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Chapter 16

Jasper sat quietly with Bella in his lap. His fingers ran through her hair as they relaxed. He loved just holding her close like this. If he closed his eyes he could imagine they were somewhere else.

"I love you." He whispered thinking as he said this that those words were not big enough to encompass the depths of what he felt for her.

Bella turned to him putting one delicate hand on his cheek and smiling gently. What he felt in return from her was so wonderful that he would cry if he were able. He heard the hiss of gas released in their room and bent down to kiss her. He knew without a doubt that this was it. They would escape or they would die. Whatever happened they would be together.

"Hey Charlie." Phil said clapping him on the back. "Is this everyone?" He asked while ushering them to a black SUV.

"Rose doesn't really like watching fights so she decided to stay at the hotel. She and Emmett will do some gambling." Charlie told him easily. Of course it was a lie, Rose stayed with Seth and Ricky. She was the back up if their plan fell through she would call on help from a list given to her by Carlisle. Emmett stayed with her to make sure she was safe. He had pitched a fuss, wanting to be in the action, but Charlie took him aside and explained to him that his wife needed him right now.

He worried Phil would prey on Rose while she was separated from the rest, garnering a deal from her. Emmett needed to be there just in case.

Charlie sat in front while Carlisle, Esme and Jacob took up the back. Phil would have expected Carlisle, Esme and himself to come. Charlie asked Jacob to come because he suspected that Phil was obliged to let him go. He could be wrong about the deal with Billy Black but they needed a shifter to hide them from Alice's sight and Jacob had the best chance of being let go. They all wore trackers but Charlie had directed the others to tail the vehicle.

He didn't think Phil knew Peter, Char and Leah were with them. He wasn't sure about Edward but had decided the boy was to untrustworthy to take directly into the trap. If he could have he would have left him with Rose but he had no good excuse to do so.

"So Dr. Cullen, do you enjoy watching fights?" Phil asked looking at Carlisle through the rear-view mirror. He seemed to be studying him. Charlie wasn't too worried, Carlisle was one of the best people he knew.

"At times. What kind of fights are these?" Carlisle asked.

"Wellll...They are underground fights. Not entirely legal but very exciting." Phil said with a grin.

Jacob started to ask a question but Phil cut him off. "Where's your son Edward? Does he know about Bella?" Phil asked before looking at Charlie.

"We haven't heard from him. Shortly after we left Forks he went off by himself and hasn't contacted us. I'm sure if he knew he would come back in a second." Carlisle answered him.

Charlie was surprised at what a good liar Carlisle was he found himself almost believing him. Phil popped a piece of gum in his mouth and grinned while chewing it, noisily. He offered a piece to Charlie but Charlie didn't trust him enough to take what he offered. Phil shrugged and reached over to open the glove box. Quick as lightning he took out a needle and injected Charlie's leg with something. The passengers in the back moved quickly but not quick enough. Phil hit a button and a pale gas filled the car, knocking out Jacob, Carlisle and Esme.

"Would have been easier if you took the gum." Phil said chuckling at Charlie's shocked expression.

"What did you inject me with?" Charlie asked.

"Couldn't have you knocked out on me. I need you to answer questions, it will be so much better if you are awake and... a little bruised when Bella sees you." Phil said with a sneer.

"Now where is Edward?" Phil asked.

'So the trap is sprung.' Charlie thought and clamped his lips shut.

Peter ran along side Edward. The boy was fast, that was about the best thing he could say about him. He wasn't going to let his comments about leaving Jasper and saving Bella go anytime soon. He didn't trust him and would be watching him closely.

They followed the SUV in pairs. Char and Leah followed a little further behind. If something happened to Peter and Edward they would call Rose and try to follow in their stead. It was the chief's plan. He wanted to make sure they had plenty of back ups and Peter liked that.

Peter had come to really respect the chief and Char looked at him like a father. She was going to be heartbroken if he decided to stay human. Honestly Peter would be too.

They followed the SUV into the town they had originally tracked Alice's tracker too.

"Can you read his thoughts Edward?" Peter asked.

Edward paused for a moment before he shuddered in revulsion. "He's thinking of ways to torture Charlie."

Peter growled and started forward but felt Edward's hand on his arm. Peter turned suddenly almost attacking the boy. "Charlie knew this would happen...Phil is going to leave the car in a garage and walk to an entrance. He's making Charlie leave his Tracker. We need to wait till he shows us the entrance."

Peter was shaking with anger but he nodded and got a hold of himself. They saw Phil get out of the car and watched as Charlie also got out. Charlie was not resisting him as they walked out of the garage. They walked calmly down the street when Phil started to look around.

