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End and Beginnings

Chapter 27 - Epilogue


3 months later

Caroline stood on the balcony of Klaus's villa in Bagnoregio, just outside of Rome, looking at the lush green forest that surrounded it, completely hiding it from view. It's an ancient city built on a flat hill, the only way to get there is by one long bridge, it truly looks like it belongs to the past. It is one of the most beautiful places she had ever seen and she had been to so many beautiful places and buildings in the past three months. A smile stretched Caroline's mouth as she remembered her first day in Rome.

The day they arrived.

Just after landing in Rome Klaus took Caroline straight to the Trevi Fountain. It was early evening when they got there so it was all lit up, it looked magical. Caroline stared at it in awe, "It's so beautiful."

Klaus had his arm around Caroline's waist as they stood in front of the massive fountain. He nuzzled his face in to her hair as they admired it, "Remember, my love, that I promised when we started our life together that I would bring you back to this very spot."

Caroline grinned as the memory came back to her, she'd been inside Klaus's dream and he had showed her some of the sights of Rome, the Trevi Fountain being one of them, "I remember." Klaus placed a coin in her hand, she looked at him confused, "What's this for?"

"It's the Trevi Fountain," Klaus replied, holding up his own coin, "you make a wish," he closed his eyes and made his wish, I wish for Caroline to accept my proposal, "then you throw it in the fountain." He turned his back to the fountain and threw the coin from his right hand over his left shoulder, turning around when he heard the splash.

"What did you wish for?" Caroline asked.

"I can't tell you otherwise it won't come true." Klaus replied grinning. When he saw Caroline turn around he added, "Make sure you throw the coin from your right hand over your left shoulder. It's tradition."

"Okay." Caroline turned her back to the fountain and made her wish, I wish to be with Klaus forever. She threw the coin as Klaus instructed, from her right hand over her left shoulder.

"What did you wish for?" Klaus smirked, dimples on show.

"Can't tell you," Caroline giggled, leaning toward Klaus she whispered, "but I think it's already coming true."

Soon, my wish will come true too, with that thoughtKlaus let a secret smile cover his lips, he lowered his head and kissed Caroline. He sighed at her now familiar taste, he ran his hand along the base of her spine, across her shoulders to curl in her silken tresses.

Caroline opened her mouth to Klaus's questing tongue, moaning as they caressed together. Placing her hands on his chest she slid them across his torso, up his neck to cradle his face between her fingers, her thumbs caressing his cheeks. Her lips moved against Klaus as she kissed him over and over. Finally she pulled back, opening her eyes to stare in to his, "There is one more thing I need to do."

"What is that, my love?" Klaus asked curiously, gently placing a fallen curl behind Caroline's ear, leaving his hand against her neck, tenderly stroking the soft flesh.

Caroline's breath hitched at Klaus's sweet touch, she felt electric sparks where his fingers touched her skin. She pulled him to her brushing teasing kisses across his lips, sliding her hand down his arm she interlocked their fingers. Holding Klaus's hand tightly she pulled him in to the fountain with her, laughing wildly as she became soaked and began splashing Klaus with water.

Klaus was shocked as Caroline pulled him in to the fountain, he stared at her in wonder as she let out pearls of laughter splashing him, just like she did in the dream they shared together. Growling playfully he splashed her back, chasing her around until he finally caught her, wrapping his arms around her waist and lifting her up, "Caught you."

"I knew you would."

Caroline's musings were interrupted by a pair of strong arms wrapping around her waist, a soft brush of lips against her neck and Klaus's warm voice in her ear, "Caroline."

Caroline leant back against Klaus's chest, her head against his cheek to cheek, she covered his arms with hers, "Klaus."

"What were you thinking about, my love?" Klaus asked. He had watched Caroline for a few minutes, she had appeared deep in thought, though not troubling judging by the soft smile on her lips.

"I was thinking about our first night in Rome when you took me to the Trevi Fountain." Caroline giggled, "I pulled you in, recreating our dream." She recalled Klaus dripping wet, his curls flat and sticking to his forehead, his top clinging to his muscles, his jeans molded to his legs, he looked sexy.

"Ah yes," Klaus smirked as he remembered the sight of Caroline, wet clothes clinging to every delicious curve she had, her hair sticking to her skin, she looked like a water nymph, "I believe I ravished you that night." Her dipped his fingers in to the waistband of her jeans, running his nails across her stomach, "You have no idea how tempted I was to have my way with you in that fountain." He left little bites across her throat, "You do not know how alluring you truly are."

Caroline blushed, no matter how many times Klaus told her how beautiful she was or how much he desired her, she always found it hard to believe.

"I can feel the heat from here, sweetheart." Klaus sucked Caroline's earlobe in to his mouth, delighting in her gasp, "You are the most gorgeous creature I have ever beheld and I desire you completely." He ran his fingers up her thighs, growling at the heat he could feel coming off her groin, "So much so that it is a struggle to not make love to you against every building."

Caroline moaned as she felt Klaus's hand near her core but not close enough. He could send her body soaring with just a few touches of his skin on hers. Reaching behind her she curled her fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck, "I remember what happened when we visited the Colosseum."

Klaus smirked lasciviously against Caroline's neck as he recalled what happened that night, "What a delightful time that turned out to be." His eyes brightened as he recalled what happened.


Klaus held his hand out for Caroline to take as they exited his car, pulling her to him he wrapped his arm around her waist as they turned around and were met by the sight of the Colosseum.

"Wow," Caroline looked at it in awe, you could see the almost intact inner wall and partially intact outer wall, "I've seen it so many times in movies and magazines that it almost feels like I've already been here."

"I never had that problem, sweetheart." Klaus looked at the Colosseum remembering the awe he felt after he first saw it, "I saw it for the first time in the twelfth century and I was blown away by just how magnificent it was." He looked down at Caroline a grin on his face, "It was intact back then, just breathtaking and perfect."

Caroline loved when Klaus spoke of the history he'd witnessed, the only man on Earth to have seen it's former splendour, besides his family of course. She kissed his cheek, "Take me inside and you can show me just how breathtaking it is."

"Sweetheart," Klaus growled at the innuendo in Caroline's words as her alluring scent washed over him, "talk like that and we won't even make it inside."

Caroline's eyes dilated at the lust in Klaus's gaze, his woodsy scent causing wetness to pool between her legs. Swallowing her desire she took Klaus's arm and steered him inside. As she took in the amphitheatre she couldn't help but look at the man beside her, he was so utterly gorgeous that all she wanted to do was rip his clothes off and kiss across his skin. As they walked through the hypogeum where the gladiators and tigers once resided a smirk curled her lips. She stepped away from Klaus, looking at him over her shoulder she winked, "Come find me gladiator and claim your prize." She let the veins ripple underneath her eyes and she hissed at him before flashing away.

If Klaus thought he was turned on before that was nothing compared to now after Caroline issued that challenge. A grin curled his lips as his eyes turned yellow and his predator came to the surface. He sniffed the air and catching her scent he followed it, going through the maze before catching sight of her in the stands.

"Close, my wolf," Caroline blew a kiss at Klaus from above him, "but too slow." She giggled as she ran through the stands, zig zagging up and down, her hair flowing behind her, feeling free like she never had before.

Klaus grinned at his girl as Caroline took off after blowing him a kiss. He followed her, purposely not catching her just yet, he enjoyed hearing her pearls of laughter, carefree smile on her face and the happiness just radiating off her. She truly was the light to his dark, his eternal flame, and his duty was to make sure she never went out. Unable to stay away from his love any longer, he waited until she stood on a pillar, he jumped curling his arm around her waist and landed back on the ground, "Got you."

Caroline giggled against Klaus's neck, her heart racing with excitement, her legs around his waist causing another form of excitement to fill her. She looked in to his face and smirked at the barely concealed desire in his eyes, "What will be your prize, gladiator?"

Klaus smirked his eyes darkening, he held Caroline close with a hand at her back, the other he tangled in her hair roughly pulling her head to the side, "You." He swallowed her reply with his lips, pushing his tongue in to her mouth and devouring her. He flashed them back to the hypogeum, her back against the column, his hands exploring her chest, massaging her breasts over her top. Growling at the barrier he took her top in his hands ripping it down the middle, immediately caressing the newly exposed mounds, moaning at the feel of her soft flesh.

Caroline moaned against Klaus's mouth as he tugged on her nipple. Wanting to feel his skin on hers she tore his shirt in half, began caressing the muscles of his abs, pinching his nipples as she bit his lip drawing blood.

Klaus groaned as Caroline bit him, drinking his blood. Ripping his mouth away he reached for the button on her jeans and ripped them off her, he held her hips against the wall and dropped to his knees diving in to her mound, placing her legs on his shoulders. He began ruthlessly lapping at her folds, his mouth working furiously against her, teeth scraping against her clit, his fingers entering her and rubbing against her spot.

Caroline could only yell out her pleasure as Klaus devoured her pussy, never letting up his movements, always thrusting, biting, licking and sucking. She clung on to the stone behind her, thrusting desperately against his face, wanting nothing more than to come undone and cover him in her. Then he added a third finger. Her scream could be heard throughout all of Rome she was sure of it as she arched her back and came.

Klaus growled as he removed his fingers from Caroline's pussy and replaced them with his tongue, licking all the juices until she was a whimpering mess. Unzipping himself he pushed his jeans down and shucked out of them, grabbing her thighs he held them as he stood up and secured them round his waist. He positioned his cock at her entrance and slid inside in one smooth thrust, groaning against her shoulder at the feel of her tightness surrounding him, she was perfect, fitting around him like a glove. He placed one hand on the column, the other he clutched a cheek of her ass, he slotted his mouth over hers kissing her deeply as he began a hard and fast rhythm.

