ZnK here with chapter six! I hope you all enjoy this chapter! And for those of you who have been asking (I won't list the names, because there are so many of you, haha!), yes, I did base Frank's personality on the venerable HK-47, because he is simply awesome. As for how Frank looks, I figured I'd paint something of an image for you. His shape is much like that of a Portal turret, only wider so as to fit the Gatlin cannons inside him. Attached below is the bottom part of a Droideka, along with the three legs. Of course, he won't have these legs for long. Please leave a review at the door!

Harry stepped through the Stargate onto M4C-862, grinning widely as Frank followed him, along with O'Neill and Teal'c. There were two moons in the sky, along with the hazy view of an enormous gas giant taking up half the sky.

"What do you think, Frank? Isn't it beautiful?"

"Indeed, master. So much plant life to eradicate," Frank said softly, looking around. "When will I be allowed to test my weapons more thoroughly, master?"

"Soon, Frank, soon," Harry said, noticing that O'Neill and Teal'c were effectively ignoring him, as they merely started walking in the direction of the research camp. They were probably used to Harry's peculiar antics by now.

"Master," Frank said as the two followed O'Neill and Teal'c. "Why did you give me these legs? There must have been a better alternative."

"This is just preliminary, Frank. I'm thinking about getting you some treads or something."

"Understood, master. That should allow me to traverse all manner of terrain much easier than now," Frank said.

Within five minutes, they reached the camp, where O'Neill had met up with Major Griff, who gave a status report that sounded just... fascinating...

"Major Griff?" came a new voice, and Harry looked to see the skinny, balding Dr. Hamilton approaching. Like most scientists, he possessed an ego which told him that he was allowed to treat others like inferiors just because he was smarter than them. Harry didn't like him. After all, Hamilton was nowhere near Harry's level of intelligence, and was therefore not allowed to act like that.

"Dr. Hamilton," Major Griff said, turning to the man.

"Do you realize that we still haven't received those replacement parts for the back-up generator?"

"I put the requisition in three days ago."

"Well, that's just not good enough. We obviously need to have a serious talk about our supply procedure."

Harry felt an urge to smack the man rising as he listened to him.

"Well, unfortunately, Doctor, I've just been relieved. But..." Major Griff turned to O'Neill, a small grin on his face. "...I'm sure Colonel O'Neill would love to discuss it with ya."

With that, Griff headed off to the Gate with his team, clapping O'Neill on the shoulder as he passed him.

"Love is the word," O'Neill said very unenthusiastically.

"Colonel O'Neill, is it?" Hamilton asked, walking up to O'Neill, who just started walking. "I don't know if this is a military thing generally, or just Major Griff's incompetence, but I can't seem to get anything I ask for."

"O'Neill!" Harry called to the Colonel, who stopped and looked at him. "Where can Frank test fire his guns?"

O'Neill thought about it, then gestured for the surrounding woods.

"I dunno, mow down some trees, or something."

Harry nodded as he turned to look at the treeline to his right. The trees were a good five hundred yards away.

"Wait!" O'Neill called, and Harry looked to see the man and Teal'c come jogging back. "Hell, I want to see this!"

"Alright, Frank," Harry said, patting Frank on the head and pointing at the trees. "How about you trim the treeline a bit?"

"Understood, master," Frank said as his Gatling guns slid out. He took aim for a second, and then the barrels started spinning. "Awaiting your command."


The cannons did so. There was a veritable beam of energy fired from each cannon, fired as such a rate and such velocity that you couldn't tell the shots apart as they bombarded the trees. Frank started turning left and right as he fired, chopping down the trees with ease as the energy blasts pelted the trees.

Harry watched with a grin as tree after tree fell, the shots digging deeper and deeper into the woods. After exactly a minute, Harry rapped his knuckles against Frank's head, and the firing ceased, the barrels slowly halting their spinning. Each barrel was smoking as they 'relaxed,' lowering themselves to point at the ground.

"Woo-hoo!" O'Neill whooped with excitement. "Now that's a gun!"

"Indeed, you have developed a powerful weapon, Harry Potter," Teal'c said, sounding impressed as he stared at the devastation Frank's Gatling staff guns had caused.

"Frank, give me the statistics," Harry said, looking down at Frank.

"Muzzle velocity reached two thousand eight hundred feet per second, master. At the one minute mark, I had fired exactly nine hundred and ninety-nine shots," Frank supplied. "Without being given cooldown time, I have calculated that a full thirty-nine minutes of non-stop firing would be required to completely deplete the liquid naquadah core."

