ZnK here with chapter thirty-two! I sincerely hope I won't take too long releasing the next one! In this chapter, Harry and the expedition go to Atlantis, and Harry gives Tonks a present!

"By Moros..." Harry muttered as he stood in the Antarctica Outpost, staring at the person sitting in the control chair. "Carson, are you... even trying?"

"Look, I don't think this-" the Scotsman started, but was interrupted by Harry, who looked over his shoulder.


Tonks, looking incredibly cold, looked up from poking one of the squid-like drones that a couple of scientists were working on.


"Get over here and show Carson how it's done!"

"I don't know, Harry..." Tonks said, putting a hand on her hip, looking incredibly proud as she smirked at Carson. "He might feel a bit emasculated. More so than he feels already."

"Listen, I don't feel emasculated, alright?" Carson said as he shot out of the chair. "I just... don't like this thing... I'm a doctor, a medical doctor! I don't-"

"Then you're kind of useless," Harry said simply, pushing Carson away and gesturing for Tonks to come over, which she did immediately. "Alright, love, sit."

"Yes, sir!" Tonks said happily, sitting down. As a person of average intelligence, it wasn't often that she was able to assist Harry, so being able to do something like this was amazingly fun for her. A holographic version of the solar system appeared above them. She touched the gelatinous substances in the armrests, and a somewhat lecherous grin appeared on her face. "You know, this feels kinda erotic. We should shag in this chair sometime."

"Focus," Harry chided, long since used to Tonks' perverted comments. "Alright, I trust you've studied as ordered?"

At that, Nym looked a bit uncomfortable.

"Yeah, about that..."

Harry sighed as he lit a cigarette.

"You haven't studied."

"Well, see, The Bachelor was on, and Freya and I had a bet, and-"

"Whatever... I suppose it was wishful thinking that you might actually sit down an read a file that thick," Harry said, pushing back his sleeve, opening up his control device.

"Yeah, you really should have known better."

Uncomfortable, yes, but she didn't even look remotely ashamed. It was to be expected. Tonks was much like O'Neill when it came to studying. Maybe that was why he respected O'Neill for it? He looked up from the control device, to see that Carson was still standing there, rather red-faced as he stared at Tonks, who was making some very sensual movements in the chair, most of them accentuating her now borderline D-cup breasts.

"Are you still here?"

"W-Well..." Carson said, clearing his throat as he tore his gaze away from the smirking Tonks. "I didn't know if you were done with me."

"I'm done," Harry said, reaching into his pocket and fishing out a USB flash drive, handing it to Carson. "Take this. It will help you synthesize the activation gene."

Carson took the flash drive, but he didn't move. His gaze returned to Tonks, who was still grinning and moving in the chair, touching the gelatinous substances very sensually. Harry sighed and barked, "Go!" which made Carson jump and scurry off. Now that they were somewhat alone, Harry looked down at Tonks.

"You did that on purpose."

"He doesn't seem like he has a lot of experience with women," Tonks said, sounding pleased with herself. "He was so fun to tease."


"I was serious, though, we really should shag in this chair when we're alone."

"Potter!" came the most annoying voice in the world, cutting Harry off from responding as he turned around and found McKay approaching.

"Hello, Meredith..." Harry hissed, narrowing his eyes.

"Your robot-"

"Synthetic lifeform," Harry interrupted. "He prefers to be called a synthetic lifeform."

"Your robot threatened me!" McKay said. "Was he telling the truth when he said that you had coated his blades with citrus extract?"

"Maybe," Harry said evasively, puffing on his cigarette. "I have also tweaked Frank's prime directive slightly when it comes to you. I won't stand for you insulting my kids, so if you do, he has been authorized to hurt you."

All of McKay's anger bled away in an instance, to be replaced by fear.


"Yeah, so you should be careful when talking to him. Moros knows what he considers an insult," Harry said with a shrug.

McKay opened his mouth to speak, but then closed it, repeating this several times, before snapping his mouth shut one final time and walking off. He stopped after five steps, however, and turned toward Harry.

