Legally Nave
Chapter Seven
Written by Chocolatechiplague

Sooooo I know it took forever but it's finally here! Chapter seven! It's set up as a time skip for the months between chapter six's fighting and closer to the musical as that would have been mmaannnyyy chapters to cover those MONTHS. But I do hope you all enjoy :'D

One day after the incident:

It was both easy being at school like nothing happen yet awkward. It was easy as there wasn't the tension between them, things were more relaxed and their were able to work together on their scenes. Able to actually practice their lines, Nat grinning at the taller teen every so often and Rave returning it coyly. It was awkward with the small, stolen kisses when alone, that there was something building between them more then just dislike or hatred. It was crossing the line between hate and love even yet neither wanted to admit it. Not to mention having to explain Nat's black eye and the cuts and bruises they both had.

Even the others had started to notice the changes. They would stand closer together, shoulders bumping and small smiles exchanged between them. Teasing comments were less harsh, more playful. Rave didn't tell Nat to fuck himself as often when called princess or a girls name, instead rolling his eyes and snorting. No one was sure if this was good or bad, no one but Kevin and Edd at least. They could see what was building, as could Plank but Plank was more of the silently supporting on the sidelines type.

After all, things could only get better after all this right?

One week after the incident:

Rave scowled as he stood center stage, practicing for when Elle was suppose to do high pitched scenes and notes for songs. He was having trouble reaching the right pitch, the right height they needed to be. He was always a bit lower then he wanted. The girls of the greek chorus snickered and smirked, pleased that he was failing in this even though Amus had commented that they were perfectly fine with the pitch he could reach. But that wasn't good enough for Rave, he wanted to be perfect.

"Fucking damnit, mother fucking cock sucking . . ugh!" Rave murmured under his breath with annoyance before clearing his throat.

The rest of the cast were relaxing on break with Edd reclining in Kevin's lap, the Kankers chatting together in the back and giggling to themselves, Ed and Eddy rolling their eyes and play mocking their best friend and his boyfriend, making Edd snicker slightly. Plank was Plank. There was no sign of Nat, which not only worried Kevin, but was distracting Rave a bit.

Kevin's eyes widened, that should have been the hint to Rave something wa going on but shook it off as he started to sing, pressing a hand to his chest and pushing his voice to go higher, higher, more pitch, high- "Give Muffintop a kiss, Priscilla." Rave's eyes snapped open as a small, rough tongue lapped at the tip of Rave's nose, Nat grinning behind the small dog.

The glass in Amus' hand shattered at the pitch of Rave's scream of terror. It took forty five minutes before Nat finished laughing even when Rave had knocked the shit out of him. At least Rave could reach the high pitch now he desired.

Two weeks after the incident:

"Come on, he isn't gonna bite." How Nat and convinced Amus to let him steal MuffinTop for the lunch period alone with Rave, Rave wasn't sure but he backed up slowly as the small puppy moved closer, tail wagging hard enough it's small body shook with it. "It's just a puppy, it wants to play and cuddle."

"Play means to use my damn hand as a fucking chew toy. Dogs are satanic creatures, Goldberg!"

"Stop being such a pussy and pet the damn puppy! Do this and I'll … suck you off before class!"

"As great as that sounds, it's not gonna get me near that fucking mongrel."

" … I didn't want to play this card but … I'll buy you lunch and dinner for two months."

" … Fuck you, Goldberg, fuck you hard."

Rave narrowed chestnut eyes as he slowly lowered himself to the ground, glaring at the football player as he shakingly held his hand out MuffinTop jumped quickly at the chance, running to Rave to sniffle and lick at the olive skin. "See? He's not sucking out your soul." Nat grinned, moving himself forward, closer to Rave who was still shaking slightly as he stared at the puppy as if at anymore it would jump and rip his face off. "Come on, you have to hold him during the musical, better now then on stage, right?"

Point taken.

Shakingly, Rave moved his hand to pet over the puppies head, eyes shut tightly and facing away. When nothing happened, one chestnut eye opened, looking to MuffinTop who panted, nuzzling into the palm of Rave's hand for more attention.

"… I hate when you are right, Goldberg."

Four weeks after the incident:

The costumes were slowly coming together with the work of Joshua and Samson backstage at the sewing machines. Many times would the cast have to try things on to get further measurements and make sure it was right for each and everyone. That included every single one of Elle's outfits. It was during the fifth day of trying everything on that the professional, high grade wig came in. With a little work, make up, and pink dress, Rave made his way from back stage to test how it looked, to see how it felt to walk in the dress.

Nat was absorbed in showing Kevin the high heels he had to practice wearing as the boots for Forrest would have heels to make him taller then Rave in the musical. "You can not deny that they make me sexy and give me amazing legs, Kev. I mean, look at these fierce calves. I could strangle a man with them. So hot." Kevin simply shook his head before glancing up.

