Kelsey's POV

I woke up and my head hurt like hell! I'm not one of those idiots who doesn't remember what happened. I know exactly what happened. Just then the lights flicked on revealing that I was still on the stage at Julie's "party".

"HELLO? ANYONE?" I asked.

"Kelsey, is that you?" Kim asked.

"Yeah, do you know why we're here?" I asked.

"WTF, do you think?" Kim said as if it were obvious.

Kim's POV

Kelsey can be a real idiot sometimes no wonder why she's dating Eddie. Kelsey was about to answer when someone covered her mouth. Who is that?

"Bo." The person whispered into her ear. He sounds like a rapist.

"You, guys were so adorable on stage... To bad I'm gonna have to kill you." The person said his voice becoming more serious toward the end.

"You know, if you're gonna kill us then why are you being such a
coward!" I exclaimed.

"Me? A coward?" The guy asked.

"No shit sherlock." I said as if it were to most obvious thing in the
world. He stepped out and he was wearing a red gi.

"TY!" All the girls screamed. Who's- wait is it that guy who sent for
me last time?

"Hello ladies, haven't seen you since you quit the dojo." He sneered
as they all rolled their eyes.

"Well, Kim you must be wondering who I am-" Ty was cut off by me.

"Why would I want to know what your mom decided to call you when you came out of her vagina!" I sneered. He walked over and grabbed me by the hair pulling back making me shriek.

"Listen you blonde whore! Don't talk to me like that or I might have to pay your boyfriend a little visit!" He snapped.

"Your gonna kill me anyways, so I might as well have fun the last few minutes of my life." I answered coldly. He threw me to the floor and on me the chair fell. I was struggling to get up he kicked me in the stomach. I groaned in pain and for the first time I actually wanted someone to come to the rescue. I didn't mind being a damsel in distress for the first time ever. As if on cue Jack burst through the door and BAM a fist fight broke out. As he was fighting Ty, the guys untied us and Jack finished Ty off.

"Face it Ty, we're invincible as long as we work together!" I exclaimed.

"Please, you guys have barely met your match." He snapped and then sent a punch flying to my face, which I caught. I flipped him and walked back to where the guys were. Jack put his arms around my waist as if hugging me from behind and whispered in my ear.

"Good job Kimmy." Then he gave me a short yet passionate kiss.

"Gross, I think I'm gonna puke!" Exclaimed Ty.

"Does it look like I give a shit!" I sneered. He just rolled his eyes.

"Oh this isn't over!" He answered.

"NINJAS ATTACK!" He yelled making all of us get into our fighting stances. One came for me, but I simply stepped out of the way making him run into a wall.

"Really Ty, ninjas!" I exclaimed. He just shrugged.

"It's keeps the whole karate mood." He answered in a matter-of-factly tone.

"True, true." I said. Wait, I'm supposed to be mad at him what the heck is wrong with me. I was fighting a ninja when I was getting sick and tired, so I took off my belt (not that I needed it, it was just for style) and swiped it across his feet. The guys stumbled and I finished him off with a round house kick.

"Look at me now
Look at me now
Just killed all your ninjas!" I exclaimed to the beat of Look at Me now by Chris Brown. Then I did the cat daddy and of course Gracie joined in.

"Oh Kimberly, do you think that's all I've got. The party has just begun." He said chuckling. Ewwwww, he has a lot of wrinkles I just noticed that. One ninja came swinging on a freaking rope and tried to kick me in the face (A/N like in Karate Games). He missed and I started doing a victory dance, which quickly ended because I was pushed to the ground by him. He pulled out a bat and started hitting it against his hand as if letting me know he was going to hit me with it. Thinking quickly, I reached back for a beer glass on the floor and as he swung I kicked him in the shin and hit him in the back of the head with the glass. Then, more and more ninjas started entering as we were surrounded by at least 100. All I'm thinking is 'Welcome to the show boy!'


First off all credits to the writers, owners, producers, and directors of the Disney XD hit series Kickin' It. Also the the writers, owners, producers, and directors of the 2012 movie Pitch Perfect and Spring Breakers.

Credits to the following artists

Icona Pop
Whoever created the twerk
Whoever created the cat daddy
Avril Lavigne
Justin Timberlake
Chris Brown
Cookie Monster&Elmo (Sesame Place's writers, creators, producers, and owners)
Santa Clause

I also think that I deserve a little bit of credit for writing the plot and to story line (as in the characters lines). Last but not least some credit to you guys because I wouldn't have done such a good job if it weren't for you guys! Please check out my next story, which I'm planning to publish before finals if not the week after so toward the middle of June! I love you all and thank you for welcoming me into the FF family because this is my first REAL story.