The unsettling truth seemed to be slowly seeping out of Velica – and it was extremely unsettling. Doflamingo had called Vergo back from an assignment all because Doflamingo had heard from a little birdy about Law sticking his nose into places that it didn't belong.

Vergo had been dubbed the second Corazon – a title that was suppose to be for Law, but that never happened. Velica didn't really remember much about the first, only that he hated children with a passion and so she had avoided the man at all costs. Doflamingo had marked the first Corazon as a traitor and he wasn't ever spoken of after his death – Velica didn't really care in the first place.

But what Velica did care about was what was going to happen to Law. Apparently he was at Punk Hazard and rousing up trouble with C.C. otherwise known as Ceaser the Clown. Velica stood there on the other side of the closed door as she listened closely to what Doflamingo was saying over the Den Den Mushi or Transporter Snails – whichever you prefer to call them.

"Take care of him, Vergo. Bring him to me alive. He's going to suffer for the actions he's taken against my property – I want to see the look on his face. Fufufufufufu – " Velica's eyes widened.

She knew he was implying about Law supposedly taking her virginity before Doflamingo was able to – which was a lie. She knew that this was all her fault as she had tried to save her own ass, knowing what would have happened had she said otherwise about what had happened between her and Law. Velica owed Law at least a warning – he needed that.

Pushing her body off the wall she paused time so as to not be heard as she ran down the hallway that was frozen in time. It had been a while since she had ran this fast – her stamina depleting much more quickly than she would have liked it to do. She made her way to her room and pushed her way into her room and went straight for her bottom drawer.

Pulling it open she shuffled through her panty drawer and pulled out the Den Den Mushi that looked like Law – it was a much smaller and easier to hide than the larger ones. With time still frozen Velica closed her drawer and made a mad dash for the roof of the castle and it was only when she reached the top did she resume time.

Pushing the transmit button the snail started to dial…

Law had just finished his encounter with saving Luffy from two bounty hunting brothers and was walking back through the factory halls when suddenly his snail started to ring. He stopped dead in his tracks and dug through his pocket to pull out the snail that was ringing in the palm of his flattened hand.

He narrowed his eyes, wondering just who it was that could have been calling him right now. Surely it wasn't his crew – they knew better than to call him now. Deciding he'd answer it he clicked on the button and it wasn't but soon after did the Snail make a worried expression.

"Law?" His eyes widened slightly – it was Velica on the other end. It had been a little over a year since he'd last seen her, why was she calling him now?

"Velica-ya." he addressed her, adding the "ya" to her name for whatever reason. The was a long pause over the Snail as she caught the added on to her name as well – but it didn't last long.

"Listen to me Law, you're in great danger!" Law's eyes narrowed to this news. What did she mean he was in great danger? What was going on?

"I over-heard Doflamingo speaking to Vergo on a Den Den Mushi and he had ordered Vergo to rough you up and then bring you to him! Doflamingo knows where you're at, Law!" Unbeknownst to either one of them since Law was so focused on Velica he hadn't noticed the sound of hard footsteps approaching him from down the hallway.

"What? But how does he know – " That's when it dawned on Law – C.C. had ratted him out to Joker. His teeth clenched together as he felt the annoyance rise greatly. But there was a greater question that Law needed to know besides who had informed Doflamingo he was here...

"Why are you telling me this, Velica?" On the other end of the Snail Velica's eyes had widened – she hadn't expected that question to be asked.

How was she suppose to answer such a straight forward question? She closed her eyes as the wind whipped her hair around her round face – the ocean breeze filling her nose as the sun shown down brightly on her exposed back. She reopened her eyes only to see that Law was waiting for her answer. She brought the snail closer to her lips as her breath hitched – not knowing weather she would be able to tell him or not.

Suddenly, Law screamed out from the other side and there was a loud crash and then the signal was lost. Velica's eyes widened as her body was frozen in shock from what had happened. The Snail laid limp in her open palm as she waited for Law to call back, but she knew better. Vergo must have found Law before she was able to give him her answer. She gridded her teeth together – she had to do something.

Shoving the Snail into her short's pocket she looked all around on the roof frantically – what was she even looking for she didn't know? But her heart was racing and she knew she had to do something to help Law, but how was she suppose to get to him with Punk Hazard being miles away across the sea? How was she suppose to get to Law? She had no boat, no crew, she couldn't swim there. But then it dawned on her – that new technique she had been trying to master since she had been with Law and his crew. That's why she had bought that book about Time and Space and why she had read and re-read the book till she memorized it.

She took a deep breath in order to calm herself down. She had only managed to complete it a couple of times – and now was no time for another test-run, but she had to try something. Law's life was hanging in the balance now and he needed help but the question was if she could actually pull it off. She took another deep breath and remembered what the book had told her.

'Thanks to a famous equation, E = mc² , time travel is possible, at least in one direction. Going the other way — back to the past — presents a trickier challenge. This theory of relativity is that time and space are joined in our universe as a four-dimensional fabric known as space-time. Stranger yet is the concept that both space and time warp as mass or speed is increased. Travel fast and time moves more slowly. Increase the mass around you to near collapsible levels and you get the same effect. As for the effect of mass on time, scientists have measured the ticking of atomic clocks at the top and base of skyscrapers.'

'They found the clocks at the base — closer to the mass of Earth — ticked ever more slowly than those perched high. In theory, approaching the speed of light would theoretically slow time, traveling at the speed of light would make it stand still and traveling faster than the speed of light would reverse time. In theory suggested that objects known as wormholes exist in space. These objects would essentially be two connecting black holes whose mouths make up a tear in the fabric of space-time. By finding a wormhole and stretching it so one mouth extends light years away from the other, the wormhole could provide a passageway to a past or future point on the undulating river of time.'

Velica's eyes snapped open – she remembered what the book had told her about and she knew what to do now. Jumping back several feet – all the way to the edge of the castle roof – she peered over to the opposite side of the castle roof – the one that if she were to jump she would plum it into the ocean. She took a deep breath and keeled down into a dashing position. If she was ever going to attempt to save Law she had to try the new skill she had been honing and trying her best to prefect. Knowing that if she was able to pick up enough speed running off the roof and being able to open up a wormhole she would be able to project herself in whatever direction she needed to go. Which the currently direction she was headed in was toward the island of Punk Hazard.

She took a deep breath, hoping that her math was right and she would end up extremely close to Law and appear next to him only minutes prior to Vergo getting there to him. And if all else failed – she would dive to her watery grave blow. Moving her foot she dashed forward as quickly as her legs could carry her as she picked up speed running across the top of the roof. Her only thought was Law and how she needed to get to him and that failing wasn't an option. Reaching the end of the roof she didn't know if she was going fast enough but she knew she had to and with a leap of faith she jumped out –

"Wormhole!" She shouted as she froze time and disappeared in mid-air.