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Note: this one-shot is set several years (or more specifically around a decade) after the events that occurred in chapter XXX of DFF, in a time wherein Sebastian is still recovering.



Strenuous Activities


"Sit up."

Sebastian grunted a little as he pushed his torso up with his right elbow, the sheets falling on his lap upon resting his back against the mahogany headboard. Settling himself on a comfortable position, he glanced down at his left hand, which rested over a thick, white hand towel. The fabric was smeared with small spots of fresh red, but the towel itself had faint and faded stains of blood, the color a pale yellow-orange against the white – evidence that the piece of square cloth had been used for a long time for a single purpose: to make sure blood wouldn't stain the expensive beddings during healing.

The pale hand that lay on top of the towel was steady, an accomplishment for the onyx-haired male since his fingers had been twitching uncontrollably for the last five years. He eyed the scar over the back of his hand. The new growth of flesh was round, though with irregular crisscrosses around the borders. The fresh skin was a darker color compared to his complexion, but it was still pinkish on the edges, and the skin of the scar gleamed against the light, the same gleam one would see when they rub oil on their bodies. Though it looked healed enough, the new skin was still apparently thin, and he did not dare move a muscle on his hand in fear of opening the wound…again.

He heard a shuffling sound beside him and turned to look at a hand that was rummaging inside a white box set on his bedside table, and then to the owner of that hand: the maroon-haired male seated on a chair by the edge of the bed, the one who had told him to sit up, and the one who re-healed his hand a few minutes ago.

Gabriel was still rummaging his hands, gloveless, inside the first aid kit when he spoke in his deep monotone, his topaz eyes looking inside the contents of the box. "Do refrain yourself in engaging in activities that would strain your hand." He pulled his hand out, a roll of bandages held between his fingers. He turned to Sebastian with a look of annoyance. "You need to give it more time to heal, and I can't always be there to do that for you."

Sebastian looked away to roll his eyes, while Gabriel began to cover his scarred hand. It wasn't like he had done anything wrong. All he did was clean the mansion. It was an obsessive-compulsive habit that he had developed since he was a Phantomhive butler many years ago. It was also the only thing that he could do to pass the time, rather than stay in his bed all day, and he had been doing that for a long time now. It just so happened that his wound re-opened this morning while lifting a heavy couch so he could clean the floor beneath it. That was all.

It was a blow to his pride being talked that way, like he was a child being lessoned after running around and scraping his knee, even if the one who was treating him as such was his own older brother (who, by the way, he had just found out recently). He didn't have to be reminded of something so obvious all the time, and in any case, even if he did forget to take care of his hand, he didn't need to call for Gabriel (who seemed apparently irritated when healing someone). He can always look for Viessa, or even Lucilla, if he needs healing.

His hand was all bundled up by the time he stopped musing, and he saw Gabriel wipe his hands with a handkerchief to rid the small smudges of blood from his own left palm. Sebastian muttered his thanks and then gently pulled his hand away from the blood-stained towel, resting the bandaged hand on his lap and running the fingers of his other hand on the white dressings. His hand did not pain terribly anymore, though it would twitch every now and then.

As his brother stood from his seat and settling the things he had gathered aside, Sebastian flung his legs to the edge of the bed, his bare feet touching the carpet.

"Viessa's coming back sometime tonight." The russet-eyed male looked up when Gabriel said those words.

He tilted his head. "So her assignment's finally over." He said in a soft voice, inwardly glad that his mate would be returning after months of absence. He sighs in relief. It had been an unbearable four months of worrying for the pale-blond female's well being, especially since she was assigned somewhere where a war was waging, despite knowing that she was fully capable of handling things on her own. But the world was currently littered with rogue demons, a chaotic number that stormed out from the bowels of Hell while the kingdom was under pending rule, all thanks to his dear brother. So it was only natural for her mate to be at least concern.

After hiding away the first aid kit in one of the drawers of Sebastian's bedside table, Gabriel reached for his coat that he had flung on a nearby chair, and then slipped his arms on the sleeves. He then turned to the younger Fallen Demon, nonchalantly watching his look of relief before speaking. "I won't be around for the rest of the night," he began, and Sebastian looked up at him with a questioning look, "I have to attend to some business somewhere in Asia." Gabriel turned away as he fixed his collar, thus failing to see his younger brother roll his eyes. Sebastian knew that this 'business' he so put was not business at all. Sebastian knows Lucilla was doing sentry work somewhere in Siberia, and that his brother was off to see her again. The former butler was not dense, he is well aware that something is going on between his two comrades, but kept it to himself, settling the suspicion aside as black mail for the brunette the next time she'd try to aggravate him.