Edward and Peter hid themselves quickly. Edward stood up quickly and Peter moved to pull him back.

"Their thoughts disappeared." Edward said in concern.

Peter immediately stood beside him looking up and down the street for a sign of them but finding none. He yanked Edward's arm and walked to the place they had last seen him. They followed their scent into an alley where it ended abruptly.

They walked out of the back end of the alley but could neither smell nor see Phil and Charlie. Peter walked back to where they had their last scent of them and examined both walls before chuckling softly. Edward looked at him in question and Peter just pointed to the wall where a fresh smiley face sticker now was attached. Edward matched his grin.

Silently they searched the wall, trying to find some secret door or lever. Finding nothing they sat and waited for Leah and Char.

It only took ten minutes for them to arrive. Char walked right up to Peter and kissed him passionately. Edward quickly looked away, while Leah looked as if she didn't care.

"What's up sugar?" Char asked quietly.

Peter pointed to the sticker, Char took one look and laughed loudly. 'So much for being quiet' Peter thought.

"We haven't been able to find the entrance, but it's pretty sure that the Chief left that for us to be able to find." Peter told the two women.

Leah approached the wall and looked it over, running her fingers along the brick. She stopped her movements and ran her fingers along a groove. The mortar moved revealing a narrow slot. Peter grabbed Leah and kissed her dramatically on the lips.

"You're a fucking genius!" He exclaimed as he let her go. Leah blushed a brilliant red and Char slapped the back of his head.

"Keep your lips to yourself!" Char growled.

Peter laughed then pulled out one of the cards Phil had given Charlie. "Okay when we get in I want Edward and Char to locate a control room. See if you can turn off what ever alarm system that is set up and release the prisoners. Leah and I will follow Phil and Charlie's scent. I don't want to leave the chief in his hands any longer than we have to. Move quickly, speed will be our only advantage." Peter told them seriously.

They gave nods of agreement and Peter slid the card into the slot. They watched as Charlie's smiley face moved away from them revealing a passageway. They didn't hesitate as they ran into the darkness.

"Let them through I may need them for bargaining." Bella heard someone saying. Let who through?

Bella opened her eyes slowly. She smelled blood. Lots of fresh blood and it was making her throat burn. Instinctively she growled.

"Looks like she's awake Charlie. What do you think? Will she rip your throat out?" Phil said.

Bella turned to him and saw to her horror that her father was indeed here and bleeding. She heard a growl to her left and turned to see Jasper.

"Now, now Major, you want to rip my head off right?...I don't think that would be a good idea. I would just have to find a new body and maybe this time I would have a woman's body." He said eying Bella. Bella couldn't keep the look of disgust off her face. Phil just laughed.

"Or maybe I might like to be a police chief." He said before he grabbed her father's bloody hand and licked a trace of blood from it. He licked his lips and made an mmmm sound. Bella began to tremble, torn between her worry for her father and the burn in her throat. She felt a wave of calm come over her from Jasper. He had never manipulated her emotions before but she was glad he was now helping her.

"Or I could choose some random body and you would never know where I was till i struck again." Phil said standing up. "You can't kill me and I want you Major. Why don't you save your mate the grief. Give me your obedience and I will let you turn Bella's father." He squeezed the hand he held and bones crunched. Charlie made no sound he just looked at Bella confidently, with love in his eyes. Bella started to move forward intent on stopping her father's pain.

"Stop!" Phil demanded and Bella found herself stopping. He turned back to Jasper. "I will let her go. Hell I'll even let her stay with you. Is it so much to ask?"

Bella could feel Jasper's conflict but he whispered a solid "No."

Phil sighed. "Well I knew it wouldn't be easy." He ran a finger down Charlie's cheek. Bella couldn't let him hurt him anymore and put her shield around her father. Phil frowned in confusion as Charlie's cheek remained unmarked. He drew back his fist to punch him and when he made contact howled in pain but again the Chief was untouched.

"Bella cover us all." Jasper told her and Bella immediately complied.

Phil turned to Bella with a scowl on his face. "So you're a shield. A pretty strong one." He studied her for a moment and Jasper smiled with pride for his mate. Phil began to smile again. "Doesn't matter. You couldn't be powerful enough to cover everyone so we are still at an impasse. But while we have eternity, your father does not. You know I will win sooner or later Bella, but by then your father will be dead. I can give him eternal life without him having to be a vampire. Just as I did for Gianna."