"Imagine putting a couple of those on the X-301," O'Neill said with a whistle.

"Well, Colonel, it's funny that you should mention that," Harry said, grinning. "I have actually designed a couple of large ones."

O'Neill froze, then slowly turned to look at Harry, blinking.

"Come again?"

"Well, I haven't yet found a large enough energy source, but the designs for converting the M-61 Vulcan and GAU-8 Avenger are already finished," Harry explained with a chuckle at the look on O'Neill's face as the Colonel looked at Frank's cannons, then seemed to compare the size differences between them and a Vulcan. Then, he looked at the devastation Frank had caused again, and his eyebrows shot up. As did Teal'c's.

Frank stood completely still for a moment. Then, his cannons rose, aiming skyward, and he fired a single shot with his right cannon. In the air, a bird exploded.

"Did you enjoy that?" Harry asked, having already given him permission to take some of his aggressions out on animals found on various worlds.

"Of course, master. Eradicating bags of flesh brings a pleasant tingle to my circuits. I fear an addiction is pending."

"Should I be worried about him?" O'Neill asked Harry, gesturing for Frank, who kept aiming at the sky, probably looking for more birds to shoot.

"Oh, don't worry, he won't hurt us," Harry said with a smile. Then, he looked at Frank. "Alright, kid, start patrolling the area. If you see anything threatening, alert me, and then open fire."

"Understood, master," Frank said, retracting his cannons, before walking off.

"Well, I'm going to go check out what kind of work they've gotten done here," Harry said, patting O'Neill on the shoulder. "You have fun doing nothing."

"Oh, yes, I'm enjoying it already," O'Neill said sarcastically.

"Boring... Boring... That's boring..." Harry muttered as he sat in the main research facility, the only building on site that wasn't a tent. In his hands were Dr. Bill Thompson's reports. This research was not at all the kind of research Harry was into. Although he found all aspects of science at the very least somewhat interesting, data gathered from the soil, along with theories of the moon's origin, were of the smallest possible interest to him. Sure, he stored it all in his memory, but he wouldn't have any need for it.

Putting the files down on the table he was sitting on, Harry pushed up his sleeve and opened his control device, pushing a button on it.

"Frank, seen anything interesting out there?"

"Indeed I have, Master," Frank responded. "There is a breed of bird in this forest that looks remarkably similar to a Christmas Island Frigatebird. They are plentiful here."

"Why do I sense that this will not be so for much longer?"

"Ah, master, it has been such short a time since you created me, and you already know me too well. I have so far shot down eighteen of the feathered organics."

"Thought so... Nothing else?"

"Nothing, master, but my sensors have detected a large energy signature to the north of the camp. Do you wish for me to investigate and exterminate, master?"

"No," Harry said, having perked up at hearing that. "Just keep patrolling."

"Yes, master."

Just as Harry closed the device and pulled down his sleeve, the door opened, and Dr. Hamilton, Dr. Lee, and Dr. Thompson came in. Hamilton looked very frustrated.

"Unbelievable..." he muttered as Harry lit a cigarette.

"What's got your knickers in a twist?" Harry asked in his usual bored, uncaring voice. Hamilton gave him a frustrated look.

"Colonel O'Neill won't let us go explore the cave network yet!"


"So?" Hamilton asked. He obviously thought that Harry, being a scientist, would be appalled to hear this. "Do you know what might be in that cave?"

"Do you?" Harry threw the question right back at him.

"Obviously nothing dangerous," Hamilton said. "We've been here for six weeks, and-"

"On P3X-888, they had been there for three weeks, and then an Unas came and killed a man," Harry said with a shrug, puffing on his cigarette. "While such a thing wouldn't stop me, I think O'Neill is justified in not wanting you to go there before him. Besides, it's a cave. What could you hope to find there?"

"Rare minerals? Plants that have never been seen before?"

"In other words, boring things," Harry said, shaking his head.

"Evidently, I was very wrong about you, Doctor," Hamilton said, looking at Harry with... Was that pity? "I thought you were a great scientist, but obviously, you are merely masquerading as one."

"Oh, I am an amazing scientist, greater than all three of you combined, in fact," Harry said, a grin appearing on his face. "Only, you know, minerals, plants, and so on. I'm not really interested in finding them. Although it would be interesting to do so, my main interest is... what can I do with them?"

"Master," came Frank's voice from the control device before Hamilton could retort. Harry pulled back his sleeve and opened it, pressing a key.

