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Por cierto, te quiero: (By the way, I love you)

A Jarlos Fic.

Chapter One: Childish Acts

Carlos' P.O.V.

My phone vibrated as I was reading the novel "Bless me Ultima". A smile came to my face as I found myself full of hope that the text message was from James. I closed my book and rolled to my stomach as I reached for my phone. My smile grew larger when the screen grew bright and I read that the sender was indeed James. It was kind of embarrassing how much I liked my best friend; I was like a school girl crushing on the hottest guy in school. In my mind, James was the hottest boy I knew.

I opened the text and found myself getting nervous as I read it. "Meet me at the tree house 10 sharp! – James" 'Oh my god, why would James want me to meet him at his tree house late at night?!' I caught myself thinking, I could feel my cheeks getting hot probably from blushing at the thoughts going through my mind. I shook the thoughts out of my head as I hit the "reply" button and typed my response "Alrighty, see you there! – Carlos"

I closed my phone and looked over to the clock, 9:03 p.m. 'I still have time. . .' I thought as I opened my book and started reading from where I had left off.

My mom came and told my it's lights off time at around 9:55 p.m. I rushed her out because it was close to ten and I didn't want to keep James waiting. I'm thirteen years old already, but my mom insists that I be asleep by ten. "A growing boy needs his sleep" she always says. Once I was sure she was a good distance away from my door I pulled my phone out from under my pillow and sent James a text message. "Sorry, going to be running a bit late. Waiting for parents to go to sleep. – Carlos" I sighed as I lay in my bed, impatient, waiting for the noise on the other side of the door to quiet down. The phone vibrated and I quickly picked it up and opened the message, "It's koo. Same here, maybe 10:30 is a better time? – James" I smiled and replied, "sounds good – Carlos"

The noise in the house quieted down and now's the time for me to make my escape. I slid my shoes on, they were old hand me down's that once belonged to my father, and tip-toed to the window. I, quietly, opened the window and jumped out. Luckily my house is only one story, and not two stories like the other houses around the neighborhood.

I ran down the street and sure enough I reached James' house with the quickness. I could see nothing but darkness through the windows. I smiled and ran towards the tree house when I noticed a feint light coming from inside the tree house. James' family was rich and had a pretty big back yard. I had to avoid tripping over the many lawn ornaments they had lying around. I stopped to catch my breath as I reached the tree. I took a deep breath as I started climbing up the planks of wood we used for a ladder to get up to the tree house. 'Here I come James!'

I stepped onto the tree house's porch, James' tree house was so big and nice it had a porch and door. Taking a deep breath, preparing myself for what was to come, I knocked and opened the door. "Hey Jame-oh . . ."

A rush disappointment came flowing through me as I saw Jett Stetson sitting next to an old school oil lamp. I closed the door behind me as I took a seat a distance away from Jett. "Heh, nice to see you too jumping bean." He muttered as the awkward silence began.

Jett was James' next door neighbor, whom was also rich, who disliked me with a passion. He gave me the nickname "Jumping Bean" because I was always the hyper and active kid, that and I was a latino. Mexicans were usually called "Beans" or "beaners" by the stuck up rich people. I, personally, would prefer to be called an illegal immigrant rather than bean or beaner. It seemed less insulting.

"James called you too J.B.?" Jett asked. J.B. was Jett's short term for Jumping Bean.

"H-He-" I cleared my throat, "He texted me actually."

"Cool . . ." The awkward silence continued.

My excitement came back as I heard footsteps on the porch. I could feel myself jumping inside when James walked in through the door. He flashed a smile as he closed the door behind him, "Hey guys," I could feel my heart racing. I don't know what it was about his smile but every time he shined his pearly whites, I could feel my knees get weak.

"Hey James," Jett began. "So why did you call me here in the middle of the night?" There he goes again, completely ignoring me as if I wasn't here.

James took a seat between us and did his signature hair flip. "I asked you guys to come here because . . . I got something."

I raised an eyebrow as James spoke. What could he have gotten a hold that was so important it couldn't wait until school tomorrow? "What is it?" Jett asked as he took a bite out of a candy bar, tossing one over to James.

James caught the candy bar and nodded a 'thank you' to Jett. He noticed that Jett only brought one bar for himself and James. Jett shrugged when James pointed to me with his eyes, "What? Didn't think jumping bean was going to be here."

James sighed and snapped the bar in half and gave me one half. "Here, Carlitos" he said as I took the bar from his hand. "Thanks," James was such a gentlemen, he was really the perfect guy.

"No problem," he said, winking at me. I smiled like an idiot but tried to cover it by taking a bite out of the chocolate.

"Can we move on already?!" I could see the annoyance on Jett's face.