"Gianna is dead." Bella whispered.

"She was unlucky to run into you. If we had realized you were a shield she wouldn't have died. No one else would have been able to kill her." Phil said.

Bella was being tempted. In spite of the fact her father hid it well she could tell he was in pain. The burn she felt was almost unbearable and without Jasper's help she was sure she would already have attacked him already. Her shield had stopped the scent from assaulting her but she still couldn't draw her eyes away from the drop of blood that was making its way down his cheek.

Phil stood close to her looking back at Charlie. "Look at him, doesn't he look delicious." Bella began to tremble as her eyes turned black. Her emotions were slipping away from Jasper's calm. She wanted his blood, she wanted him safe.

"Let me help you." Phil said holding out his hand. Bella started to reach out to him when two things happened simultaneously. A loud boom rang through the room and Jasper threw Phil away from her growling fiercely.

"Jasper do it now! Kill him!" Charlie yelled. Bella looked over at her father he held a gun in his hand. She looked down at Phil on the floor, Jasper snarled in rage as he twisted his head. Phil had a sickening grin on his face as his neck snapped.

"Bella! Put your shield around Phil!" Charlie yelled. Bella was momentarily stunned and she just stared at Phil. "NOW ISABELLA SWAN!" Bella knew that voice and quickly obeyed. They heard an unearthly howl, that sent chills up their spines.

"That's good Bells, hold him there." Charlie said smiling softly. "Jasper I understand you are an empath?" Charlie asked.

Jasper just nodded. Bella could tell he was struggling to control himself as the Major wanted out. She could feel his rage and she moved to his side caressing his arm softly. She felt him calm slightly and she in turn was able to calm a bit. "Can you feel the demon? Is he trapped?" Charlie asked.

Jasper closed his eyes and Bella could feel his revulsion. "Yes." He spat the word.

Charlie sat down heavily, lowering the gun. Bella wanted to run to him but knew it would be a bad idea. "Daddy." She whimpered. She hadn't called him that since she was a small child. All she wanted to do was run into his arms as she did when she was young and had a scrape. He had always been her hero. She was ashamed at the large part of her that wanted to drain him.

Jasper lifted her chin looking into her eyes and kissing her softly. She felt his love and pride in her. "You are doing well darlin. I don't know of any newborn that would be able to resist a human bleeding in front of them. Father or not." He kissed her again. "I'm going to go and check on him, you okay?" Bella nodded not wanting him to leave but wanting her father to be okay. She turned her back as Jasper made her way to her father.

"How did you smuggle a gun in here?" Jasper was asking. Bella could hear the awe in his voice and feel it in his emotions.

Charlie chuckled and grunted as Bella heard ripping of fabric. "I'm just a human. I don't think Phil expected too much out of me." He said and then muttered "Arrogant prick."

"I put the tracker where he could easily find it, but hid the gun...in well a place. When he found the tracker he looked no farther. Really he's pretty stupid, he should have known me being a police officer I would carry a gun. He probably just figured he could bully us into submission and even if we dared kill him he would just move on to the next body. He didn't figure on my baby girl being so powerful." Charlie said with pride. If Bella could blush she would.

"You were the one to figure out to put my shield around him Dad." Bella said with her own pride for her genius father. She looked at him and he blushed.

"Ahem...Is he still there Jasper?" Charlie asked. Jasper nodded.

Bella was relieved that Jasper had cleaned up all traces of blood and hid it from her sight. She could still smell the blood, after removing her shield from Charlie, but not seeing it helped her control the blood lust.

"What do we do now?" Bella asked.

"Carlisle said one way to kill a demon was deprive it of a host for a period of time. He didn't say how long, I don't think he knows. Peter, Char, Edward and Leah should be here by now. I left them a pretty large clue." Charlie said smiling at some secret joke. "They should be able to open the door and we'll find the Quileute boys and head on out."

Jasper returned to Bella's side and put his arm around her. She could feel worry coming from him but he said nothing. "Can you hold your shield long enough Bells?" Charlie asked her.

"I think so. It doesn't feel like it's an effort." Bella answered.

"Well I think I'm going to rest a bit." Charlie said before closing his eyes and passing out.

"This is it...There are five humans in the room." Edward whispered.

Char nodded. "We'll knock them out. No need to kill them. Of course I could use a snack..." Char said hoping to get a rise out of Edward. His look of disgust and small growl almost made Char laugh out loud. He was so easy to rile up. Char kicked the door in and in a blur of movement had all the humans incapacitated.

"You could have done a countdown or something. I would have helped." Edward said as he entered the room a large pout on his face.

