Ch. 15 Round II

William was shaking as they underwent a second ritual to save him from the demon within himself. He stood there naked once again ready for a longer and more involved ritual. He knew he was doing this for Jamie's sake. This time it took longer to banish the demon only because it was a first class demon. First class demons include, lords, masters, mercs and high level lessers.

Once the demon was gone William woke and groaned knowing what was coming. A thud and crash and Dante and Saix went through the wall by a spider/ scorpion demon. The demon was well known as Phantom. Jamie smirked and said "Phantom…if you're here then that means…" with that a lean and tall demon in his human form approached and said "Phantom…why must you make a mess? Anyway we are here for one thing so make it quick vermin."

Sebastian and Claude went toe to toe with Phantom but the big bug tore through the raven demon and his fellow spider demon.

Moonduis smirked as he reclaimed his wayward son. As he vanished Jamie grew angry and vowed that he would pay. She let lose her demon form. The one form she rarely wore aside from the day in her honor...Jamie and Lolth were one and the same. And Lolth would call to her own children for aid in this task. As sure as a Drow's skin is black, Jamie and Lolth reclaim the Patron of house Michaelis, William T. Michaelis.