Although, the situation did have its perks: with Gabriel and Lucilla away, he has the whole night alone with Viessa. A mischievous smirk grew on his lips. He couldn't remember the last time he and his lovely mate played. Sentry work have been constantly coming around due to random contracts by the chaotic demons, so he rarely get to spend a long time with her, and whenever she didn't have much work to do, they were almost always never alone. He chuckles lowly to himself, his mind devising ways to make a memorable and romantic night.

"By the way," Sebastian was snapped out of his slightly-lucid musings at the stern voice, and he turned his head to the door where Gabriel was now making his way. The older demon turned to look at him behind his shoulder as he opened the door slightly. He tucked his maroon bangs, which he had allowed to cover half his face, behind a pierced ear, exposing the vertical scar that ran across his left eye. "You're not allowed to enter Viessa's chambers tonight."

Sebastian blinked, surprise evident in his features. He suppressed a frown when he finally found his voice again, though his tone did nothing to hide his displeasure. "And why is that?"

The look on his brother's face was unreadable. "Viessa has a tendency to sleep every after sentry work. She watches over assignments 24/7 and by the time it's over, she comes home sleeping like a rock." Gabriel shrugged, leaning on the doorframe. "I don't know why she has to do that. We are required to eat human food regularly, but sleeping is still a luxury even for Fallen Demons like us." He hums, looking thoughtful.

"Well, she always was against the norm," Sebastian said, smiling sheepishly as he thought about the many things that classified the purple-eyed demoness as a 'deviant among deviants'. Then he tilts his head, his smile widening to hide his earlier irritation. "I still don't see why I'm prohibited to see her in her room."

"Sebastian, you of all people should know that it's rude to disturb a lady while she is sleeping," Gabriel replied, gazing at Sebastian with an unperturbed expression, though the younger could tell that he was on the verge of scolding him for protesting. "All I'm saying is that you let her rest. She won't be interested in doing anything else except sleep. Anyway, you'll still see her come morning. I'm sure she won't be asleep for too long." And then he turned away, opening the door wider to pass through, only to halt again and peer at his brother with an annoyed gaze.

"Remember, Sebastian," he said sternly, topaz eyes darting from the dark-haired male's face then to his bandaged left hand, and then back, "No strenuous activities."

And with that, he left the room, and soon enough his presence left the manor, leaving Sebastian grumbling.

Of course, he wouldn't let someone tell him what to do. He had enough of that already with his former young master.


He had been reading in the library that evening when he sensed a familiar aura suddenly appear – A burst of demonic energy that filled the manor at the height of a teleportation. Sebastian cast his head up at the ceiling. The medium-sized library was at the first floor. He had intentionally chosen this area to wait because Viessa's room was exactly above it.

He smiled playfully, taking off his oval glasses and tucking them in his shirt pocket. He shuts his book quite loudly while he uncrossed his legs. He stood up, dropping the thick novel he had been reading on the cushions of the couch, and made his way out of the room, unconsciously loosening the first button and then fixing the collar of his pristine white dress shirt.

Sebastian casually walked up the stairs, right hand in the right pocket of his black slacks while his bandaged left hung on his side. Reaching the second floor, he strutted across the empty hallway, which was dimly lit by only the small yellow wall lamps.

Her bedroom door was slightly ajar, yellow lamp light seeping through the narrow gap. Sebastian peaked inside, smiling upon seeing his mate seated in front of her vanity, a hand to her mouth as she stifled a long yawn. She was already in her night gown: an elegant lilac one-piece that reached just above her knees in laced linings. The sleeves where long, a bit puffed, and were long enough that only her fingers peaked out of the sleeve, though the night dress still slightly exposed her shoulders. Her pale-gold, heavily curled mane was settled on one shoulder while she tamed the tangles with a hair brush.

