I Am Draco Malfoy-Potter

Prologue: Don't Play with Time, It's Not a Toy

Tears slipped from dull gray eyes as the rain matted his greasy blond locks down and against pale cold cheeks. The hand that laid itself on his shoulder got no reaction at all as the tear stained face continued to stare at the lonely gravestone with little to no emotion. The only evidence of any feelings were hidden by the rain in the tears that refused to stop.

"I'm not changing my mind." Hoarse and rough, the blond's voice was anything but pleasant, but it got his point across well enough when the hand fell from his shoulder.

"It could have side effects Draco. Have you thought this through? What about them?" Severus' own voice was rough but he hid it well as he attempted to talk his godson out of his ridiculous plans.

"You are more than equip to take care of them, I am not without him, Sev. He was the reason they exist in the first place, I wasn't the one who wanted them, but he wanted me to have something to hold onto when he..." A sob sounded before it was quickly silenced. The blond took a deep breath before continuing. "I need him, and he needed me and I failed him. I'm not changing my mind." The resolve within the blond was unshakable and Severus saw this in a instant. Anything he said or did, would fall on deaf ears.

With a sigh of resignation, Severus caved. "Alright. I will not be allowing you to return unarmed. Come with me, we have much to prepare before your journey."

As Severus turned to leave, Draco stayed, eyes locked on the script of the single gravestone under a cherry tree just outside of Godric's Hollow.

Here lies the greatest Wizard of his generation. Loving Father, friend, son, and hero. May he rest in peace.

They hadn'teven put his name. It had become more of a taboo to say than Voldemort's name had been five years ago. Even now, as Voldemort focuses his forces on killing off muggle families after the fall of the only person who could stop him, no one speaks of Harry Potter.

"You didn't deserve this Harry. You didn't deserve any of this. What Dumbledore has put you through, what Voldemort has put you through. Everything they pushed on you, I will fix everything, I will be there right from the beginning my love. You will never be alone. I promise you as a Malfoy-Potter. I will make you happy." Draco whispered into the thunder and rain. He was barely able to hear himself as he spoke, but he knew Harry would hear him.

Removing his wand, he pointed at the stone for a few seconds before lowering it in satisfaction. As he walked away, the letters on the stone changed.

The world pushes some of us without any mercy. Yet when we push back, the world points and cries: EVIL. Here lies one of the Broken. Harry James Malfoy-Potter.


"You'll be needing this. I found it in the Potter volts before they were handed over to the Ministry." Severus sighed tiredly and handed Draco a small leather backpack. "It's expanded inside, you can store anything you want in it and it'll be taken with you."

Draco nodded before looking around Severus' room. "Where are they?" he asked silently. Severus glared slightly.

"In the spare bedroom asleep. The anniversary of their father's death was yesterday and their Dad did nothing to console them. They cried themselves to sleep huddled together." Severus answered like he was discussing the weather. Severus was actually pretty fond of the kids, not that he would say so aloud, but he didn't think Draco was doing the right thing by leaving the kids behind. Still, nothing would change Draco's mind. It was as if his love for his family had died when Harry did. While Severus knew that wasn't entirely true, he knew that it took a lot for Draco to look at his children and not be reminded of Harry.

"Keep them safe for me Uncle Sev. I know you are the only one who can." Draco nodded as he stuffed the backpack with Harry's wand and his potions journal. Just as he was about to close the bag, Severus throw a small book at him, Draco caught it effortlessly before looking at it. "What is this supposed to be?" He asked slowly, feeling numb and cold from the rain.

"A photo album. Harry made four for the kids, but I figured the twins could share one. Take that with you." Severus replied with a loud sigh. "He'd want you to have it."

Draco nodded and threw it in the bag, not bothering to enlarge it and look through it yet. He knew that once he did, he'd start to cry all over again. "Thanks." He said simply. A few more things were tossed into the bag before Draco was done, standing in a strangely drawn circle looking like something out of an Alchemy book.

"This will put you back in your body 20 years ago. That's the farthest the spell can take you Draco." Severus spoke clearly as Draco whirled to him.

"No, I need to go back farther than that! 20 years will only take me to our third year, I need to go back to first year!" Draco hissed.

"There is nothing more I can do. This spell was never meant to exist. You and I have broken more rules than is safe for us. You will have to make do with 20 years." Severus snapped in annoyance.

Draco's eyes hardened as he went over the events of 20 years ago in his mind. He had been Harry's tormenter that year, mocking Harry about his godfather and his weakness to the dementors. That had been the year that he had settled himself in Harry's mind as an enemy. He now had the ability to change that.

20 years wouldn't be too bad, Draco realized. It was the year in which Harry learned of his godfather's existence, the year he had run away from his nasty muggle family. The year he had mastered a Patronus. It was also the year that Draco got Buckbeak executed, which Hermione and Harry had stopped. It was the year they met Lupin. It wasn't what Draco truly wanted, but honestly he could make do.

