I Am Draco Malfoy-Potter

Chapter Eighteen: Our Perfect Family

"Why don't you go back Harry. This isn't where you belong."

His mother's hand ran over his hair as she spoke, but he knew she was speaking seriously. That's right, he didn't belong here.

"You have responsibilities son, you can't sleep here with us forever." His father insisted, but the strong hand remained on his shoulder. He knew how they felt, they didn't want to say goodbye. They were torn between keeping their little boy in their arms and letting him return to the world he belonged in.

"We've been watching you, did you know? Everything that has to do with you, past, present, future. You are going to do so many good things for the people you love. You are so important to them and you will protect them with everything you are." Lily's voice was so proud and calm, Harry wanted to keep hearing her talk. His mother, this was his only chance to be with his mother and father. His one last chance to see them.

"And your children." James mentioned with a grin. "Boy, you're children will grow into great people. Accomplished wizards who always remember those important lessons you and the Malfoy kid taught them."

Harry wanted to ask how his father knew Draco, but he was unable to speak at all. All he could do was listen, and that wasn't a bad thing as Harry remembered Lily saying something about watching him past, present, and future.

"Malfoy-Potter dear." Lily corrected with a little giggle, Harry heard James' groan.

"That's right. You two share last names. Can't say I'm too glad about the name Malfoy-Potter, but it does become quite a grand thing in the future, doesn't it Lils!"

Lily laughed out loud and the hand in Harry's hair stops. "Oh yes it does! The Malfoy-Potters go on for generations after it! It's truly amazing what our little son does. I'm so very proud of you Harry."

Unable to respond, Harry waits for one of them to speak again.

"I guess our time with you is all at it's end now." Lily sounded so sad and Harry's heart broke. No, don't take them away. Please whoever gave him this gift, don't take it back. Please, he didn't want to let go. He didn't want to be alone.

"Harry...Please honey, please come back. Please don't leave me again, not again. I can't survive it a second time, I can't...Harry..." It was Draco's voice.

The hand began to run through his hair again.

"I think it's time to wake up now. Your husband awaits your return." He could hear the smile in her words, just as he could hear the tears. No! It's too soon. His mother! His father! Don't take them away.

"Please...don't take Harry away. I can't handle it, oh god please Harry...I love you..."

"Go boy." James insisted. "Open your eyes and face your life. Never forget that no matter what you do, we will always be proud of you. We love you Harry, so so much. I'm sorry we could never be there to show you."

"Open your eyes. Please...open your eyes. Open your eyes. Open your eyes!"

"Don't make him cry honey. He loves you. You will not be alone, you will never be alone again. Now go on Harry dear, show him how much you love him too."




The blond's breath caught in his throat as his head shot up from his place in the bed next to his lover's hand.


Five days. Five full days the damn Gryffindor spends in a freaking coma and he decides to awaken on the only day Draco finally broke down and cried? The god damn bastard!


"Harry!" He rose and looked into the hazy green orbs, confirming that Harry was in fact conscious. "Oh god Harry, you had me so scared. I was breaking down thinking you weren't going to wake up! I thought I'd lose you again! I can't lose you Harry, I'm not strong enough for a second time."

Harry's eyes were far away as he looked at Draco and the blond wondered if the brunet could hear him at all let alone see him.

When those hazy eyes started to fill with tears, Draco began to panic. "H-Harry?!"

"They're gone. They left, they aren't here. What am I supposed to do? What do I do? I don't want to be alone. Don't leave me, don't leave me alone." Harry wasn't talking to him anymore, he was talking to himself or to the air around them, but he sure as hell wasn't directing his words at Draco, and part of him (The Malfoy part) felt insulted at being so bluntly ignored after being so worried. While another part of him (The Potter part) felt curious as to what Harry was going on about.

"Harry, who's gone? Who are you talking about?" He asked softly as the brunet covered his eyes and started to sob.


Harry's parents?