"You know, Potter, one of these days, you're gonna-"

"McKay," Harry interrupted, narrowing his eyes. "You wanna feel how hard I can punch?"

Once more McKay's mouth opened, and once more he snapped it shut, before marching off again.

Moments later, Weir came walking up to Harry and Tonks, looking amused.

"Dr. Potter-"

"Call me Harry."

"Alright, Harry, care to tell me why Rodney looked as though he had just received a death sentence?"

"I threatened him, and I may have told him a small lie about tweaking Frank's prime directives just for him," Harry said with a grin. "Should keep him off both my back, and Frank's."

Weir looked like she was going to say something, but then looked at Tonks, then at the star map overhead.

"This is coming to you as naturally as ever, I see," she commented, to which Tonks grin.


"Yes. Despite Nym's less than amazing intelligence, she takes to this like a fish to water," Harry said, which effectively angered Tonks, who glared at him as her hair slowly shifted from blond to blood red. This made Weir's eyes widen.


"Nym, like myself, is perfectly capable of manipulating her inherent biological energy," Harry explained, having long since come up with an excuse for when Tonks might slip up and morph unintentionally. "As such, she is effectively a shapeshifter. She can change her looks to whatever she wants, provided she sticks to her own gender. She once tried to unsuccessfully grow a penis in an attempt to have some kind of kinky sexual encounter with Freya. She merely ended up with an overly enlarged clitoris."

A furious blush sprung up on Weir's face, and the same happened with Tonks, who gave Harry another glare.

"I thought we agreed to keep that a secret..."

"No, I never agreed. You simply gave an order I chose not to obey," Harry said with a smirk. Then he focused on Weir again. "Anyway, Nym is the only one who can do it so easily. Carson's gene isn't exactly super powerful."

"He still can't use it?"

"He would, if he could muster enough concentration, but other than that, no. Everyone else is about the same as Carson."

Weir looked like she was about to speak, but just then Daniel came rushing into view.

"Ah, just the people I need to see," he said, then turned around and rushed away, which caused Weir and Harry to exchange looks. Within moments, Daniel doubled back and beckoned them to follow.

"Come with me."

Harry and Weir followed Daniel to one of the labs, which was filled with computer monitors showing Gate addresses and paper star charts. Daniel walked over to a whiteboard covered with Stargate chevrons.

"Alright," Daniel said, pointing at the address written on the whiteboard. "Since Harry refuses to help-"

"You'll never improve if I keep holding your hand."

"-progress has been slow, but we think that we finally managed to figure out the eighth symbol for the address."

Daniel turned around and added another symbol between the sixth and seventh.

"By our calculations, this should be it," he concluded, then turned to look at Harry. "Right?"

Harry smiled slightly as he raised his hands, applauding softly.

"Very good, Daniel, very good. That's exactly right."

"So, now that that's figured out, we still need to figure out how to supply the Gate with enough power to make such trip."

"Already taken care of," Harry said. "I've managed to create four more Crysteri with the material I had. The one here at the outpost will remain, one will be used to power the Gate, and I'll be bringing three of them with me."

"Has Jack given the go-ahead?" Daniel wanted to know.

"No idea. He's on his way. You'll have to ask him yourself," Harry said, putting out his cigarette and immediately lighting a new one. "Well, if you need me, I'll be by the chair. Oh, and Elizabeth, tell McKay that if he so desperately wants something to work on, he can design something that will allow the Crysteri-"

"By the way, we're calling them ZPM's," Daniel interrupted.


"ZPM, Zero-Point Modules," Weir explained. "You were saying?"

"Yeah, tell McKay to design something that will allow the Crysteri to channel its energy into the Gate. I'd do it myself, but... it feels kinda like grunt work. So, right up McKay's alley."

Later found Harry standing by the control chair, jutting down notes on a clipboard as Tonks stood next to him, watching it.

"I wanna sit in it again."

