AUTHOR'S NOTE: This section was written by Daphne, Sharon, & T&M Fan (Melissa).

New Beginnings
Part 1

Early August 2011

If this was a dream, it was the best one she had ever had in her life. Greenlee was in Leo's arms again and he felt so real. He felt so damn real. She was so afraid to blink her eyes or pinch herself because if she woke up and he was gone, then yet another part of her would be gone forever too.

He had her tiny body pressed against his much larger one and her head was tucked underneath his chin where it had always fit so well; where it belonged. Her tears moistened his shirt and he held her a bit tighter as if that's what he sensed she needed most.

"Greens, talk to me," he said.

"I don't know what to say. I keep thinking this is a dream. And I don't want it to be."

"It's real, Greenlee. Believe me when I say that."

Greenlee nodded. "I will always believe you. But I know somehow we have to get you out of here. We can talk to David. We'll make him see reason…"

Leo shook his head. "Greens, I don't think that's going to happen. Every time I tried to get out of this little hell hole and come back to you… He would drag me back in. You can go but I can't."

"Leo, I am not leaving you behind. Never, ever," she said. "I never should have believed you were really gone. I never should have let myself give up on you - or us."

"It wasn't your fault. What the hell were you supposed to do – wait years and years on the off chance David was keeping me chained up in his little house of horrors?"

Greenlee pulled away and looked up at Leo, tears forming in her eyes as she did so. "What did he do to you? What did he do to make you stay?"

"It doesn't matter," Leo said, looking away. "The point is that you have to get out of here."

"Not without you. I am never leaving without you."

"You have to go. I can't watch him kill you, I can't."

"What are you talking about? David is a lot of things but he isn't a killer. He took an oath or something. Do no harm. He raised us both from the freaking dead!" Greenlee knew she sounded hysterical but she couldn't help it. Looking into Leo's eyes she saw for the first time how haunted he was; how much being in this lab for years had hurt him.

"He did it for his own twisted purposes, Greenlee," Leo said. "He used us – all of us – like freaking lab rats, guinea pigs. I have the scars to show it."

"What are you talking about?" Greenlee asked. "His project was designed to save lives."

"No, it was designed so he could play god with people's lives. So he could be Dr. Frankenstein. You know I loved my brother but the things he did here… Fuck him, Greens. I just need to get you out of here. Before you can never escape either."

"I would rather stay here forever with you …"

"David will never let that happen. I mean that. He doesn't want you to be happy, Greenlee. He has spent years and years dismantling your life before your very eyes. He bragged about it too, Greens. So many times he bragged about the way he was screwing up your life. He's a monster."

"Okay but then that's why we have to get out of here. Just tell me you trust me and we will get out of here."

"Greenlee, I trust you. It's my brother dearest I don't."

"Trust me, Leo. He's hurt us enough and I'll never let him do it again." Greenlee then crawled into Leo's embrace and they stood holding each other for the longest time. No words were spoken. They didn't really need them. They never really had.

Just then the door to their little cell opened and David walked in carrying a huge needle. "Ahh. I see you two have gotten reacquainted. How touching. Too bad your reunion won't last long."


Bianca was sitting in the parlor with Marissa and the kids at Wildwind and trying to focus on the conversation but it was impossible. Her mind was wandering to dangerous places.

Reese had dropped her bid to get custody of Gabby and Miranda this morning, according to Bianca's legal team and Bianca, while she should have been thrilled, simply wasn't. She wondered what would cause Reese to give up on something that she had battled Bianca so long and hard for. Maybe she had found someone else and didn't need a little family of kids complicating her new relationship. Maybe she had gotten back her conscience. Maybe she was in some kind of trouble…

Why did Bianca even care? Reese had hurt her so many times, in so many ways. Bianca had a wonderful girlfriend in Marissa, a best friend too, someone she could count on. And yet somehow, Reese was all she could think about today.

