The Demon and the Reaper

Ch. 1 Homeland

*cough cough* "Azagora, Cemus…where are you!" asked a six year old demon boy. "Cyrus I'm here!" a voice called through the thick smoke. It was his little brother Cemus. "Cemus can you sing?" he asked "Not long Cyrus but I'll try." Cemus began to sing a song that always calmed him down. Cyrus crawled through the smoke till he could feel his brother's bare feet. "ekkk!" Cemus screamed he got a hand put over his mouth as his older brother hissed "It's just me Cemus, don't scream like that." Cemus calmed down and Cyrus asked "Cemus where's baby sis?" Cemus became alarmed "She's still in the training room!" but as he said that part of the roof came down trapping the boys where they were. They knew at this rate they couldn't save their baby sister Azagora. Mother was just outside where they were trapped and said "So long boys. A fitting end to two useless sons." Cyrus cursed to his mother, a mother had been a monster to him his six years of life "Damm you bitch!" Cemus was rather shocked, never had he heard his brother use such filthy language. When Cyrus realized what he had said he turned to his little brother and said "I promise if we get out of this alive I will never use that language again ever. I'm sorry little brother."

Within the training room locked away was Azagora, her father and her faithful hell hound. Azagora saw her father wasn't going to make it she began to cry. He said "Azie dear don't morn me, rejoice in my passing for I am free of your mother. Have courage my child and live. One day come back here with your brothers and rule proudly and wisely. Take good care of her Malkiet. Don't fail in it hound." Malkiet yip barked as a way of saying 'Yes my lord'

The three Michaelis children did make it out alive…only to be spilt apart from each. Cyrus became the adopted brother to Dante and Virgil Sparda. Cemus was taken by a Drow family. Azagora had been given to a kind family who had just taken in another child like her. She was only six.