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Chapter Three: School Daze

"Ahh-! I'm gonna' cu-ahh~ Fuuuck~!"

Logan cummed into my mouth as I was sucking him off, his cum filling up my mouth. I slurped it up and swallowed. He threw his head back onto his pillow as his hot semen went down my throat. It felt really good knowing I can make someone feel such pleasure. I crawled up and laid beside Logan. He wrapped an arm around me and tugged me in closer as we turned the television on.

The news was on, and boy was it boring. Logan and I seemed to have forgotten that it was a school day as we laid there, naked, watching the news. When glancing at the clock, Logan must've realized that we had wasted time just laying there. He quickly shot up from his bed and turned to me, "We got to shower before school." He opened his dresser and grabbed a couple of towels. Making his way to the bathroom I stared at his ass. Boy he had a cute bubble butt. Logan turned around and noticed me staring. A smile came across his face as he pulled me off of bed. "Come on baby, you're joining me in the shower."

Luckily he had his own personal washroom in his bedroom. It beat having to walk out of his room and across the hall to get to the public guest washroom. I couldn't help but smile as he led me to the shower, hand in hand. As we walked in, my jaw dropped at the sight of his beautiful bathroom. I wish mine would've been as nice. His walls were painted a nice shade of blue, his tiles were neatly cleaned as if he hand scrubbed them, and he had a nice carpet lying on the floor.

"My mom likes to keep the whole house clean," Logan said as he turned the water on. He must've noticed my amazed expression and knew what I was thinking. He walked over to the medicine cabinet and grabbed two toothbrushes. Handing me one, he turned the sink faucet on and spread some toothpaste onto his toothbrush, "One for you babe," I raised an eyebrow at his choice of words. So I was his "babe" now?

"So Logan," I began as I applied toothpaste onto my brush.

"Hmm?" He replied as he brushed his teeth.

"I didn't know I was your 'babe'," I smiled at the thought as I began to brush my teeth.

The steam coming from the shower began to cover the mirror. Not only that but it also began to make it a bit hot in here. Logan gurgled water and spit it into the sink. Placing his hands onto the sink and leaning in towards me, he smiled. "I'd love it if you became my babe Carlos."

Rolling my eyes, I smiled and gave him a wink. "Is babe another word for fuck buddy?"

Logan let out a chuckle as he got closer to me, I could feel his cock on my ass, and wrapped his arms around my waist. "No silly, for boyfriend."

My face began to get hot as I began to blush. Logan had such a charm I didn't expect. He was so different at school, seemed innocent and friendly. Not that I was complaining because this side of Logan was just . . . hot! I rinsed my mouth and spitted before turning to face him, "Alright, I'll be your boyfriend."

The cutest smile came to Logan's face as he kissed me on the lips, "Ooh minty,"

"Under one condition though," Logan's face dropped and I couldn't help but smile. "You have to get down on your knees and beg," He looked at me with a 'Are you serious?' face and I burst into a fit a giggles. He frowned and crossed his arms.

"Very funny," Right then I felt a hand spanking my ass, and a huge grin on Logan's face. "Don't make me punish you now,"

"Who are you Christian Grey?"

"No I'm Logan Mitchell, and I'm fifty shades darker than Mr. Grey. Now get your ass in the shower," Logan said playfully as he made his way to the steamy shower. What an ass on that boy.

Shortly after he was in, I joined him. We wrestled for dominance in the small enclosed space, and he eventually one. He always did. I let the hot water hit me in the face as Logan rubbed my body. I could feel myself getting hard again, and by the poking sensation I felt behind me . . . so was he.

He turned me around so that we were facing each other and handed me a soap sponge. Raising my eyebrow as I took the sponge from Logan, he revealed he had one in his other hand also. He began rubbing my shoulders with the body wash covered bath sponge and smiled, "Wash me Carlos,"

Knowing that I now had a boyfriend kept me smiling. He knew exactly how to touch me too. Logan was perfect in every single way. He was sweet, knew how to keep me entertained, hot, and his big cock was a plus. The thoughts fluttered in my head as I began to scrub him. We scrubbed every inch of each other's bodies as we slowed down near our cocks. I bit my lip as I threw the sponge down and wrapped my hand around his dick and began rubbing up and down.

"I prefer to hand wash this," A smirk came across my face as I felt his cock getting hard.

Logan flashed a smile as he grasped my ass cheeks, "And I like to hand wash these," he said as he slapped and pinched my ass.

