It was later that night as Soda crawled in behind his sleeping baby-brother. Ponyboy looked even more beautiful as he slept. He was experiencing the unseen pleasures of the world. Soda sighed as his breathing slowed and his eyes grew heavier. Once again, he was greeted by sleep. This night meant more to Soda than any other night before.

Soda lay there sleeping the events of the afternoon before flooded his dreams. He saw Pony naked once more, his young erection begging to be loved. Soda drifted into a deeper dream free state, much to his displeasure. As the morning neared and the day was set to begin, Soda was woken as Ponyboy called his name.

"Hey Pony." Soda sleepily groaned.

Pony smiled, "You gonna get up anytime soon?"

Soda groaned, "What time is it?"

Pony chuckled slightly, "It's almost one in the afternoon."

Soda sprang from the bed, "Why'd you let me sleep in?"

Pony replied seductively, "You look cute when you're sleeping."

Soda smiled as he walked to the bathroom. The sink turned on and the sound of Soda brushing his teeth struck Pony's ears. As the shower came into sound Pony walked to the shower. As Pony remover his own clothes sitting them in a pile with Soda's he slipped in behind his brother.

Soda whispered, "Pony what are you doing in here Darry will… I don't know what he'll do."

Pony beamed, "Darry isn't home."

Soda smiled as he took in the sight of his naked brother lathering up with a soapy rag.

Soda spoke after lathering his own skin, "I'm glad he's not home. So I can do this."

Soda leaned in kissing Ponyboy deeply, showing the emotions and events of yesterday were not forgotten. Pony kissed back his tongue attacking Soda's mouth. Ponyboy moaned as Soda's mouth moved from his mouth to his neck. Soda bit the supple flesh under Pony's ear. Ponyboy whimpered slightly as Soda's teeth broke the surface.

Pony watched as Soda's muscles danced under his skin as he scrubbed his hair. The sight was something to behold Soda looked more and more appetizing by the moment, Pony wanted to taste the meal before him.

Ponyboy suggested, "Let me get your back."

Washrag in hand, Pony's hand traced elaborate patterns on Soda's back. Pony neared Soda's ass cheeks; both cheeks firm yet soft to the touch. As the rag slid between Soda's cheeks; Soda moaned.

Soda said, "My turn."

He took the rag in hand and lathered his little brother's back. The younger Curtis boy was firm. Soda's hands detected Pony's hidden muscles, each area being firm. Soda's hand neared Pony's ass. His round bubble butt glistened with the reflection of the light on the water. Soda slid the rag between Pony's cheeks. To Pony this was an entirely new feeling even though he had done it countless amounts of times before. As Soda's finger lingered hesitantly at Pony's asshole Pony knew that today would be the day.

Soda removed his cloth sheathed hand from Ponyboy's young crevice. As Ponyboy turned around to rinse the soap from himself, Soda noticed Ponyboy had gotten an erection. The erect piece drew Soda's full attention as he took the younger dick into his hand. As Sodapop's calloused hand slid over Pony's pink head the younger boy drew back.

Sodapop's own erection was soon begging for attention. The older boy's erection, a small fraction longer than the younger boy's flushed with its full glory. The texture and feel of touching Ponyboy's younger cock had been the cause.

Ponyboy said, noticing his brother's erection, "I think we should get out."

Soda turned off the water. Both boys climbed out of the shower, grabbed their towels, and dried each other off paying careful attention to how the touched and where they touched. Pony and Soda dashed into their bedroom.

Once inside Soda closed and locked the door. No interruptions today. Ponyboy was waiting behind Sodapop, as he turned around Ponyboy caught him in a kiss; His tongue fighting Soda's. Soda was on his knees as this kiss broke. He took Ponyboy's softened, semi erect cock into his mouth; making it rise again, this time the boy's erection throbbed and twitched. Ponyboy placed his hands on the back of Soda's head, grabbing the Greaser's damp hair. Ponyboy applied pressure forcing his cock further into Soda's moist mouth. Soda took what he could; taking some of Pony's cock into his throat. Ponyboy shuddered slightly as Soda drug his teeth across the surface of Pony's throbbing head.

Ponyboy asked, "So you gonna fuck me today?"

Soda replied as Pony's dick slipped from his mouth, "Yes. Will you fuck me after I do you?"

Pony replied, "Sounds fair."

Soda was about to put Ponyboy's dick back into his mouth.

"No," Ponyboy said, "my turn."

Sodapop stood as Ponyboy squatted. Pony took Soda's erection into his mouth after he first nibbled on Soda's head. Soda's dick throbbed, once more the veins registered the beat of Soda's heart. The taste was nothing like yesterday, same for the scent. Pony's hands massaged Sodapop's large nuts. Ponyboy's attention to the details didn't go unnoticed. Soda could feel his orgasm brewing. The closer it got Soda waited until the last possible moment, those few seconds that can change whether you climax or not, to warn Pony.

"Pony," Soda said, his voice filled with lust, "I'm gonna cum. Stop."

Soda pulled his dick from Pony's mouth. Pony knew what was coming next. He got on his hands and knees as Soda lowered himself down, after retrieving the Vaseline from Darry's bedroom.

"Ready?" Soda asked in a tantalizing voice.

"Mhmm…" Registered Pony's crackling voice.

Soda positioned himself behind Ponyboy. The younger boy's face shown with the obvious; he wanted Soda. The younger boy leapt forward as he felt something wet touch his hole. Soda had licked Ponyboy's pink hole with his long talented pink tongue. Pony realized what had happened, he leaned back. Sodapop did it again. This time going faster and plunging in deeper. Ponyboy moaned as Soda's tongue circled around and over his hole.