Kevin's widening green eyes made Nat turn on his heels, looking at the familiar seeming female. Shaking his head, Nat waisted no time to move towards the tall girl who simply raised a delicate eyebrow. "I've never seen you here. May I guess your name? Let's see, hmmm. Haley, Salina, Betty, Catherine, Rebecca?" That delicate eyebrow was starting to twitch along with bright, contact blue eyes. Not getting the hint, Nat leaned closer, smiling. "So, what would you say to dinner and a movie?"

" … Nat … Baby." Rave forced himself to say, his voice higher then usual as he leaned closer, hands slipping to Nat's shoulders, their lips nearly brushing. " … If you ever hit on me again like this, I'll rip your fucking dick off and make you eat it through your ass." What was thought to be a female was quickly shattered in Nat realizing who it was as he was kicked down by Rave violently. "Fucking dickhead asshole. And stop staring at my ass, you fucking dick."

Seven weeks after the incident:

Oliver grinned as he looked to the cast, watching them, chatting lightly with Rave over the musical to learn what it was really about. Well, he had come to ask Jimmy for his Sarah sock puppet back but this was okay too. Though Oliver kept thinking about how it must have sucked to be Elle with how everything went for her in the musical. Sucks to be her. It was as Nat stepped to them and sat on the edge of the stage, raising an eyebrow that Oliver really said anything. "Hey Nat! I'm almost done with your sock puppet."

"Sock puppet? Really, Goldberg? What the fuck is wrong with you?" Rave snorted, Oliver scrunching his nose at his two friends. "Seriously Rave? You kiss your mother with that mouth?"

The look of horror on Rave's face wasn't simply for the thoughtless comment from Oliver, but for the fact Nat had reacted, breaking the brunettes nose instantly with his fist. "Fucking Christ, Goldberg?! What the hell is with you and punching people and breaking damn noses?!"

"He had it coming!"
"Guys, can I get some help?"

Oliver was ignored as the two quarreled.

Eight weeks after the incident:

Everyone had been doing well, things were going wonderfully and splendid as the musical came closer, only three months away. The costumes were nearly finished and Rave was pleased as he often wore the female clothing while practicing. It was easy for Rave to ignore the harsh glares and comments from the 'Greek chorus' as he worked his stuff on stage. It was easy and it made him smirk when they would glower at him in anger for doing well.

At least until he went to the dress room to find the Elle costumes ripped to shreds, some on fire, and others markered with the words 'whore' 'slut' bitch' and 'fag'. All the feeling in Rave's legs gave out at the sight of it after putting out the clothes that were on fire, holding the remains of it all. Tears stung the corner of his eyes. Nat whistled as he made his way after class to the back dressing room. He could see Rave's back, raising an eyebrow and deciding to be funny as he sneaked up, jumping to lean over him. "Hey there, Rose, how goes- wait, what's wrong?" Nat frowned, looking from Rave to the destroyed clothing. It took five seconds to realize what they were at one point.

"Who did this?"

"This isn't your battle, Goldberg."

"I don't care! This is fucked up! Come on, dude, who did this?"

Race gripped the once pink dress of Elle Woods and pushed himself to stand, turning to stomp towards the stage, ignoring Nat's demands to know who it was and what he was doing. The girls were grinning to themselves, ready for Rave to start crying or beg for forgiveness from the girls, or at least, that is how they wanted it to go. The fateful of burnt and destroyed dress was not expected.

"You fucking cunts! LOOK WHAT YOU JEALOUS COCK SUCKING BITCHES DID!" A gasp came from the sidelines, from Joshua as he looked to the dress before running to check on the rest. "Do you fucking see what you DID?! You are ruining this musical just because you fuckers didn't get a part!"

"One of us should have had that par-"

"Bullshit. You are fat assed, ugly chicks who can't even do the few lines you damn have. Why should one of you gotten the part?" Rave turned to look at Nat who snapped towards the girls. One of the girls bit their lower lip before Rave added. "You're fucking pathetic and your actions prove it. You can't even hit any of the notes yet you think you should have been Elle? Talentless hacks!"

Rave scowled and turned to stomp from the girls who were each in a state fo distress and guilt, Nat following after the tall actor and opening his mouth to speak as they made it back stage. "Hey, princess, you ok-" The tug to his shirt and forceful kiss was more then surprising. "You asshole, if you try to defend me and shit again, let me talk first, Goldberg."

Eleven weeks after the incident:

"A picnic will do us wonderfully to bond, to work together, and to mend the torn feelings we have after the incident with the costumes." A pointed glare to the girls who had spent weeks helping sew costumes with Joshua and Samson. "Now, let us enjoy this moment- Nat, do not harass the geese!"

"Come onnnn! Look! It looks like this one is wearing a black hat and this one is red! Imma name them Double Dee and Kevin and they will have babies!"

"Goldberg, those are male geese."

"Fucking choice!"

The group rolled their eyes as Nat tried to get the geese closer to him, waving bread at them. The smaller of the two that had been named Double Dee moved closer. It was a hopeful, sweet, tender moment. One where Nat connected with nature and nature loved him. At least until both Kevin and Double Dee the geese started to honk and run after the group. Screams were ringing through the air, food forgotten, people racing for the school bus for safety.