This time Char did laugh. She patted his cheek. "Next time sugar." She cooed to him, which only caused him to growl more. He stomped over to the control panel and looked at the screens. There were dozens of them. Monitoring different rooms in the Arena. Many showed prison cells with different creatures inside. A couple showed corridors and there were five just for the Arena.

Char's eyes found Jasper, Bella, Charlie and Phil almost immediately. She was relieved to see they were alive but terrified by the look of Charlie. She growled deeply. Phil had indeed worked him over. She clenched her fists and thought of all the ways she could hurt the demon.

There was no sound but she could easily tell that Phil was talking to Bella. No doubt he was trying to use Charlie against her. She watched in horror as Bella reached out to take Phil's hand, then there was a flash of light and Char saw Charlie standing there gun drawn and pointed at Phil. It looked like he was shouting. Jasper twisted Phil's neck, killing him for sure.

"No you idiot!" Edward yelled. Char looked over at him in anger. Edward began pushing random buttons before Char could stop him.

"Stop! You can't let out some of those creatures, they're dangerous!" Char said trying to grab his hands.

"We have to open their door. Phil is a demon he's going to take over one of them. They have to get away from him." Edward said in a panic fighting her off and still pushing buttons.

Char tried to contain him but was limited because she really didn't want to hurt him. She watched as all manner of creature escaped their confines. She didn't know what they all were but she knew they had unleashed evil into the world. She had enough. Using the skills she learned from Peter and Jasper, she quickly removed Edward's arms and kicked him away from the panel.

"You stupid Fucker!" She yelled.

"Stay there." She demanded. He was in enough pain that he listened to her.

She turned back to the screens and groaned. "How could you manage to open almost all the doors but theirs?" She saw the Chief close his eyes and fought down her panic. She was better than Edward, she could do this! Peter sent her here because she had experience with security systems. She studied the panel and found what she was looking for. She saw Peter and Leah approaching the room and smiled at their timing. She pushed the button and watched the door open. Peter looked into the camera and blew her a kiss. 'Damn! She loved that man.' She thought smiling.

Char watched him enter the room then turned her eyes back to the monitors, looking for the Quileutes. She caught a glimpse of Marcus and Alice walking down a corridor, they seemed to be avoiding all the monsters running rampant in the building. Probably using Alice's sight to do so. She saw some creatures unconscious on floors in corridors and cells. Maybe it was the same thing that knocked out the Cullens. She turned to look at Edward giving him another glare and muttering at his stupidity.

"Can I trust you to behave if I give you these back?" She said picking up his arms. She would rather leave him without them but she didn't know how many men Phil had employed and they might come here to take back the control room. They had busted down the door and although she could fight off any humans there might be other creatures in the mix. Though she hated to think it she might need Edward's help.

Edward nodded. Char walked over to him and reattached his arms.

"I need you to listen for anyone approaching. We will hold the control room until the others come her. Can you do that?" Char asked him speaking to him as if he were a child.

Edward looked annoyed but again nodded. Char turned her attention back to the screens and watched her mate pick up the chief and leave the room.

Jasper carried Phil, while Peter carried Charlie. Jasper made sure to hit his head, accidentally on purpose, against the walls a couple of times. Of course it didn't hurt him, he was already dead and Bella's shield prevented any further damage to him, but it gave him a little satisfaction.

He kept in tune to the demon's emotions and they were weakening but were still there. The demon repulsed him, his foremost emotion was hate and Jasper would feel dirty, from his emotions, for a long time after this.

He looked over at Bella, she always soothed him. She was watching Peter with her father worriedly. He reached out and grabbed her hand squeezing it. She turned to him and smiled. They quickly made their way to the control room. Leah helped them to avoid all the many creatures in the corridors and Jasper frightened away any that couldn't be avoided.

Char rushed to Peter's side and looked at Charlie with genuine concern. Jasper was a little surprised, Char didn't befriend people easily and she obviously cared a great deal for Charlie.

"How is he?" She asked Peter quietly. Peter just shook his head.

"We need to get him out of here. Find the Quileute boys with Leah and let's get him to Dr. Cullen." Peter said. Char looked like she wanted to protest but changed her mind. She motioned to Leah and the two women headed out the door.

Jasper stared at the screens and saw the many monsters released and escaping. "What happened? We need to stop them. I've fought some of those creatures, we can't let them loose." Jasper said. He felt a large dose of guilt from Edward and looked over at him. Edward's eyes were turned from them, but he seemed to find his voice.

