(Nephew of the 1st and 2nd Chapter 3)


The day had just gotten started, but already it was turning out to be great. The sun was shining bright with there being no clouds in the sky and just a small breeze now and then to keep everyone cool. The scent of spring was strong in the air filling the noses of the residents of the newly formed Hidden Village with the scent of lilacs and other flowers.

The village was doing great, and already the guards were starting to have to deal with the dreaded gate guard duty. Some of them had employed the age old rock-paper-scissor game to determine who and when they would have to do this mind numbingly boring task.

Today a young man from the Hyuga clan, and a young women from the Aburame clan, were chosen to watch the south gate. They had their own ways of checking to see if the area was secure. The Hyuga just used his dojutsu to see everything around them for a good distance, while the female Aburame used her bugs like spies always relying information back to her.

They had been guarding the gate for about three hours now but were already bored. The Hyuga of course was trying to be the epitome of a human peacock with his white kimono looking outfit, and his hair all long and done up in a ponytail. He didn't try to engage the Aburame in conversation, even though he was very bored. The Aburame didn't try to talk to the Hyuga because she knew it was illogical. They were famous for their attitudes and views of others so trying to have even an intellectual conversation with him would surely end badly. That was why she decided to sit there and ignore him for the better part, as he was not an option in her opinion to relieve her boredom.

As the female Aburame looked around she tensed slightly. The Hyuga obviously noticed this and turned his head ever so slightly to take a better look at her. He noticed she seemed to relax, but he didn't say anything. If it was something he needed to know then he was sure his partner would tell him, it was only logical after all.

"Two ninja approach the village" spoke the Aburame with her detached voice. It was odd how all Aburame acted to the Hyuga. They were all distant and hid their emotions from everyone, even their own families. Many wondered if it were natural, or if they did something to make them act this way.

The Hyuga looked over at the Aburame a bit more before saying "Are they a threat?" He stood up just in case, as he was a tiajutsu user, so sitting down would be advantageous to him should they be attacked.

"No, they bare the forehead protectors of our village, and are key members of our village as well" spoke the Aburame; once again she didn't tell the Hyuga who these two were which really was starting to aggravated him.

"Hmph, alright" spoke the Hyuga as he activated his Byakugan. He looked forward into the distance and saw two people walking their way. They both had massive chakra reserves, but it was their faces that shocked the Hyuga the most.

When the two people came into view the Aburame and Hyuga both stood up to great them. Madara acted like he didn't even see them, but Naruto gave both of them a friendly wave before continuing his walk towards the village.

Once they entered the village Madara looked around with a strange look on his face before he said "It is good to be back in the village. The weather in the Land of Frost in not my favorite in the Elemental Nations, so going there again isn't something I want to do anytime soon."

Naruto ruled his eyes a bit knowing that the elder Uchiha had no problem with the temperature in the Land of Frost. He wore his thick samurai armor which would keep him warm even in the Land of Snow, plus he was a fire style user, and probably the best in the world at is as well. All he had to do was channel some fire chakra though his body and he would be nice and toasty.

"Really? I didn't notice the weather at all, but that may be due to the armor you got me before our mission" spoke Naruto as he looked down at the forest green samurai armor that he wore over his black fighting outfit. "Though the cliché you used with the forest green to hint at my wood style was a bit much don't you thing?"

Naruto was one of the few people who could joke around with Madara and not raise his ire. Hashirama was one of them, but even them Madara had a tendency to get mad and yell at him. It was only Hashirama's bipolar attitude that caused him to act like a frighten child when this happened kept them from hating on another.

"If you don't like the gift then you can always give it back" spoke Madara as he and Naruto continued to walk towards Hashirama's office. He looked down at Naruto with an expecting look, and grinned when he saw Naruto role his eyes.

Naruto rolled his eyes knowing that Madara was just trying to mess with him. "You know I like the armor Madara, you don't have to get all defensive" spoke Naruto with a grin. He ran his fingers though his green hair for a moment before coughing for a moment. "Eh, that's gross."

Madara noticed that Naruto had been coughing on and off ever since they left the Land of Frost. He had assumed Naruto had caught some kind of cold, though he found that just as weird since Uzumaki were known for their strong bodies and the fact that they almost never got sick. Add that in with the Senju's amazing physical bodies and the boy should be immune to just about everything.

