The pieces of debris swirled around in a whirlwind, and at the center stood an almost see through yellow figure. My mother screamed and crouched into a ball. I reached for the first weapon I could find, a butter knife, yeah a butter knife. Not sure what I planned to do with a butter knife against some sort of bread ghost; maybe spread butter across it and eat it.

"Child of Demeter" its voice was a harsh, evil sounding rasp.

My mother screamed again. I charged ready to stab, once again with a butter knife, and ended up falling on the floor sailing through the bread ghost.

"What are you?" I asked, almost afraid of the answer.

"I am a Karpoi!" it screamed, but with its voice it was more of a shouted whisper. "Perhaps this will help you remember" it smiled a slimy grin, and its form shifted showing a burning field of grain, and a burning barn, and… a child crying.

Anger pushed the knot that was forming in my throat out of the way "you did that?" Its disgusting smile widened, "Aaaaargh!" I round house kicked, it went through it again, and broke the table leg, either the adrenaline or anger numbed the pain.

And in that exact moment a women appeared, and seemed to crush the thing under her. She was a dark skinned women with black smooth hair curled at the ends, she wore and flowing dark brown dress, and a black overcoat. She was quite beautiful.

In a calm, kind voice "Hello Barley, it's been a long time"

My mother, suddenly regaining composure "It has indeed Demeter" she said in distaste.

I looked from one woman to the other awestruck, speechless.

"Oh now, what's the point of drawling around here, let's eat!" she clapped her hands and the room rearranged itself as if you'd never know a crazy bread whirlwind had just wrecked it. A buffet of fruit, eggs, croissants, cake, and coffee (bleh) appeared across the table.

"We already ate" I snapped. I wasn't sure why but, I didn't like this women.

"Don't talk to me in that tone, young man!" she rose.

"Why not!" I stood, anger rising inside me; this woman had come into my house, turned it upside down, and now expected us to just get along.

"Because I'm your mother." She said, my first thought was how annoying her calm tone was becoming, and then what she just said sunk in.

My eyes widened, I had to sit to keep from falling down. My mouth had fallen open and wouldn't close. A thousand thoughts spun in my head. I stood, walked to my room, closed the door behind me and sat in front of it. I heard my mother and "mother" talking in the living room.

"Your being a bully, as usual, Demeter!" my mother said. "You saw the Karpoi with your own eyes" Demeter argued "more creatures will come, and they won't be simple grain spirits. I told you that he couldn't be kept safe forever."

There was silence for a while, and then I opened my door. "What do you mean? Why do I need to be kept safe?" I paused "And why can't I be?"

"You are a demigod Barley" my mother was too calm to be joking, and after the morning I had just had, I couldn't say I was that surprised; I nodded reluctantly. "Demigods attract monsters like the one you just fought off" she continued. "And there is only one place you are guaranteed safety" Demeter said "Camp Half-Blood."