"Alright Severus." Draco nodded once, an emotionless expression as he reached out his hand for the potions part of the spell.

The two of them had spent the better part of six months brewing that potion, and Draco was fairly sure that it was finally prepared.

Severus hesitated.

"Will you not even say goodbye?"

Draco knew what he was asking without requesting details. His children, of course. He paused and thought for a while. Soon, he would be seeing Harry again, whether in death or in the past, and that thought made the idea of seeing his children less dreadful.

\"I guess I must." Draco sighed. "Once they ask where I have gone, tell them I have gone to rescue their Papa. While they will miss me, they will understand why I needed to go."

Severus scowled. "Won't they want to follow straight behind you?" He asked, already knowing the answer. While the children had the Malfoy name, they were also Potter children. Of course they would disobey orders and want to follow behind their Dad.

"The spell can only take a person back to their bodies in the past, not throw them into the past in their own bodies." Draco answered sharply, not comfortable with the idea of his children in danger. While he resented seeing Harry's face in theirs every day, he did love his children with a passion. He just refrained from looking at them.

"You never know. Scorpius is powerful, just like his fathers. If anyone can find a way, It'll be that kid."

Draco dismissed the thought as he left the basement, climbing up the stairs to the living room and again to the second floor. Snape Manor wasn't as big as Malfoy Manor, but Draco still had trouble finding his way around. He reached Severus' room and went to the room across from it. That had been his room when he was younger.

When he opened the door, the sight that met him threatened to make him cry all over again. Huddled together in the four-post kind sized bed he had once used, were his four children.

Scorpius and Leonis were on their back with each of the twins laying on top of them and once he got closer, he could see that Scorpius was holding onto Leonis' wrist as they slept.

A realization hit Draco as he stood there watching his children. This would be the last time he would be seeing them.

Gently, he laid a hand on Lilian's head, her wavy blond hair was silk under his fingers, just like Harry's had been. He had to close his eyes shut at that thought.

When he opened his eyes again, he was met with a pair of deep green emeralds that took his breath away. Harry's eyes.

"Why are you here?" Scorpius' eyes were hard and accusing, but his tone was light and gentle. It was as if he wanted to hate his Dad, but he just couldn't.

"Hello Scorp. I'm sorry to wake you." Draco said timidly, not being able to stand up to his son's accusation. He knew he had neglected his children since Harry had died, this would be the first real interaction they would have, and it would also be the last.

"It's okay. Do you want me to wake the others?" Scorpius asked, not waiting for the answer as he squeezed Leonis' wrist and shook the little girl in his arms. "Time to get up little ones." He said kindly to Lilian.

The pairs of eyes blinked themselves open, attempting to focus and as each one realized who was in the room, they hardened like a true Malfoy hiding his emotions. Draco suddenly felt guilty. An entire year of neglecting these beautiful children and now he was about to say goodbye to them.

"Daddy." Jamie called, he was still young and innocent so even though his eyes were hard, the craving for his father's attention was plainly seen.

Without hesitation Draco went around the bed and plucked Jamie from Leonis' hold. Crushing the poor boy in a hug. "Yes Jamie, Daddy's here." Draco whispered into his short black hair. Even if he eyes were closed, he could feel the tears falling down his cheeks, getting lost in Jamie's unruly hair.

That seemed to have broken some sort of barrier, as the other three kids almost launched themselves at Draco's form.

Scorpius was 14 and came up to the middle of Draco's chest, so he put his arms around both Draco's torso and Jamie's little 9-year-old body. Leonis was the middle child standing just a head shorter than Scorpius at 13. He had taken Draco's other side, latching on to Draco's waist. Lilian was only a hair taller than Jamie, so she ran and grabbed Draco's leg like a life-line squeezing so hard that her Daddy almost buckled under the weight of all his children, but he held strong.

They all stood there, silently crying as they held each other for what seemed like hours. Once each child had calmed down enough to be ushered onto the bed, Draco sat between the three of them, still holding Jamie.

"Do you guys know what me and Uncle Sev have been planning for the last year?" Draco asked silently, jumping to the conversation that would call for the goodbyes. Even though the sight of his children no longer made him nauseous, Draco still believed Severus could be a better guardian than him. His first and greatest priority was taking care of Harry.

When all the children shook their heads, Draco sighed. He had already had the internal battle with himself about whether it was best to tell his children the truth or stage his own death, and he had come to the conclusion that the truth would hurt them much less than his death.

"Your Daddy's gonna go look for your Papa." Draco answered simply. The childrens' eyes snapped to him at the mention of their Papa.

"But Dad, Papa's dead..." Scorpius replied quietly.

"I know, that's why your Daddy's going to the past for him." Leonis gasped from his right.

"Time travel is possible? But what are you going to do? Are you going to bring him back here?"

Draco sighed. Here comes the worst part of the explaining. "No.." Draco tentatively paused. "The spell we created, allows someone to be transported back to their original bodies in the past. There is no return, I would have to live out my life protecting your Papa."