"You need to go see a medical nin" asked Madara, though it came out a bit more condescending then he had planed on. Seeing that he had already started, and wouldn't go back on it, even if it was unintentional, Madara decided to continue to play on the jerk card. "I am sure Hashirama would love to nurse you back to health like the big baby you are."

Naruto shot Madara a vicious look, but decided to wipe his mouth before saying anything. He didn't need to give Madara any extra ammunition after all. "Shut up! I am not the one who took a weak to heal after he got all cocky and got hit by that solid water dragon back in the Land of Waterfalls" spoke Naruto with a vicious grin of his own.

Naruto had been amazed when he saw Madara take a direct hit, believing the man was damn near invincible after sparing with him so many times. They had been on a mission to the Land of Waterfalls to try and get an alliance with their newly formed village, but were attacked by a rogue ninja who used water style. Madara had been so confident he would be able to defeat this ninja that he used a fire style ninjutsu against the man's water style jutsu.

The amazing part was the man used some kind of secret water style manipulation to cause the water to harden to an amazing degree while still keeping its water like flexibility. Naruto had seen it and had been amazed since the water dragon was still made out of water, but it was solid, and it wasn't made of ice either.

Needless to say when Madara and the rogue ninja's jutsu met the rogue ninja's had easily won out and charged Madara very quickly. Madara had been so shocked that he had lost to this no name that he wasn't fast enough to react in time to avoid the water dragon. The rogue ninja had thought he had won and soon turned on Naruto, but that was his mistake, and the suffering he was put through by Madara was almost to horrifying for words.

Naruto had been able to keep Madara from killing the man long enough to discover the theory behind the man's odd solid water jutsu. Apparently the man had used his chakra to push the hydrogen and oxygen atoms closer together, thus giving them a far more solid form, but allowed them to keep their water attributes. Though right after that, Madara killed the man with his Mangekyou Sharingan.

Naruto wasn't put off by that and soon started to practice using his water release much more often. He wanted to master it like his uncle Tobirama, but he wanted to incorporate the great ideas of the now dead rogue ninja to further his power and usage of it. He also knew that he would have to practice and better his use of earth release, since it would make his wood release that much stronger.

Madara's face contorted into something that resembled rage and indignation merged into one as he stared down at Naruto with barely restrained anger. "That was a onetime thing and that is it" spoke Madara in a tone that said this was over.

Naruto being the ass that he knew he could be though decided that he wanted to push his luck. "Yea, if it wasn't for those eyes of yours you would have bitten the big one that day" spoke Naruto in a casual voice knowing that it was only making things worse for Madara. "I wonder what the history books would have said. The great Madara Uchiha killed by some no name ninja from the back woods. They would use you for an example on why being cocky is a bad thing for the rest of time" laughed Naruto right before he was punched in the back of the head causing him to go face first into the ground.

When Naruto got up he started to spit up dirt and grass with anime tears in his eyes. "Ehww so gross" spoke Naruto as he started to brush the dirt off of his tongue in quick succession. That was when he felt a pain in the back of his head and started to rub it. He felt a lump on the top of his head and man did it hurt. "Ow Madara you don't have to hit so hard!"

Madara ignored Naruto completely and kept on walking away not wanting to be associated with Naruto right now. He knew he would never be able to live the shame of almost dying like that, but he had been thankful Naruto hadn't told anyone when they turned in their reports, though it seemed he just wanted it to use to torture him when nobody was listening.

Madara continued to walk not wanting to be close to Naruto right now. He didn't know what he would do since his anger had always been a bad part about his personality, and he didn't want to take it out on Naruto, even if the little shit deserved it.

"Hey Madara wait up" shouted Naruto as he ran towards Madara.

"No, I will report to Hashirama, you go do something else, you deserve a good rest" spoke Madara right before he disappeared in a vortex of flames. Naruto thought he was just show boating a bit, but decided to ignore him.

Standing in the middle of the street with nothing to do really sucked in Naruto's opinion. He thought about going to see Hashirama to learn more about his wood release, or maybe going to see Tobirama and talking more about water release, but he didn't want Tobirama to know about how to harden his water. He wanted to make a name for doing that, and that wouldn't be possible is Tobirama started to do it before him. Finally he made up his mind.

"I guess I will go see auntie Mito-chan" spoke Naruto as he disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving nothing behind but a bunch of confused villagers and ninja who had seen him talking to his self.


