Hello! Yes I am back, and I am not dead! I promise I do plan on finishing this story, I will not leave you hanging, as I hate when I come across a story I like and it never gets finished. I think this story will have one or two more chappies after this and then I'll wrap it up. Thank you to everyone who is still here reading this after I made you wait so long. I love you all seriously.

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Jack woke up slowly, blinking for a second before- "Baby tooth!" he exclaimed, crawling over to her. He gathered her in his pale hands, concern evident in his voice as he asked "You alright?" The mini fairy made a small whine in response curling in on herself and then sneezing as Jack's freezing body temperature made itself known. Jack drew his hand back, disappointment marring his features. "Sorry." He sighed, his voice laced with sadness. "All I can do is keep you cold." He closed his eyes for a brief second, fighting back tears. The Guardians had abandoned him, Pitch had broken his staff, and now Baby Tooth was freezing to death because of his stupid winter season. He sighed, sitting down on the icy floor of the crevice. "Pitch was right. I make a mess of everything." Baby tooth's eyes widened in surprise and abject horror. Surely Jack didn't think of himself that way?

His hopeless face was enough answer to that question. "Determined to show him his worth, she crawled across his stomach toward his hoodie's pocket. "Hey!' Jack cried in protest, looking down in confusion as she wriggled her way inside his hoodie. Jack believing she was trying to warm herself up, sighed and curled up against the wall. He couldn't explain the deep sadness in him, it struck down to his very soul. He was going to be stuck down her with a soon to be dead fairy and a broken staff for all eternity. No one would look for him. No one cared…

Suddenly- "Jack? Jaaack?" It was the girl's voice, the same voice that had attracted him to Pitch's lair! He looked down in surprise to see his hoodie was glowing! Jumping up in shock, he scooted back several feet, and then reached into his pocket to pull out his memory box, which Baby tooth had activated in an attempt to make him realize he really wasn't a mistake. "Jack!" The voice cried again. Jack stared at the tiny box in wonder. It held all the answers, yet it had turned the guardians against him…

He set it down by his knee, looking at Baby tooth, who only nodded, setting her small hand on the box. "It's alright." She seemed to be telling him. "You deserve to know."

He put his hand down on the box. He wanted this so badly. And then, Jack Frost was swept away, 300 years into the past.

"Wha-" Bunny exclaimed. "We don' get ta see the memories?" Tooth could of slapped him. "Bunny! We are seeing his memories! What would be the point of watching him watch them?" Bunny shrugged, obviously embarrassed. Meanwhile, North looked up at the moon, barely visible through the fog that turned into Jack's memories when they were watching them. This was almost the end. What would they say to Jack? They couldn't just know his whole past and not bring it up!

Sandy was just waiting. He knew they couldn't be finished, not after seeing something like that. He was worried about Jack though. Where was he? He was probably still upset after his and Bunny's fight.

Tooth had finished talking to Bunny and instead thought in silence. Where was her Sweet Tooth now? Was he still hurting? She wanted to hug him, but she also needed to know how he got out of that crevice and fixed his staff! Her thoughts whirled.

Bunny, meanwhile, was just consumed with guilt. He had been the one to drive Jack away after the Easter incident. If he had listened, maybe Jack would trust them more now. He pushed the thoughts away. He knew he had a lot to apologize for already.

They were so distracted; they almost didn't notice a new memory had started.

Jack's eyes shot open.

Breathing heavily, he stared at Baby tooth. "Did you- did you see that? It was- It was- It was me! I had a family! I had a sister!" Great realization accompanied with joy came over him as he exclaimed the next part of his past. "I SAVED her!" (NOTE: In my headcanon, he did not tell Baby Tooth of the abuse or his friends because it was personal. He did remember his whole past, but chose not to share it.) He laughed, true happiness shining through as he remembered his little sibling. His brow furrowed, shock racing through his body as he looked up at the moon. "That's why you chose me…" He breathed, his eyes wide and staring. The moon said nothing back, not that he expected it too, but the light seemed to shine brighter. And then Jack said something that would change his path of life forever. "I'm- I'm a guardian!"

Bunny, Tooth, Sandy and North nodded, proud that their youngest member had realized he did have a role. It didn't fix anything, and it sure didn't solve Jack's self doubt, but it was a start. However, the memory was far from over. In fact, the bets part was just starting to begin…

Jack stood up, looking fruitlessly around the cave for an answer for a way out. "We- we have to get out of here." He exclaimed. Baby tooth, in full agreement, climbed into his sweater, her faith in him not stalling for a second as he searched for an escape route.

He ran over to the two pieces of his broken staff, which Pitch had evidently tossed down after him. For a moment, he just stared at him. It was one of his only possessions, almost a safety blanker one might say, although he'd never admit it. It was part of him, part of his soul, and now it lay here, looking- dead.

Renewed determination surged through him. He had to get out of here. It was his only chance of helping the guardians, and proving he was one himself. He clutched the two pieces in his hands, forcing them together, begging that it would work.

But to no avail. The two pieces cracked apart again. Jack made a distressed noise, but he was not giving up. Not yet. If Jack Frost was anything, he was stubborn. He was not going to lose hope after one try.

He put the pieces together again, and suddenly felt power surge through his shoulders, down his arms, to focus in his hands. It was a cold feeling, but not a bad cold. It was the power of winter, HIS power, surging through his veins. He pushed harder, and to his shock, his staff began to glow. A bright white light emanated from it, and Baby tooth gave a shout of glee. She had never doubted him! The light shone brighter, the white blue shine almost blinding the pair. It almost exploded with power, and suddenly, ice and frost ran up the length of it. It no longer looked dead. It looked like something that belonged it the hands of Jack Frost.

With a yell of joy, Jack flew into the air, of to help save the world.

The Guardians stood in shock. Jack had… fixed his staff? That required great power! The guardians looked at each other in agreement. There was much that they still did not know about their youngest.