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Aya would probably be so advanced she wouldn't use pymysql but I wasn't sure what else to use. Enjoy! (and a cookie to those who get the reference to the clip that Aya plays for Razer)

Moving Forward

Connecting to System…

Password: *******************************************************************

Password Accepted!

Download in process…

Download complete. Inputting Query: Select Betrassus from Memory_Bank where Date=' XX/XX/XXXX' And Time='YY:YY:YY'


Beginning transmission:

-catacombs are rather dark which is to be expected. Light tends to accelerate the decomposition process of the organic body and if the bodies are to be preserved for as long as possible, decay would not be welcomed hence the reason for the poor lighting. However, this data at the moment is irrelevant. I must focus on the task at hand, tracking the energy trail which could possibly lead to Green Lantern Dulok's whereabouts. Red Lantern Razer is doing well to light the path so as to better locate clues that would otherwise remain hidden. Although it is rather unnecessary, my physical form is quite competent of accomplishing such feats alone, his efforts are not unappreciated.

Red Lantern Razer has not spoken for approximately 23.4 minutes. He is quite focused on our main directive. Considering his status on the ship, this is highly admirable. He also complemented my physical form despite the fact that he once declared Green Lanterns to be his enemies, quite admirable indeed...losing sight of prime objective; recalibrating sensors: track the energy trail through the catacombs of Betrassus to locate Frontier Green Lantern Dulok as instructed by Green Lantern Hal Jordan of Earth in charge of protecting Sector 2814 located in Guardian Space. All systems are now functioning at 99.99999999% efficiency.


Twenty-four point two minutes of silence until vocal feedback is requested. His behavior is drastically different from Green Lantern Hal's everyday behavior. Noted. "Yes, Razer?"

"I asked you how far we are from our final destination."

Correction: twenty-three point nine minutes of silence until vocal feedback is requested. Edit accepted. "My apologies, I was forced to perform a recalibration on my sensors for they were momentarily deviating from standards. It seems my physical form requires further amending."


An decipherable noise. Unable to discern message. Possible relevance: annoyance, exasperation, boredom, dissatisfaction, unconcern. "Does it bother you?"

"No. I was simply curious as to why you've been so quiet lately. Before, you were constantly updating me on the status of our search."

"Do you wish to further converse? We have wandered deep into the catacombs. Few guards reside here at the moment. Chances of being caught are less than .0001%."

Awaiting response…

"And what exactly would we converse about? You've already seen your fair share of my memories!"

I am detecting a slight fluctuation in his vocal response. Fluctuation matches that of when a sarcastic remark is normally executed. "I merely tapped into the memories that were replaying within your mind at the time, which were only those that brought you great pain. Surely you have other memories that were more pleasant, correct?"

"Those memories are none of your business!"

The anger is heavily prevalent in his tone. I conclude that his past is a sensitive subject which he does not wish to disclose. Interesting.

"And why in Grotz's name would you want to know more about me anyway?!"

"While you reside aboard the ship, you are apart of the crew. My research on organic interaction reveals that familiarity amongst teammates reduces risk when confronted with an undesirable situation. Sergeant Kilowog also said that interaction is a vital part of being a Green Lantern."

His exhalation is louder than normal. I am unfamiliar with this expression. Recording...adding to list of future subjects of interest.

"You're not going to let this go, are you?"


"…fine. What do you want to know more about?"

Objective success! "Your planet."

"What about it?"

"What were the conditions like on an average day? What was the landscape? What sort of lifestyles did your people maintain? How did they behave around one another?"

"Hot and dry, sandy desert, various occupations, depends on the mood. There, satisfied?"

"Recording for future reference. Although, I would prefer that you provided a more detailed explanation."

"You wanted us to converse? We're conversing! Anything else?"

He appears to be quite agitated. Perhaps a change of topic will calm him? "What of your family?"

"We're NOT discussing that!"

"My apologies. Your friends?"

"That's off limits as well!"

"Then what of your romantic partner, Ila-,"

"Are you purposely trying to upset me?!"

It seems my theory is correct. He dislikes conversing about his planet and perhaps his past in general. New tactics are required. Available options for discussion to further team bonding as indicated by my research: places of interest, favorite pastimes, hidden talents, future prospects, favorite stories. Randomizer set…processing… "Do you possess any hidden talents?"

He has ceased walking and has begun to peer over his shoulder. "'Hidden talents?' That's the best you could come up with?"

"Do you find offense in it as well?"