Silence rang after the explanation as the children processed the information given to them. When someone did speak, it was Lilian.

"Then what about us Daddy?"

Draco's heart almost broke and he almost caved at the look in her eyes, but her Green and Silver eyes only reminded him of what he had lost, so he swallowed thickly as Jamie buried himself in his neck.

"You will stay under Uncle Sev's care, until you are born in the past. Me and your Papa will raise you all like we should have from the very beginning." Draco answered.

"So we aren't coming with you?" Leonis sighed, a deep sadness in his silver eyes.

"No you aren't. I need to save your Papa. Leo, I have told you stories of everything your Papa has accomplished, but I have never told you what it took to go through all the things that he has. He relied on me to save him this time, and I failed him, I need to save him in the past so that he can live happily together with us." Draco soothed the boy's shoulder length black hair and pulled him to his chest, even as Jamie still occupied his lap. "Your Papa will need me, the information I'll have, the things I'll know, the affect I'll have in the past."

"Then why don't you take us with you! We want to see Papa, Daddy, we miss him too, and we need him too." Lilian sobbed into his right leg as Draco took his hand off Leonis' hair to run it through her's.

"It'll be dangerous-"

"It's dangerous here Papa." Scorpius hissed. "Voldemort is still alive and Papa isn't here to save the world like he usually does. In this year alone he has taken out all of the blood traitors that oppose him and most of the muggle population in Britain. His goal is the world Papa, no one is safe. He has the ministry, he has the school, he has everything."

"He doesn't have all of you." Draco answered, his tone hard and final. "Severus is still his loyal spy, under his care you will be kept safe. I don't want you put in harm's way in the past when me and your Papa don't have enough power to protect you."

"But Papa-"

"No 'but's from any of you. That is final. I am doing this for your happiness as much as mine and your Papa's." Gently pushing Jamie into Scorpius' arms, Draco pushed himself up and over his children to get out of the bed. "I will be leaving tonight and you are to do all that Uncle Sev tell you to."

"That's hardly fair!" Scorpius left Jamie on the bed as he rose to come face to face with his Dad. "You will go to the past and have a bright future but think nothing of us? The day Papa died we stopped meaning anything to you! You don't care about us! You aren't doing any of this for us!"

The slap was sudden and loud. Draco couldn't help but regret it the second it was done, but he was not about to back down to his son.

"I may have not been around for the past year, but I always looked out for you and your siblings. You have been my top priority. I have watched over you every night. The loss of your father had not just crippled me, it broke me. I loved your father, he was my life and I love you just as much. You were created from mine and your Papa's love for each other. As much as I love you, I can't raise you." Draco's hard voice softened as he lowered his voice. "A broken man is not fit to raise four children. I would ruin you, I would taint you."

Draco laid a hand on Scorpius' red cheek and smiled sadly. "You know where your eyes come from don't you? Your Papa's innocence, his bravery, his soul. I can see it all in your eyes Scorp. I can see it in Leo, in Lily, and in Jamie. I can see your Papa in there, and I will never be alright without him. I need to do this. I have to save us, this family. I promise you I will become the Daddy I used to be, but for now, you have to let me save him."

Without waiting for a response, Draco turned on his heels and walked out of the room, closing the door and using his undetectable wand to lock it. Since Voldemort's Ministry take-over, he had broken his wand and buried it with Harry, so the undetectable was all he had.

"They will understand. I will do right by them in the past."


It took only minutes to have the Alchemic circle drawn on the basement floor glowing and pulsing with the beginning of the magic spell. A whole year of none-stop dedication had lead to this, and Draco was more than nervous, but he was determined.

"Drink this as I'm reciting the spell." Severus moved slowly to hand him the vial of the potion they'd spent six months brewing. For the first time in a year Draco really looked at his Godfather. Aged and worn with torture and life, Severus has become old. Wrinkled face, white hair, and eyes that lacked any life or luster as they had in the past. Draco suddenly doubted Severus' ability to care for the children, but stopped himself before he thought too deeply on it. He had to think of Harry.

"Are you ready?" Severus asked tentatively.

Draco nodded once, and Severus began to chant.

"From here to there
Where once began to go wrong
Let this lonely man bear
So selfless and strong"

Severus waved his wand and ancient runes swirled out to spin gently around Draco who lifted the vial to his lips and gulped the nasty liquid down.

"Not for change or to despair
But to relive and to replace
What all at once had not been fair,
To revive a soul that lead this race"

Electricity crackled through the room as Draco twitched. A burning and sharp pain spread across his body from his head to his toes and he looked at Severus to see if something had gone wrong. The man was talking, his mouth moving frantically but Draco couldn't hear him. His vision was beginning to blur as well.

Draco's mouth opened to speak himself but the pain had come again and he screamed out, not really hearing his own scream either. One glance at his hand told him that he was going transparent, and that was all Draco remembered before the world went black and he fell to his knees.

Darkness never felt so painful.

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