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Bombs Away!

"Take a deep breath. Focus on the calmness of the lake," Saint Walker said slowly.

Razer did just that, following Saint Walker and Brother Warth's example. With both eyes shut, he was now deep into meditation, his soul crawling back into itself, blocking out all outside distract-


Razer gritted his teeth in annoyance. Taking another breath, he forced himself to relax once more. But it only lasted for a moment.

"Whoo-Hoo!" said another loud yell from behind him. "Man, this water feels perfect!"

Razer's eyes shot open as he twisted his body around towards the peaceful lake behind him. Or rather, the previously peaceful lake. "Jordan, keep it down!"

The human splashed madly around the lake, laughing all the way. "Isn't blocking out all outside distractions supposed to be the point of meditation?" Hal asked. "Coming to Odym is the only time we get to take a vacation. There's no way I'm wasting it! Besides, the water's great! And don't you ever get warm in that outfit?"

Razer gave an irritated grumble, absentmindedly tugging at his tunic. He'd hoped removing his ring would diminish his anger just enough for him to meditate in peace. Unfortunately, this theory proved to be false. Although, despite the fact that the temperature never bothered him (Volkreg was mostly desert after all), the water did look inviting.


He turned to see Saint Walker peering back at him with one eye open and wearing a stern face. Razer nodded and faced forward again, inhaling then exhaling. He resumed meditation. Focus on the calmness of the lake. Clear your mind-


"KILOWOG!" Razer yelled as the water in the lake rose up into a wave and came splashing down onto his head and back. Brother Warth merely chuckled.

The sergeant laughed in response. "Aw cheer up Red! Have some fun every now and then!"

"I'm busy!" he replied angrily. "And I am not in the mood to go jumping into large bodies of water wearing nothing but undergarments!"

"Hey, hey, they're called swim trunks!" Hal retorted. "You should get a pair too!"

"As much as I'd love to walk around half-naked and indecent, I'll pass!"

"You will not be joining us?"

Razer turned to see Aya walking towards them carrying a stack of towels under her arm. But it wasn't the towels that caught his attention. While she still wore her helmet, gauntlets, and hip pieces, she'd replaced all of the other ones. In place of her metal legs, she wore small metal anklets and knee caps while the rest of her legs were now nothing but hardlight "skin." Her chest piece was no longer a full tank-top but rather a metal bikini-style top. The Red Lantern turned his face away. The universe was absolutely adamant about distracting him today!

"In my research, I have discovered that about 73% of humanoid females prefer to wear this style of outerwear whenever partaking aquatic activities and recreation," she explained after taking note of his response.

In the lake, Hal snickered at Kilowog. "Bet he's not complaining now!" he whispered.

Razer gulped. "Aya, isn't it a bad idea to get your body…wet?" he choked out the last word.

"Negative. I can cover myself in a thin hardlight film to protect my circuitry. Water will not be a problem."

"Right. Well, if you will excuse me, I must return to meditation." Taking his place back with the two Blue Lanterns, Razer tried for to settle down and block out all distractions for the third time in the last half hour. He secretly wondered how Saint Walker and Brother Warth made it look so easy. Thankfully, after a few minutes, he managed to relax just enough to finally find some peace in spite of the laughter and splashing taking place right behind him.

"Hey Kilowog!" Hal whispered, getting the Bolovaxian's attention. "I think it's time we helped Razer loosen up a bit!"

"You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"

Hal nodded. Slowly and softly, the two Green Lanterns crawled out from the water and crept over to the silent group of meditating Lanterns until they were standing right behind the Volkregian. Razer's eyes shot open when he felt four arms wrap around his body, lifting him off the ground.

"Wha-, what are you DOING?"

"In ya go, Red!" Kilowog cheered while they carried him over to the edge of the tiny cliff right above the deep water.

His eyes widened in realization. "NO! No, no, no, you don't understand!"

"BOMBS AWAY!" they cried in unison.

With a light yelp, Razer flailed helplessly as the Green Lanterns released their hold on him and tossed him into the lake with a loud splash.

The two laughed aloud for a little bit, enjoying the moment. That is, until Aya pointed out something rather important.

"Green Lanterns, Razer has not surfaced for quite some time."

That got their attention. Looking over the side, Hal and Kilowog watched as a few bubbles floated to the surface where the Red Lantern had gone in. The Blue Lanterns joined them, now curious.

"Knartz, he sure can hold his breath down there!" Kilowog commented, now giggling nervously.

"Uh, Razer, you can come back up now," Hal called. Nothing. "Razer?"

Saint Walker rubbed his chin. "I do recall that Brother Razer once mentioned that his home planet consisted of very few bodies of water."

Brother Warth nodded. "I doubt swimming would be a common recreational sport there."

Hal and Kilowog looked at each other for a moment. "Oh great."

"Hang on kid!" Hal yelled as they both dived in after him. A few seconds later they emerged, each using one arm to support the waterlogged alien.

Razer coughed furiously, spitting up water and struggling to catch his breath. "I didn't think it was… possible for me…to hate you two anymore…than I already did!" he gasped for air.

"Heh heh, oops?" Hal replied once they'd brought him back on land.

"Ya never told us ya couldn't swim," Kilowog pointed out.

"My home planet was a desert! What makes you think I learned how to swim?!"

"Alright, we're sorry," Hal said. The Volkregian only glared at him, curling up into a ball on the ground. The human couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for him. At the moment, he reminded him of a drenched kitten. In fact, he was willing to bet that if Razer had fur, it would be standing on end right now!

Aya arrived then, draping a towel around his shoulders. Razer gratefully accepted it, shivering slightly. She took note of this and frowned. "Razer, perhaps you should remove your upper clothing so they can be dried."

He froze in place. Remove? What exactly did she mean by "remove"? Remove, as in, take off your clothes "remove"?!

"No. It's fine."

"If you sit around in wet clothes all day you might get sick," Hal stated.

"I'm fine!" Razer insisted, followed by a light sneeze.

Hal raised an eyebrow. "See? You need to let them dry out!"


"Why not?!"

"Because…I don't…have anything else to wear until then," Razer muttered, turning his face away to hide his blush.

"Don't worry about it, you've got a towel! Besides, we're all mature adults here!"

After a few more minutes of endless pressuring, Razer finally relented and removed his tunic as well as the shirt underneath and laid them out in the light. Meanwhile, Hal and Kilowog returned the lake and the Blue Lanterns had gone back to meditation, leaving him alone and feeling more exposed than ever before. Back on his planet, the elders would be turning over in their graves if they saw him like this, he lamented. His people didn't just expose their bodies to anyone as though it were nothing! He supposed he had an excuse this time, but still, it didn't make him feel any less uncomfortable. He tensed up again when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Razer, are you feeling unpleasant? Have you contracted an illness after all?"

"N-no," he stuttered. "I am just a bit chilled, nothing else."

In response, her arms slinked around him, pressing her hardlight body to his organic one. He tensed even more as the blood ran to his face. "Is this acceptable?" she asked politely, not minding their close proximity.

"I…suppose," he managed to say.

A moment later though she looked back at him curiously. "My sensors have detected an exponential rise in your body temperature and acceleration in your heart rate. Is something wrong?"

"No, it's fine," he said, not looking at her.



She gave him a slight smirk before whispering into his ear. "You should remove your upper clothing more often!"

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