Caroline ran her nails across Klaus's back as he pounded in to her, his cock hitting her spot with every thrust, her moans getting louder and louder. Trembles began in her core signalling the start of an orgasm, she threw her head back arching her back, her breasts standing out which Klaus immediately took a nipple in to his mouth, sucking and swirling his tongue as he thrust harder. Caroline could see the dust coming off the column as Klaus impaled her with his dick, she was afraid they were going to knock it over in their ardour. She dug her fingers in to his shoulder as she came crying out, "Klaus!"

Klaus groaned at the feel of Caroline's inner muscles contracting around him, her channel becoming slicker as it was flooded with her juices. Stepping away from the wall, he lifted one of her legs to rest against his shoulder, he grabbed hold of her ass, pulling her away and slamming her back against him, his cock reaching deep in her womb. He watched Caroline's face as he thrust inside her, her eyes were fluttering in ecstasy, her mouth open in a silent cry, she was gorgeous. He pumped inside her for a few more minutes before she came against him, this time her clenching walls ripped the orgasm out of him, he managed one last thrust before he groaned, "Caroline." Holding her tight against him as he released inside her.

Caroline was breathless, Klaus had just had sex with her in the middle of the Colosseum, and she was pretty sure anyone walking by would know exactly what was going on in here with how loud she was screaming. Giggling, she curled her arms around Klaus's neck and kissed him sweetly, "I think we successfully christened the Colosseum."

Klaus threw his head back laughing, the sound of his mirth echoing around the amphitheatre.

Klaus chuckled against Caroline's shoulder as he recalled their passionate interlude inside the Colosseum, whenever he saw it all he could hear was Caroline's screams. Kissing the side of her neck he reminded her, "As I recall it was you who started it, sweetheart, what with your game of reward the gladiator."

Caroline couldn't help but grin, yes it was her idea and she had enjoyed it thoroughly. Turning in Klaus's arms she hung her arms loosely off his shoulders, "It was fun." She stroked her fingers against the back of his neck, "Kinda like our visit to the Sistine Chapel."

"Not quite the same amount of fun, love." Klaus half smiled at Caroline as he recalled their visit.

St. Peter's Basilica

Klaus and Caroline were on their way to visit one of the most famous churches in Rome when Caroline spotted something unusual, "Klaus?"

"Yes, love?" Klaus replied, glancing at Caroline as they drove.

"Why is there a pyramid in Rome?" Caroline asked, staring at the pyramid she could see next to the road, it wasn't as big as she assumed the ones in Egypt were but it was still pretty big.

Klaus chuckled as he caught sight of the pyramid, "That is the Pyramid of Cestius, the tomb of Gaius Cestius, a magistrate, though he no longer resides in there as it has been looted."

"But why is it in Rome? I thought they were only in Egypt." Caroline asked.

She really has seen nothing of the world, Klaus thought rather fondly, I will soon rectify that. He smiled at Caroline as he told her, "There are pyramid's dotted throughout the world, sweetheart, from those in Egypt to the Aztec pyramids in Mexico. Rome itself had another one, a larger one, Pyramid of Romulus, which was demolished in the sixteenth century."

"Cool," Caroline was fascinated, she had never known that there were pyramids outside of Egypt, "Perhaps one day we can visit them."

"We will." Klaus took Caroline's hand in his and brushed a kiss across her knuckles, "I intend to show you everything in this world, Caroline, absolutely everything."

Caroline smiled at Klaus's sweetness, his promise to show her the world warming her heart. She looked out the window keeping her hand intertwined with his for the rest of the journey.

Some time later they entered St. Peter's Basilica, one of the nine-hundred churches in Rome, this one was special, it adjoined to the Sistine Chapel. Caroline looked around the interior, it was all marble, gold and bronze artwork. A statue caught her eye, it was a woman cradling a man in her arms. Tugging on Klaus's hand she pointed to the statue, "What is that statue?"

Klaus looked at the statue, he had seen it many times over the years, it was often overlooked as most people gravitated to the room next door, but he always found it rather intriguing himself, "It is Michelangelo's Pietra."

Caroline knew that Michelangelo was the painter of the Sistine Chapel and sculptor of David, but other than that she did not know much about him. The way the woman held the man in her arms intrigued her, it was not the embrace of a lover, it looked almost motherly to her, "What's it about?"

Klaus smiled at Caroline's curiosity, he loved that she asked questions and wanted to know what he'd experienced in his vast life, "It depicts the body of Jesus on the lap of his mother Mary after the crucifixion."

Caroline studied it for a few moments before nodding her head, "I like it."

Klaus chuckled, "Come, let me show you something even more magnificent." He began leading Caroline to the adjoining room, standing behind her as she took it in.

"Oh my god." Caroline gasped, she was in a long chapel surrounded wall to ceiling by vivid paintings, "You were right, it is wondrous."

Klaus came up behind Caroline, curling his arms around her waist, "The ceiling, as you know, was painted by Michelangelo." He gestured at the walls, "The wall paintings are by Botticello, Ghirlandaio and Perugino." He pointed to the tapestries, "The set of large tapestries are by Raphael." Caroline giggled and Klaus turned his head to look at her, "What is funny?"

"You're going to think it's stupid but when you said Michelangelo and Raphael," Caroline felt a flush heat her cheeks as she giggled, "I couldn't help but think of the Ninja Turtles."

"The what?" Klaus asked wide eyed, what the hell is the Ninja Turtles?

Caroline turned around to face him, "You know, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," at Klaus's blank look she added, "Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo and Donatello."

"They are renaissance artists but I do not know what that has to do with turtles." Klaus replied confused, what artists had to do with turtles he had no idea.

Caroline laughed at Klaus's confused look, "It was a cartoon I used to watch as a kid."

Klaus chuckled, "You are in one of the most beautiful places and you're thinking of cartoon characters." He shook his head, "I will have to show you more culture, my love."

"Hey!" Caroline hit Klaus on the arm, "I'm only nineteen, technically." She grinned widely at him, "I'm not ancient like you."

"I'm ancient now, am I?" Klaus grinned back, he held out his hand to Caroline, "Well, Miss Forbes, may I have the honour of a dance with my lady?"

"Here?" Caroline wrinkled her brow in confusion, "There's no music."

"We don't need it." Klaus took Caroline's hand pulling her in to his arms, his arm around her waist and his hand sliding in to hers, "Music is all around us, sweetheart," he lowered his head to whisper in her ear, "all you have to do is listen."

Caroline stared in to Klaus's eyes as they began to waltz, tilting her head to the side she opened her ears to sound. She could hear the musical chatter of Italians, the percussion like beeping of car horns and beyond that she could hear the soft voice of a woman singing, the faint hum of music accompanying her, "I can hear it."

"Music is everywhere." Klaus smiled at Caroline, "Even the beat of your heart sounds like music to my ears."

Caroline rest her chin against Klaus's shoulder, humming along with the music of Italy as she danced with him in the Sistine Chapel.

That was just a few of the places Caroline and Klaus had visited since arriving in Rome, everyday they had left the villa and saw every sight there was to see. They had been to the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Castel Sant'Angelo, Piazza del Popolo, the Spanish Steps which they had run up and down, and the Vatican Museums, to name but a portion of what they'd seen. They had been busy and now it was time to move on.

"Are you all packed, my love?" Klaus asked, he loved their time in Rome but he felt it was time to move on.

"Yeah." Caroline took one last glance outside, "I am really going to miss this place."

"We can come back whenever you wish." Klaus kissed Caroline's lips softly, "It is time for our next adventure."

Excitement filled Caroline as she thought about their next destination, "I can't wait to see Paris."

Klaus took Caroline's hand kissing it sweetly, "Then I shall not keep you waiting." He retrieved their bags and put them in the car. He helped Caroline in to the car before getting in himself and driving off, "On to Paris."


7 months

Caroline sat by the window inside Cafe du Trocadero, drinking a coffee as she stared at the view outside. The cafe was located directly opposite the Eiffel Tower, the iron tower dominating her view, she had already visited it with Klaus but that time was at night when it was lit up.

Eiffel Tower

Caroline had her arm threaded through Klaus's as they took a leisurely stroll through Paris, she didn' know where they were going but Klaus seemed to know and she was happy to follow him.

Klaus watched Caroline's face as they walked closer to their destination, seeing the way her face lit up filled him with joy, "I take it you approve."

Caroline nodded not taking her eyes off the Eiffel Tower in front of her, it was lit up and shone bright over the city. Turning excited eyes on Klaus she asked, "Can we go up?"

"Of course, sweetheart." Klaus led Caroline to the tower, he paid and they went in to the elevator to reach the third floor observation deck.

Caroline gasped in awe, she could see the twinkling lights of Paris before her, it was beautiful. She smiled as she felt Klaus's arms around her waist, leaning back she placed her hands on top of his, "It's so pretty."

"Very pretty." Klaus agreed, though his eyes were not on the view in front of him but rather the blonde bombshell in his arms. She was more captivating than any view because she tantalized all of his senses, she was a vision for his eyes, his fingers itched with the need to caress her soft skin, her voice was music to his ears and her scent made desire sing in his veins.

Caroline turned in Klaus's arms placing her hands on his chest, "There is something I have always wanted to do."

"And what's that, my love?" Klaus asked, stroking his thumb against Caroline's back.

