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Cats and Rabbits

The sweet smell of fresh cat grass carried by the calming wind woke him from his slumber. A small boy, only six, all wide eyed and curious about the world around him. The simplest things brought pleasure to the child; a smile, the babbling brook, the birds singing or even just watching the small woodland animals scurrying around the tall grass.

He sat up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He would need to head home soon or he was sure to get a scolding from his father. Quickly standing he started to make his way home.

As the boy walked along he happened to spy a small cotton tail bobbing up and down in the grass. He grinned and got as close to the rabbit as possible without scaring it and copped its hopping action. Moving when it moved and stopping when it stopped.

"Hippity-hop." Sang the child. "Hippity-hop. Hippity-hop. Rabbit down the rabbit trail. Hippity-hop. Hippity-hop. One, two, three. Hippity-hop."

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Blinking a little, White Rabbit pulled himself out of his sleep. There was no sweet scent of grass or the calming breeze. Those things were replaced with the thick stench of blood, rust and stale air. He had collapsed on top of a bloodstained hospital bed, perfect place for a nap.

"… More tired than tired… more exhausted than exhausted…" He muttered as he slowly sat up.

Slowly the events leading up to his collapse began to come back to him, if only in small increments. His thoughts made him giggle and made him feel a little bit giddy too. He had given Arthur much more information than he thought he would, but that made everything that much more fun.

"Oh Arthur…" He cooed. "Oh Arthur, Arthur, Arthur… The things you will learn and the places you will see…" He giggled again and got off the bed. He then proceeded to climb into the nearby vent and started to crawl through the metal maze.

He wanted to watch Arthur struggle over every little detail. He wanted to watch Arthur get frustrated. He wanted to see Arthur get crushed under the weight of his own ignorance. It would be beautiful. He loved it. Arthur couldn't have gotten too far ahead of him. There was no way.

After a few minutes of crawling he spotted someone through the vent, thought it wasn't who he was after. It was that damn Frenchman. Not as fun as Arthur, but still fun to play with. It wasn't often that a rabbit could bat around a cat.

The Frenchman didn't even know he was there. The stupid blond was walking along the hallway, looking rather lost. This made White Rabbit laugh. "What's this? The fat tabby cat is lost? Flea bitten bastard! You should have fucking died!"

Francis jumped in surprise and quickly looked around. "What the hell? Come out and face me!" He snapped.

"Why should I?" Growled White Rabbit. "You're quite quick on your feet. You'd run away the second you saw me… Going to find the wayward rose? What will you find; a spotless York or a bloody Lancaster!"

Francis' eyes darted around the hallway as he slowly moved to grab a broken chair leg that littered the hallway. "What have you done to Arthur? What have you done?"

White Rabbit was grinning from ear to ear. He was lapping up the Frenchman's fear like a fish and living every second of it. "But where is the thief? I thought the cat and the thief would have been together. Would have made laying you both to rest so much easier…"

"… We split up." Said the Frenchman slowly. "We decided it was best to split up… Make it harder for a psycho like you to kill us all…"

White Rabbit grinned, his eyes gleaming with psychotic intent. "I'm going to hang you upside down and saw your fucking body in half with a rusty saw. I'd love to hear a freak like you scream your fucking lungs out before I even managed to hack through your fucking pelvis."

He watched Francis shake at his words. Just his words. If someone could feel faint just from hearing something and not even experiencing such pain they were pathetic in White Rabbit's eyes. He wanted to scare the Frenchman so much that he would wet himself and have to live with that shame, not matter how long or short it was.

"You can tell a Cheshire Cat
By the size of his grin
You cannot help but love him
Even though he wants to sin
For he has the kind of smile
That says, come on and play
And when he starts to purr
He can take your breath away
When he nuzzles with his nose
Then licks you with his tongue
Even though you know you should
You cannot turn and run
Because his eyes they are hypnotic
They put you in a trance
Sometimes he makes you want to sleep
He can even make you dance
You never know what next he'll do
Unpredictable is his name
However you'll always enjoy yourself
When you play the Cheshire game…"

"Shut up already!" Yelled Francis. "I'm tired of your pathetic mind games! Why aren't you facing me? Are you a coward?"

"Why would you call me a coward?" Snapped White Rabbit. "You hide your face behind a mask! Take it off! Show the world your pretty smile you vain bastard!"

"You too hide behind a mask!" Yelled Francis. "You use the guise of a rabbit to hide your true face, how are you any different from me?"