His muscular arms rubbing against me felt awesome, but as I got harder he broke away. I shot him a confused look and disappointed look. I was enjoying our rub down. He shook his head as he applied shampoo onto his hands. "I'd love to continue Carlos, but we have to get to school. Remember?" Suddenly remembering we had school killed the mood. I pouted and crossed my arms as he rubbed my hair with the shampoo. "Aww, come on. Don't get mad Carlos," A sarcastic playful tone was in his voice.

I couldn't keep the mad face going because he was just too cute. I dropped my arms and smiled, "Fine," He was massaging my scalp before I poured a handful of shampoo onto my palms and began shampooing his head. We gazed into each other's eyes as we rubbed our heads with shampoo.

Moments later, we rinsed our hair and hopped out of the shower. Logan handed me a towel as he dried himself off. I felt that even the towel had nice fabric to it. Logan's lifestyle was so nice compared to mine.

After dressing up, Logan loaning me clothes for the day, we exited the house and walked towards his car. Logan smiled as he opened the passenger door for me and motioned his hand so I can enter. What a gentlemen. After taking my seat, he closed the door and ran across to get into the driver's seat.

"Ready to go?"

"Yeah, I'm ready."

Logan started his car and turned the XM radio on. I put my seatbelt on as we prepared to take off to school. The thing was, we didn't get going like I thought we would. I looked at Logan, only to see a huge smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes, "Don't tell me you want to have sex in the car?"

He let out a laugh as he shook his head no, "No, no, no Carlos. I was kind of hoping to . . . wake n' bake."

I raised an eyebrow, "Bake? You want to bake something before we get going, really Logan?"

"It's cute how clueless you are Carlos," He playfully elbowed me before reaching into the glove compartment. "I'm going to get baked," He pulled out a little box and in it was a rolled up joint of marijuana.

My jaw dropped. I didn't expect that at all. Logan grabbed my chin and moved my head so I'd face him, "Want to join me babe?"

"Uhm," I hesitated to answer. I'd never been high before, and maybe my first time could be with Logan. I smiled and nodded yes, "sure, I'm down." He kissed my lips as he grabbed a lighter from the cup holder.

He sparked the joint up and puffed. He did it a couple of times before handing the joint to me. "Here," he said with a rather funny voice. He held his breath to try and hold the smoke in, but when he spoke I couldn't help but chuckle a bit. I took a deep breath before taking a hit from the joint. I made a disgusted face before coughing, letting all the smoke blow out. Logan laughed and ended up choking out on the smoke. I smacked Logan and handed the joint back to him, "Shut up Logan, this is my first time smoking!"


Now I was kind of embarrassed that I agreed to smoke without even knowing how to take a hit. Logan adjusted in his seat, so he was facing me, and began to explain. "It's not so hard babe. You take a hit, inhaling slowly, and keep the smoke in your lungs for as long as you can hold it. Trust me; it'll be worth it when you feel the high."

Logan took another hit before handing me the joint again. I sighed as I tried to take another hit. I inhaled and tried to hold it in, but ended up choking out. Another failed attempt. I shook my head and held the joint out so Logan could grab it, "It's no use Logan I-"

I was cut off when his lips met mine. I inhaled and felt the smoke coming into my mouth from his. I was able to hold the smoke in this time because I was calmed by his sudden kiss. Logan pulled away and smiled, "There, is that better?"

I had a dumb smile on my face as I held the smoke in. He took that as a 'yeah' and took another hit from the joint. I exhaled and smoke escaped my lungs. He handed me the marijuana again and I took a big hit. It didn't make me choke out this time and I was beginning to feel a bit weird. Was this how being 'high' felt like?

I didn't notice, but twenty whole minutes had passed since we started smoking. We were really late for first period, but who cared? Logan and I were watching Shane Dawson on Youtube, and I was laughing my ass off. I mean, he was funny before . . . but he's so much funnier when you were high. I felt tears coming to my eyes as we watched him dressed as Shanaynay and giving Shane crap.

"Oh my god Logan I can't believe I never done this stuff before. It's a good feeling, and makes everything f-funnier ahaha!" I couldn't finish my sentence because I burst into a fit of laughter.

Logan laughed so hard it was silent. He glanced at his wrist watch before jolting up in his seat. He looked rather scared and sudden paranoia came rushing in. I looked at him with a scared expression and gulped, "Wh-what is it Logan?!"

