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Chapter IV

(Two years later)

"Ne, Shizu-chan?" Izaya called from the living room.

"Yes, my raven?" he replied from the kitchen.

The informant traveled to the kitchen and found Shizuo peeling apples.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm making an apple pie," he answered.

Izaya frowned a bit and took the apple from the blonde.

"Hey!" Shizuo complained.

Putting the apple down, he hugged Shizuo. The bodyguard happily hugged back, wrapping his arms around his neck and putting his chin on Izaya's head.

"Ne…Shizuo? Do you remember the time we were kidnapped?"

"Yes and I don't want to remember," he said, his comment dripping with acid.

"Arigato for that…"

"I should be thanking you…but I could have taken it nonetheless. I have a better immune system than you seeing as I destroy people with vending machines and rip stop signs out of the ground single handedly…"

"It was worth it though…if you had taken it we wouldn't be here…I would never admit it then but now is different. I was really scared…"

'Sigh' "My raven, do I have to repeat it? I will always be with you and I will protect you." Shizuo said.

The bodyguard continued. "Believe it or not, I wanted to die. I was full ready even with Kasuka to worry about. When we talked, I found the will to live, no matter how small it was. It was still there."

They thought back, forgotten conversations returning. They had talked about stuff they did each day, their families, even though Izaya had only himself, why they hate each other, and even random things such as their favorite foods, favorite colors, and who they hated the most besides each other. The thing they chatted over the most was what they were going to do to the kidnappers when the informant and bodyguard got free. They had even made a single-time truce so they could beat the living shit out of them. Though plans had changed because of the poison, Shizuo had upheld his part in injuring the kidnappers severely.

"Yeah…I'm happy we're here now." Izaya said, taking a small piece of the pecan pie Shizuo had baked earlier. "This is good," he complimented, taking another small piece and tossing it into his mouth.

"Really, now?" Shizuo asked, a plan forming in his head. Leaning forward he kissed the raven square on the lips. He bit the smaller male's bottom lip causing him to moan. That was all Shizuo needed. He stuck his tongue in and licked, tasting the brunette as well as the dessert. More moans escaped the informant as the blonde explored Izaya's mouth more. He broke the kiss and leaned back, breathing deeply for air.

Izaya was also fighting for air and Shizuo stroked his neck up to his cheek, causing Izaya to blush. Seeing Izaya blush made the blonde blush.

"I guess you were right. I do make a good pie."