"To share a kiss with the man I love on the Eiffel Tower in the city of love." Caroline smiled at Klaus, in almost all the romantic films she had seen where they go to Paris the characters always shared a kiss on the Eiffel Tower.

"Now that is a request I will happily comply with." Klaus pulled Caroline flush against his body, he raised a hand to her cheek, "I love you." He covered her mouth with his, softly sucking her bottom lip, moaning as her taste exploded in his mouth.

Caroline sighed in to Klaus's mouth, opening hers to accept his tongue, caressing it with her own. Curling her hands in his shirt she pulled him closer, their bodies pressed tightly together, her hands now running across his chest, moaning at the feel of his muscles.

Klaus stroked his tongue against Caroline's, his hand caressing her soft cheek. Tightening his arm around her back he suddenly dipped her, her hands coming around his neck to hold on. He kissed her gently before pulling back, smiling at the desire on her face, "How was that?"

"Perfect." Caroline smiled, brushing a kiss across Klaus's mouth, "Utterly perfect."

Caroline couldn't help but smile at the memory, it had truly been one of the most romantic moments of her life. Her time in Paris had been more sedate than her time in Rome. In Rome they had constantly been out looking at the sights and experiencing the culture for all of the three months they were there. Since arriving in Paris she had visited the Eiffel Tower, Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Sacre-Coeur, Arc de Triomphe, The Pantheon, and Sainte-Chapelle. But there had been days when Caroline and Klaus had just stayed in bed, enjoying each others body over and over until they were sated. She had also enjoyed attending Paris Fashion Week, seeing Fendi, Marchesa, Dior, Versace and Chanel, in person.

Klaus sat down beside Caroline at the table, "Are you ready to see my favourite place in Paris?"

Caroline laughed, "What surprises me is that it's taken you four months to suggest it." She grinned at Klaus, "I thought for sure that it would have been one of the first places you would take me to."

"I thought about it." Klaus smirked, "But I wanted you to see what you wanted too as this is your first trip to Paris."

Caroline smiled, "Thank you." She finished the rest of her coffee before standing up and holding her hand out to Klaus, "Let's go, Nik." When his hand was in hers they walked outside.

The Louvre

"So," Caroline raised her eyebrow, "a pyramid shaped building is the Louvre."

"Seems we've found a theme for this trip, love." Klaus winked at Caroline. He tightened his hand around hers and led her around the museum going straight to the paintings. Klaus showed her The Fortune Teller and Death of the Virgin by Caravaggio. He showed her Virgin and Child with St. Anne, St. John the Baptist, and Madonna of the Rocks by Leonardo da Vinci, before taking her to the Mona Lisa.

Caroline stared at the Mona Lisa, "It's smaller than I thought it would be."

Klaus laughed, "Just like the man himself."

Caroline turned to Klaus raising her eyebrow, "You knew Da Vinci?"

"We crossed paths several times over the years." Klaus smirked, "We had drinks and talked about art. He had a thing for Rebekah."

"Did he and Rebekah ever...?" Caroline asked curious.

"No, not for a lack of trying though." Klaus laughed as he recalled Da Vinci's laughable attempts to get Rebekah to notice him, "Bekah fancied herself in love with some peasant boy and rejected Leonardo constantly. He was heartbroken." He smirked at Caroline his eyes twinkling, "Until he met a lovely brunette and fell in love."

Caroline's eyes widened, "The Lisa of the Mona Lisa?" She turned her eyes to the painting again, it was funny that now that she knew some of the story behind it it suddenly became more interesting. Suddenly she had a thought, "So if Rebekah had accepted his advances we could have been looking at the Mona Rebekah."

"Perhaps." Klaus smiled at Caroline. He took her hand and showed her around the exhibit for the rest of the day.

For the next two months Klaus took Caroline to the Louvre everyday, there was so much to see, thousands of pieces to admire, that to see it all took months. Caroline didn't mind, she loved how passionate Klaus became when he explained the paintings, sculptures and artifacts to her. One memorable day he even sketched a drawing of her standing next to the Venus de Milo. Paris is definitely a place she would revisit.


11 months

Caroline and Klaus had been in Tokyo for two months now. It was so colorful, lively and bustling with activity. When Caroline found out that the flower of Tokyo was cherry blossoms, she had taken to wearing some curled in her hair as it was such a pretty pink flower. Klaus had taken her to many museums in the city. The first was the Tokyo National Museum which was filled with traditional Japanese art, then the National Museum of Modern Art the only artists she recognized were Picasso and Norman Rockwell, another they visited was the National Museum of Western Art, Klaus had spent hours showing her paintings by Manet, Renoir, Monet, Van Goph, Picasso and Pollock, he had so much love for art that his enthusiasm rubbed off on her that she enjoyed it almost as much as he did.

Today they were doing something different, after seeing it across the Tokyo skyline for so long they were going to climb Mount Fuji.

Mount Fuji

Caroline stood next to Lake Kawaguchi at the base of Mount Fuji, the water was so calm and tranquil that it was hard to believe it was next to a volcano.

Klaus approached Caroline placing a jacket on her shoulders, "I recommend wearing this as it can get quite chilly at the top." He kissed the side of her head, "There is a reason most climbers do not go up there between October and May. It can drop to well below freezing."

"Good thing we're vampire's and don't really feel the cold." Caroline replied, zipping up her jacket.

"You've never known the cold of high altitude before." Klaus smirked knowingly at Caroline, "Just wait until we climb Mount Everest, then you will know true cold."

Caroline took Klaus's hand grinning, "Lead the way, my sherpa."

Klaus chuckled, "Sherpas guide you up Everest, sweetheart."

"Whatever." Caroline rolled her eyes laughing, "Lead the way, my wolf."

"With pleasure." Klaus squeezed Caroline's hand and began the long trek up the mountain.

Six hours later they were standing 12,000 ft up at the snow covered summit, they could have used vampire speed but where's the fun in that? What would be a struggle for humans was easy for them, they could appreciate the sights and the mountain itself.

Caroline peered at the symmetrical crater, how cool was it to be standing on a volcano. She held out her hands, twirling in a circle, laughingly shouting, "I'm standing on a freaking volcano!"

Klaus chuckled at Caroline's glee, in the eleven months they had travelled the world together, he had loved watching her reaction to every new place he had brought her to, her joy at every new experience filling his own heart with happiness.

Caroline abruptly stopped spinning as a thought came to her, "This is an active volcano right?" Klaus nodded and a worried look covered her face, "It's not going to erupt is it?" She bit her lip as she eyed the crater which could suddenly blow it's top and spew lava everywhere. She took a step back.

"No, my love, you are safe." Klaus could not help laughing at the way Caroline glanced nervously at the crater, oh how he truly adored her. He went to her, wrapping his arm around her waist, "It last erupted in the seventeen hundreds." He brushed a kiss across her neck, "Besides if this was going to erupt there would be no snow on the crater because of the heat of the magma below the surface."

"Okay." Caroline chose to believe Klaus, after all he made sense and he'd probably seen loads of eruptions in his time.

Klaus chuckled and led Caroline over to a spot he'd found to be perfect for viewing the sunrise. He laid a blanket down, took out a bottle of wine and two bloodbags. He sat down opening his legs, "Come here, my love."

Caroline sat down between Klaus's legs, laying her back against his chest. He gave her a bloodbag with she gladly drank, she had built up a thirst in the past couple of hours.

Klaus had an arm loosely around Caroline's waist, his face nuzzled against the side of her face, breathing in her sweet smell as they waited for the sun to rise.

"Oh my." Caroline looked on in wonder at the sunrise, it was beautiful.

Klaus kissed along Caroline's neck up to her ear, "Not as beautiful as you, my love." He unzipped her jacket, pulling it off her shoulders and placing it behind him. Lathering her shoulders and neck with kisses he undressed them before laying her underneath him. With the rising Sun behind them, bathing them in her golden light, Klaus slid inside Caroline making love to her on the summit of Mount Fuji, her moans the only sound for miles, his whispered words of love the only thing she could hear until they fell apart in one anothers arms, their names falling from each others lips.

Mystic Falls

1 year

The party at the Mikaelson mansion was in full swing, filled with the family, music and plenty of alcohol. It was a welcome home party for Klaus and Caroline and everyone had come back for it. Stefan and Rebekah had planned it along with Sheriff Forbes. They had chosen to remain in Mystic Falls, Rebekah trying her hand at college for the first time, Stefan joining her of course and to his own perverse enjoyment, Damon, who had taken to following Stefan everywhere in a quest to be the perfect brother, just as Klaus compelled him too. Katherine and Elijah had flown back from Bulgaria, where Katherine finally put the ghost of her murdered family and lost daughter behind her, she had said goodbye to her past and embraced her future with Elijah, whom was with her every step of the way, supporting and loving her, letting her know that he would always be there for her. Kol had come from New Orleans, where he had been pursuing his little witch until she finally relented and agreed to go out with him, so Sophie had joined him for his trip. Bonnie had gone to the Bahamas with her dad when Caroline and Klaus left, she had used the time to recharge, properly mourn Jeremy and practice her magic, Caroline had given her an open ended ticket so she had been there for a year and came back for the party. Matt was not there, he had left Mystic Falls and never looked back. Following Caroline's advice he didn't return, as much as he loved his friends he couldn't face seeing them again, there was just too much death between them.

Caroline had a huge smile on her face the whole night, seeing everyone again and how happy they now were filled her with joy. She walked up to Kol, "Hello, brother."

