A/N: Just a little one shot to thank all of the reviewers of "Breakable". This is dedicated to you guys! Set on the beach in Norway. Because I always felt that if Rose had wanted to leave the Meta-crisis Doctor she would have found a way. I think she made a choice.


All along I was looking for something else
You're something else
All along I was looking for something more
You're so much more
I finally found what I could never see before
You've always been the one that I was looking for

I won't miss you - I won't miss you this time
I say I want you - yeah I want you in my life

- Remedy Drive, All Along

No matter what she would have to leave one of him behind. That was the curse behind the blessing of the meta-crisis Doctor. Rose stood on the crumbling sand of that hated, hated beach in Norway and she looked at the duplicate Doctor and tried to see him as a different man from her Doctor.

Rose's hand stretched out to press her hand against this Doctor's chest. The only difference she could perceive was his humanity. The fact that he wouldn't leave her behind... That perhaps she wouldn't leave him behind. When you love the Doctor it is with the knowledge that your love is not enough. Never enough, to stay with him.

But she could stay with this man. Her love could be enough. And he had said he loved her. Something inside Rose unfurled, blossomed at the thought and she made her choice. She made her choice out of love, hope, sadness and anger. Perhaps that was why she made her choice wordlessly, because there were no words left. Hands reaching out to lapels, lips reaching for his... hands tangling in hair she had been dying to touch for so long.

He wanted her for forever. Rose had been giving her forever away to the Doctor for so long. She was so, so tired of being alone in that. This Doctor, he not only wanted it but he was able and willing to share it with her. He offered her his own forever.

He tasted like salt and sweet like bananas... and he kissed her back as if he didn't realize she had decided to stay with him. Like he was trying to hold her close, while fearing he might be pushed away.

Her first Doctor left without letting her say goodbye. Someday maybe she would stop being angry about that. Maybe.

But when the Meta-Crisis Doctor took her hand she wasn't feeling anger. She was overwhelmed with hope, love, fear and possibility.

But he - the Doctor that had chosen her back- washed it away with the look in his eyes. Rose knew his face, this face, she knew what the crinkle between his eyebrows meant and the difference between a half-smile, a sad smile or a grin of all out joy... But this was different. This look she had never seen before. When he squeezed her hand she just knew. She knew his human heart as well as she knew her own.

They stood there, on a beach in Norway, Rose knew that the original Doctor was wrong. This new Doctor was not born of blood shed and destruction. He was born from hope... And so was she.