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The Arena

Chapter 1

Jasper sat on the bed dumbfounded, watching as his Alice paced back and forth. It had been a week since the fateful birthday party and everyone was miserable. It was all his fault and they all let him know it.

Jasper himself didn't really remember what happened. He had smelled Bella's blood and then felt his beast, the major, take over. Next thing he knew he was out in the woods with Emmett sitting on him, his face a mask of rage, and Rosalie beside him muttering to herself angrily. They told him he had attacked Isabella.

He still was in shock. How could he have done that? He thought he had been making progress. He had spent all that time in the car with her when they ran from James. He had grown to like her. Jasper had entered the dance room full of her blood and had not been tempted, only angered at James.

Edward had told everyone they had to leave Forks, leaving Bella behind. Jasper still felt a pain in his heart, an ache that he didn't believe would ever go away. He had offered to be the only one to leave but Edward had insisted that they were all a danger to her.

Emmett, his very forgiving brother, wasn't forgiving him. He glared at him whenever their eyes met and he refused to speak to him. Jasper felt his anger simmering below the surface always. Jasper said nothing and waited till his brother released his anger. When that happened he wouldn't defend himself.

Edward had left right after the incident, broken from losing his mate. Edward felt angry too but mostly at himself. Jasper wanted to yell at him that it was his fault not Edward's and he shouldn't punish himself or Bella this way. After all Edward was the strong one. The one with enough self-control to be around his singer, even to stay in the same bed with her while she slept. Jasper closed his eyes and shook his head, he didn't like thinking about Edward with Bella.

Carlisle always looked at him with disappointment. That hurt Jasper, who had always looked up to Carlisle. Carlisle couldn't understand what Jasper had been through. Carlisle had never fed from a human, he didn't know what it was like. Still Jasper admired him and wanted to be like him. He had such compassion and self-control, Jasper couldn't help but admire him.

Every time Esme would look at him she would cry. He had begun to keep his distance from her. The grief she felt at losing her daughter was overwhelming. He knew Esme was to kind to blame him and he felt no accusations from her. He just reminded her of what had happened.

Even Rosalie, his twin, the person he was closest to in this family was angry at him. She cared for Bella but in her mind Edward was right they should leave Bella alone, it was dangerous to bring her into the world of the supernatural. Rosalie was mad because she didn't believe that Bella was safe now and they were leaving her to fend for herself. She too blamed Jasper and that hurt him.

Jasper sighed and looked up at his Pixie. He could feel her anger and guilt.

"I should have seen it Jasper. I should have been looking...If I had...Still you should have been able to resist. I can't always look out for you. Someday you are going to have to control yourself." Alice said as she paced.

Jasper lowered his head. Guilt consuming his thoughts. Alice was angry too, though she wouldn't admit it she was angry at him. She was tired of keeping him in line he could feel it, but she loved him so she was conflicted. He didn't blame her for being tired of being the strong one.

Jasper stood up, he couldn't take anymore. The guilt he felt coupled with the anger and sadness that permeated the rest of the family was wearing him down. "Alice I'm going for a hunt." He told her quietly.

She didn't say anything, she didn't move from her position even to look at him. Usually she would kiss him and tell him how she loved him before he left for even a brief time. Jasper felt the hurt rise in his chest and quickly pressed it down, unwilling to project on the people he loved his hurt. He left the room without another word. She still loved him, he told himself as he left. A mate couldn't leave their partner could they? Jasper's chest grew tighter and he began to run.

Jasper ran through the forest as fast as he could trying to clear his mind, he didn't know how far he had run, when he finally stopped to survey his surroundings. He could hear the heartbeat of an animal in the distance but had lost his appetite. He would hunt later right now he just wanted to lay on the forest floor and let his thoughts go. He wanted to enjoy some peace with no one's emotions intruding in on his.

He watched the rays of light sparkling through the trees and listened to the birds, letting his even breaths calm him. Eventually he closed his eyes feeling the peace steal over him. His only warning was a snap of a twig to his right before a cloth covered his mouth and he knew no more.

Jasper finally regained his senses some time later. He looked around himself to find he was in a small bare room. There was no furniture at all, it was just a box. He could not even make out a door. There was no light but he didn't need light to see. There was nothing however to see. He expanded his senses, he could hear footsteps and low talk in the distance. He couldn't make out conversations. He could hear sounds of breathing in rooms close to his. He could feel the emotions closest to him, they ranged from to despair to deep anger, and he reasoned that their must be more captives than just him.

Jasper ran a hand through his hair. What was happening? What had been on that cloth? He had never heard of anything that had the ability to incapacitate a vampire.

"Good Evening Major Jasper Whitlock." A voice said to him. Jasper looked in the direction of the voice and noticed some holes indicating a speaker in the wall on his upper right hand.

"It is an honor to finally meet the God of War." The voice continued and Jasper grimaced.

"There is no way to escape but feel free to look for one." The voice said. Jasper narrowed his eyes and began to look around the room again. He found a hole in the wall through which a video camera was watching him. In a flash Jasper punched the camera. To his surprised he didn't even make a dent in the wall around the camera and the camera remained in tact.

The voice laughed. "We have dealt with plenty of vampires Mr. Whitlock. Rest assured these walls are vampire proof." Jasper didn't reply his thoughts were in turmoil as he went over everything he knew. Whoever had taken him was telling the truth and had obviously dealt with vampires before. Did they know of his abilities? They knew of his nick names from the southern wars. Could it be Maria? No, he didn't think so, this was to subtle for Maria. Too well thought out.

