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Last Time on A Promising Future from the Past

"My brother has told me of him. He is your son, am I correct?"

Minato didn't answer right away, thinking if he could reroute the conversation. He complied away. "Yes… though we never knew each other in that time… at least we never officially met after I had… left."

A nodded. "I should have suspected something when I told Bee you'd survived the Kyuubi's attack. It was like he expected you to die, but at the time I thought he was just as disappointed as I was."

Feeling a little left out Kakashi too removed his mask and glared at his sensei in annoyance. "What are you talking about, sensei? Why are they calling your brother Naruto?"

Naota/Naruto looked up sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head before looking at Minato for the good-to-tell signal. Seeing his sheepish smile returned Naota sighed and folded his arms in thought before addressing Kakashi.

"You might want to sit down; this'll take a lot of explaining, 'ttebayo."

Chapter 8 – Two of the Same

Kakashi was sat in a chair the Raikage's assistant had brought in as was Yugito who also unaware of the situation. Both had looks of disbelief that was slowly turning to resignation.

Kakashi was the first to speak after the four of them explained the situation to the two ninja. "So Naota is actually Naruto from the future where you die and we got to war with Madara and the villages unit to protect the Jinchuuriki and they ended in in our time where Naota… or Naruto saved you and is a Jinchuuriki of two time lines and has been preparing us for this future war that will happen either way and the first step was the Hyuuga incident?"

A looked was shared between the four of them. "That about sums it up."

Kakashi blinked before slumping down in his chair with a groan. "I think I need a drink…"

"Kakashi!" Minato admonished at his student earning a sheepish grin from both his charges.

"Old enough to kill, old enough to drink Minato-sensei." He quoted happily while Naota nodded in agreement.

Minato growled. "Not while I'm alive you won't. You too Naota."

The blond haired shinobi moaned. "But I'm twenty!"

Minato's smirked and folded his arms. "And at the same time you're three, don't push your luck."

"Tooooouuuu-saaannn!" He whined earning amused chuckles from the other occupants. Though the mood didn't last long as the meaning of what Minato said threw the Hachibi for a loop.

He made it sound as if there's two Naruto's.

B frowned ever so slightly. 'That cannot be possible; the chances of two Naruto's are improbable. Bakayarou! Konoyarou!'

From what I've learnt of Naruto over the last few months it's that he can do almost anything. I'll try asking the Kyuubi. Kyuubi!

Bastard fox

'Nine tails never answers to your calls, I don't know why you bother trying at all.' The Hachibi sighed in defeat and went back into his 'prison' inside B's seal. Said warden frowned in worry as he watched his Jinchuuriki partner converse happily with his father and former sensei.

"I don't care if you're unable to get drunk; you're still not drinking until you're of age." Minato smirked in amusement. "How do you even know about your high alcohol intolerance?"

B came to Naota's rescue. "I challenged Naruto to a contest, trying to prove which Jinchuuriki was the best. Bakayarou! Konoyarou!"

"I didn't accept!" Naota hurriedly explained as Minato shot him a scolding look. "Yamato-taichou didn't want me running around Shimagame(Turtle Island) without a sense of direction." He shivered as he remembered the 'face' that he had been given during his warning.

The Raikage looked up. "You've been to Shimigame?"

Naota blinked before covering his mouth due to his outburst. He looked at his fellow Jinchuuriki and saw Yugito frowning and B sweat dropping. "I don't think I was meant to tell you that."

"Shimagame?" Minato asked in confusion looking between the three Jinchuuriki and the Raikage, Kakashi doing the same.

"None of your business!" A snapped, earning a raised eyebrow from the Yondaime Hokage. "And you!" Naota jumped. "Not one more word out of your mouth."

Naota bowed. "Gomenasai! I forgot we weren't allies."

Yugito looked at Killer B with disbelief. "I know you said we allied with the other nations in the future, but you never said the truce was strong enough to invite an outsider."

