Today might have been the hottest day this year. The sun hung high in the azure skies mocking the humans below in rays of what felt like fire. The usually friendly waves of heat were simply too much for any normal being with more than a swimsuit on. Treading down the sidewalk Double D cursed himself for deciding today of all days to wearing a hooded black jacket, and jeans. His usually comfortable hat was nothing but a nuisance, beads of sweat running from his hair line and down his neck. His hands clutching to the strap at his chest for support hoping to get to his house before he passed out from a heat stroke. Today he figured would be over cast, a nice day to relax and read out in the park. But no.

He would have much rather spent the day with his best friends, or in the very least someone who didn't ridicule him and half way wanted his presence but it was what it was. Eddy, having promised his mom a day the day before to attend her in a shopping trip had accompanied her for the day and Ed was watching Sarah, also being dragged into a family event, out of town to make matters worse. But, in his eyes, Edd saw it as a day to unwind and relax, go out to enjoy the beginnings of summer with his favorite novel. Needless to say, the day was not going according to plan at all.

It was currently a little after noon and lunch, aside from getting inside his home to cool off, was his top priority. His mouth watered at the thought of a baloney sandwich with swiss joining along side it a tall glass of iced tea with a touch of lemon. A nice lunch alone in the air conditioning sounded heavenly. Perhaps afterward he would change into something lighter and sit in his back yard for a while but all thoughts of returning outside diminished when rock music came into his aural range as he approached his empty home. Double D raised his eyes from the sidewalk over to the neighbor across the street who was causing such a ruckus. The source was none other than Kevin's house or in this case, Kevin himself.

The jock more than likely was enjoying his swimming pool during this hellishly hot day with either Nazz or whomever he had invited over to Socialize with since it seemed his parents weren't home either. At the current song that echoed through the cul-de-sac Double D wrinkled his nose in disgust, stomped up quickly to his door and reached in his messenger bag to obtain the home key. He could understand a love for music, he too like most people, enjoyed music very much but playing such a song for lord only knew who to hear. He dug deeper into his bag but no luck. Pulling out the planned book he tagged along he flipped through the pages. Maybe the key had fell between some of the pages. Again, no luck.

He sighed through his nose slipping the book back safely listening to the lyrics being sung lazily. He had heard this song once before at Eddy's house at random from the radio being on. This was probably just the same scenario, just a different setting really. But now, the words struck the ravenette awkwardly. His hands wrung around the strap of his bag once more, his fingertips tapping against one another nervously.

My favorite inside source

I'll kiss your open sores
Appreciate your concern
You'll always stink and burn

Glancing over his shoulder Double D eyed his neighbors home once again seeing two figures, like he'd predicted only mere moments ago, come to the front yard exchanging what looked to be good byes after the red head adjusted his ball cap, the song blaring even louder with the front door open. Both Kevin and Nazz in swimsuits and wearing delighted features still oblivious that they were being watched. The two best friends were just that, nothing really went on between the two young adults but it made Edd wonder did Nazz feel as awkward as he did at this moment? Especially in a swimsuit? Or did the lyric of the song fall on deaf ears before they ended their swim? Hoping to not be seen at all Double D backed up closer to his home seeing the blonde retreat down the sidewalk on the other side of the street.

Rape me
Rape me my friend
Rape me
Rape me again

Edd belt down turning his back to his discomfort to one of the potted plants on the porch Edd lifted the edge of the clay removing the spare key from it's hiding spot and beamed down at the gold in his hand. He shuddered at the singers voice the violent words sounding like he was being strangled when he sung. It was terrible but it was soon to be forgotten now that he had his sanctuary in his palm. Standing he turned quickly making work on the lock unaware of the jock now behind him, hands crossed against bare flesh.

Rape me, Rape me, Rape me, Rape me, Rape me, Rape me, Rape me, Rape me...

"Hey Double Dweeb." The slightly taller teen smirked, a new sweat covering Edd. 'Oh dear... I've been caught. Be strong Eddward!' After internally encouraging himself to turn and speak he did just that. After adjusting his beanie he spun on his heel trying to block the lyrics from flooding his mind praying the conversation would end as quickly as it started.

"Hello Kevin!" Double D strained through a nervous smile, thankful the song was over and another mellow sounding one had started up but that still didn't stop the god awful heat wave or the fact that he'd been caught for something he wasn't quite sure of exactly.

"Whatchu up to, dork?" The jock asked removing his ball cap again for only a moment to smooth a hand through his auburn hair to replace it a more serious expression taking over his tanned features. Kevin approaching him so casually and calmly was unnatural especially in only swim trunks and that look on his face. The hat was there though, perhaps that was the only normal part about Kevin today because even he, Double D himself, had to admit he was acting a little peculiar himself. Maybe it was just the heat.

"I was going in to enjoy lunch and continue a novel I had been in the process of reading at the park." Double D admitted truthfully. There was no shame in enjoying a day by one's self was there?

With a shrug Kevin looked down the cul-de-sac seemingly uninterested. "Yeah sounds cool.." He trailed off as though he was lost in thought making Double D wonder what exactly had happened between him and Nazz. As soon as the prying thought entered his cranium Edd banned it. He knew better than to worry about other people's lives. Especially when it came to that.

"Well, I guess I shall see you later then!" Double D said all too eagerly before he was interrupted.

"Want to hang out later?" The red head offered his features never losing firmness.

"Sure!" Double D said internally regretting the words as they escaped him. The question itself was out of the question. Hanging out with Kevin? That wasn't possible. Sure, it had been a few years since 'The Ed's' had pulled off any scams, too busy with school as like everyone else was, but being reduced to such a status? Did Kevin feel sorry for him? Or was it that now Kevin wanted to obtain a stronger bond with himself as a 'friend'..

Before he could take refuge Kevin gave a small nod with the smartest of the Ed's, "See you later then.." and with a smirk turned to head back across the street to his house.

Once the taller teen was across the street Edd dived through the door, locking it behind him. Gasping from the cold breeze of sterile air he panted slightly resting his back against the chilled wooden door his muscles relaxing for a moment before the thoughts of later started a growing concern.

What if Kevin had something planned a setup for the seventeen year old? Something rash or unspeakably horrible to taunt Double D? The questions only grew as did his anxiety.

"Why in heavens name did I agree to this..?" He mournfully asked aloud pulling his bag off and laying in onto the couch snatching up a kleenex from the nearby coffee table. Patting away the remaining sweat from his forehead he dragged himself to the kitchen. Maybe that so desired sandwich and drink would help ease not only his stomach but mind. Maybe then he would figure out just what Kevin was up to.