"If you do it too much, you'll only grow tired of it. Then you'll spend the rest of our stay here bored out of your mind," Harry said, then looked up and blinked in surprise. "Wow..."


"I just realized how much you're acting like a child right now. It's cute."

"Aw, thank you!" Tonks said, rising up on her toes to give Harry a kiss.

"Well, you know, I-"

Harry stopped and perked up suddenly, spinning around. There, standing some distance away and looking around curiously, was a somewhat young-looking airman, judging by the jumpsuit. He looked a bit out of place, like he had no idea what most of the things around him did. He was definitely no scientist, but...

"You!" Harry barked, pointing at the man as he rushed over.

"Me?" the man asked, blinking.

"Yes, you, come here," Harry ordered as he grabbed the man by his collar and roughly pulled him toward the chair.

"Hey, easy!" the man exclaimed. "Let me go!"

"I have time for neither," Harry said simply. "I need you to sit down in this chair."

Harry almost threw the man at the chair, causing him to stumble toward it. He regained his balance and stopped just a few inches away from falling into the chair.

"Is that any way to ask a man to do something?" the man grumbled, adjusting his jumpsuit.

"I wasn't asking," Harry said. "Sit down in that chair."

"Why?" the man wanted to know. "It looks kinda uncomfortable."

"It's really not," Tonks supplied, grinning.

"And for that matter, who are you?" the man asked Harry, ignoring Tonks.

"Dr. Harry Potter," Harry said. "Now, sit down."

The man looked from Harry to the chair, then turned back to Harry with a rebellious look on his face.

"I don't wanna."

"Why not?"

"Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm not gonna take the orders of a man with stitches in his face!"

"My stitches have nothing to do with-"


Said mad scientist twitched as he spun around, to find O'Neill approaching with Weir, Daniel, and McKay in tow.

"O'Neill! Good to see you," Harry said, smiling immediately. "How's life?"

"So-so," O'Neill answered. "What are you doing with my pilot?"

"I'm telling him to sit," Harry said. "He's being reluctant to comply."

"Sir, I don't-" the man started, but O'Neill interrupted him.

"Harry, he hasn't even received security clearance."

Harry scoffed. "Then you shouldn't have brought him here. Besides..."

Harry reached out with incredible speed, giving the man's chest a push and making him stumble back into the chair, which immediately activated, leaning him back and raising his legs.

"Woah!" the man exclaimed in surprise.

"...he's a natural," Harry finished. "Okay, er..." He trailed off and turned to O'Neill, looking at him questioningly.

"Major John Sheppard."

"Okay, Major," Harry said, turning back to the man in the chair. "Think about where we are in the solar system."

Suddenly, a holographic image of the solar system appeared above them, making Harry smile brightly.

"Did I do that?" Sheppard asked in surprise.

"Oh, come on!" Tonks barked. "He's a natural, too?"

Harry hummed to himself as he magically shrunk various parts and tools in his lab, pocketing them in his coat.

"I really do wish you'd come with me," he said, glancing at Freya, who stood staring at him solemnly.

"I wish I could, Harry, I really do, but Anise and I cannot do any such thing until the tyranny of the Goa'uld is vanquished," Freya said with a sigh. "In any event, we will be able to see each other often thanks to your Superdrive."

"I'll have to send Aceso to pick you up as often as possible, or Nym might get upset, so you'll have to be prepared to take time off unexpectedly," Harry said, which made Freya smile.

Freya looked like she was about to speak, but just then, a knock came upon Harry's lab door, and upon his urging, Teal'c stepped inside, standing as straight as always. Maybe Teal'c just simply didn't know how to relax...

"Harry Potter," Teal'c said stiffly. "I understand that you are about to embark on an expedition to Atlantis?"

"That's right," Harry said with a nod, grinning as he lit a cigarette. "Come to tell me how much you're going to miss me?"

"You have certainly left an impression in this place, Harry Potter," Teal'c said, and Harry was amazed to see a very small smile on the Jaffa's face. "It will feel very strange once you leave. I came to wish you luck in the Pegasus Galaxy."