"Sister!" Kol picked Caroline up and spun around with her in his arms, "I have missed you."

"I missed you, too." Caroline grinned at Kol, truly happy to see him again, "What have you been up to?"

"I have been in New Orleans causing mischief and mayhem," Kol smirked, winking at Caroline, "the usual."

"I don't doubt that." Caroline laughed, she noticed the brunette next to Kol, she was pretty, there was an aura of magic around her that she guessed meant she was a witch, "Who's your friend, Kol?"

"I'm Sophie Devereaux," Sophie held out her hand for Caroline to shake.

"Caroline Forbes." Caroline took Sophie's hand in hers to shake, her name sounded familiar to her somehow, she thought for a moment before asking, "Weren't you the witch that brought Kol back to life?"

"Yes, I was." Sophie answered, a peculiar look crossed her face, the moment she'd touched Caroline, a pure white light flashed behind her lids, she's full of light. She shook the feeling off before asking, 'You're the one with Klaus, right?"

"Yep." Caroline locked eyes with Klaus from across the room, "I'm his better half." She winked at him before turning to Kol and Sophie, "What about you? Are you with Kol?" She grinned at Kol, "Is THE Kol Mikaelson off the market?"

"Why? Regretting never going for a ride." Kol grinned wickedly at Caroline who in turn rolled her eyes, "All you have to do is ask, darling and I will be more than happy to show you what I've got."

"Yeah, herpes probably." Caroline crinkled her nose, laughter in her eyes at Kol's pout.

Sophie burst out laughing, the gap in her tooth on full display, "That would be so true if he were human."

"Hey! I resent that." Kol pouted, he turned puppy eyes on Sophie, "You're my date, Sophie, you should stick up for me as well as give me great sex."

"Oh my god, Kol." Caroline gasped, hitting his arm, "That's not how you talk to your girlfriend."

"He's not my boyfriend." Sophie corrected, "He is my annoying suitor who won't leave me alone, stalks around my bar until I'm forced to magically suspend him from the ceiling and my occasional friend with benefits." She pulled Kol's head toward her and attacked his mouth. She roughly bit his lip before sweeping her tongue across his lower lip, pulling his hair as she moaned in to his mouth.

Kol groaned, his hands sliding down Sophie's back until he cupped her ass, lifting her so that her legs wrapped around his waist, he nipped against her throat, "I think it's time for some more benefits," he smirked against her neck, "friend." Sophie's only response was a moan. Kol winked at Caroline, "Lovely to see you, dearest sister but I have a witch problem to thoroughly investigate." He sped upstairs to his old room and began ravishing Sophie for the rest of the night.

Caroline laughed as Kol sped away with Sophie attached to his lips, she was sure she would not see him for the rest of the night as he played with his witch.

"I see you've been abandoned." Rebekah observed as she stood beside Caroline, "Kol was always fickle like that. Stick a shiny new toy in front of him and you may as well be forgotten."

"Don't be jealous, Rebekah," Caroline smiled at Rebekah, "Kol has an insatiable appetite for life," she shrugged, "and sex. He is a man after all."

Rebekah laughed, "True." She took a sip of champagne before casually asking, "Have you enjoyed the party?"

Caroline smiled her megawatt grin, "I have. It's been so great to catch up with everyone. It may have only been a year but it feels like longer."

"It's been the best year of my life." Rebekah admitted quietly.

"What has made it so great?" Caroline asked, genuinely curious, "You've been here the whole year."

"I wanted the cure so badly because I wanted to feel normal for once. This past year," a smile spread across Rebekah's mouth, "I went to college, made new friends, hung out with my boyfriend and even your mother would check up on me." She shot a quick look at Caroline to see if she could detect any jealousy, she couldn't, instead a pleased smile graced Caroline's lips, "At first I thought it was because she wanted to see if I'd heard from you but as it became more regular I saw that it was her," she bit her lip, "looking out for me."

"I'm glad." Caroline took Rebekah's hand in hers and gave it a squeeze, "You deserve to have a motherly influence in your life." She smiled at her, "I'm also happy that my mom wasn't lonely."

Right then and there Rebekah saw what Klaus, Kol and Stefan saw in Caroline that made them do anything for her, she was pure and full of light, happy to share her mother with her simply because Rebekah had not had a mother, one who cared for her, in a very long time. She pulled Caroline in to a hug, "I'm happy that my brother chose you."

Caroline felt tears in her eyes at Rebekah's impromptu hug, she had surely matured in the year she had spent with Stefan in Mystic Falls and Caroline was glad that the animosity between them had completely gone. Returning the hug she copied Rebekah's statement, "I'm glad that Stefan chose you." She smiled at her, "Again."

"Do my eyes deceive me?" Stefan grinned as he joined them, "Or are my two best girls embracing?"

"I believe they are, little brother." Damon smirked, his eyes crinkling in mirth.

"Hello, Damon." Rebekah sighed exasperated before she broke her embrace with Caroline to face the Salvatore brothers, "Hi, Stefan." She leant in giving Stefan a sweet kiss hello.

"Hi." Stefan's voice instantly softened as he spoke to Rebekah, their year together strengthening their relationship as they fell even more deeply in love with each other.

Caroline smiled at Rebekah and Stefan, overjoyed at the love between them, she was happy that her best friend had found his own happy ending. She looked at Damon studying him, he looked...content, for the lack of a better word. She could detect no malice in his smile, no bitterness in his voice, when he looked at Stefan she could detect only affection. Removing Elena from his memories had changed Damon, he was no longer the bitter broken monster who'd abused her, he was the brother Stefan told her about before Katherine messed him up. She smirked, he was the brother Stefan should have had, just as Klaus compelled.

"Hello, Caroline." Damon glanced at Stefan unsure, at his encouraging nod he continued, his voice shaking with nerves, "May I have a moment alone with you?" He became flustered, "If that is alright with you, of course."

Caroline eyebrows rose so high they almost disappeared in her hairline. Damon was nervous? What could he possibly have to say to her? She looked at Stefan, his eyes pleaded with her, she gave him a quick nod before facing Damon, "Okay."

Damon smiled, "Thank you." He began walking to the backdoor, stepping outside to wait on the balcony.

Caroline followed behind Damon to the balcony. She leant against the railing and waited for Damon to speak.

Damon opened his mouth several times to speak but nothing came out, his nerves getting the best of him. Finally, he gathered his courage and addressed Caroline, "I have brought you out here because I want to do something I should have done a long time ago."

Caroline heard an angry growl from inside, Klaus obviously unhappy at what Damon's words implied, if Damon kissed her not even she could save him from Klaus's fury, he would kill him for sure.

Damon looked down at his feet, "I am sorry, Caroline."

Caroline must have misheard, there was no possible way that Damon had just apologized to her, "I'm sorry, what did you just say?"

Damon looked at Caroline, his eyes earnest, "I am truly sorry for everything I did to you when you were human."

Caroline's breath caught, she had heard right, Damon Salvatore had apologized and meant it. She could only stare at Damon, wide eyed with shock. He never apologizes to anybody, ever.

Damon swallowed at Caroline's shocked silence, his hands shaking he took one of her hands in his, "I did terrible and awful things to you. For reasons that," he frowned in confusion, his mind a blank when he tried to search for the reason he hurt Caroline, "I don't quite understand." He knew it had something to do with Stefan and...a girl? Maybe. He didn't know for sure, "What I am trying to say is that I had my humanity switched off," he squeezed Caroline's hand when she looked like she was about to protest, "I know that's not an excuse, believe me I know, but that's the only explanation I have for what I did." His eyes grew wet, "I am truly ashamed and appalled at my actions. I do not ask for forgiveness as I know I do not deserve such absolution." A tear made it's way down his cheek, "I only wish that you believe me when I say that I am truly sorry."

Caroline searched Damon's face, all she saw was sincerity and a deep shame. She knew he would not say any of this to her if not for Klaus compelling him to forget Elena. Should that influence what she says back to him? Just because he would never utter those words to her did not mean he didn't mean them, "I accept your apology, Damon." Caroline released her hand from Damon's hold, "However, what you did to me is not something I can forget or even forgive. You shaped who I am today, if not for your treatment of me I could have become just like you, an uncaring unfeeling monster." She stopped, taking a breath she blinked back tears, "I love Stefan, he is my best friend, my brother and I can tolerate your presence for him and him alone."

"I understand." Damon was grateful for Caroline's honesty, he did not want false promises from her, he hurt her more deeply then anyone had before and he would take what he could get, "I love my brother and I would do anything to make up for all the hurt that I've caused him."

"Make sure that you do." Caroline narrowed her eyes at Damon, "Never cause him pain again and be the loving brother he craves."

"I will." Damon promised, from now on he would put Stefan's needs above his own just as Stefan had always done for him.

"Then that's all we have to say to each other." Caroline moved away from the railing heading to the door. Just before going through the door she turned her head to look at Damon, "Thank you for apologizing." She went inside to be met instantly by Klaus.

"Are you alright, my love?" Klaus asked concerned, the moment Caroline went outside with Damon his protective urges came over him and it took an enormous amount of restraint to stop him following them out there.

"Yes. He..." Caroline blew out a breath, still in shock, "He apologized to me for what he did."

"Have you forgiven him?" Klaus asked his face hard, he would never forgive Damon for abusing his girl, no amount of apologies could make up for that sin.

"No," Caroline shook her head, "I don't think I ever can. But," she smiled to herself, "it was nice to hear him say he was sorry."

