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White Rabbit hummed happily to himself as he played ever so elegantly on the piano. Over and over again he played the notes as Arthur crouched in waiting. After a few moments footsteps could be heard getting closer and closer. Eventually, Roderich entered the room carrying his hatchet.

"… What's a rabbit doing here?" He muttered darkly.

"Playing the piano." Said White Rabbit with a dark chuckle. "What else would I be doing? How are you Roderich? Long-time no see…"

The brunet scowled and closed the door, locking it. "I don't remember you… I don't know you…" He slowly started to walk towards White Rabbit, a feral smirk plastered to his face. "I want to cut your ears off… I want to cut them off now!"

White Rabbit chuckled and casually picked up the bow from a violin. "Your mind is long gone isn't it? I bet you don't even know what you're doing anymore…" He glanced over to where Arthur was hiding, signalling for him to make his move. Arthur slowly got up and walked silently towards the Duke.

Roderich chuckled darkly. "You're fucking dead."

White Rabbit hummed a little and picked up the violin. He started to play a little. "Close, but no… NOW!"

Arthur stabbed Roderich in the back, right in his spine. This caused him to cry out in sock and pain as he became penalized from the waist down, making him fall to the floor. After that, Arthur quickly grabbed the mad man by the back of the head and cut off his head, severing it from the body. Amidst the blood pool, Arthur saw part of a rusted key and picked it up. He was halfway there.

"… What was the point in playing the violin?"

White Rabbit put the instrument down and walked over to inspect the body. "What can I say? I thought it was appropriate… with his imminent demise and all…" He crouched down and started to go through the pockets of the deceased man.

While he did this, Arthur looked over the key piece he had gotten. It was the handle part of the key, meaning that Elizaveta had the actual key part. He pocketed it and sighed a little. 'Now… how to get rid of that woman and save that child of theirs… there is still hope for it.'

"Hey have a look at this." White Rabbit was holding up Roderich's exposed arm, revealing a simple, black tattoo.

Arthur looked at the tattoo on Roderich's wrist and frowned. It said Delta B-211. "… I've seen this somewhere before." Said Arthur. He took the scraps of paper put of his pocket. He placed the pieces side by side and frowned. Together they said Delta A-404 and Delta B-211.

"Looks like some kind of manufacturing thing." Muttered White Rabbit.


White Rabbit shrugged and pointed to the paper. "Okay, Delta would be the type it is, B is a subsection and 211 would be the number is was. In other words this guy was a Delta model, type B, number 211."

Arthur frowned a little. "Are you suggesting that these people are… man made?"

White Rabbit laughed. "Do you need the talk? When a mother and a father love each other very much they get in bed and the guy sticks his-"

"Bloody smart ass!" Hissed Arthur. "You know what I mean!"

"Yeah." Chuckled the White Rabbit. "But no, I think we're just dealing with some really messed up people…" He picked up Roderich's head and hummed a little. "Could you split his skull open for me?"

Arthur was horrified. "What?"

"Never mind." He sighed. "I'll do it myself." He crouched down and started to hit the dead man's head against the ground until it split open. Once split open, White Rabbit pulled fragments of bone, skin and hair away until the brain was exposed. "Just as I thought…" Muttered White Rabbit.

"What is it?" Asked Arthur curiously. He wondered what on earth this man had found inside that psycho's head.

White Rabbit chuckled darkly. "Every heard of mad cow disease? This guy's brain is a sponge! Look!" He showed Arthur the exposed part of Roderich's brain. It didn't look like a normal brain would, it looked too pours, like a sponge.

"… That's not mad cow disease." Muttered Arthur. "It's Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease… Similar to mad cow, but it's a human strain… You can only get it by eating other people's brains…"

White Rabbit shrugged and tossed the head to the side. "Same shit… So it looks like these guys are fucking nuts because of that. I was right. I should be a detective."

