The Mpregs Series: Sanji and Zoro


When Sanji and Zoro revealed their relation to the world, it was not a surprise to any of the crews. In fact they had been anticipating it for quite a while, even making bets as to how soon or how late are they going to tell them.

It was the news that Zoro was carrying Sanji's child that surprised them the most. After all of the commotion had died down, the crew decided that the two of them should get married because:

1) They were bored.

2) Luffy wanted an excuse to eat more food

3) Nami wanted an excuse to torture Zoro (because she knew who bottomed in their relationship)

4) Franky and Chopper had never seen a wedding before

5) Sanji insisted on having one despite Zoro's protests

In any case, the crew prepared a wedding for the both of them.