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Chapter 1 - A Massive Change

He winced again as his wife's screams echoed throughout the secret chamber, laced with pain and tears. He gritted his teeth; his right hand held out towards his wife's exposed stomach, the seal completely visible and weakened but the strain. He hated this. He hated the fact that he couldn't hold his wife's hand while she screamed for relief. He hated the fact that every passing moment put the life of everyone in danger. His village, his friends, his wife, his soon-to-be son.

Minato had to hand it to the fox; it could put up one heck of a fight when it wanted. Every time his wife convulsed in agony, the fox attempted its escape. Only Minato's hold over the seal kept the beast at bay, but any longer and his chakra will deplete beyond quick recovery. He could practically feel the fox's angered grin as his hold weakened when his wife gave a horrid scream of pain.

Come on Naruto, he begged his unborn son. Just a little more.

A new scream came into the world; a fresh wail that had every freeze in place, even the Kyuubi stopped his struggles as the new voice came into being. Minato felt his hand relax as the Sandaime's wife carried a soft bundle past him towards the exhausted Kushina. She was suffering badly but yet still managed a watery smile as her son was brought to her face.

"Naruto," her eyes teared with pain and joy. Minato watched as his heart filled with absolute joy. He was a father, he had a son.

He was broken from that thought as his wife cried out in pain, the Kyuubi was struggling again. He rushed forwards and held his wife's hand, squeezing it for comfort.

"I know you're exhausted, but we've got to reseal the nine tails." He smiled as his wife took on a renewed look of determination and stubbornness. That was his Kushina.

He was so focused on his wife he hadn't sensed the new presence before it was too late. Two cries and the wailing of his son caused him to spin on the spot, freezing when his gaze settled on a masked man holding his new-born son in a threatening manner.

"Step away from the Jinchuuriki, Yondaime, or this child will die in its first minute." The man spoke nonchalantly, his hand held threatening over his son's face. Poised to strike.

"Just stay calm," he all but yelled, his mind was in disarray, trying to see a way out of this mess.

The masked man's posture didn't change. "But I am calm. Now, step away from the Jinchuuriki."

"NARUTO!" Kushina screamed in desperation, unable to move in any way.

The masked man threw Naruto up into the air, a kunai pointing upwards as his son ascended. The world seemed to freeze as Naruto hit the maximum height, Minato readied his Hiraishin no Jutsu, but before the three-pronged kunai left his hand, a bright yellow flash equal to his own lit up the entire chamber, a yell of shock and a grunt of pain following it as two bodies collided with each other. He used the distraction to grab his son has his descend begun, catching him easily with his technique.

Just as his feet planted on the ground, a body was thrown at him from behind, catching him and forcing him to the ground. From the tangle of limbs, he looked up just in time to see the masked man transport his wife from the chamber, the seal on the verge of collapsing.

"Kuso!" A new voice whined, forcing Minato to look at the person tangled with him. His first thought was that the person wore way to much orange, his second was;

What the hell?

The person felt him staring and looked at him resentfully, only for his expression to fall to equal shock at the Yondaime. It was almost like looking in a mirror; the boy, no older than seventeen at best, had shockingly blond hair that sat in untameable spikes, held back by a black headband with the Konoha symbol engraved on the metal plate. He wore a striking orange jacket with black shoulders and arms with matching orange trousers, a kunai holder tied to his left leg as well as the standard shinobi blue sandals that clashed with the orange. What mesmerised him most was the mirror image of his own blue eyes staring back at him, slightly different in shape but held the same expression. He also noted the whisker like marks on the boy's face. After a few minutes of shocked staring the boy was the first to speak.

"What the hell?" he jumped up from his tangled position towards one of the many walls of the chamber, staring at Minato. "You-you... you're not supposed to be here!"

Minato blinked, his son had stopped crying and was looking at the newcomer with open eyes. The boy in front of them saw Naruto and gasped in shock and slid down the wall, shaking badly.

"But I was... and then he... and you and..." he pointed at his son, then his expression turned to anger and a severe killer intent leaked from his body. "I am going to kill you, you damned fox!"

Minato could only stay in his crouched position, staring at the boy in front of him as the killer intent coming from the boy was directed at his stomach. He watched as the boy's right hand enclosed over his stomach and growled viciously.

"When I find out how you did this!" he left the threat hanging, glaring at where his hand rested. Minato broke out of his stupor and held out a kunai and glare at the boy with open hostility. The boy cringed under the glare and sank further down the wall.

