The Powerpuff Girls: PSHAW!


Powerpuff School Hijinks And Wackiness

A Powerpuff Girls fanfiction by Andrew J. Talon

With contributions from Scriviner, Ryuugi, Fanboyimus Prime and others

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The Narrator's Voice is in Italics! Just so you know! And no, I'm not out to steal any princesses. Geez, you can only make so many actor's allusions at a time you know!

This next part has been written by Ultra Sonic 007, who has written many other things for this story on the Spacebattles thread.

The City of Townsville! Wherein the old guard tests the measure of the new, like a lion training its cubs!

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup did not anticipate their first day of summer vacation to proceed like this.

Grandpa Jack calmly sipped from a cup of tea, every motion the epitome of regal upbringing. Blossom appreciated his precision. Bubbles was resisting to urge to giggle at how seriously he took it. Buttercup was in awe of how exquisite the tea smelled.

Hey, even tough girls need hobbies.

"I have...been reading up on various events," murmured the older samurai between sips. "And I am very impressed by how willing you girls have been to defend your home from evildoers."

The girls impulsively smiled.

"More collateral than is strictly necessary mind you, but the denizens of this town don't seem to mind, so-"

The girls quickly frowned. Buttercup immediately retorted, "Like you have any room to talk."


"It's easy to criticize us when you're not around," continued Buttercup, features hard and marred with irritation. "You just show up out of the blue and think you can just step in as a concerned 'grandpa'?"

"Buttercup!" admonished Blossom.

"Come on Blossom, you know it's true!"

"Well..." Bubbles' tone of voice was quiet and hesitant; it was the tone she took whenever she was about to say something that she knew had to be said, even if it was painful. "'s just, the Professor never talked to us about you. We didn't even know we had a grandpa until a week ago!"

Buttercup nodded, feeling vindicated. "My feelings exactly!"

Jack was silent, taking his measure of the three teenagers: the wary Blossom, the concerned Bubbles, the angry Buttercup. Neither without warrant, honestly. "Despite how we pass ourselves off as figures of responsibility and'll find that adults, like children, also make mistakes...and have even more regrets."

The girls were stilled into silence by Jack's solemn attitude, the lingering agony evident in his face.

Then the agony vanished, and determination was all that was left. "Even so, I will see to it that you three are capable. You are powerful and experienced...but the world is bigger than Townsville. Much bigger."

Buttercup snorted. "And what, you're gonna show us up? I don't think so!"

Jack's smile was grim, and knowing. Aware of a grand joke, and the girls had yet to see the punchline. "We'll see."

Outside the City of Townsville! Ten minutes later!

They were now in a large field surrounded by a dense forest, beyond the city limits. Jack, despite his advanced years, cut quite the imposing figure in his white robes. Strapped to his side were two sheaths; one holding a bokken made from blessed cherrywood, the other a steel blade of divine craftsmanship. "I will refrain from lethal blows. You do not have to extend the same courtesy to me."

Blossom frowned while Bubbles gulped. The green Powerpuff barked with derision. "Come on, what do you think you can do to us?"

"Why don't you use your heat vision and find out?"

"Buttercup, I don't like this," warned Blossom. Their grandfather seemed...confident. Too confident. He also had knowledge of their abilities, judging by his earlier comments. "Just think of how mad the Professor will be when he finds out we tried to fight our grandpa!"

"Your father is aware."


Thirty minutes ago!

"I will watch over them while you go on this...'double date', with Ms. Keane."

"Oh thank you so much dad, I really appreciate it! I was trying to think of who I could get to watch the girls on such short notice, and the Bravos managed to get reservations at this REALLY swell place and-"

"You don't have to explain. Go, enjoy yourself. I...hope you do not mind if I decide to spar with them in the meantime."

"Are you kidding? If my childhood memories of you are still accurate, the girls will only benefit from the experience!"

Blossom smacked her forehead, ignoring the odd, queasy feeling she got at the idea of her dad and her teacher from Pokey Oaks making out. "Explains why the Professor was in such a hurry to leave..."

"So please, don't hold back on your father's account. Like he said..." Jack's face hardened, becoming as tempered steel. "You will only benefit."

Buttercup snorted, eyes blazing red. "Whatever. But I'll take you up on your offer!" Twin beams went flying.


And twin beams came flying back, zapping Buttercup.

Blossom and Bubbles gaped, quickly looking back at their grandfather as he re-sheathed his metal katana. They hadn't even seen him draw!

Buttercup growled, shaking the soot off as she yelled, "Okay, that's it!" In a flash of green, she charged at the samurai.


And was sent face-first into the ground by a bokken to the head.

"Buttercup!" exclaimed the other two Powerpuffs, blazing forward in streaks of pink and blue.


And down they went as well. The three Powerpuffs groaned, rubbing their noggins as they looked up at their grandpa. No longer did he have that lingering air of sorrow, or that quiet aura of humility. Not even the traces of time's passing could be discerned in his stance. Now, there was only a mountain, standing tall and resolute in the face of the storm. "Surely you can do better."

"...girls, form up!" The three rocketed high into the sky, huddling together. "Okay, brainstorm," started Blossom. "How do we do this?"

"Gotta admit, he hits harder than I thought," grumbled Buttercup. "He's also pretty quick, for an old guy."

"More like 'super quick'!" exclaimed Bubbles. "One second we were charging, and the next we were eating dirt! Blegh!"

Blossom nodded out of agreement. "Deceptively strong, deceptively fast. Still, as long as we're out of his reach, we can coordinate and take him down in no time."


The girls paled, gazing upwards as the samurai descended towards them like a diving falcon, bokken held high. Almost unconsciously, they yelped, "You can fly?!"

"No." A strange smirk crossed Jack's face. "Jump good."


The Powerpuff Girls smashed into the ground at high speed. Jack's landing was much quieter. And less painful. He held his bokken close as the three superheroes crawled out of their craters, frustrated determination settling onto their faces. "Come now, granddaughters. Show me your true mettle!"

Looks like our girls are going to learn a few new tricks from an old man indeed!