White Rabbit smirked a little. Francis was moving closer and closer to the vent opening he was hiding in. "I don't do hide my face because of vanity. I hide it because it's fun to watch you squirm…" As soon as Francis was under the vent, White Rabbit quickly burst out of it, slamming Francis against the floor. "Surprise."

Francis squirmed under the White Rabbit, trying desperately to get free. "LET ME GO!" He screamed. "LET ME GO! ARTHUR! HELP ME!"

White Rabbit chuckled. "He's too far gone to hear you now…"

The Frenchman's already pale face when almost ghostly white in horror. "You killed him? You murderer…"

"There's blood on my hands, like the blood in you…" Murmured the masked man. "I can hear it singing so sweetly out to me… I want to release it from its fleshy prison and let it dance freely to its sweet song… Don't you want to let it go freely too?" He could see the fear practically seeping out of the blonds pours. It sent a shiver of excitement up the White Rabbit's spine.

"You'll regret killing me." Said Francis.

"How so?" Hissed White Rabbit.

"I-I can offer you something valuable." Said Francis quickly.

This peeked White Rabbit's interest, but only for a second. "Pathetic. You're just grovelling now aren't you? Trying to make me spare your miserable life when you know you have nothing to offer me!" He was brimming with anger now. "I hate your kind the most. I fucking hate your kind so damn much!"


White Rabbit paused for a second. "Huh?"

Francis sighed a little, looking much more calm than he did before. "We are on the same side. We found each other and made an agreement. Don't you remember? Well, obviously you don't because we are here right now!"

White Rabbit thought very hard about what Francis had just told him. "Oh… Right… Oops…"

"Oops?" Growled Francis. "You almost kill me and all you can say is Oops?"

"Hey, it could have been a lot worse." Said White Rabbit as he released Francis and stood up. "I could have slit your throat before I remembered and hey, my mind is all over the place. You can't get mad at me for temporary insanity."

The Frenchman rolled his eyes and stood up, dusting himself off. "Right… I assume you interacted with Arthur quite recently?"

"Yep." Said White Rabbit proudly. "I gave him a name."

"What name?"

"The name."

"What is the name?"

"Need to know."

"Need to know?"

"As in it's on a need to know basis."

"Well I need to know."

"Do you really?"


"You sure?"

"Of course I'm sure!" Snapped Francis. "Tell me what name you gave him!"

White Rabbit smirked. "I simply told him his name. He was foolish enough to follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole after all and came to this dystopian wonderland."

"Oh, so you gave him that girl's name, Alice." Francis seemed relieved to hear that.

This made Rabbit pout. He didn't want Francis to be relieved in anyway. He still wanted him on edge at all times. "Why? What was the name to you? What name should I have given? I thought Alice was right. Did I get it wrong?"

"No, you got it perfectly right." Said Francis happily. "Did you give him a description of the girl?"

"No point." Muttered the other. "His own delusional mind will probably come up with a picture of the girl in question, thought it might or might not be obscure… Then again what do we care? Dead men tell no tails."

Francis nodded in agreement. "Quite… Do you know if Arthur has managed to obtain anymore medication for himself?"

This made White Rabbit giggle gleefully. "Nope and every time I see him he seems to be getting more and more loopy and around the bend." He loved and cherished that demented look in that young man's eyes every time their paths crossed. It made him feel all giddy and nauseous, the good kind, and it made his heart race in his chest cavity, reminding him he still had a pulse.

If he didn't know any better he would have assumed it was love. That notion was quickly squashed though when he remembered that he felt the same euphoric feeling while gutting people alive and torturing them. That he knew for sure wasn't love. That was sadism, plain and simple.

"I see…"

"Is that bad too?" He enquired.

Francis thought for a moment before shaking his head. "No… Just keep an eye on him or something… I'll be doing the same… The closer and closer he gets to insanity the closer and closer we will all get for finding closure…"

"Indeed…" Muttered White Rabbit. He turned and started to walk away. "I'll keep an eye on him and you keep an eye on that thief for me, cat. That thief needs a damn good thrashing if he sticks his nose where it doesn't belong."

"… Right."

As White Rabbit walked away he started to hum a little, quickly turning his whimsical humming into a little song. "Hippity-hop. Hippity-hop. Hippity-hop. Rabbit down the rabbit trail. Hippity-hop. Hippity-hop. One, two, three. Hippity-hop. He'll die, you'll see. Rabbit stew for tea…"


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