Twelve weeks after the incident:

"There, you see her. Sitting there across the way." Nat frowned as Kevin started to lightly sing to him, grinning wickedly as he pushed him slightly from the entrance of the theater to the stage. On the other side was Jimmy with Edd who smiled, nudging Rave to the stage as they continued the song. "She don't got a lot to say, but there's something about her."

"What the hell?"

"And you don't know why, but you're dying to try, you wanna-"
"Kevin stop."
"Kiss the girl."

"You're scaring me, dude."

Nat walked backwards faster, trying to out step Kevin who ran after him, grinning wickedly. Rave scowled at the two pushing him to continue on. "Yes, you want her. Look at her you know you do. It's possible she wants you too, there is one way to ask her. It don't take a word, not a single word, go on and, kiss the girl."

"Are you all fucking high?" Edd rolled his eyes as they managed to get Rave on stage, Nat being forced backwards to the center. "STOP DUDE!" Kevin snickered, turning Nat to face Rave who simply raised an eyebrow.

"Sha-la-la-la-la-la! My, oh, my! Look at the boy too shy, he ain't gonna kiss the girl. Sha-la-la-la-la-la. Ain't that sad, ain't it shame, to bad, you gonna miss the girl."

Be it they were catching on to their growing habit of making out or they were being dicks, either way, Rave and Nat were between embarrassment and being horrified by their friends actions and snickering singing. It was Rave who turned around and flipped them all off and stomped off, Nat snorting and smacking Kevin on the arm hard before looking off to where Rave took off.

It was two hours later that the two were able to press together, breathes exchanged, lips mended together slowly. Nat grinned against Rave's lips before singing slowly. "Looks like I kissed the girl."

fifteen weeks after the incident:

A routine had been set between them. Between every other class period, they would meet in an unused section of the high school hallways, hidden behind stairs to kiss, grope and touch slowly. Nat's mouth of Rave's was slowly becoming the actors new drug, something he needed more and more of, and shorter breaks between sessions to get his fix. During their lunch out, they would hide away together, eating, talking and if the mood came up, clothed hips were grind together, or a hand wrapped around the others cock as a mouth worked slowly to make the other teen climax. They had a routine now, and with the musical coming up, it was a content thing.

At least until they got a bit cocky and decided to share a few kisses in another stairwell, Nat pressing Rave against the wall as mouths pressed together. It was the sound of someone cursing and shuffle of feet that tore them apart and look to the other student who was quickly running off. "Shit!" Nat moved to take off running after the kid, only for Rave to grip his wrist. "It was a damn freshman, no one will believe the brat, don't freak out like a bitch."

If only Rave knew.

It was during lunch that the rumors started and Rave was confronted. Both football players and normal students surronded him. "What the hell is this rumor you were molesting Nat? Leave the guy alone, he's damn straight!" Rave scowled, attempting to push him way past the football player only to be shoved back to the lockers. "I didn't molest ANYONE." After all, was the one who started the kiss, Rave just happily gave in. "And maybe you should talk to your little friend before assuming someones sexuality."

"Yeah, well, even if he wasn't straight, why would he be with a freak like you? That damn musical crap is corrupting the best two players we got. We don't need you fags taking our other star player after taking Kevin!"

"Hey, what the hell guys?" Rave snapped his head to Nat who pushed his way into the semi circle around Rave, scowling to his football teammate. "Ted, buddy, bro, whats goin' on, dude?"

Ted sneered. "This freak has been taking shit abou-"
"HEY, that's MY BOYFRIEND your shit talking!"

"Boyfriend?!" Rave's voice nearly became shrill.

Nat turned towards Rave, eyes widened, the golden coloring of his iris near invisible at how large his pupils were in realizing in horror what he said. "I mean, that … shit, I dunno! We make out a lot!"

"That isn't a damn qualification to be my boyfriend, dumbass!"

"Then what is?"
"Dates and fucking stupid, pathetic flowers and cooking for me-"
"I do cook for you and you are a bitch about flowers!"
"Shut up!"

While the two fought and argued, a shared look was given with the students, one knowing that they were something. Yet another look was shared by the football and baseball players. "It's Kevin all over again." Ted murmured, the whispered ignored by Nat or unheard, yet Rave paused to listen. "We'll be set to the back burner like with Kevin." A baseball player gave a small, bitter laugh. "Gay guys must do something right then."

It was worse then guilt that settled in Rave's stomach as he watched Nat grin and smile to him and the sports players start moving from the semi circle. Their opinions had been set. He had seen it with Kevin and Edd, this situation with sports and somehow, Rave was being put into it. Somehow, Rave felt like he was 'the other woman' now. It was as Rave looked at the emptying halls and the now confused and curious look of Nat that Rave realized he had said something. "What did you say, Goldberg?"

"I asked if you wanna get something to eat with me, princess, since there isn't rehearsal." What was the right choice here? Should he give in? Start this weird relationship that had techinically been going on for weeks now? Make it official? Or settle the feeling of guilt for how Nat's teammates felt and reacted about this? It was messing with him badly and Rave was questioning how the hell he got into this mess.

Couldn't he just have one normal fucking day?