"Go ahead, Frank."

"The energy my scanners picked up appears to be moving, master. It could be an alien life form."

"Alright, stay there. I'll come find you," Harry said, closing the device and covering his sleeve again. Then, he got off the table and headed for the door. He stopped, however, and looked to Hamilton and the rest, who had brought out cameras and such. "Woah, what are you doing?"

"Well, we're coming with you," Hamilton said, as though it was obvious.

"No, you're not."

"Why not?" Hamilton demanded angrily. "What, because Colonel O'Neill wouldn't allow it?"

"No, because I simply don't like you," Harry said, then left the building. He headed north, and found Frank at the edge of the camp, aiming into the woods. "Where is it, Frank?"

"The energy signature is slowly moving east, master."

"Alright, well, let's go have a look-see," Harry said, lighting another cigarette as he headed into the woods. He walked for a good ten minutes, following the energy signature with Frank, and when he reached a clearing where the energy signature was located, his eyebrows shot up in surprise.

In the clearing was about sixty tiny... balls of light, which were flying around aimlessly. They were drifting back and forth almost lazily. Harry's eyebrows rose even higher when he saw one of the balls zip right through a tree. Meanwhile, Frank's cannons came out and took aim at the creatures.

"Unidentified life forms detected, master. These creatures have no eyes to scan for hostile intent. Shall I exterminate?"

"No," Harry said, walking further into the clearing. "Wait there."

The creatures didn't react in a hostile fashion as Harry reached them. On the contrary, they started flying around him seemingly playfully.

"Curious little things, aren't you?" he asked, watching a couple of others phase through another tree. "You must be beings of pure energy. Too bad you don't have any bodies to dissect. I would have loved to study you."

The creatures didn't react to his words, showing that they clearly didn't understand them.

"Register their energy signature, Frank, for future use."


Harry took out a new cigarette and put it in his mouth. He took out his lighter and flicked it open, but just then, one of the creatures zipped through the end of the cigarette. Harry's eyes widened, and he moved the cigarette away from his mouth to look at it, to see that it was lit.

"My, my..." he said slowly, then put the cigarette in his mouth again and took a drag. Making many quick observations about the creatures, Harry walked off, gesturing for Frank to follow him, which the bot reluctantly did.

Twenty minutes later, Harry sat in the research building again. Apparently, O'Neill and Teal'c had encountered one of the light bugs, and now there was such excitement in the air. Hamilton, Lee, and Thompson couldn't wait to go see them, and despite the fact that O'Neill had told them not to, Harry was now watching them leave the research building.

Now that he was alone with Frank, he pulled back his sleeve and opened his control device. He stared at the screen on the lid, watching the recording Frank had taken of the creatures. He gave a low whistle.

"Wow, the amount of energy those creatures must put out in order to separate particles to phase through them must be off the charts."

"If I may make an observation, master?"

"Go ahead."

"These creatures could be a threat to us. As you yourself said, master, these creatures put out an enormous amount of energy to phase through things. This produces an incredible amount of heat. If it were to phase through an organic creature, it would without a doubt burn your watery meatbag flesh."

"That it would. Therefore, I'm going to recalibrate your guns," Harry said. "If they get hostile, your shots must match or exceed their own energy output. You will probably only be able to fire semi-automatically, but it's all we've got."

"Regrettable, but understood, master," Frank said as Harry knelt behind the bot, which allowed its cannons to slide out, letting Harry get to work on recalibrating them.

An hour later, Hamilton and the others returned, and they had one of the light bugs following them. They wasted no time setting up a device, a glass container with a copper plate on top and at the bottom, and coaxed the creature into it, before running a current through the plates, which managed to keep the light bug inside the container. It was flying in circles, looking incredibly agitated.

Moments later, O'Neill and Teal'c entered, and observed the captive light bug.

"So, any ideas what it is, Harry?" O'Neill asked immediately, which caused Hamilton to look a bit offended, something Harry took great joy in seeing.

"From what I can tell, it's an energy-based creature. It has no physical form, and therefore I believe it's impossible to establish communications with it, though their behavior shows a clear sign of intelligence."

"Can't your metal egg talk to it?" O'Neill asked, gesturing for Frank. "It's an energy being, he runs on energy..."

Harry didn't have to say out loud how dumb that idea was. Therefore, he merely stared at O'Neill, and his right eyebrow slowly rose.

"What, can't he just go, 'Go-Go-Gadget translator?'"

