I'm still shipping Fluttercord.

Yet I'm open to new ideas when season 4 rolls around this winter

Was this wrong?

Perhaps some form of bestiality? He was part pony though

Out of all the things he could have thought as to why she wanted him back so quickly, this theory defiantly didn't come up.

They were in her private chambers in the castle, and although she was a princess, she wore nothing of her royal stature at this moment. It would get dirty...and sticky.

"I figured you just wanted me back for my power," the draconequus said "I'm near omnipotent after all,"

"Do you remember all those years ago?" Celestia said "When we were just kids?"

"Hmph," Discord said making a TV screen appear. It began to play a sad moment, the moment when Celestia broke Discords heart. And partly creating the master of chaos himself

What soon followed was his containment in stone

"I never meant for it to be that way," Celestia said "I...It just...Things were..."

"Y'know that rainbow may look cute, but it really hurts," Discord barked

"I'm sorry," Celestia said

Discord made a clock appear

"Ya. Little over a millennium on that one," he said

"Look," Celestia said "All that doesn't matter anymore. We shouldn't dwell on the past. I did care about you, that much was true,"

Discord lifted an eyebrow

"They were afraid," Celestia said "Everypony was. The way you look, your god-like power. My sister and I saved you, saved them."

"I knew they'd riot, come after you. Even knowing what you can do. Yet they wouldn't stand a chance of course. You're chaotic power is to great for even an army of unicorns to battle. I dare say it even trumps my own."

Discord was even more surprised now. All that time, all that pent up rage, all the chaos. He though he needed vengeance for what she did. Yet it turns out, she was protecting him.

"It was the only way," Celestia said a tear came from her eye

Discord wiped it away

"You still care for me?" Discord said

"Yes," Celestia said her eyes lighting up, Discords were to

And then...

"Ouch," Celestia said. She got poked By Discords big tooth

"Oops," Discord said "Not a problem,"

Discord used his power to painlessly pull it out

Then they proceeded to kiss, kissing led to hugging, and that led to...

A floor below Celestias room is a library

Where Twilight and Luna now were

Twilight was working on learning some new spells, like shape shifting.

Luna turned into Nightmare Moon to demonstrate it

Yet there study time was interrupted by some banging and laughter

"What the?" Twilight said

"We to are curious of the sounds of joy mixed with that of violence," Luna said

Twilight went to investigate, Luna followed

"They...She...He...Is there a memory erasing spell?!" Twilight's brain couldn't comprehend what she saw when she opened the door to Celestia's room

"Thou art unfamiliar with there history oh so long ago Twilight Sparkle," Luna said

Twilight ran back into the library and searched for that spell.

She never found it.

The end