"Howard, you slag, did you miss me?" The Hitcher emerged in the Nabootique with a dramatic flash of lighting. Oh, the green guy gets it, but not me. Thanks a lot, Thor. "Vincey baby. Who's the new guy?"

"He's just leaving." Andrew smiled in his trademark 'fraidy cat way, turning on his heels to run from the cockney geezer with a polo for an eye.

"No he ain't!" A large green thumb pulled the geek backwards into the grasp of the slimy green man. "You're the one that summoned me, I can smell it. Ooh, you smell all good, all coated in my essence. I've been looking for a new playmate. Had to end the 'Ripper a while back, got too slash happy. You'd be a tasty little replacement, wouldn't ya lad?" The Hitcher licked the side of Andrew's face.

"EEEW! Wait, you know Giles?"

"Come on, Son, time to see your new home."

"Nooooo!" Andrew shrieked.

"Ooh, I love it when their feisty!" The Hitcher dragged a green hand down the Watcher's chest.

"AAAH!" Andrew shot up in bed screaming, the sheen of sweat glistening on his body, his heart trying to crack open his chest.

"What's the matter luv?" Spike sat up beside him. The bugger had woken him up, and he'd been having a great dream where Angel was getting the crap kicked out of him by a slimy chaos demon, whilst Spike watched, eating blood-dipped popcorn… "Was it a nightmare?"

"No." Andrew smiled, "it was the most wonderful dream…" Then he snuggled into the vampire and went back to sleep. He loved British TV.