As Madara entered Hashirama's office he was unhappy to see that Tobirama was in there as well. If there was one person Madara hated more than anyone else it was Tobirama, and he was getting tired of him trying to whisper his crap in Hashirama's ear when he was not around. He didn't know what it was, but he knew Tobirama was plotting something.

Hashirama ignored Tobirama when Madara entered the room which annoyed Tobirama, but he didn't say anything. Hashirama looked around as did Tobirama but they noticed that Naruto wasn't in the room. Tobirama's mind went to the worst case scenario while Hashirama was sure that there was a good reason for it.

Madara wasn't blind and knew what they were searching for. "The little runt was getting on my nerves so I let him go do whatever it was that he wanted when we entered the village. I am sure he is practicing his ninjutsu or something." Madara saw Hashirama nod his head happily, but Tobirama put his hands in the tiger seal for a moment and closed his eyes. Madara knew that he was using his sensory abilities to look for Naruto all over the village.

"He is in the western section of the village moving quickly west" spoke Tobirama as he relaxed a bit. "If I were to guess I would say he was going…" but he was cut off by his brother who still had that happy look on his face.

"To Mito-chan's house correct" spoke Hashirama knowing that Mito meant a lot to Naruto and vice versa. He had noticed that Mito had come out of her cold shell recently due to Naruto's presence, something that he was very happy about.

"Hmph, so he is going to learn more about fuinjutsu huh" spoke Madara thinking that it was a good idea, and that his pupil had found the best possible teacher to learn such an art.

"Yes, but he is also going to learn more about what it is to be an Uzumaki, though Naruto didn't seem very interested in that part at first" spoke Tobirama remembering Naruto's initial dislike of both the Senju and Uzumaki clans probably due to his parents experiences.

Tobirama suspected that this was why he had taken such a shine to Madara. Since Naruto's views of the Uzumaki and Senju were so diluted by his parents own experiences, he latched onto something that was the opposite of what he saw as bad. Since the Senju were the opposites of the Uchiha, which meant that Naruto must of seen the Uchiha as a better people then his own two clans.

Tobirama had done as much as he could to try and get Naruto to come around to the Senju way of seeing things, but it seemed the more he tried the more Naruto tried to get away. Tobirama blamed Madara for this, but was at least happy when Naruto found a friend in Mito, thinking that she would be able to knock some sense into the boy.

"That may be, or it may not be" spoke Madara as he ignored Tobirama to focus solely on Hashirama. "Anyways the mission to put down the bandit army in the Land of Frost had been completed. There were several ninja amongst them, but nothing Naruto and I could not handle."

Hashirama nodded his head and took the mission report from Madara. He read over it for a minute before sitting it down and looking back up at his friend. "Good work, I am sure you two will enjoy the money for this mission as it was abnormally high for this kind of work" spoke Hashirama as he handed Madara two scrolls that had his and Naruto's paychecks inside of them.

"Hmph, I am not strapped for cash to the point this means anything to me" spoke Madara as he put his scroll in his vest and Naruto's in his pouch he kept on his leg so he wouldn't forget. "If that is all I am going to go home."

Before Madara could even turn around Hashirama started to talk. "Yes how is Naruto doing? I wasn't sure whether or not he should be exposed to this kind of work, being as young as he is, but with my own experience it was hard to argue such a case" spoke Hashirama as he looked up at his friend with a serious look in his eyes.

Seeing that look Madara sighed not wanting to be here any longer then he had to. "The boy is fine, and I would know if he was trying to hide something from me. He is perfectly fine with being a ninja and all that it entails, so stop worrying you big baby" spoke Madara with an annoyed look on his face.

"So Naruto doesn't feel anything after killing hundreds of people with just you, I find that hard to believe" spoke Tobirama as he crossed his arms. "If that were true then I suggest we send him to the Yamanaka to have his mind examined. He could become a psychopath if we leave him alone like this."

"Do whatever you want, it won't change anything" spoke Madara as he began walking towards the door. "The boy is fine, and if you start having people walking through his mind against his will he will only resent you two and his clan even more."

After that Madara opened the door and left Hashirama and Tobirama in the Hokage's office alone. Hashirama seemed to be thinking about something very hard, and Tobirama seemed to be trying to do the same thing. Eventually though Tobirama was the first to snap out of his own internal musings.

"I believe we should still have Naruto's mind examined" spoke Tobirama knowing that it would be for the best. "If he really doesn't feel anything after killing all of those people then there must be some serious mental damage going on with him."