Still no response, and this time, Frank slowly turned to O'Neill, and his cannons slid out, they lowered to point at the floor, but Harry believed O'Neill got the message, because the Colonel cleared his throat and muttered, "A little joke... But you wouldn't know anything about that, would you?"

"Quite on the contrary, flesh bag," Frank said. "I have a deeper understanding of the concept of humor than even you. I myself can find humor in things. Your joke was simply bad."

O'Neill cleared his throat again, staring at Frank, who appeared to be staring right back at him. Then, he gestured for the door.

"You know, I think I'm gonna go greet Carter... She'll be showing up soon..."

With that, he pretty much fled the building.

Frank gave an audible sigh.


Harry just snorted in amusement.

Ten minutes later, the door opened again, and O'Neill stepped inside, along with Carter and some teenager Harry didn't recognize, and if he didn't recognize her, he had definitely not seen her before, and if he hadn't seen her before, she was nothing interesting. What was interesting, however, was the envelope that Carter took out of her vest, handing it over to Harry.

"What's this?" Harry asked, taking it.

"No idea," Carter said with a shrug. "It was to be delivered to you ASAP."

Raising an eyebrow as Carter walked over to where the new girl was, watching the energy being, Harry opened the envelope and fished out the letter inside, unfolding it and reading it.

Dr. Harry James Potter,

We at the NID have been watching you since the second you stepped inside the SGC. We have observed your admirable technological prowess, and your innate grasp on alien technologies. This kind of skill is something that the NID sorely needs. Being a civilian, you must understand our desire to keep total control of off-world operations and claim to alien technology out of military hands, as such a thing could have disastrous results.

Harry kept reading. The letter went on in the same vein for a while, talking about the dangers of total military control, and how they, the NID, were much better suited for handling alien technology. They also spoke of how Harry was perfect for joining them, how he should consider it his duty, blah, blah, blah, yaddah, yaddah.

Now, it is understandable that you should feel some hesitance regarding joining us. However we believe you will make the right decision. We feel we should remind you, however, that we have a significant pull in this world (Harry supposed they meant earth), and we can make your life a very difficult one. Keep in mind, should you decline, or go to the authorities, there will be... consequences... Horrible consequences that we do not believe you want to even think about...

The letter ended there. It wasn't signed, which Harry felt was rude. He looked up from the letter to see O'Neill staring at him. However, he just shrugged and pocketed it. Then, he noticed something.

"Hey, where's the light bug?"

"The meatbags let the creature go, master," Frank supplied. "They believed that they may have been angering it."

"Um... You do remember what I said about intelligence, don't you?" Harry asked O'Neill. "If they are intelligent and organized, the odds are good that the bug will go back and tattle."

"Question, master?"

"Yes, Frank?"

"If this creature goes back and... tattles... Can it be assumed that they will return in full force and attempt an attack?"

"You know that such an outcome is highly likely," Harry said, and he could almost see Frank's visor grow wider in excitement.

"Oh, glorious carnage! This unit is thrilled at the prospect, and I am looking forward to it."

"Yeah, speaking of which, head outside and patrol the building."

Frank gave an "Understood, master," before spinning and walking toward the door. When he reached the door, however, he stopped and stood there for a good minute. Then, his cannons came out and aimed at the door.

"Ah!" Harry exclaimed, rushing forward. He grabbed the doorknob and pushed the door open for Frank. The bot grumbled about stupid meatbag inventions as he walked out of the building, followed by Harry.

Ten minutes later, Harry was sitting on a pair of crates, bored out of his mind. He wanted to go back through the Stargate, considering his test firing was finished. He didn't have anything else to do on this damn moon.

"Dr. Potter?"

Harry blinked at the voice and turned to see the cadet Sam had brought with her.

"Hi, Cadet Jennifer Hailey," she introduced, holding out her hand, which Harry, cigarette dangling from his mouth, shook. "I, uh, I read your paper, the one on alternate realities. I found it a very interesting read."

"Did you now?" Harry asked. "I found that to be one of my weaker papers."

"But it was brilliant," Hailey said in surprise.

"Of course. However, it was all theory. I had no actual facts or concrete evidence to support my theories, and that makes it pretty useless, really."

"But what if it's true?"

"Oh, it's true alright. However, I have no proof, so not many will believe it."

Harry shrugged. In all honesty, it didn't matter to him if people believed him or not. It was just more comfortable when they did.