"How come the demon hasn't possessed someone? Why have you carried a dead body here?" Edward asked. Jasper knew he was diverting attention but answered anyways. Eager to praise Bella.

"Bella's shield has him trapped." He said with pride. Peter looked over at her raising his eyebrows in awe. Edward smiled big, feeling his own pride. Jasper wasn't sure if he liked that.

Edward walked over to her. "You make a beautiful vampire Bella." He said reaching out to caress her face. Before Jasper even thought about it he had him by the throat and pushed against the wall.

"She loves me!" Edward gasped out. Jasper felt a moment of doubt.

"No Edward. I don't think I ever really did. I had a teenage crush on you but I love Jasper. He is my mate." Bella said sending Jasper her love.

"Look at this." Peter said watching the screens. Jasper let go of Edward and looked at the screen. He saw Alice and Marcus standing at the entrance to the Arena, they seemed agitated and were pacing.

"They probably are unable to leave. The deal they made was for their obedience." Bella murmured. Jasper came over to her and wrapped his arms around her. He felt Edward's jealousy but ignored it.

They stood there for a long time before Leah and Char found their way back with Embry and Quil in tow.

"Let's blow this joint." Peter said grinning. Jasper was just getting ready to turn when he saw Alice and Marcus suddenly leave the building. He turned to Phil lying on the floor and felt for any emotions from him. He found none.

"Edward can you sense any thoughts coming from Phil?" Jasper asked to be sure.

"None." Edward answered.

"He's gone?" Bella asked.

Jasper was unsure, it seemed anticlimactic.

"Bells..." Charlie muttered.

Bella walked hesitantly to her father. Jasper felt her blood lust threatening her and did his best to help her.

"Don't let go of your shield. How long can you hold it?" He asked. It was easy to tell that it was hard for him to speak.

"I don't know dad. I'm not feeling any strain." Bella answered.

"Hold it...Bury...at sea...away ...just in ..." Charlie struggled to say.

"We understand Chief save your strength." Char cried.

"Daddy please..." Bella sobbed. "Let us change you."

Charlie said nothing as his eyes closed. "Please..." Bella sobbed again.

"Okay..." Charlie said barely audible. The joy that filled the room surprised Jasper. Not only from Bella but from Peter and Char too.

"Jasper would you please. We would be a family by venom. I want the Chief to be part of our family." Peter said. Char nodded excitedly and he felt Bella's approval too.

"Do it now. I don't want to take a chance with his life. We will hurry to the ranch." Char said in a rush. Jasper looked at Bella who nodded, smiling at him, pride and trust in her eyes.

Jasper leaned down and bit Charlie injecting his venom. He felt Edward's and the shifter's disapproval but he ignored it as he bit his wrist injecting more venom.


It was the ending of their year at the ranch and Charlie was almost out of his newborn phase. He wanted to get out there and find the creatures they had released. Jasper, Peter, Char, Leah and Jacob worked tirelessly searching out the creatures, while Charlie did the research from the ranch. Watching the news and the internet for clues of sightings.

They had buried Phil's body at sea. Bella had held the shield over him for two days and Charlie was impressed with his daughter. She was everything he knew she was before Edward had come into her life and slowly destroyed her confidence.

Char and Peter had returned to the Arena and retrieved records on all the creatures that had inhabited the Arena. Then they had contacted the Volturri and told them of the Arena. They had burned the place down.

The Volturri were struggling to survive with Aro and Marcus gone. Marcus never returned to the Volturri and no one knew where he was. They didn't know where Alice was either, and that concerned him. He kept an eye out for both of them, but they were not high on the priority list.

Rose and Emmett kept Ricky and were now raising him as their son. They stayed with Carlisle and Esme, much to the pleasure of Esme who spoiled the little boy rotten. Edward tried to come between Bella and Jasper for a while but soon gave up and returned to live with Carlisle and Esme. Charlie smiled at the thought of his daughter and son-in-law.

He really liked Jasper and was glad that he was Bella's mate. He liked watching them together. They communicated silently, through touches and looks. Charlie was in awe of their bond, only a dumb ass like Edward would try to deny what they shared. They had told him how they had developed their own way of talking because of the need for privacy.

Jasper loved his daughter and it was plain to be seen. Charlie couldn't ask for a better man for her and was proud to call him son. He was dedicated to protecting Bella and finding all the creatures Edward had released.

Charlie stopped his musing and looked at the alert that flashed on his screen. A werewolf sighting in Montana. Charlie grinned he was going on this hunt and they were going to beat Caius to this one!

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