Teal'c raised his fist to his chest and gave Harry a bow of his head.

"It has been an honor knowing you, Harry Potter."

Harry raised his own hand to his chest and gave a nod (not a bow, never a bow).

"Likewise, Teal'c. Take care of yourself."

Harry, now finished packing, left his lab with Freya. He headed to the control room, where he found Weir, Daniel, and O'Neill.

"Hey, kids, how's Mary doing?"

"He is just about ready to get the ZPM hooked up," Daniel said. "What about you, are you ready to leave?"

"Yup," Harry said with a nod. "Well, almost. I just need my chair, but Nym is having a bit of fun with it right now."

"Alright, well, I wish you kids luck," O'Neill said, smiling at Harry and Weir. "You should probably get down there. Make a speech, or something."

"Take care of yourself, O'Neill," Harry said, shaking the man's head, then shaking Daniel's. "Oh, and Daniel?"


Harry reached into his coat and took out a flash drive, holding it out to Daniel.

"This holds a rather extensive Ancient to English dictionary, including the various dialects and variations that were stored in the Repository."

"Oh, wow... Uh, thanks, Harry," Daniel mumbled, taking the flash drive. "Good luck out there."

Meanwhile, down in the Gate Room, Major John Sheppard was looking around in amazement. Just a few days ago, he didn't even believe humanity was capable of proper space travel. And now he was suddenly going to a city that was in actuality a ship, which had landed somewhere in a whole other galaxy...

Not only that, but the guy who owned the damn city was apparently a descendant of the ancient, super advanced people who built the thing, along with this Stargate thing! And he was a completely mad scientist who had all but ordered Sheppard to come along, because he was one of the few who were capable of using that chair thing that controlled that kind of technology. Apparently, there were many things in Atlantis that required such control.

Several clinks of metal hitting concrete were heard behind him, and Sheppard turned around, only to flinch in utter surprise.

There was a damn robot standing there! It looked kinda scary, to be honest, given how it had a damn shoulder-mounted cannon!

"Holy crap!" Sheppard barked, and the robot turned its head to gaze at him.

"Thank you, meatbag. It is always enjoyable to elicit such a reaction from people," the robot said in a monotone voice that somehow managed to sound sadistic.

"What the hell are you?"

"I am the greatest creation of my master. My designation is Frank, state-of-the-art synthetic lifeform."

"Attention, please!" came Dr. Harry Potter's voice just as Sheppard was about to speak.

The mad scientist came walking into the Gate Room and made his way up the ramp, holding a bag in his hand.

"Some ground rules, before we dial in," Dr. Potter said, looking around at the gathered scientists and soldiers. "Atlantis is my city. I am the mayor, the ruler, the king. My word is law, and my word is this: Don't touch what you're not allowed to touch. Don't steal anything. Don't think you can boss me around in my city. Don't bug me. When I'm not around, Dr. Elizabeth Weir is in charge. Soldiers, remember that. Don't think you are better than me or the scientists just because you are officers."

The man fished a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it with... What the hell? A snap of his fingers?

"And another thing... Dr. Weir informs me that you are all the world's best and brightest. For that, I hereby formally invite you all to join me in Atlantis. You may study, you may learn, so long as you do not steal anything. Now that we're clear on that..."

Dr. Potter looked up at General O'Neill in the control room.

"...begin the dialing sequence."

The Gate began dialing as Harry made his way down the ramp, puffing on his cigarette. When he noticed the group split to form a path, he instinctively lashed out just in time to stop a pink projectile, who was rolling across the floor at an amazing speed, stopping Tonks, who was rolling in his chair, by grabbing the backrest.

"This is brilliant," Tonks said with a grin on her face. "The floors are really smooth, and perfect for rolling. I can see why you enjoy spending so much time here."

"Nym, are you packed and ready?"

"Yup," Tonks said, patting the backpack she was holding in one hand. "Are we ready to go?"