"What agency would take you." Muttered Arthur. "Okay, so taking all that into account, what does it all mean?"

"No clue." Said White Rabbit. "I'm not a detective. Anyway we have a woman to kill." Arthur nodded a little and followed White Rabbit. If they both had CJD it would be bad for everyone. Though it would explain their bazar behaviour and why the area was blocked off. Though, it still didn't explain why the their house wasn't simply quarantined instead. These would be questions he would have to ask the leader of Chess.

"… How long have you known these two?" Asked Arthur.


"You said that you knew Roderich." Said Arthur. "When and where did you know him from?"

White Rabbit sighed a little and looked away. "I knew both him and Liz before they turned into these things… They used to be nice people, but then they became monsters. I know neither of them wanted this, so I want them to die. If they are dead they won't have to keep suffering and other's won't suffer at their hands…"

"You know a lot of people here, don't you?"

"That's what I do." Said White Rabbit. "I am simply the guy that knows everyone and everything and then when and where to go… Does this mean we're calling a truce?"

"Why would we need to call a truce?" Asked Arthur.

White Rabbit chuckled. "You want information from me and I'm not giving it to you. Simple as that… I say we work together until the bitch is dead."

"I thought you said you were friends with those two." Said Arthur. "How can you call her a bitch?"

"Never said they were my friends." Said White Rabbit casually. "I just said I knew them. People like me don't have friends. We have associates and colleagues. Never any friends. Friends only get us into trouble."

Arthur shook his head. He didn't understand the White Rabbit at all. With a small sigh the pair continued their walk down the hall on the second floor. As they walked, White Rabbit hummed a little to himself. "What are you so damn happy about?"

"Nothing. I'm just humming stuff… wondering how many people these two have murdered and eaten… The usual."

"You are sick."

"Not sick. Just curious." Said White Rabbit. "Have you ever travelled abroad? Gone to different countries?"

"To different parts of Europe." Muttered Arthur. "Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain and a few others … What about yourself?" He looked over to the White Rabbit and gritted his teeth in frustration. He was gone.

'Wonderful…' Thought Arthur bitterly. 'Just bloody wonderful. Looks like White Rabbit has taken the place of that damn Frenchman.' Deciding that nothing could be done about it, Arthur continued to walk down the halls, listening out for any signs of Elizaveta.

After a while he came across a door that didn't fit with the décor of the house. It was pastel blue with bloodied hand prints all over it. It looked like it would conceal a child's room. The door was slightly ajar, giving the Brit the opportunity to look inside.

Arthur peeked inside to see if he could spot the deranged woman. Elizaveta was standing in the middle of the room, rocking her baby in her arms. She looked so happy just to have her child. "My baby, may baby, my baby… My precious little one." She cooed softly. "So quiet today. Such a good baby… Your father will be happy when get gets back from getting rid of that pest."

Arthur sighed sadly and carefully opened the door, sneaking up behind the woman. 'I really didn't want to do this in front of a child… But if I have no choice, than I have no choice.'

Elizaveta hummed a little and walked over to the baby's crib, placing the child inside. "Sleep now, my precious one. Have beautiful dreams about the world above…" She reached into the crib and sighed happily. "Dream of the sun… the moon… the stars… the wind blowing through your hair… and the gentle patter of rain against your alabaster skin…" She giggled a little. "Until then you'll have to settle for this bastard's blood."

She quickly turned to face Arthur, holding an iron poker used for stoking a fire. A malicious grin spread across her disturbed face as she stumbled forwards towards Arthur. "Put the weapon down, Elizaveta. You don't want to do this." Said Arthur calmly. "Not in front of your child."

"You killed him didn't you?" She growled. "I heard the music playing, but it cut out before it was over… You lured my Roderich to his death, didn't you? YOU KILLED HIM! YOU FUCKING KILLED HIM! YOU KILLED MY HUSBAND!" She shrieked. "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU! I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU, YOU BASTARD! YOU MIGHT HAVE GOTTEN RODERICH, BUT YOU WON'T KILL ME OR MY CHILD!"