Naota nodded. "It was actually the Raikage's idea." He ignored the disbelieving looks from the Kumo Nin, minus B. "With the Akatsuki hunting us what better place to hide and train a Jinchuuriki than that island?"

Yugito nodded in agreement. "I can see the logic in that decision, so you're in control of the Kyuubi's chakra?"

Naota nodded and resisted the urge to prove his answer. "But I'm still unable to go into Bijuu Mode."

Yugito nodded. "The Nibi says you'll have to get Kyuubi to cooperate if you want to increase your powers."

Naota gave a nostalgic smile. "I don't really care about gaining more strength, I just wish Kyuubi and I could work together as a team." 'I promised I wouldn't do wrong by him.'

That's Naruto for you. 'Fa show.' B agreed.

Naota smiled sadly and could have sworn he heard a voice grunting in his mind link. Before he could investigate further into it the Raikage spoke to Minato.

"Knowing our secrets changes things." His tone didn't sound happy, nor did he sound utterly annoyed.

Minato nodded in agreement. "I can understand that. What is it you wish to propose?" Internally he was thanking Naota profoundly for the treaty opportunity.

A grunted. "I'll accept your previous terms in compensation for the Hyuuga incident but I want Naota to become Konoha's ambassador in further discussion where you're not involved."

Silence followed his request, mostly due to the disbelief of what they were hearing. "You're serious?" Minato choked.

Naota pouted at the lack of trust but did wonder why the Raikage offered him such a high position. B's expression betrayed nothing but internally he could see his brother's motives and Yugito was also beginning to understand the reasons.

"I still don't trust you or your village." Minato nodded but didn't speak up. "While a treaty would be in my best interest I don't wish to be stabbed in the back when the war finally comes to claim us. With your brother…" He frowned before correcting himself. "Son, I can be sure his motives are true seeing as he's been a part of the future Shinobi Alliance, and he is also a Jinchuuriki like my brother and Yugito so he won't have a reason for sending the Akatsuki after them."

Understanding dawned on Minato and he nodded. "What would he have to do? I don't like the idea of him having to stay in Kumo nor am I fond of the idea of him travelling constantly, especially when the Akatsuki finally becomes a threat."

A folded his hands together in thought. "Travelling could be a problem and I'm opposed to him having guards. But his duties would just include keeping negations between our villages and ensuring the treaty is upheld."

Before Minato could answer Naota pulled out one of his custom-made tri-prong kunai and handed it to the Raikage. "My chakra levels allow me to transport myself further than tou-san, but I can only do it two or three times in a single day without repercussions."

"It isn't recommended Naota." Minato warned. "And you've never gone further than a few dozen miles outside the village. Kumo is a lot further than that."

"You can't leave a trail of kunai either." Kakashi added, feeling slightly left out of the conversation. "If the enemy get a hand on those knives you're in trouble."

Naota opened his mouth to retort but B beat him to it.

"Naruto's chakra is plentiful. Not be able to fly between our villages is doubtful. Bakayarou! Konoyarou!"

Naota smiled in thanks and Minato nodded in understanding. "Fair enough, I know personally he can do things others would only dream of."

Yugito frowned in thought. "I wanted to ask; why do you call him 'Naota' if his name is Naruto?"

Even B frowned at the question. "That was always confusion; you look the same as when you left instead of being a kid. Is it some sort of illusion?"

"Why would I look like a kid?" Naota asked, unsure what they meant.

Minato nodded. "As for his name, well it would be weird if we had two Naruto's running around Konoha."

A's eyes widened. "Wait, so there are two of you?"

Naota whined. "Why is that so hard to believe?" He saw the disbelieving looks the Kumo nin gave him and felt even more confused. "Why are you looking at me like that, -ttebayo!"

Kakashi, equally as lost, turned to his sensei. "So wait, which Naruto is the Jinchuuriki?"

"They both are." He said while nodding.

"NANI! We have two Kyuubi's!" Naota winced at the shout along with Yugito.