"Are you ready Ponyboy?" Soda asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be." Pony whispered.

Sodapop opened the jar of Vaseline. He dipped his middle finger into the bland, colorless paste like substance. Soda smeared the gel onto Pony's still virgin hole. Pony shivered the semi-cold substance came into with his hole. Soda slid his index finger past the layer and attempted to penetrate Pony in an attempt to stretch him a little so he wouldn't be hurt too badly. Soda knew how a virgin's first time could be painful. He had never been in Ponyboy's position but he had taken a few girls' virginities.

Sodapop eased inside of Ponyboy slowly, trying not to rush. Ponyboy felt his hole stretch and seemingly tear in half as his attractive lover entered him. The feeling was one Ponyboy had never felt before. Psychologically he had never felt closer to Soda, physically he had never had the sensation of anything throbbing inside him; that something, Soda's dick. Ponyboy moaned as Sodapop pushed in another inch. Sodapop had half of his cock into Ponyboy's no-longer-virgin hole. The younger boy was moaning loudly as Soda pushed the remainder of his length into him. Soda paused, letting Ponyboy grow accustomed to his length.

Ponyboy adapted to the weird feeling almost immediately. He was in pleasure over drive, and Soda hadn't yet started thrusting. Soda was taking too long.

"Soda? Are you waiting for next Christmas?" Ponyboy asked hotly.

Sodapop go the hint. He pulled out slowly, Ponyboy felt empty as Soda vacated. Soda pushed in slowly, still getting used to how tight Ponyboy's canal was. Ponyboy moaned Soda's name as the young stud left all attempts of going slow behind. Soda was speedily slamming into and pulling out of Ponyboy's tight passage. Soda's rough callused hands were on Pony's waist helping him feed his tool into Ponyboy. Ponyboy loved the feelings his ass was receiving a little too much. The younger boy's climax was nearing. Soda was facing the same problem but refused to climax for a long time. Soda felt Pony's hole contract, making it tighter than he already was. Soda would have let out a yelp if his mouth wasn't busy trying to draw in the sex scented air.

Ponyboy came sending his load freefalling to the floor beneath. His load flooded the dry carpet, his mouth drawn open with loud moans as his brother continued fucking him. Ponyboy moaned louder as Soda rammed in harder and harder.

Soda let his cock slip from Pony as he tried speaking. The older boy lay on the floor, his erection pulsing in the air. Ponyboy got the hint. He stood, positioned himself over Soda's rapidly throbbing cock. Ponyboy's ass greeted Soda's length once more as the young stud lowered himself onto his brother's rod. Ponyboy started riding Soda. Pony's dick had become stiff. Each time he dropped onto Soda's erection his own would strike Soda's toned flat stomach. Soda moaned as his hands once again found Ponyboy's hips and pulled Ponyboy closer, sending his cock deeper. Soda knew the gig was almost up, his climax was gaining momentum.

One of Soda's hands slipped from Ponyboy's hip and wrapped itself around the younger boy's engorged erection. Soda stroked Ponyboy at stunningly fast pace. The younger boy threw his head back and moaned his depleted testicles were not going to give up their last bit of seed willingly; Soda would have to duel it out. Ponyboy stopped riding Soda for a moment, letting the elder's cock rest deep inside him.

"Can we change positions?" Ponyboy asked between pants.

Soda nodded his voice taken away by the need for air. Ponyboy Lay on his back with his legs kicked into the air. Soda climbed behind Pony once again. His erection was soon greeted by Ponyboy's warm hole once more. Soda slammed in and out faster than what would seem possible. Pony's nimble fingers teased Soda's exhausted chest and stomach. The ridges of Soda's abs were prominent. Ponyboy's fingers found Soda's Pecs, on top of which rested Soda's brown nipples. Ponyboy's fingers latched on to the round surface. Pinching, twisting, and teasing them. Soda's chest shimmered, the sweat reflecting the light coming in from the window.

Sodapop's orgasm was coming, it wasn't just coming it was happening. Soda slammed in brutally one last time. His cock swelled. Ponyboy could feel his own orgasm being ripped from his body. His fingers chomped harshly on Soda's nipples. Ponyboy's fingers slid from Sodapop's nipples to his glistening chest, his finger nails raking from the firm mounds of muscle to Soda's navel. Ponyboy emptied his load on his chest and stomach. Soda's load filled the younger boy's bowels. The feeling of Sodapop's warm juices flowing deep into his ass was amazing.

The climaxing stopped. The pleasure gone, never to be forgotten. Soda's softening cock slid from Pony's ass. Soda, exhausted and drained lay down next to Pony. The studs breathing heavily looked at each other and smiled. Ponyboy leaned into Soda, placing a deep kiss on his lips. They wanted to live in that moment forever. The kiss broke as they got up. They needed to bathe before Darry came home, or he'd be able to tell. On the way out the door Soda's bubble butt jiggled with each step. Ponyboy reached out and grabbed one of Soda's soft, smooth ass cheeks. Sodapop teasingly slapped Pony's hand away.

"No more, not yet." Soda teased.

Ponyboy smiled as he turned Soda around by the shoulder. Grabbing Soda's softened cock, he declared, "Sodapop Patrick Curtis, I'll get a piece of that if it's the last thing I do."

Soda grinned, "If you say so."