Klaus brought Caroline in to his arms, his arms around her back and his head resting on her shoulder, "He owes you a thousand apologies."

Caroline chuckled against Klaus's ear, "One will do for now." She tilted her head to the side, brushing a kiss across Klaus's cheek, "It's nice to be home."

Klaus smiled against Caroline's cheek, "I take it you want to stay here for a while."

"Yeah I do." Caroline sighed, she pulled back to look in Klaus's eyes, "Not that I don't love travelling with you because I do." She chewed her lip, "It's just..."

"You're homesick." Klaus answered knowingly.

"Yes." Caroline agreed, she tried to determine Klaus's mood , "You're not mad are you?"

"No, my love." Klaus cradled Caroline's face in his hands, "We have an eternity to travel together, Caroline Forbes." He covered her lips with his, gently caressing her cheeks, soon to be Mikaelson.

Caroline moaned as she felt Klaus's tongue run across her lips, she gladly opened her mouth and stroked his tongue with hers.

Klaus lost himself in Caroline's kiss for a few minutes before pulling back. He tucked a stray curl behind her ear, "We can stay for as long as you wish, my love." That works perfectly with what I have planned, he smiled at the thought, "Now, may I have a dance with my beautiful lady?"

"You may." Caroline giggled, taking Klaus's hand as he led her on to the dancefloor. She curled her arms around his neck, his around her back holding her close. Her eyes never leaving his, they began swaying to the music, the other occupants of the room completely forgotten, only focused on each other for the rest of the night.

A few days later

Klaus told Caroline that he had a surprise for her, he took her by the hand, led her out of the mansion and toward the woods. They had been walking for a while when they came to a dense part of the forest, Klaus guiding Caroline through it before he went down a path that if you didn't know it was there you wouldn't see it, finally they broke through the trees to see the beautiful crystalline lake in front of them. On the shoreline there was a blanket laid out, a picnic basket beside it and an ice bucket with champagne in it.

"Oh, Nik." Caroline looked at the beautiful lake in awe, this was her third time of seeing it and it still looked as beautiful as the first time Klaus showed her in his dream. Spinning around to face him she grinned, "You did this for me?"

"For us, sweetheart." Klaus took Caroline's hand in his leading her to the blanket, hoping that she couldn't feel it shake as nerves took hold of him. Sitting beside her he felt his throat close up, unable to speak he could only stare at the beautiful blonde he wanted to spend eternity with, he just hoped that she agreed.

Caroline started to feel self conscious at Klaus's staring, she was used to him gazing at her over the last year but this felt different, weightier, as if Klaus was expecting something, she just didn't know what. She placed her hair over her ear, before meeting Klaus's eyes, gasping at the intenseness of his gaze, "Nik?"

Klaus could see that he was making Caroline uneasy with his intense staring but he couldn't help it with what he was about to do, not just yet, Klaus, wait for the perfect moment. Taking a breath to calm himself he smiled at her, "I love you."

"I love you, too." Caroline smiled as she said it back, her heart fluttering at the raw emotions in Klaus's eyes, placing her hand on his cheek she added, "You know that I do."

Klaus leant in to Caroline's hand, the box in his pocket calling out to him to use, to make her his in every way. Covering her hand with his he swallowed, "This place is very special to me."

"You told me that you used to come here to get away from Mikael and if you needed to some quiet time to yourself." Caroline recalled what Klaus told her the first time he showed her the lake.

Klaus smiled, pleased that Caroline remembered what he'd told her, "Yes, they were the main reasons I came here, but there was another use I intended for this place."

"What was that?"

"This was the place that as a human, I was going to take the woman I loved to and ask her to marry me." Klaus watched Caroline's reaction carefully, a brief look of sadness crossed her features.

"Tatia." Caroline whispered, a pang of sadness hitting her, "This is where you were going to take her." She glanced at the lake, "It is a beautiful place." A beauty which had become sullied now that she knew it's original purpose, I'm never the one... she blinked back tears.

Klaus couldn't believe Caroline had brought up Tatia in relation to his purpose for the lake, he had never intended to bring Tatia here because he never truly loved her, Caroline was the one for him, she had been since the day they met. Klaus stood up, pulling Caroline with him.

"What are you doing?" Caroline asked, still hurt from Klaus bringing up that this was his proposal spot as a human, obviously that meant Tatia.

Klaus took both of Caroline's hands in his, interlocking their fingers together, never taking his eyes off her he spoke from his heart, "From the first moment I laid eyes on you I was bewitched by you, your beauty, your strength, your light. Everything." He smiled at her, his eyes shining with tears, "One look in to your eyes and I was yours instantly."

"Nik?" Caroline wasn't sure why Klaus was telling her this, she was afraid to hope, "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that I've loved you from the moment I saw you." Klaus brought their linked hands up to his mouth, kissing Caroline's ring finger on her left hand, "You and only you are the woman I love."

Caroline's breath caught, that couldn't possibly mean what she thought it meant, could it? Her heart rate picked up in nervous excitement.

"The worst day of my life was the day you died." Klaus squeezed Caroline's hands before releasing them, "How about we make today the best day of our lives?" He dropped to one knee, his hand reaching for his pocket.

"Oh my god!" Caroline brought her hands up to her face, tears spilling down her cheeks, Klaus was proposing to her, "Oh my god!" She caught sight of the ring, "Oh my god!" She sobbed, a huge smile on her face.

Klaus held out the ring box in front of him, in it was a Tiffany engagement ring; a band of channel-set round brilliant diamonds, a two carat diamond sat in the classic Tiffany six-prong setting, it was spectacular. Klaus took Caroline's left hand in his, "Caroline, this past year with you has been the happiest I've ever been, I have not known a moment of sadness, or hurt, or betrayal." A tear slipped down his cheek, "Only love, an all encompassing love that I feel every time we touch, when we kiss, when I hold you in my arms, and when we make love." He brushed a kiss against her knuckles, "You make all the bad go away."

"Nik..." Caroline's tears were falling unreservedly down her cheeks, her heart was filled to bursting with joy, amazement, happiness and most of all love, the all consuming love she felt for Klaus.

Klaus removed the ring from the box, he placed it on the tip of Caroline's ring finger and looked up at her. His heart raced in anticipation, "Caroline Forbes," tears filled his eyes as his voice shook, "will you marry me?"

Caroline placed her right hand on Klaus's cheek, stroking his cheek as she sobbed, "Yes!"

Klaus released a breath, she said yes! relief shooting through him. He slid the ring on to Caroline's finger, kissing it when it was in place, "My fiancée."

Caroline sank down to her knees so that she was face to face with Klaus, cradling his face between her palms, a huge smile on her face as she caught sight of the ring, "How long have been planning this?"

"How long?" Klaus smiled, wrapping an arm around Caroline's waist to bring her closer to him, "I wanted to ask you the moment you were resurrected." He ran his hands along her back, delighting in her shivers, "But I thought that might have been too soon for you." He nuzzled one of her hands on his cheek, "So I decided that I would ask you in a year, at the lake which I picked out when I was human."

Caroline could not keep the smile off her face, she was so happy that her heart ached with it. She brought Klaus's face to her and kissed him. She stroked his cheeks tenderly as she ran her tongue across his bottom lip, he opened up and she dove in. She groaned as she tasted every inch of his mouth, running her tongue across the roof of his mouth to tangle with his tongue.

Klaus moaned as Caroline tasted every inch of his mouth, her touch setting his nerves on fire. He cradled the back of her head, gently laying her down on the blanket and settling between her thighs. Leaving her lips he nipped his way down her throat, biting and sucking her tender flesh.

Caroline tilted her head to the side to give Klaus better access. She moaned as he bit her then sucked the skin in to his mouth, the action making her insides flood with desire. Hooking her legs around his waist, she ground her moist center against Klaus's hardness, her hands scratching along his scalp.

Klaus groaned against Caroline's throat as she rubbed herself against him, the scent of arousal heavy in the air. He pushed himself up to look in her eyes, "You are going to be the death of me."

Caroline giggled, leaning on her elbows she kissed Klaus deeply, still moving her body against his, moaning in to his mouth, "Make love to me, Nik."

"With pleasure, my love." Klaus began undressing Caroline whilst she removed his clothing. He began playing her body, hitting all her spots and teasing her until she was a writhing mess beneath him. Positioning himself at her entrance, he looked in to her eyes whispering, "I love you, Caroline." Before sliding inside her tight warm core, moaning as he became fully sheathed.

Caroline gasped as Klaus filled her, his hard member stretching her walls. They tangled their fingers together above her head, gazing in to his eyes she smiled, "I love you too, Niklaus." He began to move inside her, her legs coming up to wrap around his waist, her gaze never leaving his as they made love. The only sounds in the forest were his groans, her moans, sighs of pleasure and screams of the others name as they indulged in one anothers bodies all night long before falling in to an exhausted sleep, entangled together on the forest floor under the star lit night.

When Caroline woke up she was laying against Klaus's chest her hand resting over his heart. She could feel his hand running along her back sending shivers down her spine. She tilted her head up to look at him, "Morning." Klaus had a grin on his face, happiness radiating off him, full of his own light.

"Morning, my gorgeous fiancée." Klaus could not stop smiling if he tried, the moment he woke and spotted the sparkle of Caroline's ring, his lips had curled up in to a smile and they haven't come down since.

An answering smile covered Caroline's face, "My fiancé." She said it with awe in her voice, still amazed that Klaus proposed to her last night.

Klaus bent his head and gave Caroline a sweet kiss, "I love you." He whispered against her lips.