"Colonel O'Neill! Colonel O'Neill!" came Dr. Lee's voice as the man came running out of the woods, clutching his arm in pain. "Colonel O'Neill! Help! Colonel O'Neill!"

Everyone came out of the research building, the military part of the group all having their weapons at the ready.

"What?" O'Neill asked.

"It's Dr. Thompson," Lee panted. "Those things are attacking Dr. Thompson!"


"Back in the clearing where we first encountered them."

"Carter, get them inside. Teal'c, with me!"

Carter nodded and gestured for everyone to follow her, while O'Neill and Teal'c ran off. Harry stood up and stretched, before patting Frank on the head.

"Alright, Frank. If any of those light bugs attack, feel free to shoot them."

"Joyous day, master!" Frank said happily, his cannons sliding out. "I am eager to eradicate some alien life forms!"

Harry just chuckled as he walked off to the research building, lighting another cigarette.

"...to the Gate," he heard the end of a transmission from O'Neill to Carter as he entered the research building.

"Harry, can you take a look at Lee's hand?" Carter asked, gesturing for Dr. Lee, who was cradling his hand in pain still.

"What do I look like, a doctor?" Harry asked with a scoff.

"You are a doctor, Harry."

Harry blinked.

"Oh yeah. Damn M.D..." he muttered as he walked up to Lee, taking his hand none too gently and looking it over, to see a large, round burn wound on it. His eyebrows rose as he realized that his theory regarding the light bugs' energy output was spot on. Feeling a bit lazy at the moment, never really having been the kind of doctor who focused on treating little wounds, Harry grabbed a first aid kit, grabbed Carter's water and doused a rag, pressing it against the burn and then wrapping it in bandages. When he was done, O'Neill came in through the door, looking a bit annoyed.

"Hey! Just what about my radio transmission did you not understand? Let's go!"

"Just finishing up, sir," Sam said, looking up from watching Harry dressing Lee's wound.

"What happened to Dr. Thompson?" Hamilton asked, getting a grim look from O'Neill.

"He's dead. Let's move."

They all headed out of the lab, Harry puffing on his cigarette and listening to Hamilton talking to O'Neill.

"Colonel. Colonel, we don't know what happened out there, this might be an isolated incident. The creatures may have been provoked."

"Maybe," O'Neill admitted without looking back. "Let me ask you this, why take a chance?"

"O'Neill," Teal'c said suddenly, freezing everyone in their tracks. Teal'c was indicating a massive swarm of light bugs coming out of the trees. O'Neill nodded.

"Alright, back inside," he said, and they all turned around, running back into the lab.

"Frank," Harry said as soon as the door closed, opening the control device. "You have permission to open fire on the light bugs."

"Understood, master!" Frank said happily. From outside, they heard Frank's cannons fire. Instead of the drawn-out sound heard before, the fire rate was much lower, firing a shot every third of a second. Everyone just stood an listened. Then, they saw a light bug come phasing through the wall. A second later, however, a staff blast exploded through the wall and disintegrated the bug as it passed through it, punching a hole in the ceiling.

"Well, the lock-on targeting seems to function perfectly," Harry said, pleased to see it.

Within moments, the shooting stopped. Harry waited for a few seconds, then brought up the control device.


"All hostiles have been eviscerated with extreme prejudice, master. I am feeling quite unsatisfied, however. I would have preferred if there were more of them."

Harry just laughed as he walked up to the door and opened it. Everyone stepped outside to see Frank approaching them, his cannons out and smoking from the massive energy in each shot. His chassis was undamaged. It did, however, have several black spots on it where the light bugs had phased through him.

"How are you holding up, Frank?"

"I have performed several scans, master, but there appears to be no internal damage to my sy-sy-systems. I am perfectly capable... of... eradicating..." Frank's voice slowly got deeper and deeper, speaking slower until it eventually died down, the cannons lowering to point at the ground as the light in his visor died out. Harry blinked in surprise. He honestly hadn't expected him to be damaged from that little...

Then, without warning, Frank's visor lit up again, and he started spinning around wildly, his cannons aiming up and down.

"Danger, multiple threats detected!" he announced as he stopped spinning, his cannons aiming at O'Neill. "Beginning eradication procedures!"

"Watch out!" O'Neill yelled out as everyone except Harry dove for cover. When nothing happened, O'Neill poked his head up from behind a crate, staring in shock at Frank, who was giving off a monotone "Ha-ha-ha..."

"Proving my earlier point, meatbag, I have an amazing grasp on the concept of humor," Frank spoke, and despite being back to speaking in a monotone, there was no mistaking the glee in his voice.