"Binx?" Marissa's voice sliced through her thoughts. "Earth to Bianca."

Bianca shook her head. "Oh sorry. What were you saying?"

"I was saying it's a warm day. We should take the kids to BJ's for some ice cream sundaes."

Miranda and AJ jumped up and down then in excitement. "Can we go, Mommy?" Miranda asked. "Can we please?"

Bianca nodded. "Of course. Let me just grab my purse and I'll meet you all at the car."

"Yay!" AJ and Miranda cheered as they ran around the room whooping in excitement. Marissa picked up Gabrielle and settled her on her hip as she looked at Bianca with concern.

"If you want to talk…" Marissa said.

"It's okay. I'm fine. Just a little tired is all." Then Bianca hurried out of the room and up the stairs to collect her purse, suddenly needing to put distance between Marissa and everyone else.

She was upstairs when the phone on her bedside table rung. She sighed and moved over to it.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Bianca… its Reese."

Bianca swallowed hard over the lump in her throat but it took a moment before she could speak. They hadn't talked in months and months. Everything had been done through their attorneys and it startled Bianca the affect that Reese still had on her.

Still she had to speak up and all she could think to ask then was, "What do you want, Reese?"


Greenlee looked almost broken when David walked in. She had never seen him look this crazed before. I mean sure he had done some horrible things in his life before and had felt little remorse but this…this was a new kind of crazy. He was walking towards them with a needle in his hand. Neither of them was sure who it was intended for until he started speaking.

"Before long your mind will be as blank as Gillian's…"

"Gillian…Gillian's alive too?"

"Now Greenlee, you should be smarter then this. You didn't actually believe I would pass up an opportunity to be her hero again now did you?"

"You're crazy. You let everyone believe she was dead. You did her surgery David…and then you took out her heart. If Gillian's heart isn't in Laura then whose is?"

"Come on Greens, you really think my brother is going to tell us anything. He just wants to completely dismantle our lives…yours, mine, Gillian's, Ryan's…God only knows who else."

"Those are all valid questions…but they are all on a need to know basis and the fact is you just don't need to know. Now…time for your medicine Leo."

Greenlee tried to step in front of him but David was stronger. She fell to the floor as David came closer. Greenlee and Leo were confessing their love as he took out his needle." Say Goodbye Loves."


Ryan Lavery sat alone in the cemetery. It had been many years since he had thought about her but it was her birthday and he couldn't let it pass without acknowledging it.

"I'm sorry I haven't been by to see you. I didn't think you would understand the way my life was going and I just didn't want you to be disappointed in me. I could never forget you princess. You will always be the love of my life. I miss you. I hope your birthdays are happier wherever you are. If I could just have one more day with you…hell even an hour…"

He wiped the tears as he slowly got up and started to walk away. He knew that would never happen so he blew her a kiss and left the cemetery. There was a wind that blew through when he left that signified change but he didn't trust it…Just how much could things change when they already had changed so much?


Reese didn't quite know how to approach the subject when she had no right to ask for anything. He had been the one to give up on them…almost without a fight…she had been the one to try and take her children away…how did you even begin to ask for forgiveness after that? She swallowed the lump in her throat and just spoke.

"I…I want to come home…I want you back."

"You can't be serious? Reese, you tried to take my girls… you always had something that was more important then me. Why do you want to change that now? Did your new girlfriend decide that she doesn't want all the baggage so now I'm second best…I don't want to be your second choice Reese."

"You never were. "

"You could have fooled me."


"No…No I am done. It's too late to change all this water under the bridge. You have hurt me for the last time. I've moved on Reese."

"Does that mean you found somebody else? Does that mean you don't love me anymore?"


He knew he should probably wait…give it some time…try to figure out the best way to approach her…but that wasn't him…that wasn't how he believed you should handle things…especially not when you fucked up the best thing that ever happened to you. He had blamed her for losing Greenlee because it was easier then facing the truth…the truth of not being able to stand watching her love someone else. I mean what was wrong with the girl? Couldn't she see that he would love her far better then either Zack or Ryan ever would?