"Who are you? How did you get here?"

The boy seemed to stumble over his words. "I-I'm trying to figure that out. One minute I was chasing a bunch of those white Zetsu guys, the next I'm being pulled into a yellow light and-" he broke off and clutched his stomach as a wave of pure agony washed over him. Minato watched in horror as the boy twitched uncontrollably, holding back a raw scream as the pain reached an unbearable climax.

"H-hey!" he called as the boy collapsed and started jerking on the floor, clutching his stomach. He approached, still holding Naruto in his left arm and pushed the boy onto his back. "What's wrong with you?"

The boy seemed to grin under all the pain. "Don't worry," he hissed as a fresh wave of pain overcame him. "Just the damn seal. He really knows how to mess with people's heads doesn't he?" Minato watched in horror as the boy's eyes rolled, his body jerking violently forcing his stomach upwards.

Without hesitation, Minato ripped the boy's jacket upwards to reveal his stomach, he froze at what he saw.

A spiral seal was implanted on the boy's stomach, looking like it was freshly inked. What really scared him was the fact it was leaking from the centre, the ink seemed to be oozing from the centre, a sign that the seal was severely weakened.

"Where did you get this?" he asked, knowing the boy was unconscious, his son was looking at the seal as well, reaching for it.

He jumped when the boy answered. "I'd have thought you'd recognise it, you know."

Minato nodded as the boy's eyes gave him a calculating look. He recognised the Hakke no Fuin Shiki, also known as the Eight Trigrams Seal. There was also evidence of the Shisho Fuin (Four Symbols Seal) hidden there, like an extra safety precaution. He was so busy admiring the craftsmanship that he didn't notice the boy lifting his right hand, forcing seal kanji to appear on his fingertips.

"Seal!" he barked causing Minato to jump. The boy pressed his hand to the seal and twisted it to the right, tightening the weakened seal. He cried out in pain as whatever the seal was suppressing fought back, urging the seal to be released. The ink seemed to travel back into the seal but a few specks remained on his skin, refusing to return.

Minato watched in amazement as the boy repaired the damaged seal. He was even more amazed when the boy sat up quickly giving him a sheepish grin while rubbing the back of his head.

"Sorry about that," his smile grew. "It's been a while since the seal loosened so much. Even the damned fox is confused."

Minato's eyes narrowed. "Damned fox?"

The boy's eyes seemed to open widely. He suddenly pinched himself hard on the arm, enough to draw blood. His eyes grew even more when nothing changed except for the fact Minato gave him a questioning look, which grew to concern when the boy's face noticeably paled.

"This," he started, his own confusion apparent on his face, "isn't a hallucination is it?"

Minato's questioning gaze and Naruto's gurgling seemed to be the answer the boy was looking for. His gaze travelled to his son and rested there, mostly at his son's exposed stomach. He then turned to observe his surrounding, paling as if he recognised them.

"Not good," he was ghostly pale now. "This is... where I... where Madara..."

That got Minato's attention. "Madara? As in Uchiha Madara?"

"If you're here then that man I hit on the way in was..." his expression turned to one of panic. "The Kyuubi!"

Minato jumped as the boy leapt to his feet, wincing when the strain of the seal caught him off guard. He put his hands together and formed a cross hand sign. "Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" About five clones appeared in a puff of smoke, looking equally as panicked. Three set off at lightning speed through the opening while the other two caught what was probably the original as he collapsed from chakra exhaustion. One of the clones holding him up vanished in a puff of smoke as the boy swayed towards unconsciousness.

Minato moved forward to help, taking the boy's right side with Naruto safely in his left arm. The clone nodded in appreciation and began to drag the original out of the chamber. Minato followed, noting that the boy's features while were strikingly similar to his own there were certain differences, like the boy's facial structure was slightly more feminine than his yet it suited him. His hair was also shorter but held back with the headband in the same style as his own. The marks on his face were intriguing and he wondered if they were scars or birthmarks. He could have sworn he had seen them before.

"You know," the boy gave a dry laugh, forcing Minato to look at him. "I've also wanted to meet you in real life, yet this wasn't part of the fantasy." The boy cringed as the pain from before returned, not as bad but still painful. "We need to stop the Kyuubi."

Minato agreed with a silent nod. He needed to save his wife, but he couldn't just abandon his son and the injured boy with that masked man on the loose. It was too late to explain things to the village and he couldn't just leave the two boys with them. Not many people were supposed to know he had a son yet. And it seemed the boy, though familiar with his surroundings and wore the leaf symbol, he was still an outsider.