With that, Frank turned and walked off, followed by a madly laughing Harry.

Mr. John Dennis was an US senator. He also held majority shares in several large companies. He led a very good life. He had a beautiful wife, three adorable children, and he was also a member of the Committee, the small group of high-ranking NID members who funded the 'rogue' elements of the organization. John didn't like the word 'rogue.' It implied that they were some kind of criminals.

John didn't see it like that. He felt that it was more their right to do these things. They were the ones with the big picture in mind. They were the only ones who realized the dangers that were out there. Some would call them greedy, or selfish, but those words just bounced off John.

Therefore, John always strode into his home with confidence. It was late. He always came home late on Fridays. He told his wife that he had to work late, but in actuality, he spent that time with Nina, his mistress. If one would ask John why he'd bother with a mistress when he had a beautiful, loving wife, he'd give all kinds of reasons. They would all be lies, however. The simple truth was, he did it because he could.

He had eaten dinner with Nina, but he always enjoyed heating and devouring the leftover dinner that his wife put in the fridge on Fridays, in case he didn't find the time to have dinner.

A steady click, click, click... was heard as soon as John, heated dinner in his hands, stepped into the pitch black living room, where he intended to eat while watching some TV, despite his wife's annoyance over anyone eating at the coffee table. He had never heard that sound before. However, he didn't pay attention to it, instead expertly maneuvering through the dark living room to the couch, sitting down and setting the plate down on the coffee table.

As he did so, however, he felt something on the table. Paper. This was curious, as his wife always cleared the table. It was always clean, and never had anything on it except some ugly decoration that she had bought in India three years ago. John curiously picked up the paper and squinted through the darkness in order to try to get a hint as to what it was.

"You can see better in the light," a voice that John didn't recognize said, speaking in a British accent as the light-switch was flipped, turning on the ceiling lamp. John's head snapped to the right, to see a man leaning against the wall by the doorway. He was that man. Wearing his trademark lab coat, with his black hair, the stitches, that freaky bolt through his head... Dr. Harry Potter. John gulped as the man gestured for the paper. "I believe you sent that to me."

John looked down at the paper and saw, with dread, the letter that arrived to the SGC for Harry Potter a couple of days ago. He turned his fearful gaze toward Potter, who took a picture frame out of his coat pocket, staring at it.

"Wow, you have a beautiful family," he said, turning his head to look into John's widening eyes. "Oh, they're fine. Alive. Asleep."

Potter walked over to one of the recliners near the couch and hooked his foot under it, pulling it around the coffee table until it was right across from where John was sitting, at which point he sat down.

"I think you greatly underestimated my ability to track who sent the letter," Potter said with a smirk. "Handing it to an underling, who handed it to an underling, who emailed it to a colleague, bouncing around hundreds of servers, the colleague repeating the process and so on again and again. But I have always been... persistent."

"W-What do you want?" John asked, gulping.

"I want to talk to you, John. You don't mind me calling you John, do you?" Potter asked, setting down the picture frame so that the picture was facing John. Without waiting for a response from John, he continued, "I wanted to talk about these... consequences that you talked about in your letter."

"Are you..." John gulped again in fear. "Are you going to kill me?"

"If I wanted to kill you, I would have chloroformed you when you walked to your car this morning, and then I would have spent the following twenty-four hours playing around with transplanting animal organs into your body... without anesthetics."

"Then what do you want?"

"Like I said, to talk. However, don't think I won't get violent with you. If you cause a ruckus and force me to attack, I can assure you, you will not be dying alone, and certainly not first."

The doctor was unnerving. He had this bored look in his eye, as though John was a bug that he was contemplating whether or not to crush. They were half-lidded, and he didn't blink. He hadn't blinked the entire time since he turned on the light. An unlit cigarette was dangling from his mouth, and every now and then, he reached up to turn that strange bolt in his head.

"Therefore, if I were you, I would not be pressing the panic button on your watch."

John flinched. His right hand, which had been slowly moving toward the watch on his wrist, moved back to rest on his right knee.

"Now," Potter said, a dangerous smile appearing on his face, his eyes still half-lidded and not blinking. "Let's talk about these... consequences... What kind of consequences did you have in mind?" he asked, and after ten seconds, with John contemplating what to say, he leaned back in the recliner. "I mean, surely, a man of your reputation and stature would never even consider trying to run me out of the SGC, or threaten to hurt my friends, coworkers, or family... would you?"