"I love you." Caroline said back, her heart filled with happiness. Looking out across the tranquil water an idea came to her, "I want to get married in Mystic Falls."

"Why here, my love?" Klaus asked, he would give Caroline anything she asked for, this simple request no different, he was just curious as to why when she had the whole world at her disposal.

"When I dreamt of the day I got married, it was always here, in the place I was born, my home." Caroline smiled as she thought of her childhood dreams, "Now it's more than that. I was born here but I also died here, twice." She ran her fingers across the frown that covered Klaus's brow, "I want to replace every bad memory with the best day of our lives." She brushed a kiss across his mouth, "This is my home, your home, our families home and I want to start our life here."

Klaus smiled in happiness, "Do you know how happy I am that you think of my siblings as your family?" He picked up Caroline's left hand, admiring the ring on her finger, it's light paled in comparison to Caroline's own inner light, she shone brighter than the Sun itself.

"They are my family. Actually," Caroline smiled, a teasing light in her eyes, "Kol thought of me as family first." She laughed as she recalled one of their early meetings on the Other Side, "He used to call me future sister before he just used sister."

"He may as well be your brother," Klaus smiled, "he treats you the same as he does Bekah."

"I cannot explain what the Other Side was like," Caroline frowned as she tried to explain her and Kol's bond, "to be there but not be truly there, to only see and not be heard, it is a horrible place." She squeezed Klaus's hand, "Kol was there for me on the worst day of my life, then he continued to be there for me everyday I was on the Other Side and we grew close. He is my brother just as Stefan is my brother." She smiled, "Sometimes we make our own family."

"That I can relate too." Klaus recalled his failed Hybrids, "Only your family is ruled by love, respect and affection. Mine was ruled by fear, intimidation and a sire bond."

"We learn from our mistakes, Klaus." Caroline sat up to begin dressing, "I wasn't always the perfect daughter or the greatest friend, but I grew up and matured in to the person I'd always wanted to be." She kissed Klaus's cheek, "You just took a little longer."

Klaus laughed, "I guess I did." He put his clothes back on, packed away the blanket in the picnic basket, threw the melted ice from the bucket in to the lake and put it in the basket. He held his hand for Caroline to take, "Ready, my love?"

Caroline nodded, curling her fingers around Klaus's, she rest her head on his shoulder and enjoyed being close to him on the walk home.

The moment Klaus and Caroline entered the mansion from the backdoor they were met by the expectant faces of Rebekah, Kol, Elijah, Stefan, Bonnie, Liz and Katherine.

"Well?" Rebekah asked, "Do you have something to tell us?" She looked between Klaus and Caroline.

"I don't know," Caroline grinned, bringing her left hand up to rest against her cheek, showing off the ring, "do we?"

Rebekah and Bonnie screamed as they caught sight of the sparkling diamond ring on Caroline's finger.

"We're engaged." Caroline grinned with happiness, holding her hand out in front of her to show off the ring.

Bonnie and Rebekah ran over to Caroline, gushing over the gorgeous ring and asking how Klaus proposed.

Elijah walked over to Klaus and pulled him in to a hug, "Congratulations, Niklaus." He smiled at the pure happiness on his brothers face, "You have picked a wonderful woman to be your wife."

A smile of pure happiness covered Klaus's face, "I have." He looked over at Caroline, heart skipping at the joy on her face, "She is perfect, Elijah."

Elijah smiled, he had never seen his brother so happy before, it warmed his heart to see Klaus so in love, Caroline brought out the brother he grew up with and he couldn't wait to call her sister.

Kol picked Caroline up by the waist, swinging her around making her squeal, "I told you, darling," he grinned up at her, "one day you'd be my sister." He winked at her as he set her down, "I was not wrong."

Caroline giggled, "I know." She kissed Kol's cheek, "Thanks for everything, my soon to be brother."

"No soon about it, darling," Kol winked at Caroline, "we already are brother and sister."

"How about we have a drink to celebrate." Katherine raised her already full glass smirking, "To Caroline," her eyes twinkled, "for taming the raging psycho we call Klaus."

"You are just begging me to rip your heart out, aren't you, Katerina?" Klaus narrowed his eyes at the smirk on Katherine's face, his hands itching to wipe that look off her face.

Caroline laughed, "Oh, my little kitty cat," she raised her own drink, "I'll know just what to say at your engagement party." her eyes lit up in mischief, "I'll thank Elijah for taming the biggest bitch I've ever known."

"Look forward to it, little vampire." Katherine winked, knocking her drink back.

"I can never tell if they hate each other or if they are actually friends." Kol mused to Elijah and Klaus, amused at Caroline and Katherine, friends or enemies he had no idea but it was fun to watch.

"I believe Katerina enjoys their bantering." Elijah smiled, he knew Katherine enjoyed the verbal sparing with Caroline, they had come a long way since she killed her, beginning with a tentative truce to the strange friendship they had developed. He was happy that his Katherine had a friend, Rebekah still not pleased with her presence in his life nor was Klaus but he knew they tolerated her for him and that meant everything to him. She was the love of his life and he had no intention of letting her go ever again.

"Caroline too." Klaus did not understand their friendship, Rebekah explained to him that they were frenemies; friends and enemies at the same time, he believes they passed that stage a while ago and were now just friends, "I think Katerina brings out the bad girl in her," he chuckled, shaking his head at Caroline's adorableness, "though she could never be truly bad if she tried."

Elijah chuckled, "She is the light to your dark, brother." He clinked his glass against Klaus's, " You balance each other out, which is why I know you will be truly happy."

"I already am." Klaus replied, smiling as he gazed at Caroline talking to Bonnie and Rebekah on the other side of the room, the happiness on her face bringing him joy, "This past year with her has been perfect."

"I do believe the last year of my life has been the happiest for me too." Elijah agreed, looking over at Katerina his heart jumped as she smiled at him, the love in her eyes taking his breath away.

Klaus observed the looks between Katherine and Elijah, he could not deny the love in his brothers eyes nor in Katherine's, they seemed to he happy together.

"I have had so much fun this year in New Orleans," Kol added, smirking at his adventures in New Orleans, "I have taken great pleasure in annoying Marcellus at every opportunity."

"How is my protege doing?" Klaus asked curious, he had not seen Marcel for over a century after Mikael ran him and his family out of New Orleans, "Is he looking after my city?"

"Yes, he has an alliance between the vampire, humans and witches." Kol smirked, "An uneasy alliance might I add."

"Do not cause unnecessary damage, Kol." Elijah chastised, "Niklaus and I built that city from the ground up and we wish for it to keep on flourishing. It is our home."

"Do not worry, Elijah, King Marcellus is keeping the throne warm until the true King returns." Kol grinned, "Only this time he will have a Queen by his side."

Klaus smiled as he remembered running New Orleans with Elijah by his side, "I do miss our days of running the city, brother."

"Me too." Elijah agreed, "It was one of the only times in our life when our family was happy." He smiled, "Until now that is."

"One day when I've shown Caroline the world I will return to New Orleans," Klaus smirked, plans of the future in his head, "and reclaim my throne."

"I'm sure Marcellus will be thrilled to hear that." Kol laughed, he looked forward to that day as he knew Marcel wouldn't just give over his Kingdom, even if it was originally Klaus's.

"I'm sure it won't be for a couple of centuries at least." Klaus was in no rush, he would show Caroline all of life's treasures before he reclaimed his city, "Marcel can enjoy my city for a bit longer."

"Are you boys planning world domination?" Katherine smirked as she joined them. She slid her arm around Elijah's waist, leaning in to him.

Elijah curled his arm around Katherine, kissing her head before answering, "Just congratulating Niklaus and discussing old business."

"I think I will go and join my fiancée." Klaus made his way over to Caroline who was talking to Rebekah, Bonnie and Stefan. Their conversation stopped him in his tracks.

"So," Stefan smirked, "still want a June wedding?" He wiggled his eyebrows, "Or was that just for our wedding?"

"Oh god." Caroline covered her face with her hands, "You heard that?"

Stefan laughed, "Yep." He tapped his ears, "Vampire."

"This is so embarrassing." Caroline moaned hiding behind her hands.

"Personally, I would love to know the answer to that." Klaus interrupted, his gaze never wandering from Caroline's face, "Why would there be wedding talk between you two when you are just best friends?"

Caroline frowned at the angry vibe coming off Klaus, not understanding what caused it she answered his question, "When Stefan first arrived I had this massive crush on him." She shared a smile with Stefan, "I tried to learn everything about him and told everyone that we'd have a June wedding."

"What happened?" Klaus asked through clenched teeth, hating that Caroline once had romantic feelings toward Stefan, jealousy eating him.

"We were at a party, I was coming on too strong like always and Stefan told me straight that we were never going to happen." Caroline replied, the memory didn't hurt any more, Stefan was her friend and she was so grateful for that, plus she had Klaus and he was all she would ever want again.

Stefan winced at hearing his words to Caroline from years ago, he had been harsh that night but she did come on very strong and he had been solely in to Elena then. He placed his hand on Caroline's arm smiling apologetically, "I'm sorry that I was so harsh."

"No worries, Stef." Caroline returned Stefan's smile, "It's all in the past. I am with the man I want to spend the rest of my life with and I've never been happier." She was surprised as Klaus grabbed her face and kissed her.