"I cannot just have Naruto's mind looked through without his consent. There are rules in place so the Hokage cannot abuse his power, and unless I have probably cause that Naruto's state of mind is a danger to the village, or its people, then I cannot force him to have his mind examined" spoke Hashirama as he crossed his fingers and rested his chin on it.

"Are you kidding me? If Naruto really doesn't feel anything after massacring all of those people then he is more than likely a psychopath" shouted Tobirama with a vein starting to pop out of his neck. "A sociopath is a danger to Konoha and its people!"

Hashirama thought about it for a moment weighing the pro's and con's in his head. He knew that Naruto was less than apathetic towards others and didn't "connect" well with them. Hashirama had suspected for a while now it may have been something that Naruto had been born with, though it is rare it did happen from time to time.

Another way Hashirama suspected Naruto may have lost some of his ability to connect with others was from the fact he was not able to protect his parents, and they were killed for it. He may have started to blame himself, and began to see darkness in people over their light, due to the fact that his parents were killed. Hashirama hoped that wasn't the case, but figured since it was something that was actually curable, unlike being born less apathetic, but it was still better than the first.

"Alright I will authorize the mind walk, but Naruto is not going to be happy about this" spoke Hashirama as he pulled out a slip of paper and began to write on it. Once he was done he handed it to Tobirama who seemed somewhat pleased with himself. "When the results come in, you will bring them here, do not look at them, and wait until we can look over it together, so are we clear?"

"Of course" spoke Tobirama right before he disappeared in a swirl of water.

"Damnit Tobirama that is not cools" spoke Hashirama looking at the wet spot on the floor Tobirama had left. "Couldn't he have at least waited until he was outside to do that?"


Madara walked into his clan's compound and ignored all of the looks he was getting. It was nothing new really. He was considered the third strongest person to ever live right after Hashirama and the Sage of Six Paths. He was the epitome of what all Uchiha wished to be, and his power was something that all of his clansmen dreamed of having for themselves.

Madara was thinking about what his protégé had joked about while out on their last mission. He had said he thought he (Madara) was gay, because he never showed any interest for any women that he saw. It was made worse when Naruto pointed the same thing out about Tobirama, and questioned him if they were in some kind of secret gay sexual relationship, not that Naruto was going to judge him for by the way. That day Madara had brought down his wrath upon Naruto with such furry that the boy hadn't been able to even say sorry before he was out cold.

Madara took a casual look around and noticed some of the Uchiha women who were starting at him with lust, and want. He didn't see anything special about them, besides the fact that they were Uchiha women, which automatically made them superior to other women, but they didn't have anything that really called out to him. He was getting worried over his lack of interest in the women around him, but was thankful for his uninterested in the men as well, so he decided the only thing he could really do now was to wait and see what happened.

As Madara turned around one of the stone gates he came face to face with three old men who made Madara sigh on the inside. These three old men who looked like bald monks were the Uchiha clan's elders, and a real pain in Madara's ass.

"What is it, I am very tired" spoke Madara as he stopped in front of them. He noticed only one of them had awakened his Sharingan, while the other two were still dormant. The one didn't have his Sharingan awakened, but Madara was able to sense that the gene that made the Sharingan come alive so he could tell these kinds of things.

The one in the center which was obviously the leader and the one with his Sharingan decided to speak first. "We are concerned with your unnatural interest with the Senju boy. We want to know why you have taken it upon yourself to train him when you should be training someone from your own clan" spoke the bald monk wanabee, but soon he was staring into the eyes of Madara's mangekyou Sharingan.

"Listen here, and listen good you old shit. What I do with my time is none of your concern, and unless you want me to remind you why I rule this clan I suggest you keep your mouth shut" spoke Madara as he walked closer to the bald man who also took a step back. "I saw someone I believe would make a great protégé, so I decided to jump on said opportunity, which is what this village is all about isn't it? Coming together and making one another stronger to protect ourselves as a whole instead of as a single group right?"

The one on Madara's right furrowed his nonexistent eyebrows before he started barking like the dog he was. "Don't give us any of that crap Madara. We know it as well as everyone else that you didn't want to for this village at all, so don't try and hide behind the ideals of you and Hashirama's childhood dream" spoke the bald monk. Obviously he thought Madara wouldn't kill him for whatever reason, but if he kept popping his mouth off like that then Madara was just going to have to show him how wrong he really was.

