Chapter I

"Get up," a gruff voice called out. Izaya looked around wearily. It was one of the kidnappers. Yes, yes. Izaya Orihara had been kidnapped but not alone.

"You, too." He said, poking the next man with the long blade he was holding. He didn't move.

"I said, MOVE," he repeated, threatening to drive the blade into the body. No reaction.

"Shizu-chan. I would advise getting up. You have to get back to Kasuka don't you?"

Yup…that was Shizuo Heiwajima. The two had been kidnapped about a week ago. They kept them under extreme conditions and they both could barely move. No food, one cup of water a day no bigger than Izaya's hand to keep them alive, and they had drugged them up, Shizuo more than Izaya to subdue his strength.

The mention of his little brother willed the bodyguard enough to struggle up. The lackey steered the captives to his boss.

"Listen here," the 'big boss' said slowly. "We only need one of you. The other is going to die." Both tensed.

"Now, Zen, bring them," he called to the back of the room.

Out of the shadows emerged a man holding two cups.

"One has water. The other is water laced with poison. That person will be the sacrifice. Now drink," he commanded.

Stumbling over to the man, Shizuo snatched up a random drink.

"Let me see that one Shizu-chan."

"Why? You'll just take it for yourself and leave me to die," he snarled.

"No. you still have more strength than me so just let me see it," he directed.

"Fine, louse." The blonde handed the liquid over.

Taking a glance at it and smelling it for poisonous contents, he smiled bitterly.

"Now give it ba-" he ceased his speech when Izaya chugged the thing whole.

"What the fuck, bastard," he shouted.

The boss spoke.

"Drink the other one now or I'm going to shoot you."

Reluctantly, he took the other one and sipped it slowly, preparing himself for the fact that this would hurt as well as that he would die.

Nothing happened. Why was that?

He stole a glance at Izaya and gasped. The raven held his stomach and his eyes were closed in pain. He gasped over and over. The raven found it hard to breathe.

Then Shizuo realized what happened. Shizuo had picked the poison and Izaya drank it knowing he would die.