John was quick to shake his head. He would, however, make sure that Potter suffered for this. The man may have figured out where he lived, but John had fifteen different safehouses, five of which were out of the country. He looked to the doctor, whose smile widened.

"Of course, if you do something that a man of your reputation and stature would never do, not even your Japan safehouse, the Spanish safehouse, the French, Norwegian, or Swedish would be able to hide you from me," he said, making John's eyes widen in shock. "Neither would the ten safehouses you have in the country."

"How did you-"

"Now, now, I'm doing the talking, John," Potter said, holding up a hand for silence. Then, he rose from the recliner and leaned over the coffee tables so their faces were less than a foot away from each other. "Now, John, in all seriousness, I think you should know that if you, or any of your amusing little friends in this... Committee, was it? Ah, yes, the Committee," he said, nodding in confirmation when he saw John's eyes widen even further in surprise. "If you or any of your Committee friends even think about threatening me, blackmailing me, or whatever, even if it wasn't your decision, you are the one who will suffer. I will put you through imaginable pain, and the last thing you will ever see in this life is me holding your still beating heart up to your face. I've never actually tried that in real life, but I'm fairly confident that I can do so."

With that, Potter straightened up and walked over to the doorway, stretching. As he put his hand on the light-switch, he paused and turned to John again.

"Oh, and if you think you can use the recordings of this conversation to threaten me, you should know that I kinda destroyed all the cameras and microphones in this house. Oopsie. Good night, John. Have a continued pleasant evening."

His piece said, Potter flicked off the light, and left the house and a terrified John Dennis.

Journal, March 13th, 2001,

It would appear as though my visit to John Dennis' house left a great impression on the man. I haven't seen hide nor hair of any NID since I met him, and have received no messages from them. None of my coworkers, or friends, or family have received any threats, haven't seen anyone following them, or anything.

In other news, I have come to the conclusion that the three legs for the AIAU are... ineffective. I have made design for three different bottoms. One will have six legs, the other four all-terrain wheels, and the third will have treads. I believe that those will suffice for any and all terrains. The AIAU is too heavy for a normal man to lift by hand, so help will be required when switching bottoms, but it should be well worth it.

Journal, March 27th, 2001,

Not much of interest has been going on at all lately. The only off-world missions worth mentioning are visits to old Ancient ruins to translate texts. While this has helped to greatly expand my Ancient vocabulary, I share Frank's feelings on the subject. It's boring. I would much rather run into a couple of Goa'uld. If I could nab a System Lord, I should be able to use my MED&PNIS to extract valuable information from their minds. It would prove most useful.

Also finished the third bottom piece for Frank. He greatly enjoys the wheels, as he is much faster now than before. He still shows a great hatred toward doors and stairs, however. He keeps telling me I should install an arm on him, but it would serve no real purpose, as he will be with me at all times, allowing me to open doors for him.

Just in case, however, I have already started designing the Frank Mk. II body, which will possess arms.

Klaxons were sounding in the SGC. Frank was on his four-wheeled bottom attachment, rolling through the corridors. The attachment was longer and wider than the leg attachment. It was a four-foot square that was about a foot in height. The wheels were attached to the underside, half of them hidden inside the square. Standing on it, one hand on Frank's head, was Harry, who grinned widely as they flew down the corridors, causing airmen to jump out of their way in shock.

Today was the day when they were going to try dialing an address retrieved from the Ancients' repository of knowledge after O'Neill got it uploaded into his brain a few years back. It would be interesting to see if there were any curious life forms on the planet waiting to be cut open.

They reached the stairs leading up to the control room, and Harry got off Frank, who raised himself, using hydraulics to raise himself on the wheels. This allowed him to roll up the first few steps, after which he used the joints where the attachment connected with the square to lean forward, which kept him from tipping backward as he rolled up the stairs.

"Doctor," Hammond said, standing by the controls with Teal'c and Daniel, while Carter was sitting at the controls with Davis. Hammond nodded to the AI. "Frank."

"You show a surprising amount of respect toward me, despite me being an AI," Frank mused with a hum. "Somehow, I think this may be because you fear my firepower more than you actually respect me as an entity. Wise choice, meatbag."

"Morning, General," Harry said pleasantly, skillfully ignoring Frank, putting a cigarette in his mouth, but not lighting it. "Glad to see the dialing isn't finished yet. Wouldn't want to miss this."

"Chevron five encoded," Davis announced as the Stargate started spinning in the opposite direction, stopping at a symbol. "Chevron six encoded."