"C-carlos . . . it's nine,"


"We're late for first period,"

We stared at each other in silence before laughing together. "I-is that i-it?!"

I grabbed my stomach as it grumbled and licked my lips. They were really dry for some reason, and the thoughts of food made me hungry. Logan suddenly put the car in reverse and we pulled out of his driveway. His car was parked behind his house, so that was why we were able to smoke.

"Where are we going Logan?"

"I don't know about you Carlos, but I'm hungry. Let's go get something to eat, we're already late anyways."

I nodded in agreement as we drove away. Logan pulled his phone out and dialed a number. I stayed quiet as he placed the phone beside his ear. "Hey what are you doing?" He scratched his nose as the person on the other line spoke. "Oh really, so you aren't in school either?" Logan smiled, and his low eyes made him look even sexier than usual. Or maybe I was just high. "Meet us at IHOP? Who's 'us'?" Logan glanced over to me and smirked, "It's a surprise"

He hung up the phone as we stopped at a streetlight and changed the XM radio station. "Who was that on the phone?"

The car started moving again when the lights turned green. He shifted gears, his car being a manual, and smiled. "It's my friend Camille, you may know her from drama class."

I thought back to drama class. That's where I first met Logan, and thinking about it now . . . Camille was very serious when it came to her acting. Logan and Camille seemed very close during class. I even thought they were together, but that wasn't the case.

I stayed quiet, zoning out on my thoughts of Camille, as we pulled into the IHOP parking lot. Logan parked the car and pulled up the emergency brake lever. I was gazing into the distance, still feeling the high, as a knock on Logan's window startled me back to reality. Logan opened the door and there was Camille, peeking through the open door. "Hey Logan! Oh, hey Carlo-WAIT! Wait a minute! A-are you two hanging out . . . or something more?"

Logan laughed as he patted her on the head, "It's only been a couple of hours," He glanced over to me and wrapped his fingers around mine, "but we are together."

Camille squealed in excitement as she stomped her feet on the ground. She hugged Logan and kissed him on the cheeks, "Oh my god Logan, about time! Was scared that you'd never find someone . . . and Carlos is quite the cutie."

I rubbed the back of my neck as a blush came over my face, "Th-thanks Camille,"

Camille sniffed inside the car and frowned, "You guys are high aren't y'all?"

We tried to stay serious and pull of as being sober, but we couldn't keep a straight face and ended up laughing. "Guilty,"

The brunette girl rolled her eyes as she began digging through her purse. She handed us a bottle of eye drops and some hand sanitizer. "You two stink, and you're eyes are redder than-"

"The devil's dick?" Logan finished for her.

We all laughed simultaneously as Logan and I put the eye drops on. Camille seemed to be prepared for stuff like this, so I assumed she smoked as well. My theory was confirmed when Logan and I exited his car and walked over to the IHOP entrance. Camille skipped forward and looked back at us, "Let's go munch out guys, I got a bad case of the munchies."

So we ate breakfast at a local IHOP and forgot about school. As I ate my pancakes I seen a rather large U-haul moving truck at the stop light near the restaurant. Camille saw it as well and rolled her eyes, "Looks like another rich family's moving into the neighborhood. No offense Logan,"

I would've ignored the huge moving truck, but something caught my attention. The black SUV behind the U-haul looked rather familiar. At first I quickly glanced at it, but took a second look when I thought I recognized a familiar diamond sticker on the side window of the SUV. My food dropped from my fork as I stared, jaw dropped, "James?"

So that's the end of the third chapter guys. Remember, they're seventeen now. xD So Carlos thinks the black SUV belongs to the Diamond family he knew a few years ago, and he's excited that James possibly might be back. But there's a problem . . . he's with Logan now. I see a love triangle coming in future chapters . . . ;D Might introduce Kendall into the story soon, but not too sure on how he fits into the story. Should he be James' current boyfriend, and James and Carlos cheat on Kendall and Logan with each other? Or . . . maybe he's Logan's original crush but got rejected, leaving Carlos as his second choice? Or how about Kendall be Carlos' friend that Carlos tries to hook James up with because he doesn't want to do anything to hurt Logan? Hmm . . . let me know what you guys think. And if you have your own ideas, let me know. You can tell me how you'd like the story to go, and it could be possible. ;b Well please review guys, really the best thing ever when I read one. :D