"What do you want from me?" Jasper growled lowly.

"We want you to fight Mr. Whitlock. We have many clients paying handsomely to see the God of War in action." The voice said as a matter of fact.

Jasper closed his eyes and clenched his fists. So that was it, he lowered his head as rage filled him. Finally he had been free of the constant fighting and now he was being forced back in. Alice had saved him from that life, he didn't want to go back.

"You will have everything you want if you win. Blood, women, comfort." The voice told him. He knew from past experience that those things would grow heavy on his heart in time. He couldn't return to that life.

Jasper turned his back on the camera. Those things meant nothing to him anymore. "I won't fight." He said his voice tight with anger. They wouldn't kill him, they had went through too much trouble to get him. If the voice was telling the truth money was involved.

The voice laughed. "I think you will. You are after all ruled by very strong instincts." The voice said.

Jasper sat down against the wall and pulled his knees to his chest, not because he was tired but to comfort himself while he waited. It was a sign of weakness but let them think he was weak. They wanted strength he would give them weakness.

Time meant nothing anymore. Had weeks passed? Months? Jasper was starving but he sat as still as he could, refusing to let whoever was watching him know of his torment.

He had searched in vain for an escape. Who ever had built this prison definitely had a vampire in mind. The walls were proof against his strength. Jasper looked at his hand it had begun to shake. Could he die of hunger? Was that a way for a vampire to die? Even Maria had never starved him this long.

Jasper heard a hiss and looked up to see some kind of gas coming from the ceiling. He quickly stopped breathing but apparently that wasn't good enough once the gas touched his skin everything went black.

Jasper woke up to the sound of sniffling. He didn't have to open his eyes to know a human was in the room with him. He opened his eyes to see a beautiful blonde girl clutching a doll. Jasper wailed in despair and huddled in the corner away from her.

The girl stopped her crying. "Are you okay mister?" She asked wiping her nose. She slowly walked to him but stopped in fear when he growled at her. The girl moved away from him and started to cry again. "I want my mommy." She said through her tears her cry was heartbreaking.

Jasper stood up suddenly. "Stop! I'll do what you want. I will fight, please just let me have animal blood."

The girl squealed in fright at his movement.

"I think not Mr. Whitlock. Animal blood won't give you full strength and we have money on how long you will last before you kill the girl." The voice told him. Jasper's mouth dropped in horror. He moved back to his corner and tried to ignore the thirst in his throat and the crying of the girl.

The girl was no longer moving. She was dying he could smell it. The bastards had given her no food or water, she was dying of thirst and starvation. Jasper had beat on the walls to no avail. He had yelled till even his voice was hoarse. His captors had no heart. He was no longer strong, his own body had weakened with hunger. There was no way for him to save her.

Jasper looked over at the girl lying against the wall the doll no longer in a tight grip at her chest. He could see the blood pulsing through her veins, hear the steady slowing of her heart. She was dying anyways, he could end her suffering and his. Carlisle's face came to his mind. Carlisle wouldn't kill the girl, Edward wouldn't. Would his Alice? They would all be so disappointed in him, but weren't they already disappointed?

Jasper moved closer to the girl. What if he didn't drink her blood and just let her die? How many more would they send in? A plan settled in his head. He let out a string of heartbreaking dry sobs as he tenderly stroked the girl's hair and kissed her forehead before breaking her neck and drinking deeply.

Hours later the gas reentered his room and he welcomed the oblivion breathing in the gas deeply.

Jasper woke on a dirt surface and quickly stood up. So it was time to fight. Jasper surveyed his surroundings, he was in a fighting arena. It was huge, high above him he could hear a crowd watching. They were out of reach. He looked at the walls but they were smooth and he doubted he would be able to climb them. He really hadn't had much hope of escaping but he had to look just in case.

He heard doors open behind him and close again before he could even turn around. He smelled three vampires now in the arena with him. He could feel determination coming from them and he smiled to himself. Jasper put out his arms in surrender and closed his eyes as teeth and claws pulled his body apart.

He smiled as he heard the boos from the crowd. He would hurt no one else they were going to have to kill him.

Jasper howled out his anguish as he woke up again in his cell. His body had been put back together. The only evidence of his ordeal the new scars added to his already scarred flesh. He had hoped to never wake again.

"Good evening Mr. Whitlock. As you can see we aren't going to let you die. We have too much of an investment in you." The voice that Jasper had grown to hate told him.

"I won't fight." Jasper gritted out.

"I think you will if we give you something to fight for. Maybe your ...mate?" The voice said and chuckled as Jasper roared in rage. They couldn't have gotten Alice could they? Surely her gift would save her.

A door opened behind him and a body was pushed in before he could move fast enough to stop it. He smelled a human woman and he groaned in despair. He didn't want to kill again. He moved far from away from her. The woman sat up and his eyes widened in disbelief as he saw Bella sitting on the ground looking around her unable to see and afraid.

"You bastards! " Jasper yelled and threw useless punches against the camera in his anger.

"J-Jasper?" Bella whispered through his rage he heard her and stopped his attack.

"It's me Bella." Jasper said quietly.

"Now that your mate is here you will fight. We will give you this time to become...reacquainted. Then we will feed you and you will have your first match. Rest assured Mr. Whitlock if you don't eat she won't be fed." The voice told him.

"She's not my mate!" Jasper yelled desperately. There was no answer and Jasper turned to Bella in despair.