Kim's POV

I walked down the streets of Seaford when I bumped into someone.

"What the hell!" She screamed... Correction IT screamed. The thing I bumped into was none other than the Mikayla Ramos.

"Well, I'm sorry aca-bitch, but you don't have to react like that!" (A/N: who else still loves Pitch Perfect, I know I do!)

"You better watch the way you talk to me you slut!" She countered. Ugh, who does the think she is!

"Who you calling a slut? WHORE!" I answered. With that she slapped me... Wait that faggot just slapped me!

"That's it!" I jumped on her and she screamed bloody murder, which is actually accurate considering the situation she is in. Then I felt two arms wrap around my waist and pick me up. I also caught a glimpse of my friend Jerry Martinez helping Mikayla up.

"Who the- what the- put me the fuck down hoe!" I yelled at whoever the hell this person was (A/N: sorry for all the curses I promise it won't be frequent).

"Is that anyway to talk to your best friend Kimmy." Wait a second, I know that voice...