"Harry, you aren't alone baby. You aren't alone, you have me and our kids, and Ron and Hermione, you have everyone who loves you, you will never be alone." Draco reached for Harry's hands and pulled them down, making the green eyes he adored look straight into his own silver ones. "You will never be alone."

This seemed to calm the slightly frantic boy down enough to recognize the person in front of him and his surroundings.

"Draco? Why are we in your room? What happened?"

"You got knocked in the back of the head with a chair baby." Draco answered with a long and deep sigh. Harry's eyes went wide.

"What? Seriously? How'd that happen?"

"Jamie lost control of his magic." Draco looked down as he remembered his talk with the boy not even a full day ago. It'd been days since the incident and Harry hadn't even shown any signs of consciousness and the boy was begging to blame himself and fall into a shell Draco had seen very often from his younger years, but he had grabbed the boy and had a serious talk. "Oh, that reminds me, we performed the binding ceremony yesterday. James now shares half of his magic with Lily."

The names seemed to put a shadow back over Harry's eyes and Draco was confused. "Harry?"

"I kept hearing their voice you know. While I was...in the coma I guess. I heard them talk to me. They talked about you, our kids, the future." Harry looked around the room as if looking for his parents but then his eyes stopped on Draco. His Draco.

With one hand he motioned for Draco to come closer. The blond was so lost that he followed without word and Harry pulled him into one of the deepest kisses they'd ever shared since the night in the perfect's bathroom.

"You're right." Harry whispered into Draco's lips with a smile. "I'm not alone."


Damnit! Every time! Harry and Draco cursed in their mind and separated, allowing the three kids who'd entered the room to see that he was alright and awake.

The kids rushed forward all at once, jumping into the bed and hugging some part of their Papa. Harry laughed as someone took that moment to start tickling him. This got a little out of hand when he started tickling Scorpius who'd hugged him around the waist. The boy squealed and that was the beginnings of a tickle fight.

Harry had never actually done this in his life. While he was comfortable enough around Ron and Hermione, freely touching a girl was awkward and Ron...it was even more awkward. To be able to have family this with made him actual feel as if he wasn't alone. These people would stay in his life no matter what, and something inside him finally realized it with such honesty.

But one was missing...

"Where's Jamie?" Harry laughed out as he batted Lilian's hand away from his stomach.

Everyone stopped at once as he mentioned Jamie and that kind of scared him to an extent. Was his little boy hurt in the episode like he'd been?

"Guys? Where's Jamie?"

Lilian was the first to speak. "He hasn't been to see you since the first night of the accident. You weren't waking up so he got really scared of his own magic. He wanted to seal it away so he could never use it but Daddy convinced him to just make a bond with me and share both our magic between each other..."

"Ever since the bonding ceremony, he'd been in the Malfoy dungeons practicing control without a wand. He only comes up for food and the bathroom to be honest." Scorpius sighed. "We were all starting to worry but...every time someone talked to him he would ignore us and go down there and lock the doors."

Harry's eyes narrowed at this. His youngest child was down in the dungeons by himself. He didn't like the way that sounded one bit.

He turned to Draco. "Did you try to get him to come up?" Draco tensed and Harry knew there was something wrong there. "Draco Lucius Malfoy-Potter, did you attempt to get our son to come out of the dungeons!" It wasn't a question anymore, Harry knew the answer by Draco's face. The blond hasn't even tried once.

"If practicing makes him feel better I thought it would do him good to-"

"You do not leave a child of 11 to his own devices! Locked alone in a dungeon!"

"Harry, he felt guilty for hurting you, as he should you almost didn't-"

"'As he should'? Did you actually just say that! It isn't he's fault his magic-"

"It is his fault! One's magic is an extension of ourselves, no one can hold it in but us. He needs to learn to do that and no one can show him. He'll be okay by himself."

Harry glared at his husband. The want to slap the blond across the face was strong, but he didn't bother. He knew why Draco was saying this. He'd been afraid to lose Harry again by the hands of his own son. While Harry could understand, he was pissed. He didn't even want to look at the Slytherin's face.