"I'm going to use my jutsu," he said suddenly, causing the clone and original to look up at him in surprise. "It'll transport us to a safe house I set up." He watched as the boy and his clone nod with a nervous glance at each other. The clone suddenly dispelled and the original attempted to hold his own weight, he nodded at Minato.

While he had used the Hiraishin no Jutsu before, it was still an odd experience to disappear and reappear somewhere else at light's speed. Naruto felt his knees buckle under his heavy weight and Minato grabbing his arm to hold him up. Another stab of shock ran through him as his dad, his father, half dragged him over to a small cot where he placed the new-born Naruto and helped Naruto himself to sit on it.

"I know we just met but I need you to keep an eye on my son. I have something I need to do." His voice was serious and barely held back the killer intent. While Naruto was usually unfazed by such anger and hatred due to his relationship with the Kyuubi, seeing his father use it was almost scary in a sense. He could see why his father was one of the most feared shinobi of his time.

Get down here you brat. Called a voice from the back of his mind, he winced which didn't go unnoticed by Minato.

"I'm fine," Naruto assured him. "Just a little dizzy," he held his head and rested against the wall behind the cot. "I promise no one will touch your son."

Minato's eyes hold distrust but there was also confusion. He nodded briefly before disappearing in a yellow flash.

The voice of hatred in the back of his mind called at him again, but this time, he couldn't refuse it.

"What do you want?" he asked venomously once he was surrounded by his familiar mindscape, why it was sewers he didn't know.

The fox grunted. Why does the seal keep weakening? Not that I'm complaining but it is unnerving as you've already tightened it.

"How the heck should I know?" Naruto yelled back. "What did you do is what I want to know?"

The fox gave him an angered look of confusion. What are you talking about brat? I haven't done anything. I'm still recovering from that time you stole my chakra. He flicked his tails from behind the bars. You're own chakra is barely helping my recovery.

"Sorry if you feel that way," his sarcasm earned him a nasty growl. "But that still doesn't explain why I was suddenly transported from the front lines! Even more so that I transported right into my father!"

The fox froze. What are you talking about. The Yondaime's chakra is no longer in the seal.

"I'm not talking about the seal. I'm talking about the fact my father just transport me and a new-born me to a safe house and has left to help kaa-chan."

The rage that followed his words nearly threw him off balance.

That damned Uchiha. I thought I sensed his chakra signature. But you were too damn busy to listen.

"Madara? I just ran into him, but he had a different mask. He left to release you or the you in kaa-chan."

That must be why the seal's weakening. Madara must of sent us to the past with that time warp jutsu of his.

"Time warp? You mean the one he used to send us and Sakura-chan into that alternate reality where my parents were alive?"

The Kyuubi nodded with a snarl. Whether he did this intentionally or not. The fact that there are now two of you and two of me means there is a imbalance. We are most likely linked to our past selves through the jutsu, though on a lesser scale.

"So... if we're linked, then the weakening of the seal was..." his face paled again.

I was released from Kushina's body. I can almost feel the Sharingan but it doesn't seem to affect me. That's why I called you down here. I thought Madara had finally gotten a hold of you.

Naruto nodded, then looked up with a smirk. "You should know better than to think I gave up so easily."

The Kyuubi gave a smirk of his own before growling. They're coming back.

Naruto felt a twinge on his conscience and gave the Kyuubi a devious smile before returning to his body. He could have sworn the Kyuubi chuckled.

"He's safe, just hold on."

Naruto's heart nearly broke as he saw his father carry his mother over to the cot. She was the true meaning of death warmed over; her skin was a sickly pale while his once beautiful vibrant hair fell in clumps with no sheen. Her eyes were filled with tears of pain and relief as they fell on her new-born son. Naruto scrambled away but Kushina's hand enclosed around his leg as he moved.

"Please don't," she hitched a shaky breath. "You helped save Naruto and you stayed with him."

It was rare for Naruto to feel vulnerable, but the look his mother gave him shot straight through him. He allowed her to pull him closer while her other arm encircled the sleeping baby in a desperate gesture. He sat above the two of them, feelings of emptiness and sorrow leaked from his posture. Even though he had seen this in his dreamscape when his mother came to help him, it still struck him hard.

"Naruto," her voice tore at his heart and he had to hold back the unshed tears as he watched his mother hugged his younger self closely like her life depended on it.