She lunged at Arthur, laughing hysterically as she swung her weapon, brining it down in swift, string strokes. Arthur gulped and jumped back, only just missing the woman's attacks. He would need to be quick about this if he was going to get this done as quickly and as safely as possible.

He ducked, turned and deflected whenever possible as he tried to find an opening in her defences. 'Damn it… She's completely insane! Fuck, fuck, fuck… Shit!' He quickly jumped back, avoiding getting his leg shattered. 'Let's see… right handed. Raises with a left arc… I have to attack the right side when she's raising her arm.' It was a small window. No more than maybe half a second.

That was more than enough time for Arthur. As Elizaveta raised her weapon ready to strike Arthur again, he ran forwards. His knife easily ran through the woman's right side, Gliding through fat, muscle, bone and organs as if they weren't even there. Too end the poor woman's suffering, Arthur stabbed her in the back, piercing her heart. Elizaveta fell to the ground dead.

Arthur stood there, panting a little as he watched the blood flow out of her wounds. He shivered and turned to the crib. He needed to get the child out of here. He started to make his way towards the crib when White Rabbit appeared again. "So I guess you took care of her then?"

"Where the bloody hell have you been?" Snapped Arthur. "I was almost killed!"

"But you weren't." Said White Rabbit. "That's the main thing."

"I guess…" Muttered Arthur.

"Baby…" Wheezed Elizaveta. "My… baby…"

Arthur almost had a heart attack. 'She's still alive? I thought I killed her! She's bleeding out enough to be dead anyway!'

"My… my baby…" Spluttered Elizaveta as she slowly dragged herself towards the crib. "Don't… hurt… my baby… my baby… my baby… my baby… He needs his mother… my baby… my-" He words were cut short when White Rabbit beat her in the head with an iron poker she had dropped earlier.

"Well… That was easily done." He muttered. He pulled the poker out of her skull and let her head roll limply on the floor. "Want to check on the baby?"

"In a second." Muttered Arthur. He quickly pulled the key part off the dead woman's body and joined it with the handle. Once that was done he walked over to the crib. He was surprised that the child hadn't made a noise since they had entered.

"Hey, she had Delta A-404 on her wrist." Muttered White Rabbit.

"Is that so?" Muttered Arthur. He looked into the crib to see a bundle of red cloth. Frowning a little he pulled back the cloth to see the babies face. A dead piglet looked back at him with cold, dead, rotting eyes. "… She never had a baby."

"Of course." Said White Rabbit. He walked over to Arthur to have a look at the so called baby. "Liz couldn't have kids… she never said why though. Always wanted children, never could have any… I guess she finally went off the deep end when she got CJD, huh?"

"Yeah…" Muttered Arthur. This was horrible. If these two had CJD, how many more people had it? Was the whole place cut off because of an outbreak of CJD? That thought worried him. What of Toris and Feliks had CJD too? It was a strong possibility and something he really didn't want to think about. "We should leave…"

White Rabbit nodded in agreement and turned to leave. "Yeah… This place has nothing I'm interested in anyway. See you around sometime… Oh and Arthur, the next time I see you be warned, my intentions will not be to help you in the slightest. With that he turned and left.

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It didn't take Arthur long to get back to Dodo's Toy Emporium. Feliks, Toris, Alfred and Francis were sitting around, cleaning wounds and swapping stories. "Like, so good to see you again." Said Feliks. "How did it go?"

"The Duke and Dutches both had CJD… human mad cow disease. They had no control over their actions…" Muttered Arthur. "But I do have the key to talk to get into see the leader of the Chess territory. So it's something."

Alfred grinned. "Awesome. So I guess we're going to go and see him now, right?"

"Right… Maybe then we can get some answers…" Muttered Arthur. This whole thing seemed like a bad dream to him now.


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