"If you don't want to, then I'll go get our son."

He pushed the blond off the bed and tried to stand, stumbling a bit. Draco reached for him but the brunet pushed him away a little harder.

"Harry, please, you've been unconscious for the last four days."

Harry's eyes were so fierce, worse than Draco has ever seen it. It scared him.

"I will go get our son, and I will hug him. I will tell him everything is alright and it wasn't his fault, and no matter what you say I will not let him face magic alone, even if it is his own. He has a family and that family will be by his side no matter what." Harry tried to make his way to the door but his knees gave out and his form fell to the ground.

"Harry!" Draco rushed to his side but didn't touch him. He knew Harry would just push him away again. "Harry please get back into bed."

The Gryffindor let out a sound of frustration as his arms tried to push him up again, that was all he could managed. He hadn't eat anything for four days, hadn't had anything to drink, he was weak and dizzy, but he was going to do this.

"I'm not going to let him feel alone. He's not like me, he has parents who love him and siblings who care and I'm not going to let him be all alone in the world like I was, I can't do that to him, I'm here damnit! I need to show him that I'm here!"

"I'll go..." Draco said, getting Harry attention.

"What?" Harry asked.

Without responding, Draco used Harry's surprise as an opening to grab the Gryffindor and lift him off the ground bridal style. Harry didn't even bother to protest as he stared at Draco's face blankly.

"I'll go get him."


James Lucius Malfoy-Potter. The youngest to bare those heavy last names. So much was called of him and he couldn't even control his own magic.

Four days. His dad had been unconscious for four days, he's been practicing for four days, he's been unsuccessful for four days.

Wandless magic wasn't as easy as the books made it seem to be. It was the clearest sign of magical control and focus and to accomplish it successfully all one had to do was use their finger to direct me magic and your mind to call out the spells. But every spell James had tried blew up items or sent them flying. That is why he was practicing down here, where he could harm no one but himself.

Levitating spells, summoning spells, even simple transfiguration, nothing seemed to stick or work as it should. It was so frustrating, but at least he hadn't lost control ever since the ceremony.

"Jamie?" The voice of his father seemed to echo in the dungeon and he was startled for a second. He'd locked the doors hadn't he? "Jamie, I'm not a real big fan of these dungeons so can you just..I don't know come here or let me know where you are so I won't have to go looking for you?"

Oh that's right, he was inside of the of the cells. He didn't much feel like seeing his Daddy's face, so he stayed silent.

"You're Papa woke up you know? He asked for you.."

That got a bit of reaction from the youngest child but not enough to have him jumping from his hiding place. The Malfoy Dungeons were larger than most, so if his Dad went looking for him, he could always escape.

But then something happened that Jamie hadn't been expecting. He heard his Dad sit down on the stairs leading to the exit and sigh deeply before he began to speak into the empty(almost) dungeon.

"I was in your possession once you know. I had trouble controlling my magic and my father always made me feel so ashamed about it. For four years I practiced on my own with controlling my blood magic, my dark spells, my core itself. I calmed by persona, did things like meditation, tai-chi, yoga just because books and theories said that control of the emotions meant control of the human core." Draco laughed to himself. "It wasn't completely off, but after all that hard work I tried to show him what I learned..."

Silence rung for a while and Jamie actually felt as if going out to see his Dad would be the best thing to do right now. He was just about to walk out of the cell when the blond started to speak again.

"He didn't even watch when I showed him my wandless magic, my control. He said 'Good job son' like it didn't really matter then sent me out of his study like I was interrupting his work. I know he never meant to be that way, he does care about me..but I had never felt so alone in my life."

Jamie nodded his head, understand what his Dad was saying. He felt alone himself right now.

"I remember promising myself that if I ever had kids, I'd never make them feel like I did. I wanted my children to have a parent they could rely on with anything, during hard times especially but also when they want to tell me about something good that happened. I realized I haven't really been that parent. I always let your Papa handle you guys because he was always so much better at being open and keeping control. That's something I still need to learn, but you know what? This Harry, your Papa from this time right now is teaching me everything I need to know."