Another loud exhalation. "No, it's just…never mind. Talents…I can repair a gas engine in under 30 seconds, I can create complex computer programs for most systems, I'm experienced in all forms of circuitry, and…

Red Lantern Razer seems to be contemplating a response.

"…and I used to play the Echochord."


"It's a musical instrument consisting of 3 small, round hollowed-out barrels with holes on the top, 2 bows connecting them, and 5 strings attached from one end to the other. You play it by crossing your legs, laying it in your lap with the middle barrel in between your legs, and plucking the strings with your hands."

"Interesting. You were skilled?"

"I was proficient at playing a few songs."

"Were you musically inclined?"

"Not me. My mother was and she encouraged me to take up an instrument. I tried the Volkriegan hornpipe but failed miserably so she suggested I try something that utilizes the hands instead."

Recording data: Red Lantern Razer once played an instrument called an Echochord. Refer to previous recording for description. Motivation: his mother. "Query, you mentioned earlier that you 'used to play.' You have since ceased playing?"

"I quit years ago."

"You disliked it?"

"I didn't dislike playing; I stopped after my mother-…"

"Your mother?"

"…it's nothing."


"Because it is! I do not wish to speak of it!"



"I have one more question."


"When you deeply inhale, then exhale loudly, what is this action called?"

Awaiting response…recording facial expression: Raised brow, slightly widened eyes, lips slanted down, and a slackened jaw causing his mouth to fall open. Analyzing…expression akin to surprise, confusion, or a combination of both. Action must be taken. Repeat: "When you deeply inhale, then exhale loudly, what is this action called?"

A shake of the head. "What?"

"Should I repeat my query? You have executed this action multiple times in the last 1.3 hours."

"You mean a sigh?"

"Why does one execute a 'sigh'?"

"I—well, you sigh for multiple reasons. You sigh whenever you're tired or…relieved, stressed, frustrated, depressed, or if you're tense and you simply wish to calm yourself, or even if you're attracted to someone."

"Noted. And it is utilized as a noun and a verb?"


Objective accomplished. Deleting from checklist. "What was the reason for your sigh?"

"Which one?"

"All of them! Start from the beginning of the day."

"The beginning of the—I don't remember, you infernal automaton!" He seems rather angry. "Exactly how far are we from the signal?!"

"Twenty point eight meters and closing."

"Then let's hurry!" And now he's increased his pace and is speeding ahead rather eagerly. Analyzing interaction…overall degree of conversation: Poor to Mediocre. Partner was left frustrated and possibly alienated. In conclusion, action must be taken to improve conversing skills. This failure is unacceptable. If Razer is to cooperate with the crew, deeper relations must be created. Prediction: 356.6% more effort will be required in order to establish a deeper connection with Red Lantern Razer.


End transmission.

Aya lingered over the transmission a little longer. And then a little more. And at some point she set it to repeat, all the while her surveillance sphere on the console above the steering wheel continued to throw out updates to Hal describing their situation, leaving him to sort it out. Multitasking was no problem for an advanced AI such as herself. But the fact that she was devoting over 40% of her computing power to this one transmission instead of her duties as a navcom was a problem in itself. She wasn't supposed to dwell on matters such as these, and yet she couldn't seem to let it go. Back then, she'd learned a little about his world but mostly more about him. He didn't like speaking of his past or the people he once knew. Even to this day he still disliked it. But then, it was also the first time he'd been alone with her while she was in her physical form. Then, he hadn't questioned its appearance or where she'd gotten it from. However, now that he knew of its origin, he'd done nothing but shut her out ever since. Was the past really that painful for him?


"Yes Green Lantern Hal, is there an error in my readouts that I should take note of?"

"No, nothing like that," he chuckled, giving her his trademark neck scratch. "I was just wondering where your body is."

"It is in storage awaiting modifications."

Hal pursed his lips while raising a scrutinized brow. "Modifications?"

"Yes. While on Zamaron, I discovered a flaw in its design that I hope to fix in due time."

"Oh-kay, if you say so," Hal replied. Though he said that, the GL didn't appear to be convinced. Thankfully, he didn't question her any further.

Once all systems were stable she discretely transferred her attention into another part of the ship. Quiet as can be, her surveillance sphere lowered itself from the ceiling, watching the lone figure in the isolated room. Razer sat at the desk with his back to her, seemingly messing with a few tools and parts strewn about. He hadn't left his room since they'd fled Zamaron and although Hal and Kilowog knew better than to ask what was bothering him, Aya was fully aware and had kept her distance. That is, until curiosity got the better of her. She watched him for a few minutes more before she finally decided to exit. But just as she began to rise up into the ceiling, he surprised her when he put down his tools and placed his palms against the desk.