I will not be compared to-

'You're the same beings you overgrown fur ball!' Naota interrupted the rant. 'Plus that yin chakra I gave you was from the other you!'

The Kyuubi grumbled under his breath but didn't argue further, the humans were already doing that.

"So you have two bijuu?" The Raikage demanded, argue colouring his voice.

Minato's eyes narrowed dangerously. "So do you last time I checked." He gestured to Yugito and B who were standing next to Naota behind him.

"Nibi and Hachibi. Not two fricking Kyuubi's!"

"That is none of your concern!" Minato countered.

Naota bent over so he could whisper in Kakashi's ear. "I thought it was one and a half Kyuubi's."

Don't push your luck brat!

'Why are you complaining? You're the whole.'

He's has a point, Kyuubi. Came another deep voice from outside the link. Naota jumped at the intrude.

Stay out of this Hachibi. The Kyuubi growled piercingly.

"Quit yelling in my head!" Naota shouted back, sick of all the yelling. It wasn't until he closed his mouth did he realise he had spoken aloud and everyone was staring at him strangely. He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Gomen, but I really hate loud noises."

"You and me both." Yugito hissed, removing her fingers from her ears. "I thought you two were meant to be Kage?" She added to the two leaders. "You're acting like a bunch of newbie genin."

Kakashi choked down his laughter at the outraged faces of the Kage. He made sure to memorise the look on his sensei's face and made an internal promise to tell Kushina when they returned, the Sharingan really came in handy at times.

Minato sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "This isn't getting us anywhere, Naota?" He looked up to see Naota also holding back laughter from Yugito's comment. "Regarding the previous conversation are you willing to accept it?"

Naota blinked as laughter slowly died in his eyes only to be replaced by confusion. "What were we talking about?" Kakashi leaned over and whispered in his ear and he jumped in excitement. "Oh right! Of course I'll accept it." He turned to the Raikage and gave him a foxy grin. "You can count on me."

The Raikage looked as if he was having second thoughts on the job offer but before he could express his doubt his brother patted him on the shoulder.

"Naruto can handle any problem; he'll find a way to get the job done!"

Yugito made a noise of disbelief through her nose. "He looks all talk. He looks like he'd cause more trouble than solve."

Naota uncharacteristically growled at the blond kunoichi. "What was that?" Kakashi made a warning sound in his throat by he ignored him.

Yugito smirked at the whiskered blond. "I said you're all talk. B said a lot about you from your timeline." She ignored the Hachibi's Jinchuuriki's warning signs and continued. "How you always exclaim how you're going to be Hokage and how you rush into battle without thinking it through first."

Naota growled lowly in his throat and felt a familiar red chakra entering his system. Minato looked between the two Jinchuuriki's in confusion and little surprise – Naota had never expressed his desire to take the hat since he met him three years ago. It was always Naruto who expressed his desire to take the hat from his father, his idol. Before he could ask Naota responded to the kunoichi with barely controlled anger. Yugito carried on tormenting her fellow Jinchuuriki.

"I know that you've still a genin at seventeen no less! Your own team mate abandoned you for power and then your master went off and got killed by his own student."

That was Naota's snapping point.

"You know nothing." His eyes flashed red in anger and it was only B's quick understanding of the situation that saved Yugito from suddenly being mauled.

"Naruto! Calm down! Bakayarou, Konoyarou!" He held the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki from around the waist as he went to leap at his team mate. Naota's eyes had deepened to a daring crimson and his pupils constricted to thin slits. The rims around his eyes and lips had darkened to a black and his teeth and nails lengthened and sharpened to form claws. Red chakra had begun to seep from his pores.

"Naota!" Minato cried out in shock as his proclaimed brother let out a deep growl and fight against the superior strength of the Hachibi Jinchuuriki. "What's wrong with him?"

B grunted as Naota's newly formed claws dug into his arms in an attempt to escape. "The Kyuubi's using his emotions to gain control. No doubt trying to escape from his jail hellhole." B grunted once more as Naota struggled all the more. "It's weird because this has never happened before."