Klaus held Caroline to him devouring her lips, hearing her say that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him and that she was happy caused the jealousy to instantly dispel and be replaced by love. He is an idiot, he could not seem to stop his irrational jealousy of her friendship with Stefan, she gave him no reason to doubt and yet he could not stop it rearing its head every now and again. Perhaps when she was his wife it would stop, though he had the sneaking suspicion that it would only increase, covering every male in her life. He was a possessive creature after all.

When Klaus pulled away Caroline's eyes were dilated with lust, her breathing heavy as he stole her breath. Licking her lips she asked, "What was that for?" She grinned, "Not that I'm complaining."

Klaus gently stroked Caroline's cheek, "You said you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me." His smile lit up the room, "That made me extremely happy." He pulled her in to his arms, burying his face in her neck as he admitted, "And I was jealous. Of Stefan."

"Oh, Nik." Caroline sighed, she ran her fingers through Klaus's hair, "I don't understand the jealousy you feel toward him. He's my best friend!" She looked in to his eyes, "You are the one I love, the only man for me, my everything." She brushed a kiss across his lips, "I love you."

"I know." Klaus held Caroline tight against him, "I love you so much." He nibbled her lips, sucking her bottom lip in to his mouth before releasing it, "You are so perfect that I can't help but be jealous of every man whom looks at you. You are mine." He growled possessively.

"And I'll be yours for eternity." Caroline replied softly, her eyes shining with love.

Klaus's face transformed in to one of happiness, a big grin on his face, dimples at full force, his eyes twinkling, "Our wedding can't happen soon enough."

Caroline laughed delighted, "Don't worry, my wolf," she grinned at Klaus, "you will not have to wait long."

Klaus picked Caroline up in his arms and spun her around, loving the sweet tinkle of her giggles. Putting her down, he kept his arms around her waist, "Dance with me, my love."

"Always." Caroline smiled at Klaus as she wrapped her own arms around him and danced the night away in the arms of the man she loved.

Year and a half

Klaus stood under an alter of red and white roses in the garden of his mansion waiting for Caroline to walk down the aisle and become his wife. He had never felt so nervous in his life, he knew in his heart that she would appear soon but he could not help the fear that she would change her mind and leave him.

"Relax, Niklaus." Elijah placed his hand on Klaus's shoulder to soothe him, "Caroline is not going to leave you. She will walk through those balcony doors and she will be the most beautiful creature you have ever seen. She will take your breath away."

Klaus turned to Elijah, his best man, "You've seen her?" He received smiles from Elijah, Kol and Stefan.

"She looks exquisite, Nik." Kol smiled at his brother, Klaus would be speechless when he saw Caroline.

"She is a vision." Stefan agreed, "She was born to be a bride."

Before Klaus could say anything the music changed, signalling the groomsmen to move in to position. They made their way to the balcony doors to await the bridesmaids.

The doors opened and first out was Bonnie, the maid of honour. She was wearing Vera Wang, a rose strapless silk sweetheart mermaid gown, accented by circle cluster lace and floral beaded embroidery, and Christian Louboutin heels. Elijah held his hand out for her and they walked down the aisle to take their places at the alter, Elijah next to Klaus, Bonnie on Caroline's side.

Next out was Rebekah, she was also in Vera Wang, a coral strapless silk mermaid gown with organza flange detail and floral beaded embroidery, and Louboutin heels. She took Stefan's arm and walked down the aisle to take their places at the alter.

Then it was Katherine's turn, she also wore Vera Wang, a petal strapless silk mermaid gown with organic flower detail and cascading bias cut silk organza flanges, Louboutin heels. She took Kol's hand and wearing identical smirks they sauntered down the aisle to take their places.

Klaus rolled his eyes at Kol and Katherine, he did not know why Caroline included HER in their wedding, they had not been friends for more than five minutes and she was a bridesmaid. His love was too kind but as ever, he'd do whatever makes her happy, even if that meant tolerating Katherine as a bridesmaid. The music changed again and the chords of the piano started.

Heart beats fast

Colors and promises

How to be brave?

How can I love when I'm afraid to fall?

But watching you stand alone,

All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow

As the song began to play, Klaus saw Caroline appear on the balcony. His breath stopped, his heart skipped a beat and his eyes widened as his mouth opened in a gasp. She was absolutely breathtaking, the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, she surely was a vision as their eyes locked.

One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you

Darling, don't be afraid I have loved you

For a thousand years

I'll love you for a thousand more

Caroline was in a white Vera Wang strapless ball gown with ribbon embroidered bodice and silk organza floating flange skirt. Her hair was done in ringlets with babys breath intertwined with her curls. She looked like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She took her moms hand and began her walk down the aisle. Her gaze stayed locked with Klaus, a big beautiful smile on her lips as she got closer to him.

Time stands still

Beauty in all she is

I will be brave

I will not let anything take away

What's standing in front of me

Every breath

Every hour has come to this

Klaus was awestruck the closer Caroline came to him, the lyrics of the song matching his feelings perfectly. The moment he saw her time stood still, beauty is all she is, inside and out, he will definitely not let anything take her away from him and he feels like he's waited his whole life for this moment. For Caroline to be his wife, to slide that ring on her finger and declare to the world that she was his as he was hers.

And all along I believed I would find you

Time has brought your heart to me

I have loved you for a thousand years

I'll love you for a thousand more

Caroline could already feel the prick of tears in her eyes as she reached Klaus, he was about to become her husband and she his wife, they were about to promise their forever to each other. She slipped her hand in to his and stood beside him, a smile on her face.

The moment Caroline's hand joined with Klaus's every thought that wasn't her flew out of his head. He had no doubt, no fear, only pure happiness that he was about to marry the love of his life. A smile curled his lips as he gazed at her, half listening to the witch who was officiating.

"We are gathered here today to witness the union of Caroline and Niklaus," the witch began, "today they are promising themselves to each other for eternity, to make a vow of forever in the presence of friends, family and the spirits." She turned to Klaus, "Niklaus, if you would begin."

"Caroline, I love you," Klaus had to take a breath to calm himself as Caroline's loving eyes pierced his heart, "I love you so much that I can't live without you." A tear made its way down his cheek, "I almost had to once when you were taken from me, but I did everything to bring you back to me and I succeeded." He cupped her cheek, smiling, "You are here with me now, about to become my wife because I refused to let you go and I promise that I never will. I will be there for you always. I will always fight for you and for us. I will love you forever." He had to blink at the tears clouding his vision, "I vow that my body, my heart and my soul will be yours from this day forth. I am yours."

Caroline burst in to tears at Klaus's beautiful vows, "I love you." She smiled shakily at him, her lower lip trembling, "Before I met you I hated you, you were the big bad we were scared of that we knew was coming after us. I was almost the vampire used in your sacrifice!" She could see that he was confused as to why she was bringing that up. She cradled his face between her palms, "Then I met you and I found it nearly impossible to hate you." She choked on a sob, "I tried, I really did, but every time we talked I fell a little deeper and deeper for you that by the time I noticed it was too late. I already loved you." She smiled at Klaus as she confessed, "It took me dying for me to admit that I was attracted to you and a little longer to tell you that I loved you. My vow to you is that I will tell you I love you everyday. I will hold your beautiful heart in my hands and I will never break it. I will cherish you and shower you in love. I vow that my heart, body and soul will be yours. I am yours."

"The rings?" The witch asked, Elijah gave the ring to Klaus and Bonnie gave one to Caroline. She waited until Klaus placed the ring on Caroline's finger, "Do you Niklaus Mikaelson take Caroline Forbes to be your wife for all of eternity?"

Klaus smiled at Caroline, "I do." He slid the white gold band on her finger, his heart racing in anticipation of hearing the words fall from her lips.

The witch repeated, "Do you Caroline Forbes take Niklaus Mikaelson to be your husband for all of eternity?"

Tears fell down Caroline's cheeks as she replied, "I do." She pushed the matching white gold band on Klaus's finger, a huge smile on her face.

The witch tied a piece of string around Caroline and Klaus's wrist connecting them. She said a spell and the string disappeared in a flash of light, "You are now connected to one another by that string forever. It would not have disappeared unless you were true soul mates." She smiled at them before announcing, "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride."

Klaus cradled Caroline's face between his hands, he gently stroked her cheeks as he covered her lips with his, first kissing her top lip then her bottom lip before swiping his tongue across to gain access to her mouth.

Caroline gladly opened her mouth to accept her new husbands tongue. Husband, her lips curled in to a smile, Klaus was her husband. She moaned as their tongues played together, her arms coming up to wrap around his neck, holding him as close to her as she could get.

Klaus forgot everything but Caroline as he devoured her lips, he forgot everyone standing behind him as he indulged in his beautiful wife. Until he heard Elijah cough subtly behind him. Smirking against her lips, he dipped her giving her one last kiss before pulling away, "I love you, wife."

"I love you, too," Caroline grinned, her eyes alight with happiness, "husband."

Klaus grinned back, bringing Caroline back upright, keeping his arm around her waist and holding her tight against him.

"May I present to you," The witch smiled, "Mr and Mrs Niklaus Mikaelson." She began clapping her hands the guests joining her in applause.

Caroline and Klaus walked down the aisle as man and wife as their friends and family threw confetti over them. The love and happiness clear on their faces as they smiled at each other.


11 years

Klaus held Caroline against him as they rode down the river in a gondola. They were celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary in the place they spent their honeymoon, six perfect months they spent here after their wedding, everyday he woke up beside Caroline and gloried in the fact that she was his wife. Ten years later and that feeling never left him.