Madara's eyes turned to the one popping off his mouth before saying "I don't have to hide behind anything, you old bastard. I run this clan without the help of anyone else, so you had better watch how you speak to me." Madara could now feel the eyes of many of his clansmen burning a hole in his back as they watched on with interest from afar. "It was you and the rest of this clan who wished to found this village with the Senju, not mine, so don't think for a moment you can start blaming me when you see a Senju getting special treatment. I told you that would happen, and that the Senju would try to oppress us, but you said I was crazy and even tried to have me thrown out of the village and clan, but thanks to Naruto that didn't happen."

By now many were either unhappy with something or another. Some felt that maybe they had been to haste and that they would possibly one day be oppressed by the Senju. They certainly didn't want that, while others felt that Madara had betrayed the clan in some way by taking on a Senju as his student over an Uchiha. Surely the Uchiha clan wouldn't be oppressed by the Senju if Madara raised two or three other Uchiha up to his level by teaching them how he became so strong. The last bit where a bit angry about how their clan was acting in broad day light. It was possible others may see this and look down upon them for it. That wasn't acceptable and they wanted them to stop as soon as possible.

"Starting these Hidden Villages was you and Hashirama's idea" shouted the third elder as he pointed towards Madara like an idiot. "This entire village was something that you and Hashirama came up with, so how is it you are not responsible for this?'

Madara gave the man something that annoyed everyone, but all Uchiha could do it. It was actually famous around the world, and was known as the "Uchiha Smirk". It was a look that almost all Uchiha could do instinctually that showed others how the Uchiha saw them as beneath them, and it was also a great way to get under someone's skin.

The bald men looked annoyed, but before they could get to ranting again Madara cut them off. "I agree that it was an idea me and Hashirama came up with when we were children, but his interpretation and mine were completely different. He wanted to form a village together so that the old Senju Uchiha rivalry would die out because we would be fighting for a common goal, but I knew that this would never work. My idea was for the Uchiha to for their own village with the clans that had allied with us during the clan wars. This way we wouldn't have to worry about the Senju clan oppressing us, and we wouldn't have to live in a village where all of the clans were former allies of the Senju, not the Uchiha" spoke Madara giving the three men the evil eye. He still couldn't believe the position his clan had put themselves in, and honestly he wished that he could go back in time and fix these mistakes, but he knew he couldn't.

Before any of the elders could bitch and complain Madara walked past them treating them like the garbage they were. This showed them he didn't care about them or what they had to say, and it showed the rest of his clan that he was in charge, not these three bald monks. He didn't need anyone questioning his authority, and honestly he was tired so he wasn't going to deal with them anymore.


Many people found Mito Uzumaki's need to have her own small clan compound built away from her husband's clan compound was weird, especially since they were husband and wife, but nobody ever really looked at things in why they got married or how they got married, so they missed why Mito lived away from her husband.

Mito was put into an arranged marriage by her father, the leader of the Uzumaki clan, to Hashirama Senju. This meant they would get an alliance with the new powerhouse and first Hidden Village, as well as solidify their connection with the Senju clan. This brought them assurance of their own protection since they had decided not to join the Senju's village.

Mito was not happy about this, but Hashirama was thrilled. He had a crush on Mito for a very long time, and had failed to court her for many years. It seemed his good nature prevented him from seeing how unhappy Mito was about this arrangement, but like all Uzumaki Mito would do what was best for her family and clan, even if it meant sacrificing herself for their good.

She had found happiness in her new nephew though. He was different from the Senju, he didn't have that love for all mentality that they had, which honestly made Mito sick at times although she had noticed Tobirama didn't seem to have this. She was glad Naruto had inherited his mother's Uzumaki point of view, choosing to see the world in a more realistic view, without morality or things like that obscuring his way of thinking, instead of his father's way of viewing the world.

"Auntie Mito are you home" came a voice from the front of the house.

Mito smiled a bit knowing who that was. "Yes Naruto-kun it is me. I am in the back, why don't you come back here and see me" spoke Mito with a regal tone though there was happiness in it.

"Alright" came the voice.

When Naruto entered Mito's study he smiled and sat in front of her before picking up a paint brush. "Hey auntie, missed you" spoke Naruto with a kind smile.

"I missed you to Naruto-kun, are you ready for another lesson" asked Mito.

"Please" was all Naruto said before Mito got to teaching him the ways of the Uzumaki, and fuinjutsu of course.