Harry jutted his thumb over his shoulder to point at the Gate, which was currently dialing.

"Oh, goody!" Tonks said, rising from the chair and clapping her hands together.

"You're acting like a child, Nym," Harry said in amusement, smirking at Tonks as he picked up his chair.

"I feel like a child," Tonks said happily.

"Well, don't just charge in as soon as the wormhole opens," Harry said as he reached into his pocket, taking out a baseball-sized metallic orb. "Frank."

The AI came walking over, catching the orb as Harry tossed it to him. Frank place the orb on his shoulder, and the orb seemed to split horizontally, the top half rising about an inch to show a glowing interior.

"I have connected to the drone, master," Frank informed Harry, who nodded and opened his control device, just as a technician in the control room called, "Chevron eight is locked!"

The Stargate activated, and everyone, including Tonks, but excluding Frank and Harry, started applauding.

"Alright, Frank, send it in," Harry said, to which Frank nodded as the orb on his shoulder suddenly floated into the air, then shot straight into the event horizon.

Harry pushed a button on his control device, and was very pleased when a holographic version of an Ancient-style Gate Room constructed itself before his eyes. Increasing the power of the drone's sensors, he watched as even more was built onto the holographic room. Next, he checked the data, to see that there was oxygen inside the city, with no measurable toxins.

"Alright," Harry said as he closed his control device, the holographic map fading out of view. "Let's go."

"Let's go, people!" the man in charge of the security force, Colonel Sumner, said as he made his way up the ramp. "Security teams One and Two, you're up first. All other personnel will follow on our-"

Sumner stopped when a hand was placed on his shoulder.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked, frowning at Sumner.

"We are going to secure the city before we let anyone through," Sumner said, giving Harry a glare, "as per our orders."

"Not before me, you don't," Harry said. "I'm going fir-"

"I'm first!" came a yell as a pink blur shot past Harry, straight into the Stargate.

"Nym!" Harry barked in shock. "Oh, you little minx..."

With that, Harry rushed in after her, followed swiftly by Frank, who was carrying his chair.

Harry came stepping out of the Gate into the Atlantis Gate Room, to find Tonks already there and looking around in amazement.

"This is beautiful!" Tonks said happily. "Look at all the colors!"

"Yeah, you'll certainly not see anything like this in Earth architecture," Harry said with a smile as Colonel Sumner and Dr. Weir stepped out of the Gate as well, soon followed by the security teams.

"Teams One and Two, secure the immediate area," Sumner ordered.

"There is no need, meatbag," Frank said, his head slowly turning from side to side as the drone came floating back to him, landing on his shoulder. "My scans indicate that there are no other lifeforms in this city."

"The energy output is low," Harry said, lighting a cigarette as he looked around. "Very low. The whole city is asleep. Don't start spreading out until I give the go-ahead, Colonel."

"And why is that, exactly?" Sumner wanted to know, giving Harry a look of dislike.

Harry sighed and reached into his bag, taking out a Crysteri and holding it up.

"Colonel, when the city is asleep, one of these can sustain it for a couple of thousand years. All in all, I think the Ancients left three of them to power the city. By now, if we're lucky, at least one should be depleted, with the second about to reach maximum entropy."

"And if we're unlucky?" Weir asked as personnel started coming through the Gate, carrying equipment.

"If we're unlucky, the city has already depleted two of them, with the last one reaching maximum entropy."

"And how is that bad?" Sumner asked.

"I know you can't exactly tell with any scanners you have, but have you looked out the window?" Harry wanted to know. When everyone shook their heads, Harry pointed at a nearby door. "Through that door, second door on your right."

Sumner and Weir shared confused looks, then walked off. They came back within a few minutes, however, both of them wide-eyed.

"We're underwater!" Weir gasped, to which Harry nodded.

"We're underwater," he confirmed. "The amount of pressure on the shield surrounding the city should be enough to severely cut down on the lives of the Crysteri. So if you don't mind, I'd like to replace them and raise the city before you decide to go exploring."

