Summary: Kim struggles to get through each day as she's made into a sex slave by her worst enemy. Every day, all she can do is sit and wait until Shego's in the mood again. It looks like Shego's finally won- especially when Kim starts to enjoy her daily torment. Will the great teen hero become a willing hostage of the world's most dangerous woman? Rated M for later chapters.

I will be continuing It Hurts, but I couldn't wait to start working on this idea!

A top a snowy hill sat a dark and abandoned stone castle. Inside its cold, dank stones walls, stood a mad blue-skinned man, laughing in triumph. Dr. Drakken stood before his latest creation in awe.

"…and soon, world domination shall be mine!" His voice echoed throughout the many halls of the castle as he continued to cackle.

Nearby in a chair, reading the latest issue of Villainess, sat his assistant Shego. She had heard this speech many times before and was so sick of hearing it. Every time he had one of these take-over-the-world schemes, it failed miserably; either the machine backfired or they were foiled and captured. Drakken had chosen this castle for his latest lair, thinking no one would suspect him to be there.

When in reality, it's the most obvious place in the world. Shego thought bitterly.

Sure enough, as Drakken hit the red button to launch his weapon, the machine shook, emitted a noise, and then black smoke came out of it.

Drakken jumped up and down in a fit of rage. "No fair! No fair! I thought for sure this time it would work!" He finished his fit before flopping down in a chair. "At least, once again, Kim Possible didn't show up to ruin my chances of victory."

"Not that there were any," Shego groaned with a wicked smirk on her face.

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that, and go get ready for karaoke night! Perhaps the stage will help me forget this latest failure!"

Normally at the mention of this, Shego would groan and complain and Drakken would once again drag her to the karaoke bar and she'd have to listen to the moose calls he called singing.

But not tonight.

Tonight she had other plans.

"Hey Doc, you go on ahead. I'm not exactly feeling myself tonight," Shego said, standing up and pretending to be dizzy. "Whoa. I stood up too fast!" She forced a cough.

Drakken froze in his tracks and spun around. "Oh come now, Shego! You can't miss karaoke night! It's our Friday night tradition and you-" Shego fired up her hands in green flame. "…are obviously not feeling well! You go home and get some rest! See you Monday!" He hurried out of the room.

Once she saw the hover car fly by the window, Shego stood up and walked to a door. She opened it, revealing a staircase. A wicked grin appearing on her face once more, she made her way down them. "Time for some fun…"

There was a reason the teen hero, Kim Possible, hadn't shown up to foil Drakken. In fact, there was a reason she hadn't shown up anywhere in the past month.

And Shego had cleverly kept it hidden from Drakken.

Shego made her way down a hallway, unlocked a door and pushed it open to reveal a whole hallway of dungeons. Her smile grew as she made her way to the very last one.

Inside, curled up in the corner, her face in her knees, was a red-haired teenage girl, dressed in nothing but a tiny leather skirt, bra and matching stilettoes. Her head shot up when she heard Shego come in.

"Please…" she begged. "No more! No more! I can't take it any longer!"

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