Jack's Memories

Chpt. 1

"FROST!" screamed Bunny. He raced down the staircase to where Jack was leaning on his staff for support as he laughed. "Oh ya, laugh it up." Bunny growled. "I will, Fuzzball!" exclaimed Jack. Bunny roared in rage. First, the child had covered him in blue paint, then stolen his boomerangs, and now had the nerve to call him Fuzzball? That. Was. It. Roaring in rage, he chased Jack around North's workshop, until North himself barged in the door, followed by a shocked looking Tooth and an amused looking Sandy. "What is going on in here?" bellowed North. "The little bugger dyed my fur blue, stole my boomerangs, and called my FUZZBALL!" cried Bunny. "What, would you rather Kangaroo?" Jack asked innocently, sticking his tongue out at the Guardian of Hope. "GROW UP!" Bunny yelled. "You're so annoying, sometimes! Actually, most of the time! Make that ALL the time! And you wonder why we ignored you for so long! Why you weren't believed in! It's because no. One. LIKES YOU!" Jack, North, Tooth, and Sandy froze. Breathing heavily, Bunny realized what he'd just said. "Frostbite…" he moaned. But Jack had already flown out the window, leaving cold, unforgiving snow behind him.

"BUNNY!" scolded Tooth. "How COULD you say that!" Bunny hung his head in shame. He had no idea what to do. No that his anger was disappearing, he could only feel guilt for the horrible words he'd said. Suddenly, a voice broke him out of his thoughts. "Guardians. I think it is time that you see Jack's memories, to help you understand him better." The four looked at each other in shock. Before any of them could respond, they were whisked away in a whirlwind of white.

(memories in italics)

Tooth, Sandy, North and Bunny found themselves in a large forest. A small boy whooshed past them. They quickly followed, watching the scene unfold.

A young boy with untidy brown hair flew through the forest, laughing with each step he took. His brown eyes were full of mischief as he looked back through the woods in search of his pursuers. "JACKSON OVERLAND FROST!" someone shouted. Two boys who looked much older than the first boy came chasing after him. They were stopped when a commanding feminine voice called through the trees. "Brady, Samuel! Dinner!" Brady and Samuel shot twin glares at the boy they'd been chasing, before trudging back through the woods. He finally reached a small house just outside the tall trees that had just been hiding the boy. It might have been better for him to stay within them, for a tall woman who didn't look happy stood waiting for him. She had her hands on her hips, a frown creasing her pretty face. "Hey ma…" he said cautiously. "Jackson Overland Frost."

"Wait!" Interrupted Tooth. "Is that… Jack? Before he became a guardian?" Sandy nodded his head. "Must be…" said North in wonder. "Shush!" cried Bunny. "I wanna hear the little blighter!"

"Jackson Overland Frost. Just what did you do now?" Jack shifted his weight from foot to foot and looked up at his mother. Her hair was up in a messy bun, long tendrils falling down her face. Her stomach bulged with the baby she was expecting, and her hands held a wet cloth she shook menacingly at him. "Brady and Sam- They were insulting our family ma! Calling us poor and ugly and bad stuff! I just told them they were spoiled and mean! They started it!" Jack stated earnestly. His mother sighed. "The trouble a five year old can get into." She motioned her son inside. Grinning, Jack waltzed into his house, running up to his father who sat at the table. His father got up and lifted a giggling Jack into the air.

"Oohh! He was just so cute!" cooed Tooth

Jack's house was small. It consisted of a kitchen, two bedrooms, and an outhouse outside. There was also a room with a couch and a fireplace in it. Jack currently sat in this room, yawning widely after a small meal of bread. His mother came in and gently lifted him up. She smiled down at her sweet boy. She slowly walked into Jack's room, settling him down on his cot. "Goodnight, sweet." She whispered. "Wait!" cried Jack "Tell me a story" His mother leaned down on the side of his bed. "Once, a long, long time ago, there was a big, scary man named Pitch Black." Jack's eyes widened. He nodded, telling his mother to go on. Smiling softly with naturally pink lips, she continued. "He scared all the little children, but four heroes came into the word." Eyes shining, Jack asked: "Who, ma, who?" Grinning, his mother continued her story. "Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Sandman and Tooth Fairy."

"Hey!" exclaimed Bunny, his nose twitching. "Jack's mom told him about us!" North nodded. "Da" he agreed.

Jack wiggled further beneath the covers. "I know about them!" he boasted. His mother laughed. "That you do, Jack. Anyway, they chased the Boogeyman away, and protected the children from harm." Jack yawned, his eyes now drooping. His mother brushed his hair back from his forehead, and smiling, made her way out of the room.

Tooth, Bunny, Sandy, and North looked at each other. A question mark appeared above Sandy's head, asking about what they would see next. "I don't know mate, but I think were about to find out." And they disappeared in a flash of white.