Harry put the Crysteri back in its bag, then walked off.

"Nym, Frank, with me."

Soon found Harry, Tonks, Frank, Weir, and Sumner standing in a rather small room at the base of the central tower of the city, which contained a raised device that came out in three points. On each point, there was a hexagonal hole, inside which were three Crysteri, and in front of the device stood two command consoles.

"Alright, here we go," Harry said, pressing a few crystals on one of the console. The three Crysteri rose up out of the device. Only one of them were glowing. Harry reached into his back and handed a Crysteri to Frank, while taking another for himself. They moved around the consoles and replaced the depleted Crysteri with the new ones. Now that they had been inserted, Harry removed the last one and replaced it as well.

"There," Harry said with a pleased smile, walking back to the console and pressing another set of crystals, which caused the Crysteri to sink back into the device. "We have power. These three, provided the shield doesn't take one hell of a beating, should last the city a lifetime."

Harry left the Crysteri room without a word, heading back to the Gate Room, where the personnel had already spread out, and were looking over the various consoles in the control room.

"Move!" Harry barked at a scientist, who was looking over one of the consoles, making him jump away in fright. Harry walked up to the console and started entering commands, Tonks reaching into his coat pocket and fishing out a cigarette to put in his mouth. "Thanks, Nym."

Harry, ignoring the looks he got from Weir and Sumner demanding an explanation, worked in silence as Tonks fished a lighter out of her pocket (she hadn't yet revealed that she could manipulate fire) and lit his cigarette.

"And now... up," Harry said, pressing a crystal.

Immediately, the whole city began to shake as it broke free from the ocean floor, knocking several of the personnel off their feet as it slowly rose upward. Within moments, it broke through the surface of the ocean, allowing sunlight to shine through the windows.

"We're on the surface," Sumner said in amazement as the shaking stopped.

"How observant of you," Harry said with a smirk, reaching over to another console and entering commands. "I'm diverting power from the shield for now. No need to cause an unnecessary drain."

"But what if we're attacked?" Sumner muttered.

"Thought of that," Harry said immediately. "In the event that our long-range sensors detect a ship so much as glancing in our direction, the shield will return to full power."

Smiling, Harry walked up to the railing to look down at the people on the lower floor.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Atlantis!"

Harry stood with his eyes closed on one of the balconies of Atlantis, very high up in the central tower. The air smelled amazing. Completely unpolluted.

A hiss was heard as the door opened behind him, and Dr. Weir's voice said, "So this is where you were."

"Yeah. I just wanted some time alone to... enjoy the moment," Harry said with a grin. "Atlantis is even more amazing than I thought."

"What do you mean?"

"I thought I was going to get bored quickly here," Harry explained. "I thought that the only thing I'd have to amuse myself with would be the wonders of the Pegasus Galaxy. However, Atlantis has changed."

"It doesn't fit in with the plans in your head?" Weir asked as she walked up to the railing to lean against it.

"Oh, it fits, somewhat," Harry said. "However, the plans are old, very old, and the Ancients who lived here have made many upgrades to it since they came here. There's much to discover."

Weir nodded slowly. Then, she glanced at Harry.

"So, a group is going to be sent through the Gate to find people to trade with for food. Did you want to go with them?"

"I don't know," Harry muttered, furrowing his brow. "Sounds kinda boring."

Another hiss was heard.

"I heard 'through the Gate'!" Tonks barked as she came rushing out onto the balcony, hopping up to sit on the railing and grin at Harry. "Let's go! It'd technically be the first time we go on an adventure together, wouldn't it?"

Harry smiled at Tonks.

"That's tempting, Nym, but there are no Ancients in Atlantis. You know, I'd really like to find out why that is."

"What do you mean?" Weir asked.

"Well, sure, the Ancients built big things, and they built a lot of them, but they wouldn't just build a city, bring it here, and then leave for no reason," Harry said. "Before I head through that Gate, I'd prefer to figure out why they left. I'd also like to do a full check of the city's defenses."

