Hey there guys and girls! I'm here with yet another challenge. This one might be a little tricky, but I think whoever wants to participate won't have much trouble with it.


1. There is a character for each chapter, and believe me, this is a short challenge. Do not change the characters unless you intend on doing the others later on, okay?

2. Your chapter must be based on a song, and the character must follow what exactly the song is about. Put them in a situation, say, it's a song about breaking up and making up. You could have a character break up and make up with another character.

3. The chapters must be A/U!

4. Pairings are allowed.

5. The word limit is between 300 and 1,500 words. That should give you something to work with. ;)

Have fun!


1. Namine

2. Roxas

3. Xion

4. Sora

5. Kairi

6. Riku

7. Vanitas

8. Xehanort (Young or old…doesn't matter.)

9. Aqua

10. Ventus