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The crowd had disappeared; only a couple hundred people are left slowly vacating the town square. I don't move, I just stand there facing the stage, waiting for something to happen, something impossible to happen.

It hits me then, she isn't going to walk back out of that door, she isn't going to make some rude but funny remark, I'm not going to get to hug her, I'm not going to hear her laugh. I'm never going to hear her laugh, or see her smile, or talk, or breath, or… she's dead… well she might as well be.

I have to say goodbye, I look over to the clock tower, they don't start letting people in for half an hour. It just occurs to me now that Parker has no idea, he doesn't come to these things, he thinks that it's just painful to watch and since he doesn't have to come he doesn't. I need to get him, I have enough time. I start running towards the main street when I remember that my sisters are still here, unless Taff found mum, I really don't have time for this so I just start running. After about five minutes of flat out sprinting I start to cramp up, but I can't stop now, I'm nearly there. I slipped on the loose gravel when the road suddenly becomes unsealed, you would think after seventeen years of living here I would remember where the sealed road ends. I pull myself back on to my feet, the right sleeve of my shirt has been torn to shreds and I have gravel rash all down my arm, blood all over my best shirt. My mind doesn't register the pain, It doesn't have the time too. I sprint past my house, not even stopping to check if Taff and Letti (Oh yeah, did I mention they had nicknames?) got home safe. I run past my neighbours houses until I finally reach theirs. I slam the door open, knowing that it wont be locked and run into the living room looking for him.

'Parker!' I scream.

'Glade! How was the reaping?' he asks, and before I could even breath he starts babbling on in his happy way. 'Are we still coming over for dinner tonight? I heard your mum got chicken,' I try to speak up, but once again I am cut off, 'I love chicken, and your mum is such a good cook, an…'

'PARKER! SHUT UP!' I yell, he seems slightly taken aback by my sudden outburst, not many people yell at him, he is too nice.

'What happened to your arm?' he says slightly concerned, he just won't listen to me.

'Please,' I say, surprised by the sound of my own words, kind of like I choked. I now realise that I am crying.

Parker just looks at me funny, like I am some sort of foreign and confusing creature. His face soon morphs from confused into horrified, It just hit him.

'Why isn't she with you,' he says, obviously referring to Belle, I don't say anything as I am still trying to catch my breath. 'Glade!' he says more firmly, 'Why is Belle not with you!' He says, obviously in denial.

'I'm sorry,' I say pathetically.

'No,' he says, and laughs a fake and awkward laugh, 'this is one of your jokes right, because this one really isn't funny.' He says. I just stand there, breathing heavily, pathetically and silently crying like I am a two year old. 'Glade! This is not funny!' He yells, I have never seen him angry.

'I am so… so sorry,' I say, 'we have to go,' and with that he bursts out the door and starts running to the town hall.

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