He looked up at Minato who was standing with an expression of both anger and sadness. Without a word, he went towards some drawers and pulled out his jounin vest of well of his headband and Hokage coat. Naruto watched as his father readied to leave to fight the Kyuubi.

Kushina spoke just before he left. "Thank you... Minato."

Without a word, the Yondaime Hokage vanished in a flash of yellow, leaving Naruto and Kushina alone with the baby. He sat back in exhaustion, feeling the effects of Kushina's unsealing affecting his own seal. He had just closed his eyes when a hand enclosed around his causing him to reopen his eyes and look at the small smile playing on his mother's exhausted face. Somewhere above, the ground shook.

"I don't know how you got here, but thank you."

Naruto bit his lip, the Kyuubi wasn't helping matters as it was sending a killing intent from his dark cage. He swallowed and opened his mouth to speak.

"I-I haven't done anything. I just appeared and got in the way."

Kushina shook her head. She sat up slowly and pressed a hand to Naruto face in a calming gesture. Naruto froze under her touch, the time with his mother in the dreamscape couldn't hold a candle to this. Her touch held her feelings and her heart. He could feel his emotional barriers break and tears appeared in his eyes.

"I-I couldn't save you," he choked as his tears overflowed.

Kushina shushed him, her thumb rubbing his cheeks in a loving way. "You've done more than you know. You being here means the world to us, even if Minato hasn't made the connection. You being here means you lived."

Naruto froze again, his tears still leaking. "Y-you k-know who I a-am? How?"

Kushina gave a weak laugh. "Besides the obvious similarities, call it a mother's intuition."

That was enough for him, the last of his barriers broke and a new round of tears overcame him, he held back a sob only to hiccup instead. Kushina pulled him closer to her gently, wrapping her arms around him before tightening her grip as he returned the force. She hummed while he cried, feelings of sadness, pain, anger, loss and loneliness overwhelmed him. Being a Jinchuuriki only heightened those emotions causing more tears to flow.

"I don't want you to die!" he cried out suddenly. "I won't let either of you die, not for me."

Kushina stopped her humming. "We left you alone didn't we? I'm so sorry." She tightened her hug. "But whatever we did on this night, I won't regret. Especially if it means the Kyuubi is no more."

Naruto froze and Kushina immediately knew something was wrong. He pulled back and refused to look her in the eye.

"The Kyuubi... didn't die," his voice felt flat and monotone. He could feel his mother's questioning gaze and flinched, he pulled up his shirt to answer her silent question. The ground above shook again, harder than before, specks of ceiling falling down. "He was sealed."

The silence that followed was almost unbearable, he let his shirt fall down and refused to look up. He was shaking badly now, his younger self lay to their side, fast asleep in an orange blanket. Maybe that's why he enjoyed the colour so much, it was one he had been enveloped in.

Kushina's sudden embrace came as such a shock Naruto actually winced at her sudden grip. He felt her other arm gently pull his sleeping counterpart closer and embrace him as well. Tears were falling from her worn face as she embraced the two versions of her sons.

"I'm so sorry," she hugged them harder as the ground shook even harder. "You became a vessel and we weren't there to help you. We never watched you grow up, graduate from the academy, all those birthdays that had passed."

Naruto gave a half-hearted laugh. "You haven't missed much, you know. I failed the graduation test three times before they finally let me become a genin. I nearly failed the team test as well with Kakashi-sensei as well, but passed at the last minute. I nearly became a chunin and I trained with Ero-sennin for a few years and then I saved a friend of mine but also lost another to revenge. The village finally accepted me when Nagato came and destroyed the village and..." he broke off as the words got lodged into his throat. The ground above was shaking harder now, objects lay scattered and broken across the floor and dust fell in chunks. Kushina carried on embracing both of them, feelings of peace overcoming her body as she embraced what truly mattered to her.

The following quake was so violent that a portion of the ceiling caved in on them. Naruto, acting on pure instinct, pulled his mother and younger self closer to shield them from the falling rubble. He hissed in pain as some collided with his head, cutting his forehead open downwards. He heard Kushina scream his name and a strong arm enclose around the three of them, the feelings of the Hiraishin no Jutsu overwhelmed him and he blacked out.

"NARUTO!" his mother's screaming brought him away from unconsciousness and he opened his eyes with a moan. His mother was kneeling next to him with his younger self sleeping in her arms, her face held nothing but worry and fear for his safety. His already hazy vision was blurred with tears of pain. He saw a figure standing to the side of him.

