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This one is my OCs, Ruby and Beadyeye


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Ruby licked her paw, slowly drawing it over her ear, trying to make no noise.

She was spying on a she-cat for a very long time. She loved to mate, with both genders, but she thought that mating with she-cats was the best.

She she heard many rumors about this one.

Her name was Beadyeye. She was supposed to be a lesbian, and was very good at tail-fucking.

Ruby licked her lips, and when she saw Beadyeye's ass-hole, her pussy immediately felt wetter than a new-born kit's fur.

She crossed her legs, and started with her plan. She could wait no longer!

She lay down, her legs spreading out as much as they could, and she felt the cold air on her pussy, brushing past it.

Some pre-cum leaked out of her ready pussy, and Ruby slowly brought her paw down from her belly, sliding it into her pussy folds. She squeaked in pleasure, and pushed it farther in.

She moaned a bit, now. She pulled it out, and a new scent emerged. Her paw was very wet.

A small moan came from the bushes, and she grinned. Beadyeye.

"Oh, come out, come out wherever you are." She purred, crossing her legs again to hide her pink pussy.

Beadyeye stepped out, cum dripping from her legs. "So, you must be Beadyeye." She purred.

"Heard of me?" Beadyeye grinned, and Ruby could almost hear her pussy squelching.

"I heard you're good."

"Good at what, hon?"

"You know exactly what."

"Ah. Yes, I suppose I am. Want to try?" She purred, and walked over to Ruby, using her paws to open up her legs.

Ruby opened them willingly, a bit uncomfortable to have someone look at her pussy.

Beadyeye smiled, and touched her nose to it, and felt Ruby flinch a bit. She shoved her muzzle in, and a soft scream came from Ruby's lips.

Her tongue started to explore her pussy, and a moan came from Ruby. Beadyeye grinned. She felt so much like a tom!

She stood up, pulling her mouth away from her dripping pussy, and used her tail to circle Ruby's pussy.

Ruby squeaked, her eyes closed.

Beadyeye pushed her tail in, making Ruby scream in pleasure. She took out her tail, and shoved it in again, pumping like a tom's dick.

Ruby screamed and screamed, moaning and groaning. Beadyeye grinned as she started to talk dirty. She stopped fucking her, and positioned herself over Ruby.

She started to rub their pussies together, hearing them squelch. They both moaned uncontrollably, screaming out.

"W-What's you're name, love?" Beadyeye asked.

"Ruby." She moaned.

"Good. My name is Beadyeye."

Beadyeye let a little cum go into Ruby's pussy, and continued to rub.

"Fuck, I feel like something's coming on." Ruby moaned.

"Cum, don't worry about it." Beadyeye whispered into her ear.

They both cummed together, but their climax was coming.

"Last time, 1, 2, 3!"

They both slammed their pussies together, and rubbed, letting out their climax.

They screamed as cum mixed up in each other's pussies.

Beadyeye climbed off, and started to lick up Ruby's pussy, and she licked Beadyeye's.

They cleaned off their folds, then Beadyeye stood up.

"I look forward to seeing you soon."

Then she left.