He sighed as he stood at her door. That was all water under the bridge now. He had to find a productive way to live without her because the pain he lived with knowing that she would never be his again was strangling him. The door opened and for a second he thought she would slam it in his face. That fire breathing fury was clearly evident in her eyes.

"What the hell do you want Aidan? Haven't you screwed up my life enough?"

"I came to apologize. If there's any way you could possibly…"

Before he could finish his sentence, his cheek met the palm of her hand as she slapped him.

"When hell freezes over…that's when I will forgive you…When fucking hell freezes over"

And then she did slam the door in his face. Aidan just stood there with his hand to his cheek smiling.

That was his Kendall. She would be nothing if not a fighter. Getting her forgiveness would take more then a few pretty words…and he was definitely up to the challenge… His first day out of prison and he had already been slapped…he must be doing SOMETHING right.

"I've heard it's real icy in hell Kendall," He called over his shoulder. Kendall threw her shoe at the door, cursing him.


Gillian stared out the window at the ocean trying to remember her name. Maybe if she could remember who she was then everything else would fall into place. She had a feeling that the man she dreamed about...the man who called her princess needed her. There had to be a way out of here.


"Say Goodbye Loves," David said as he injected Greenlee with the needle. Greenlee fell down on the floor.

"How could you do this to me David? She's the love of my life and you're my brother. God, you truly are Vanessa's son," Leo stated.

"I'm sorry Leo, but Greenlee didn't give me any other choice...I'm so close...I just need a little bit more time. I couldn't let her destroy all my research," David rambled on.

"What are you talking about? What research? What have you been working on? Why do you insist on playing God?"

"I'm sorry Leo...I really truly am, but the ends justifies the means and when I am finished I'll find a way to make it up to you. You need to take your medicine now and go to sleep. You need your rest," David said as he injected a needle into Leo's arm.


Ryan climbed into his car when he noticed that he had a voicemail. He heard Greenlee's voice and she sounded frantic.

"Ryan, you're never going to believe this...I'm not even sure that I believe it, but I've found evidence in David's cabin and it seems that Leo is still alive. I have to go and check it out. I'll text you the address...please come when you're done. I have a feeling that I might need your help."

Ryan jotted the address down as he shook his head. What kind of trouble did Greenlee get herself into this time?


Bianca didn't know how to respond to Reese. She thought that she had moved on with her life and found something good with Marissa, but now that Reese was calling her she was filled with emotions and feelings that she thought that she was done with.

Bianca didn't know if she still loved Reese... all that she knew for sure was that she still had strong feelings for her. "I care a lot about Reese, but I've moved on with my life...I had to, after you shattered my heart into a thousand different pieces. Why are you calling?"

"I'm sorry that I hurt you...I never wanted to...I'm sick Bianca and I've realized how short life is. I'm in Pine Valley and I want to see you and Miranda. What do you say? Will you meet me?"


"Come on Kendall...I'm not going away until you open the door and talk to me. I can be real patient when I want to be and I can stand here all night irritating your neighbors until you hear me out," Aidan shouted through the door.

"What do you want Aidan?" Kendell asked as she opened the door.

"I'm sorry that I hurt you and I just want you to give me a chance to make it up to you."

"You want to make amends?...if you really want to make amends then you'll leave me alone. I hate you Aidan and you can just go jump off the roof for all I care," Kendall stated.


David opened the door and found his angel sleeping. He went and sat by her side as he brushed her dark hair out of her face. She was so beautiful and everyday she looked more and more like her mother.

"I'm so close Leora. Your uncle Leo hates me...I've hurt him deeply...I've hurt a lot people, but it will all be with it when I find a cure for you baby girl. Daddy would do absolutely anything for you," he said as he kissed her forehead.