Jamie took a deep breath and walked out of the cell he was in, looking at the form of his dad that had hidden his face in his knees as he talked. He was sitting curled up on the stairs of the dungeon and Jamie felt like doing just that too.

"Daddy?" He was a bit afraid to go near his Dad. He'd hurt Papa, he'd actually put his own Papa in a coma and he knew his Daddy blamed him too.

But when his Daddy's face lifted to look at him, he was crying.

Draco almost launched himself at the little boy who stiffened in the want to run, but the blond had his arms around the little boy before he got too far. "I'm sorry. I haven't been the father you needed. None of us noticed your magical power and your struggle to control it, but you don't have to do it alone anymore. You don't have to practice alone, we know how to protect ourselves if things go wrong and most of all we want to be there."

Jamie relaxed and snaked his own arms around his Daddy.

"I'm proud of you Jamie. I am. You're so strong and you're only 11. You'll be the greatest wizard of your generation, just like your Papa."

Jamie felt his own tears start to fall and he sniffled into his Daddy's shirt. He felt like something inside his heart had filled up to the brim and was now overflowing from his eyes. He hadn't wanted to be alone. To work so hard. He'd wanted help, support and love, and he especially wanted to be recognized for something other than Potions in his Daddy's eyes. Scorpius already had his Daddy's attention when it came to Potions.

"I love you..." Draco whispered. Jamie closed his eyes and enjoyed this moment for what it was, a change in their relationship.

"I love you too Daddy..."

Harry stood at the doorway leading to the dungeon and sighed in relief. He'd promised Draco he'd stay in bed, but he couldn't possibly not worry about his own flesh and blood.

"Can we go back now Papa, Daddy won't be very happy with me if he sees us." Scorpius smiled as he supported most of his Papa's weight. Being a bit taller than the younger version of his Papa actually served for something this time.

"Yeah, we can go back." Harry was smiling too as he walked with Scorpius and Leonis back to the room. Lilian stayed as she watched the scene in the dungeon. She face showed both love and hurt, a mix of emotions so great it rocked her a bit. She loved the fact that her Daddy was paying more attention to the other boys, but she'd always been her Daddy's little girl...

"Lily. Come on sis, lets go up stairs and wait for them." Leonis came back and grabbed the little girls hand as they walked back to Draco's room.


"I want you to choose anything that you connect with. Don't go worrying about the cost. Alright?" Draco grinned as he noticed his children were already far into the pet shop.

Everyone had gotten their Hogwarts letters the day before, so today everyone had come out to buy not only their school supplies but more clothes for the children. Lilian was getting rather tried of wearing her Dad's old robes.

Harry had wondered off just like their children, but when Draco went to look for his love, he'd found him in front of a rather large snake with bright blue eyes that stared right into someone's soul. Harry was hissing at the thing and that's when Draco remembered Harry's ability.

"Do you like him?" Draco asked coming up from behind Harry.

Harry didn't even flinch when arms came around his waist, instead he leaned back into Draco's chest. "It's a her actually. Said her name was Rizza. She's magical, says they captured her from the forest one day and she's been here every since because she bits anyone who tries to touch her." Harry sounded far away, as if he was thinking and Draco knew what he was thinking about.

"Would you like to take her home? If she's magical she can change her size right? Ask her if she could become a bit smaller and we'll take her."

Harry looked at Draco with thankful eyes and hissed at the snake again. She bobbed her head and in seconds she was the length of a necklace. Harry reached into the cage for her and draped her over his shoulders.

Draco came close and touch her head, her scales soft and warm. "It's nice to meet you Rizza, welcome to the family."

"Daddy! I want this one!"

Jamie came over with a small yellow/orange cat. "I call him, Griff!

"I like him." Harry smiled and the boy spotted the snake around his father's neck. "Oh she's pretty." The snake started hissing and Jamie smiled. "Thank you very much Miss Rizza."