Minato paled a little. "He learnt to only control half of the Kyuubi's chakra, but he took the rest into him when he saved us."

Yugito's shock wore off slightly before he glared at the blond shinobi. "It's his own fault…" he trailed off when a look from her partner told her to keep her thought to herself. To her defence she didn't know why she reacted the way she did.

Suddenly Naota went limp in B's arms before taking a shuddering breath and looking up once more and groaning as his head pounded painfully. "S-Stupid fox."

Get over yourself.

'You freaking flooded my system with your potent chakra!' He cried out down the mind link, wincing as his own voice echoed painfully.

I was bored and your emotions were all over the place. I just wanted to test something. I'm surprised you managed to hold back the cloak for so long.

Naota used a stream of creative curses as his head pounded with the force of a whirlpool. He felt himself stand up shakily when he felt B release him slowly. Once steady on his own feet he glared at Yugito who looked both confused and annoyed. "Keep your opinion to yourself."

The occupants of the room's eyes widened in shock as they got a good look at Naota's eye; no longer were they red nor had they returned to their sea blue – it was a mixture, a sign that the Kyuubi's chakra hadn't left his system completely.

"Yo Naruto, you good?" Naota smiled at him and nodded carefully as his head was still pounding.

Kakashi groaned in irritation. "Would you quit calling him that? His name is Naota… Naruto is back in Konoha."

Naota nodded in agreement. "Yeah and what are you going by?" He turned around to ask his fellow time traveller who looked at him with confusion.

"There is only one Killer B and that'd be me." He lifted his hands and pointed at himself.

"So there isn't two Hachibi's?" Kakashi asked, equally as confused as Naota looked. "If you two came from the same time line and there are two Naruto's and two Kyuubi's shouldn't there be two of you?"

Minato nodded. "That what I thought when you accused us of housing two Kyuubi's. By all circumstances there should be two Hachibi's."

The Raikage just scowled. "My brother from this time line no longer exists. He merged with this one." He gestured at the B standing before him, his expression a little sour. "That's why we thought there was only one Naruto. Even the Hachibi in my brother is no more in this realm."

"So how come there are two me's?" Naota asked aloud – confused of the situation but slightly happy that he didn't steal his younger self's life. He saw him as the little brother he never had.

Kakashi pursed his lips in thought. "Naota? How long were you two in that dimension warp thing that brought you here?"

Both Naota and B shared confused looks. "Depends on how long we believed it to be, but I'd say a couple of minutes. That's why I was surprised when I suddenly appeared in a cave and rammed into Madara's back." He growled at the name of the person who had caused so much grief in his time.

B frowned at Naota's answer. "I wasn't in there for that long. By the time you left I was long gone."

Kakashi turned to Minato. "Minato-sensei, how long had it been since Naruto was born that Naota showed up."

Minato bit his lip. "Not even a minute, why?" His eyes widened in realisation. "You don't mean to say…" he trailed off.

Naota huffed in annoyance at the vague answer. "What?"

Kakashi turned to his friend and gave him an eye-smile. "Naota, you technically didn't exist when you entered the 'time-stream'. So you had no body to merge with and so you created your own. It'll also explain why you were in that plane of existence for so long."

Naota made a noise of understanding and the Raikage frowned in thought. "What about the Kyuubi? He had a body to return to."

It was Minato who answered his fellow Kage. "The Kyuubi in Naota is protected by a death seal and the Kyuubi of our time was being extracted and so his existence was scattered between his former prison and the outside. I don't think they could merge."

A nodded in understanding before turning back to Naota. "So do you accept the proposition?"

Naota sweat dropped. "We're still on that?" The others laughed in response and the atmosphere lost its cold tone which no one had realised until it was long gone.

Next Time on a Promising Past from the Future


"Naota… what are you…"


Next Chapter – Forgotten Crisis

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