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"You do count. You've always counted and I've always trusted you."

Molly never forgot those words coming out of Sherlock's mouth. The last time they talked was five months ago and it was because she helped Sherlock fake his own death. It was a bit frightening to help him about something crazy like that but he had no choice and she promised to be by his side no matter what.

Though, she knew that Sherlock said all those things to manipulate her. She always knew all Sherlock's comliments, sweet words were fake. Only his deductions which made her cry were sincere. Because it was Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes. The man with no heart.

But there was this fact; Sherlock's voice was different than the usual when he said those things. His voice cracked and he had to swallow twice before saying them to her. It was not sentiment. No. It was something different, something deeper. He needed her because he trusted her. With all his heart, he trusted her. And after she said that she could see right through him, he gave it a thought and figured she was actually right. It has always been Molly who never questioned his actions, his thoughts, his weird deductions. He meant every word he said to her that day.

And now there Molly sat, thinking about all these while drinking her cup of tea. It has been five months since Molly last saw him. She had no idea where he was now. After he faked his death with the plan they made, she helped him recover a few injuries and let him stay at her flat. But one day she woke up and she saw he was gone. With a note on the kitchen counter, saying "Thanks for everything –SH"

It was cruel. It was cruel not to let her know where he was going after all she did for her. Just a thank you note wasn't enough for that.

She tried not to think about these anymore as she finished her tea and went back to the Barts. She always kept her mind busy so she would not think about him. Yet, every second his face would pop up out of nowhere and talk to her as if he was right beside her. She sighed. Maybe she needed to see a psychologist about this. She was seriously obsessed with Sherlock and it was not healthy.

When her job was done at Barts, she decided to go to a bar. She would drink some beer, dance and maybe go home with a guy she just met.

It was when she bumped into someone at the door of the morgue. Her bag fell from her arm and when she kneeled down to pick it up, the person she bumped into did the same.

"Thanks." She said and looked up with a smile to the helpful man who was…

"Sherlock?" her eyes opened wide as she saw who it was. She shaked her head and thought she was dreaming.

"We got some business to do." He said with a cold voice. No smile, no greeting, no nothing.

He gave her her bag and turned around, knowing she would follow him.

But this time she was not going to follow him. She was not his servant and she was tired of this bullshit.

"No." She said with a brave look on her face.

He turned around to face her and saw her standing there like a statue. "What?"

"I said no." She said and took one step closer to him. "You didn't even let me know where you were going. I thought you died. I was freaking worried about you and now you just come back, saying you need me to do more stuff for you? I am sorry but no. Do what you have to do yourself."

Sherlock knitted his brows. "I left you a note."

Molly laughed sarcasticly. "Yeah, right. A note saying you were thankful to me. What a big thing for the big, great Sherlock Holmes!" At the end of the sentence her voice turned into a scream as tears started to fall down from her eyes. "You—you … You heartless, idiot…" Her tears was making it hard for her a talk.

Sherlock moved closer to her and when he was close enough, he wiped away a tear on her cheek. Molly looked at his eyes and he smiled.

There. Again he was doing it. He was manipulating her. She could always tell when he was sincere and when he was fake. Right now, he was all fake.

"Sorry." He said and tilted her chin up so her lips were easier to reach. She was small to him. Or maybe he was a little too tall.

And suddenly she was caught off guard when he kissed her on the lips. A small kiss, nothing to be a big deal but charming enough to leave Molly feeling dizzy. Her legs were jelly and she had to hold his arm not to fall. When he noticed that, he wrapped her arms around her waist and held her in his arms for a few minutes.

Molly was confused. She couldn't talk, she couldn't move and most importantly, she couldn't think. Why did he do such thing she had no idea but it felt good. All her walls that she built up for him were gone now. No hatred left in her heart. Her five-months-broken-heart was now healed, beating fast for him.

"C'mon, let's go." He said still smiling widely.

That's when it hit her. It hit her so bad that she could hardly push him back. The kiss was a fake too. Sherlock was a bastard for doing this. He had many ways of manipulating her but it was never kissing her. He knew she had feelings for him but he still did something like this.

"You…" she said but when she couldn't find the right words, she slapped him. Slapped him so hard that it made a loud sound.

Sherlock's head was turned to another direction with a huge hand mark on his face. The slap hurt. But he didn't mind the pain. He concantrated on why she did such thing.

"You think you are smart Sherlock. But you are not. Actually, you are biggest idiot on earth!" Molly yelled at him as she ran past him, leaving the heartless man standing there, with his hand on his cheek.

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