Draco's eyes widen and so did Harry's. They looked at each other and then back at Jamie as the snake hissed again and he looked at his parents and then back at her. "Yes I am. I can only understand though I can't speak. Leonis can speak it though."

Leonis? He could speak Parseltongue? And Jamie could understand it?

Harry was about to speak when Leonis came into the reptile aisle and held up a small slither reptile. Harry would have called it a snake had the thing not had wings.

"Hey Papa, can I get this one?" He smiled innocently and Draco just nodded his head as Harry assessed the animal. It looked like a miniature dragon about the size of a kitten. "I kinda already named him Lucien."

"I found it! The perfect familiar!" Lilian's girly squeal made them all wince as she started to run to find them. She was there in less than a minute. "Papa look! Look!" A small pure white rat with one red eye and the other blue. "He's just perfect! I'm gong to call him Nezumi! It means 'rat' in Japanese!"

"I've sorta found one too." Scorpius smiled a little guiltily. "Say hi to Alpha." As he walked passed all of them a white little wolf following behind him growling at going for Scorpius' pants legs. He was probably still a cub as he tugged on the edge of the pants leg and was just dragged around instead.

Oh boy. Harry thought as he looked around at each animal's little faces.

"Things are not gonna be easy this year...are they Harry." Draco sighed and Harry shook his head.


"Are your stuff all in order children? Don't leave a trunk behind."

Narcissa smiled as she looked over the faces of all six of the Malfoy-Potters. They would be on their way to Hogwarts in a few moments.

"Mother, I am hardly a child." Draco scowled as he rounded up all four of his mesmerized children. They've never been to King's Cross station and it showed in their eyes as they watched all the magical children like them run around trying to get a good seat on the train.

"This is so awesome." Scorpius breathed as he kept a hand on each the twin's shoulders.

"Don't make your eyes go too wide, Scorp, your contacts will start to bother you." Harry warned as he looked around for his own friends. Over the summer, he'd informed Hermione of the arrival of the children. She'd asked to be picked up but Narcissa found it unsafe and Hermione's parents refused to let her leave. She had yet to inform Ron from what Harry had heard.

"Harry, come on, it's time to get on." Draco called out as his children were ushered into the train.

Harry looked around again but couldn't find his friends anywhere. They would come into the train eventually he guessed, but he'd wanted to the chance to introduce his children to his best friend properly.

"I'm coming." Harry sighed as he followed behind Draco.

As they got on the train the one at the lead, Scorpius, found an empty compartment and they all filed it. It had just enough space for the six of them with Lilian on Harry's lap.

"What houses do you think we'll be sorted into?" Leonis asked excitedly. He had been unable to sleep the night before, well actually everyone had trouble sleeping since news of Dementors being sighted in Privet Drive, Little Whinging hit the Malfoy Mansion's breakfast table in the from of the morning paper.

"I know I'm going into Slytherin." Scorpius admitted. Harry looked at him with a question in his eyes. "I've got a love for potions that rivals even Dad's. On top of which, who's idea do you think it was to try and come to the past after Dad?"

Harry nodded in a bit of understanding. He'd almost been sorted into Slytherin himself so he didn't have much to talk about.

"I'll be in Gryffindor." Lilian said excitedly. "I've got the heart of a lion! Roar!" She tried for a lion's growl and ended up sounding like a cute dinosaur and Harry hugged her hard.

"Ravenclaw." Leonis smiled. "I've got a love for knowledge and Transfiguration."

The rest turned their eyes to Jamie who was staring out the window with a small smile on his face. He turned his head to them and the smile turned into a Malfoy smirk. "It's a surprise." He said simply then went back to staring out the window.

The landscape passed by them so fast that Jamie had a hard time focusing, but ever since the trip to Diagon Ally, he felt like a new person. He had new clothes, his eyes shun with a new color, his attitude changed with his confidence. He felt so good.

"Well just have to wait till the next chapter of our story." Jamie laughed at himself as his siblings started talking about planning the up coming year.


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