"Aya, I know you're there. You can stop hiding," he spoke with a hint of warning.

Caught, the AI reluctantly lowered herself back down and forced herself to face him as best she could considering the fact that she currently didn't have a face. "My apologies Razer."

"Sneaking up on me while my back is turned? Quite unlike you, especially since you simply waltzed into my room with no warning in the middle of my recharging ritual."

"Forgive me, it was my belief that you wanted some time alone."

"You're correct. And yet you came in anyway." She couldn't help turning her sphere away for the moment. He sighed. "But I suppose even I tire of speaking to the walls all day."

His words left her startled. "You…wish to converse?"

He nodded. "Over a very important matter. First of all, Aya where is your physical form?"

"Awaiting modification."

"And why is that?"

"I can tell that my form disturbs you and I do not want that," she admitted without a moment's hesitation. Razer had just offered her an invitation to speak with him, something he rarely did willingly if at all. If there were ever a time to be honest with him, it was here and now. Knowing him, she might not get another chance.

"I suppose I would be lying if I said otherwise," he replied, crossing his arms.

"Razer, as I previously stated, hurting you was not my intention," the AI carefully explained. "When he first came aboard, Green Lantern Hal designated me as a 'she.' When I began preparations to create my physical form, Ilana was the only female being that I had ever come in contact with, directly or indirectly. It was my desire to use her as a template alone, not to create an exact replica. I attempted to copy the shape of her form while keeping my own form unique. However," she paused a moment as though she were taking a breath, "I required a face for my form. At that time, I had little knowledge of what types of faces were considered feminine."

Her surveillance sphere swiveled downwards pointed towards the floor, and then returned back to her crewmate. It was rude to not make eye contact with the other being, she remembered. "If it means anything to you, when I first created the mold I considered retaining the markings but decided against it for reasons such as these. In hindsight, it seems to be the better choice since you once said that your marking are sacred."

He didn't speak this time, only turned his chair sideways so he was facing the wall. Aya knew he was listening to her but was he really 'listening?' "Razer, I-,"

"Aya, I understand. It's just…now that I can see it, 'her' face just brings all of my pain back to the surface after trying to bury it for so long. It's hard to accept is all."

Aya watched him again, an idea suddenly coming to mind. "Green Lantern Hal has introduced various cinemas from his planet; I have studied them to learn more on Earth culture and I found one of them is oddly relevant to this conversation." And before he had a chance to object, her sphere lowered itself, angled towards the ground, and played the clip. As her captive audience, Razer meanwhile watched on with scrutiny and skepticism.

*thwack!* 'Ow! Geez, what was that for?!'

'It doesn't matter, it's in the past! Hahaha!'

'Yeah, but it still hurts.'

'Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or…learn from it!'

*swing* 'Ha! You see!'

"And what was that supposed to mean?" Razer asked sarcastically once the clip had ended.

"I will make sure that my physical form does not resemble anyone that causes you pain. However, you must also learn to move forward." And with that said, Aya made her exit, rising back up into the ceiling leaving Razer alone with his thoughts. She could only hope that she'd gotten through to him. However, she couldn't help but overhear him just a little.

"…move forward," he muttered, "let go of the past, learn from it…"

Primary objective success!, she thought, recording it in her data banks.

And as if the Gods were rewarding her for her efforts, the AI was pleasantly surprised when he called her into his room the very next day.

"I've been thinking it over and I've decided…if you want to keep your form the way it is then that's fine. You don't have to change yourself for me." And it was only for a moment, but she was certain that she'd seen him smile at her when he said, "don't change for anyone except you."

Though she couldn't convey it properly through her surveillance sphere, she knew that if she'd had a face she would have smiled too. "Thank you Razer. I only have one more query—negative, one more request."

"And what would that be?"

"I wish to hear you play."

He appeared to be startled and at first she feared he would refuse. But when he removed himself from his chair and took a seat on his bed she waited with hidden anticipation as he crossed his legs and lifted his ring hand. Red light poured out of his ring and spread out across his lap. It clumped together until it smoothed out and formed into three barrels with strings strung across. Once the instrument was complete, Razer relaxed and laid his hands on two barrels, lightly plucking the strings with his fingers, creating a melody that would have left her swaying had she been in her physical form.

Analyzing interaction…overall degree of conversation: Above average to Positve. Razer offered forgiveness and all modifications to my form are to be cancelled. In conclusion, both of us have learned from this experience and perhaps even established an emotional bond. Also, he is quite talented; the music is rather pleasant.


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