"That's boring," Tonks said simply. "You're boring. Come on, Harry! I want to go!"

"Hell no. Until I've read through the complete record of the discoveries made in this galaxy, you're not going anywhere without me," Harry said, shaking his head.

"Then come with me."


"Harry..." Tonks hissed, narrowing her eyes. "Do you really want to do this? Do you really want to risk having me annoy you until you agree?"

"I doubt you could annoy me that much, Nym," Harry said, leaning over to kiss her. "You're too damn cute."

Tonks narrowed her eyes and held up her index finger. Harry watched as her nail grew longer, taking a shape that looked almost like a claw. Then, she reached into her jacket and took out a pocket mirror. Harry's eyes widened as she lowered her nail to the mirror and dragged it across the surface.

"AAH!" Harry screamed as his hands shot up to cover his ears. He immediately fled the balcony, which left Tonks to smile in satisfaction.

"What was that?" Weir asked in confusion.

"Harry hears things that no normal human could ever hear. A nail across glass, even this softly, is kinda like nails on a chalkboard for him," Tonks said happily, handing the mirror to Weir. "It's an effective means of convincing him to listen."

"I'll keep that in mind," Weir said with a smile as she pocketed the mirror.

"Stop that."

"Stop what?"


Harry was grumbling as he stood in front of a console in the Gate Room, staring up at a holographic screen. He was going through the database of Gate addresses, trying to find one that looked good. Tonks stood behind him, and he knew that she was smirking in satisfaction. He glared over his shoulder at her, to see that he was right.

"Stop smirking..."

"Harry, you're adorable when you're sulking," she said pleasantly, walking up to Harry and placing a hand on his shoulder. "Admit it, you're going to enjoy going offworld with me."

"Of course I am," Harry muttered. "But I'd rather do some studies first... You're too impulsive..."

"Impulsive is good," Tonks said. "If I weren't impulsive, I never would have let you operate on me when we first met, and we probably never would have bonded, or fallen for each other."

"Sometimes. Impulsive is good sometimes. Not when there's a chance that you might get hurt."

"Which is exactly why I want you with me," Tonks countered. "If I get in over my head, you'll be there to protect me!"

"Speaking of which..." Harry muttered, reaching into his coat pocket and taking something out for Tonks.

It looks like it might have once been a snub-nosed revolver. Now, however, the cylinder had been replaced by a plasma battery, and the barrel was much wider and taller, though just as long as a snub-nosed revolver.

"Here..." he muttered handing it over to Tonks, who gasped.

"You made me a weapon?" she asked in surprise, taking it in her hand gingerly. "That's so sweet of you!"

"Just flip this switch," Harry explained, pointing at a switch on the plasma generator that had taken the place of the hammer, "then point it at whatever you don't want to exist anymore, and pull the trigger."

Tonks smiled fondly at him.

"I love it," she said, leaning up and giving Harry a kiss. "Thank you. I'd give you a present in return, but the people here are a bit too prude to see it."

Harry smiled at that, knowing tonight was going to be very fun. Then, he found what he was looking for and walked up to the upgraded Atlantis DHD.

"Alright, is everyone ready?" he asked, looking down at the floor below, to see the soldiers who had been gathered for the mission, along with Frank, give him thumbs up. "Alright, then."

Harry started dialing, and the upgraded Gate started cycling through symbols, locking on to seven of them, before the wormhole formed.

"Frank, send the drone."

Frank's eyes flashed, and the orb on his shoulder flew off through the Gate. There was a few seconds of silence, before Frank said, "Multiple lifeforms detected, master. A preliminary scan of a nearby settlement indicates that the indigenous people are not very technologically advanced."

"Alright, people, let's head on through," Colonel Sumner said as Harry and Tonks descended the stairs and joined the away-team.

Smiling brightly at her boyfriend, Tonks stepped through the Gate with Harry.

End of chapter thirty-two! What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Let me know! In the next chapter, Harry encounters the dreaded enemy of the Ancients, and has a lot of fun studying them!