikey being stupid."

"So, April's mother died in an accident in a secret Kraang lab involving some experimental ooze, I'd gather that the Mutagen did something to her that mutated April with a little Kraang DNA and killed Robyn."

"Okay," Leo said, "On the upside I understand everything, but do you know what they need someone with DNA like that for?"

"I can't gather that."

"Kraang," said a Kraang back at T.C.R.I., "is the portal's power level a high enough power level for that which is the porting of Kraang Prime?"

"Yes, Kraang." said another Kraang.

"The news Kraang has given Kraang is good news to Kraang." It pulled a lever on the portal. The portal opened and a Kraang-droid emerged.

"Thank you, Kraang, for bringing me into this dimension." it said in a woman's voice, "Now, where is this girl I need?"