Caroline sighed, she was utterly content laying in her husbands arms, her head resting against his strong chest. The past eleven years of her life had been filled with adventure, love and happiness. She had been married to Klaus for ten years and yet every time she gazed in to his eyes her heart skipped just as it did in the beginning.

"Are you happy, my love?" Klaus whispered in Caroline's ear, smirking as she shivered.

"Beyond happy." Caroline tilted her head to meet Klaus's gaze, "Every moment I spend with you I'm perfect."

Klaus smiled, "Me too, sweetheart," he brushed his nose against Caroline's, "me too." He leant forward to capture her smiling lips with his. They are no words for how happy she made him, as long as she was by his side her hand encased in his, he was perfect.

Mystic Falls

40 years

Caroline sat at the back of the church, a black veil covering her face and Klaus's arm wrapped securely around her shoulders. Today was her moms funeral and it broke her heart that she couldn't stand up there and tell everyone stories of her mom but she hadn't aged a day in forty years. This was still Mystic Falls and they still had a council.

She had said her goodbyes to her mom as Liz laid in her bed, in the the home Caroline grew up, breath weakening as she approached her final hours. The whole family had told Liz goodbye. Klaus, Rebekah, Kol, Elijah, Stefan, Damon and Katherine as Liz had become a mother to them all in the years gone by. Caroline had held her moms hand as she peacefully passed away.

All of them were here today to pay their respects to a brave and honourable woman who'd seen something in all of them. She was truly like Caroline and she would be greatly missed. The ceremony was beautiful, the words said by the people who knew her touched Caroline. When everyone left she approached the coffin and looked at Liz. She looked at peace, still lovely at eighty years old. Caroline stroked her mothers cold cheek, tears streaking down her cheeks, "Goodbye, mom, I will always love you and I will never forget you." She kissed Liz's forehead, "Be at peace."

Klaus stood behind Caroline as she said her final goodbyes to her mother. Since the conversation he and Liz had about his intentions they had grown close and his heart ached at the loss of her. She was an extraordinary woman and he would mourn her. Caroline turned to face him and seeing the tears on her face he immediately encased her in his arms, "I'm so sorry, Caroline."

"She's at peace now." Caroline smiled through her tears, "No matter how much I wanted to hold on to her I knew that wasn't what she wanted."

"She will always be in your heart." Klaus wiped away a tear from Caroline's cheek, "Therefore she will live on in you."

"Thank you, Nik." Caroline brushed a kiss across Klaus's cheek, "I don't know what I'd do without you."

"Good thing you never have to." Klaus tightened his hold on Caroline, he loved how she fit perfectly in his arms, "I'm yours forever."

Caroline smiled, "As I am yours forever."


100 years

"Wow." Caroline stared at the castle in front of her, it was huge and still in beautiful condition, "So this is where you used to live, huh?"

Klaus smirked, "Ah, the good old days when I was referred to as Lord Klaus."

"The good old days?" Caroline narrowed her gaze at Klaus, "Are you not happy being referred to as my husband?" She pointed her finger at him, "Think carefully before you answer, Lord Klaus."

Klaus chuckled pulling Caroline in to his embrace, "Of course I rejoice in the fact that I'm your husband." He cupped her jaw and smiled at her, "And I am beyond happy that I can call you my wife."

"Good answer." Caroline smiled before taking Klaus's lips in a passion filled kiss.

"Still attached at the face I see." Rebekah said, amusement colouring her tone.

Caroline giggled as she detached herself from Klaus. She gave Rebekah a hug before throwing her arms around Stefan, "I've missed you so much, Stef."

"I've missed you, too, Care." Stefan grinned widely as he embraced his best friend, it has been a few years since they've seen each other but they talk constantly on the phone.

"Do you know why our brother insisted we come here?" Rebekah asked Klaus, memories hit her as she surveyed the old castle, "I have not been back here in centuries."

"It does not hold fond memories." Klaus frowned, this was the place he met Katherine for the first time, this was where his curse was supposed to be broken. Then again, if he had broken his curse with Katherine would he have still met Caroline? He shook off the thought before answering Rebekah's question, "And no, I do not know why Elijah insisted we come here."

Rebekah, Stefan, Klaus and Caroline entered the castle making their way to the ball room where they could here music. Stepping inside they saw Elijah, Katherine and Kol waiting for them.

"My family," Elijah smiled at the new arrivals, "thank you for coming."

"Why have you brought us back here, Elijah?" Rebekah asked.

"A long time ago this was are home." Elijah took Katherine's hand in his smiling lovingly at her, "This was the place I met my Katerina and a few days ago I asked her to marry me." The smile that lit up his face was nothing short of beautiful, "She accepted."

"Oh my god!" Caroline gasped delighted. She ran over to Katherine and embraced her, "You're getting married, kitty kat!"

Katherine embraced Caroline back smiling, "Yes I am, little vampire." Her eyes twinkled as her eyes met Elijah's, "In two days to be exact."

"What?" Caroline was shocked, Elijah and Katherine were getting married in two days? "Where is it?"

"Here, where we met and fell in love." Katherine fidgeted, before asking quickly, "Will you be my bridesmaid?"

Caroline grinned, "Of course I will."

"Thank you." Katherine smiled back, relieved.

Stefan approached Katherine, "I'm happy for you, Katherine." And he meant it, the history between them long since put to bed, she was happy with Elijah and he was happy with Rebekah, there was no more feelings between them except an old love.

"Thanks, Stefan." Katherine replied.

Elijah handed Klaus a scotch before asking, "Would you be my best man, Nik?"

Klaus still did not approve of Katherine but she had proved him wrong by staying with Elijah for a century, it was clear that she was here to stay. He took a sip before answering, "I will."

Elijah pulled Klaus in to a hug, relief rushing through his veins, "Thank you, little brother."

"I hate when you call me that." Klaus grumbled, rolling his eyes.

Elijah grinned, "No matter how much you wish it were so, I was still born before you."

Klaus chuckled before becoming serious, "Did you ever think there would come a day when we would be as happy as we are now?"

"I hoped for it." Elijah answered honestly, "I wished for it with everything that I am." He smiled as he surveyed the members of the room, his family, "It may have taken over a thousand years but this family is finally happy."

Klaus raised his glass, "To family."

Elijah smirked as he repeated his words from a hundred years ago, "Family above all." They clinked glasses and shared a chuckle over the memory, a time when there was more hate than love between them and they had a threat to their life every other week.

Two days later

Elijah stood in the very spot that he saw Katherine for the first time as he awaited her entrance, he felt like he'd between waiting six hundred years for this moment. Klaus stood beside him as his best man, holding on to his ring.

Caroline entered the room, she was wearing a pink floor length gown, her hair in a braided bun. She walked down the aisle and took her place on Katherine's side.

Katherine entered, she was wearing a forest green sleeved dress, very similar to the dress she wore when she met Elijah here centuries ago, her hair was extra curly with ribbons tied in it. She smiled happily at Elijah as she began walking toward him.

Elijah's breath caught as he saw Katherine, she was beautiful, she looked similar to when he first he met her, back when she was the human Katerina. Every step she took closer his heart skipped a beat. After all this time she would finally be his wife.

The ceremony was similar to Klaus and Caroline's a century earlier minus the binding ritual. After Elijah and Katherine said their vows and their 'I do's' they shared a loving kiss as they were pronounced man and wife. They did not spend a minute apart as they began celebrating their marriage.

Caroline pulled Klaus to her and gave him a sweet kiss, "I love you."

"And I love you." Klaus smiled at Caroline, his arms around her holding her gently as they began swaying to the music, "Are you thinking of our wedding?"

"Yeah." Caroline smiled as she gazed in to Klaus's eyes, "I can't believe we've almost been married for a century."

"I look forward to many more centuries together." Klaus spun Caroline in a circle, making her giggle, "Millenniums together."

Caroline was still laughing as Klaus set her down. She kissed him tenderly before whispering against his lips, "Forever together." She kissed him again, her hand cradling his cheek as she lost herself in him.

Klaus smiled in to Caroline's kiss, the knowledge that he could kiss her and touch her for the rest of eternity filling him with joy.


200 years

Mount Everest

Caroline scaled the shelf up to the summit of Mount Everest with Klaus. In their two centuries together they had visited every Country, seen every landmark, climbed every mountain, this one being the last one left. Standing at the top her breath caught, she was surrounded by clouds below her and she could see for miles, it was beautiful. It was truly the roof of the world.

"What do you think of Everest, my love?" Klaus asked, wrapping his arms around Caroline's waist and rest his chin on her shoulder, "Does it live up to expectation?"

"It more than lives up." Caroline nuzzled her head against Klaus, "It is so beautiful up here." She covers his hands with her own, "I feel sorry for the humans. It takes them three months to climb and they can only look at this view for mere minutes before they have to go as it's hard for them to breath." She kissed the side of his head, "Luckily we don't have that problem."

"True." Klaus kissed Caroline's throat, "Where do you wish to go now, my love?"

"I don't know." Caroline had seen everything she ever wanted to see.

"How about New Orleans?" Klaus smirked against Caroline's shoulder, "I think it's time I returned home."

"Sure, that sounds great." Caroline easily agreed, in all their time together they had never visited New Orleans.

"Wonderful." Klaus held Caroline tighter against him, time for the King and Queen to reclaim New Orleans.

The End

AN - What did you guys think? That that was the longest epilogue in history ;-) I hope you all enjoyed it. I have the set up for a possible sequal eventually if I decise to do one, no promises as of yet. Thank you all for reading. Until my next adventure X X X

Song used was Christina Perri - A Thousand Years