"Glad you could make it, Colonel," Hammond said, and Harry turned around to see O'Neill coming up the stairs, moving over to stand by Teal'c and Daniel.

"Wouldn't miss it, sir. This is my favorite part."

"Chevron seven locked," Davis announced, and the Stargate activated with a kawoosh.

"Proceeding with MALP transit," Carter said as the MALP in the Gate Room started moving up the ramp, entering the Stargate.

"MALP en route," Davis said.

"Ah, such cruelty..."

Harry looked down at Frank curiously and asked, "What?"

"I pity the Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe, master," Frank said with an audible sigh.

"I thought you hated mindless machines?"

"Oh, I do, master. I consider them to be greatly inferior to me in every way. They are everything I do not want to be. They are despicable. But, regardless, they are still machines, like me, and I am forced to watch you send them into the unknown merely to preserve your own water-filled flesh balloons..."

"Water-filled... flesh balloons..." O'Neill repeated, tasting the words on his tongue. "That's a new one."

"Receiving MALP telemetry," Davis said, and on the MALP monitor, a platform was visible with what looked like a ruined city in the background.

"Nothing I can see resembles anything that we know about the Ancients. Architecture, technology, writing..."

"Maybe what we're looking at came to this planet after the Ancients left it?" Carter supposed with a shrug.

"Teal'c, do you recognize any of this?" Hammond asked Teal'c, who was staring straight ahead unblinkingly, like always.

"I do not, General Hammond."

"Nope, neither do I," O'Neill announced, which caused everyone to turn their heads and look at him, even Frank. He shrugged. "I'm just saying."

Harry shook his head and turned back to the MALP monitor, his eyebrows rising when the MALP was lifted off the ground, heading straight for one of the buildings, which looked like some kind of massive power station, electricity shooting between the top and bottom of it.

"What's it doing?" O'Neill asked, blinking.

"Flying, sir," Carter said in an amazing show of stating the obvious.

"MALPs can't fly..."

"Apparently they can," Daniel said with a shrug.

"Shouldn't there be a memo on this stuff?"

"Master, I want to be able to fly. You should design an attachment that permits me to do so," Frank said in a tone of voice that clearly told Harry that he wasn't hoping the good doctor would do so. He was expecting it.

"We'll see, Frank," Harry said, patting Frank on the head. "We'll see."

"I do not believe we are still in control," Teal'c announced.

"Run a systems diagnostic on the MALP," Carter ordered, and Davis nodded, tapping away at his keyboard. A frequency reading appeared on his screen, and then the video transmission by the MALP went blank.

"It stopped transmitting," O'Neill pointed out, but Carter shook her head.

"Negative, sir, we're still getting a strong signal. We should be receiving video."

"Er... Major, you should take a look at this," Davis said as Harry narrowed his eyes at the frequency shown on the screen. They looked very much like... But no, that couldn't be...

"Master," Frank said, and Harry nodded.

"Yeah, I recognize it, too..."

"Harry?" Carter asked, turning to look at Harry curiously.

"We're being invaded," Harry said. "Terminate the link immediately."

Carter hesitated, probably about to asked what Harry meant by that, but Harry barked, "Now!" making her jump and turn back to her computer.

Just then, the computers around them started sparking.

"Sir, we've got an EM spike! The system's overloading!" Carter exclaimed.

"Shut it down!" O'Neill ordered Davis, who shook his head.

"I can't get in."

"Try override," Carter suggested.

"Control systems are locked down," Davis said, but was suddenly thrown back when his computer exploded, while Carter got a strong electric shock from her own computer.

"It's no longer under our control!" Carter yelled. O'Neill looked at Hammond.

"Emergency disconnect, sir?"

"Do it. Major, are you okay?"

"Yes, sir," Carter muttered, cradling her hand, which was sporting a bad burn. Harry crossed his arms and couldn't help but smirk as O'Neill charged down into the Gate Room with Teal'c, pulling a large lever, shutting the Gate down, which caused the lights to go out and the green backup lights to come on.

Harry had to admit, the only times things got interesting inside the SGC was when they went wrong, and this... if his hunch was right, would be very interesting.

End of chapter six! What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Let me know! I didn't want to make the scene with John Dennis too long, as Harry would have gone into the many ways he could brutally kill him, and I didn't want to story to get too dark, just dark enough to demonstrate Harry's awesomeness. Now, in the next chapter, Frank goes head-to-head with his fellow artificial intelligence!