James shook his head, as if he had forgotten why he called the meeting in the first place. "Boys I got a hold of . . ." He smiled as he looked at Jett then glanced over to me, "my brother's porn stash!" Right there was when James pulled out a playboy magazine and slapped it onto the floor. He crossed his arms over his chest and nodded like a champ, he never looked any hotter.

"Whoa," was all Jett had to say.

I shook my head, "W-wait, he won't notice this is missing?"

James chuckled, "Haha, no way man. He has over a dozen of these, I doubt he's going to notice one magazine missing."

"Sweet dude!" Jett said as he started to flip through the magazine. James and I scooted closer to be able to see the pictures as well.

It grew silent as Jett flipped through the pages, crickets being the only thing we heard in the background. What happened next caught me by surprise. Jett started palming the bulge in his shorts and looked over to us. "This magazine is getting me horny. How about you guys?"

I didn't know how to respond. Luckily James answered for the both us, "You bet it is. Isn't it great Carlos?"

"Y-yeah, . . . it's awesome," I said, obviously a lie.

Jett placed the magazine on the floor and leaned his back against the bean bag chair he was sitting in. He pulled his dick out and started rubbing it slowly. James looked just as surprised as I did by Jett's actions. Jett smirked, "What? I'm horny, and we're all boys here right?"

It was quiet for a bit, Jett continued to rub his cock as he stared at the magazine. I could see James leaning back in his seat and as I looked over to him he was unbuttoning his pants. Palming the bulge that was in his boxers, he looked over to me and smiled. "We can all keep a secret, right?"

I gulped and nodded as James pulled his cock out and started jerking it off. I couldn't help but stare at James' package as he continued stroking it. He smiled and raised an eyebrow, "Well come on. Aren't you horny too?"

"O-of course," I snapped back into reality and leaned back as I unzipped my pants. I was horny, but it wasn't from the magazine. It was the image of James stroking his cock that was getting me aroused, but they didn't have to know that. I pulled my cock out from underneath my boxers and started stroking it.

We were jacking off together, James, Jett, and I. And jacking off never felt more good. I'd be lying if I didn't say Jett jacking off wasn't a distraction either. He had a pretty big dick for his age. Nothing, however, can compete with the image of James jacking off with ecstasy in his expression. I started jerking it faster when I stared into James' turned on face.

"Ah-oh my-" Jett began as he twitched in his seat. "I, I'm going to- ahhh!" Jett clenched onto the seat and his toes bent as he came onto his shirt. "Oh my g-o-d!" Jett moaned as he tilted his head back. I can see James was getting close to cumming as well, his expression was getting more and more hotter as he moaned.

"I-I'm going to cu-cum-" James blurted out as he threw his head back onto the bean bag. His cock shot the cum out, some landing on his chest and some on the floor, and he twitched in ecstasy as he continued to rub his cock.

I could feel my breaths getting harder as I rubbed my man parts. Something came over me as I saw James cumming. The look on his face was too much, I couldn't hold back. I got up from my seat and got to my knees in front of James. "Carlos what are yo- oh my!" I moved his hand and placed my lips on the tip of his cock and slurped the cum that remained.

"Oh my god, Carlos-" James moaned as I took his cock into my mouth. One hand was still jerking my man meat, as my free hand made its way up and started messing with his testicles. The moaning James did made me harder, as I started sucking harder. "Ca-Carlos Ahh- Oh my- that feels so good,"

I could feel Jett's eyes on us as I sucked James off. "H-hey J.B.," I pulled my mouth out of James' cock and glanced over to Jett, my free hand rubbing James' goods. The snotty rich boy pointed at his cock with his eyes as a smile came across his face, "I want to know what a blow job feels like as well."

I wasn't Jett's biggest fan, but who could say no to his cock. Right then, I was sure that I was gay and into Penis.

I sucked Jett off a bit before I felt trembles throughout my body. I pulled away and laid down as I tugged at my cock, "I think I'm going to-" I couldn't finish my sentence because I came at that moment. I moaned as I felt my man juice oozing out from the tip of my dick.

Moments later, I arose from the floor and rushed to put my underwear and pants back on. Jett and James did the same. I had sucked my first cock tonight, well two if you want to get technical, and I was glad James didn't stop me.

Ten minutes later Jett arose from his seat, trying to wipe the cum stain from his shirt. "Well this was fun," James got up, "It was," and they both made their way towards the door.

I rolled my eyes as I remembered their rule. "Last one up blows out the lantern." They opened the door as I crawled over to the lantern, but something on the floor caught my attention. "You coming Carlos?" James asked, peeking from the door. I looked back and smiled, "Y-yeah, be right there." I wiped the sticky white cum from the floor and slurped it from my finger as I blew the lantern out. Tonight was one of the best nights of my life.

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