"Tou-san?" he asked in a weak whisper. The ground shook beneath him badly as something in the distance approached them. He saw the person he had called to stiffen visibly as his mother held his injured head closed to her, crying in relief.

"N-naruto?" his father voice reached him, but was quickly drowned out by what he knew to be the Kyuubi's cries of anger.

"Never thought I'd have to live through this again, even if I don't remember," he winced as he sat up slowly, his mother guiding him. He looked into his father's shocked gaze when his vision cleared slightly, though he was still seeing double. "Sorry I didn't tell you earlier, tou-san."

"Naruto," his voice was soft, like that time he nearly turned into the Kyuubi. "I-"

"MINATO!" Kushina screamed as the Kyuubi from the past ran at them, taller than any building in existence, nine tails emitted a powerful aura. Before either Naruto or Minato could react, chains of pure chakra erupted out of his mother's back, growing and encircling the Kyuubi.

"Kushina!" the Kyuubi roared through to most it just sounded like a growl. Being a Jinchuuriki allows one to understand there biiju. "You!"

Naruto winced as his own Kyuubi was affected by his mother's chakra coils, pulling him to the ground as the Kyuubi lashed around violently.

Damn you Kushina! Naruto cringed as a wave of pure biiju chakra soaked his body, weakening the already unstable seal. It was all he could do to keep back the Kyuubi's cloak; his eyes had turned blood red and his pupils turned to slits.

Minato rushed to his side and his mother's side as they both cringed simultaneously; Kushina out of chakra strain and Naruto out of the Kyuubi's chakra. The young Naruto was still fast asleep in his mother's arms, even when Minato took him off of her he didn't stir.

Just as Minato placed the young Naruto onto the altar he had conjured and moved to begin the seal Naruto reacted and grabbed his arm that was about to form the seal that would end his life. Minato stared at him in shock.

"I..." he coughed as pain racked his body, the cut on his head still blurring his vision. "I am not about to let you die again. Either of you."

Minato opened his mouth to protest when Kushina gave a cry of agony. Her chakra chains loosened from around the Kyuubi and it thrusted its arm forwards, claw aiming towards the new-born Naruto.

Minato leapt forwards to intercept the claw as did his wife, fully ready to take the blow for their only son. He cringed when he heard the claw connect with a body and readied himself for the unbearable pain. Only... it didn't come. Minato opened his closed eyes and turned around to see what had stopped the Kyuubi as his wife was standing in front of him and also hadn't taken the blow. He stumbled back at what he saw.

The boy, the future version of Naruto, was standing about eight meters in front of them, his back facing them. The Kyuubi's claw had torn right through his stomach and out of his back, but it had stopped there as Naruto had an iron-clad grip on the deadly claw. The Kyuubi roared in anger and attempted to move away from the young boy.

"NARUTO!" Kushina's scream echoed his own feelings, the boy had not only taken the hit, but had saved both him, Kushina and his younger self.

Said boy coughed, a handful of blood left his mouth and splattered onto the white claw that was already stained with his blood. He turned and smiled at his shocked parents.

"I told you I wasn't about to let you die again," he coughed up more blood and turned back to the Kyuubi. "Recognise me you damned fox."

The Kyuubi's eyes widened. "You're..." its eyes flitted to the new-born and back to Naruto, who was smirking.

"You really did it this time," he gave a dry laugh. "Trying to break the seal by force never worked before so why try?" He gestured down and Minato could see ink mixing with his future son's blood, the mark of the seal. His seal. The Shiki Fujin. The one that ruined his son's chance at having a normal future with him.

"I... I feel my chakra. But how?" to say the fox was angry would be a severe understatement.

Naruto's smirk grew and he glared at the fox straight in the eyes, a feat not many accomplished. "Meet your new Jinchuuriki." At those words, Naruto was engulfed in an orange flame bright enough to light up the entire clearing. Minato went to rush forwards but was stopped when his son reappeared, his body covered in the chakra flames, eyes burning red like the Kyuubi's, black marking covering his body. Two hands of pure chakra left the boy's back and one rushed at the Kyuubi, grabbing the arm that pierced Naruto. They seemed to grab the fur and pull, only for a bubbling red chakra to follow instead of fur. The other chakra hand had rushed backwards past Minato and Kushina towards the shrine that held the sleeping Naruto; the hand gently touched the baby's stomach and seep through his skin, black seal markings appearing where the chakra seeped through.

