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Longer summary: Kassandra Zoe Little's father was always trying to come in and out of her life until her mother cut all ties with him when Kass was two. Now 13 years later she has left home to look for him, though she is not entirely sure where he is. All she knows is that last year he was in the same place she went to a funeral five years ago, which she is 99.9% sure was in Summer Bay. Though she only cam to the bay with one intention Kassandra gets caught up in many other situations including someone from the bay who is now in witness protection, Mullen's attack on Rosie (in this story Rosie is Mullen's only victim), very complicated one with Jett and many more, also some of the situations pull families apart and a particular one side her with her unknown father's family's enemy.


I couldn't believe I was actually going to do this. To leave. To leave my friends. And to leave my family, which only consisted of my Mom and her best friend Susan Vale who despite everything we have been through I still have my doubts about.

As I climbed out my bedroom window I started to have second thoughts about leaving. But I knew I had to. I had to find my father. Yes the person who cheated and lied to my mother for five years before she cut all ties to him and his family.

For weeks I had been planning my leave. I even had a handwritten copy of my plan to get out my bedroom window. Being on the second story of a house makes the escape difficult but not impossible. After my plan to move into the bedroom downstairs failed I thought up a new one. A painful but possible one. One that involved jumping from my bedroom window. Ouch even the thought of it was painful. Yesterday. The day when my plan was put into action.

xxx FLASHBACK (Yesterday) xxx

"Kassie love, can you please cut the lawn for us today?" My Mom called out to me.

"Mom," I shouted back at her. "Isn't that Susan's job?"

"Yes, but in case you haven't noticed she is not here right now so you are going to have to do it, okay?" Aubrey snapped at me.

I sighed. "So let me guess she has just disappeared again to do god knows what?" I was frustrated that whenever Susan took off to finish her 'Important Business' I was made to do her jobs around the place.

"Kassie, yes you are correct we don't know what she is doing but she says it nothing bad and you need to learn to trust that and now I will give you a choice. You can either mow the lawns or you will be grounded for one week, okay?"

Grounded. Haha I laughed to myself. Little did she know I wouldn't be here for another week. But then another, better though hit me. If I was to mow the lawns I would have to move the trampoline and I could move it right under my window so I had something to land on when I jumped. It would still hurt but it wouldn't hurt as much as jumping onto the ground. So yes I would mow the lawns.


I gently dropped my bag down onto the trampoline. Though I was gentle the tramp still made a rather annoying rattle.

"Here goes," I whispered to myself as I jumped down.

"Shit," I murmured as I landed on the trampoline the springs squeaked majorly, they were probable loud enough to wake someone.

I jumped up grabbed my Country Road bag and sprinted away from my house and my only family. I ran all the way to the closest bus stop, which wasn't really that close at all it was nearly 10km away, but then again that what you get for living in the middle of bloody nowhere.

In the far distance I could see the bright red glow of the bus 110 which would take me to the core of Sydney where I would catch another bus to Summer Bay. To my new life. As the bus pulled over I prayed to God that it wouldn't be our regular driver who was like best friends with my mother. Thankfully it was not him. Phew.

As I hoped on and scanned my bus card, which were thankfully anonymous I mumble "Sydney City Station" to the driver who then nodded and put the bus into action.

When we arrived at the City Station I then realised I was going to have to wait all night for the Summer Bay bus to come so I set up camp under the bus shelter. And by camp I mean chucked a sleeping bag on the ground and hoped in it whilst praying to God that it wouldn't rain.

I woke to the sound of a bus pulling up and what surprised me was that it was the Summer Bay bus, so I got on and braced myself for my new life in Summer Bay.