To all my faithful readers:

Thank you for sticking with me and (some of you) sending reviews. Without your help, I could not have kept going. Lady Catherine Helps has been removed for publication. I am very sorry to those who were in the middle of reading, but the publishing rules are strict.

I will turn my focus to my other stories soon, I just have not decided which one. If you have a request, you can vote for it in the poll on my home page. u/4424283/LoriH

If you wish to purchase this book, it is available on amazon. The link to it is on my profile page. The changes are mostly minor, many grammar changes and fixes to timelines and a few "Oh my, I already said that" moments. Only 1 page was left untouched, so I fixed a lot.

I am looking at smashwords publishing, but I am a bit uncertain about that.

I am also considering publishing a hard copy, but I will need to do my research first.

I would say more about how much you guys have inspired me on this journey, but I think you would prefer I get back to one of my other stories.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a splendid new year.

Lorraine Hetschel