Minato could only watch as the first chakra hand pulled the Kyuubi's own chakra away from him while the other created a seal that replicated Naruto's own on his younger self's stomach.

"You should know Kyuubi," Naruto's smirk remained plastered onto his face. "That only an outside force can break the seal. Because you attacked me in the place of the seal means you sentenced your own imprisonment."

The Kyuubi roared in pure hatred as the red chakra finally reached him. "You cannot handle the chakra of two of me. It will kill you instantaneously."

"You're concern is touching but unnecessary. I only hold half of your original chakra and am more than capable at handling the rest as you can see. I'll gladly send the other half as well as your spiritual body to my younger friend over there," he jerked his thumb towards the baby Naruto. "I'm sure he'll hold the rest of you."

"You freaking brat!" the Kyuubi's roar ripped the surrounding trees to shreds. Minato was forced to hold him and Kushina in place with his chakra. The two Naruto's remained un-phased by the sudden power.

Naruto winced. "I prefer your future anger." It was then the Kyuubi's chakra entered Naruto's body and he convulsed violently as the chakra fought with his own. He would have fell forwards if the Kyuubi's claw hadn't been holding him in place. Minato rushed forwards just as the red chakra shot down the second chakra arm towards his new-born son, quickly absorbed by the seal imprinted on his stomach.

"You have angered me, Naruto!"

The fact that Naruto had started laughing worried Minato badly. "You said the exact same thing when I began using your chakra without your consent." The chakra of the Kyuubi suddenly burnt bright orange like Naruto and the Kyuubi disappeared from sight with a white poof. Naruto finally fell forwards as the chakra link broke and he reverted to his original form. Minato caught him just before he hit the ground.

"Naruto." The boy opened his eyes again and relief flushed through him.

"Don't know why he was so angry," the boy's mutter was nearly incoherent. "It was his fault he broke my seal. Nearly gave his other self a heart attack from the sounds of his grumbling."

Minato smiled and lifted the boy in his arms gently, assessing the grave wound through his stomach. He looked over and saw Kushina pick up the other Naruto and slowly walked over to them. The relief on her face assured him that their new-born son was safe and unharmed despite suddenly becoming a Jinchuuriki. From the looks of things, Kushina was recovering from the extraction despite the death sentence that usually came with it. Uzumaki's were so damn resilient it was almost scary.

"Minato, is he?" her concern was obvious, exhaustion was soon to take her.

Minato looked down at the future version of his son who had finally passed out and saw the wound through his stomach was already healing, the blood had completely stopped and his skin was healing at a magnificent rate.

"He's going to be okay. He's already healing." He smiled as Kushina gave a cry of relief and slowly sank to the ground, cradling their new-born son who had awakened when he became the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki. He was playing with Kushina's hair with pure fascination.

"Minato!" the voice of the Sandaime set a jolt of relief through him. His predecessor appeared in his battle artillery with his group of chosen ANBU agents. It was from the shocked look the Sandaime through them did he realise how bad they looked; Kushina was completely dishevelled and on the verge of dropping from either normal or chakra exhaustion holding their new-born son who had the sealing of the Kyuubi fresh on his stomach. Then there was himself; covered in dirt and his blood as well of the blood of the stranger he held in his arms in a way that was so protective it screamed 'do not approach'.

"The Kyuubi is no more Lord Third," he bowed in respect and went to Kushina's side as so to keep her from falling.

"What happened to you both? How is Kushina still alive? Who is that boy in your arms?"

Minato held up a hand to silence him, he was tired and drained and very much wanted to go home is it was still there. "I shall explain things when I am ready, my family and I have been through enough tonight and I need to get them home before Kushina collapses from exhaustion and strain."

The Sandaime looked reluctant but nodded his head in agreement. "As you with Minato, but don't expect the council to allow this to stay under wraps for long."

"I'll cross that bridge when I come to it," he shifted his elder son's weight and took a hold of Kushina's clammy hand. "I shall call you to our residence when I am ready to talk. You shall be among the first to know."

"Very well," the Sandaime bowed in respect and watched as the four of them were enveloped in a yellow flash.

Naruto: Transported through time into Madara. Suffer from the Kyuubi Seal. Transported again. More seal suffering. Transported for a third time. Claw through the stomach from the freaking Kyuubi. Internal fight with the seal and the Kyuubi's chakra. AND TRANSPORTED AGAIN!

narukyuubimode: That basically sums it up. At least you were unconscious for that last transportation.


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