Sebastian had learned to suppress his aura to a level that was almost invisible, thanks to Gabriel's training. His stealth was surprisingly even better than the girls, and leveling close to his brother's. It was the reason why Viessa remained unaware of Sebastian being just outside her door, despite owning his mark on her naval. By the time Viessa had settled in her queen sized bed, Sebastian made himself known and pushed open the door. The female was taken in by surprise, halting in the middle of shutting off the lamp on her bedside table.

"Oh, Sebastian. How long have you been out there?" she asked, beaming him a sweet but tired smile.

He smiled back, making his way to her bed side as she settled herself up on a sitting position. "Not too long," he replied in a slightly sly tone. He moved in closer and propped a knee on the edge of the bed, and then leaned forward to plant his lips over her soft ones in a breathtaking kiss. They were both smiling when they pulled back. "I'm glad you're back." He said softly, his relief evident in his words. Red eyes gazed at her tenderly. "It has been a grueling four months without you," he added.

Viessa chuckled before kissing his nose. Then she pulled back, scrutinized his face, before she spoke in a teasing manner, "So did you have fun around with Gabriel?" She laughed when Sebastian frowned and grumbled under his breath. "By the way, I did not sense him around the house when I arrived," she added, tilting her head to one side.

Sebastian sat by her legs at the edge of the bed, still frowning. "He had to attend to some business. He won't be around until sometime in the morning." He then turned to her and smirked, hoping she had heard his intentions behind his words.

Lucky for him, she did.

"Oh…" she said with a wide smile, nodding her head slowly though her eyes did not tear away from his pair of tantalizing blood-reds. "I see," she said slowly, her tone decreasing slightly in volume and becoming alluring, "I heard Lucy's out on an assignment…"

"That's right," Sebastian said in a slow and seductive way, leaning slightly closer, his smirk wide.

Viessa, in a teasing manner, leaned back while Sebastian was closing in. "So…that mean's…"

"We're alone," Sebastian continued for her, his voice set in a charming whisper, "We have the house…All. To. Our. Selves…"

She leaned back further until the back of her head touched the headboard. She had been too engulf with the tempting glow of his eyes that she failed to realize that he had shifted from his place by the edge of her bed and now had both knees propped on her bed. He was now kneeling, her legs underneath the sheets between his, while he planted his hands on the headboard, caging her head in between. Sebastian was practically crawling above her like a predator who had his pray in a dead end.

She smiled back mischievously, playing along by running her fingers on the lapels of his collar slowly, making sure her knuckles graze the skin of his neck. She felt vibrations on his throat as he purred in delight at her simple ministrations.

"Really now," she whispered back, eyes slowly going downwards as she peaked at his chest beneath his collar. Then she blinked slowly, her amethyst eyes rolling back up to meet his gaze in a seductive way. She leaned closer to him, their lips an inch away from each other, and as she whispered, her hot breath touched his lips. "It's been such a long time since we had the house all to ourselves."

Sebastian could only give a low hum in approval, because he was too busy gazing at her slightly parted and moist lips. "Whatever shall we do in this lonely evening?" He finally whispered back with a smirk, tilting his head as if he was ready to claim her mouth.

It was at that point that Viessa had enough of the teasing. She had been waiting for a moment like this for a very long time now. Her playful smile diminished into parted lips, and her eyes became half-lidded with a halo of desire in the deep purple irises. "Sebastian…" she whispered in a slightly pleading tone, "…I want..." she hesitated.

Sebastian's smirk only widened. "You want?" he said in a tone feigning innocence. He was so close that his lips brushed over hers.

"What do you want?" he whispered in that same manner.

"You know what I want…"

"Do I?" he teased some more, causing the female to furrow her brows in impatience.

He chuckled when she suddenly growled, but then closed in, the space between their lips merely less than an inch left. He trailed a finger in a brutally slow and sensual flutter from her shoulder blade, up the long column of her neck, and smoothing over her jaw line, leaving pleasurable tickles against her skin, before stopping beneath her chin to tilt her head up, just so he could admire the sinful glaze in her purple eyes. For all her feebleness and the inner change she underwent as a Fallen one, she still retains that devilishly dark and seductive allure of a powerful demoness – that salacious charm in her features that would make men fall to their knees before her… or make Sebastian want to ravish her like there was no tomorrow.

"I'll give you what you want, Viessa…I'll give you what you want…" he blew his words on her lips, tongue darting out just a bit to lap on her lower lip.

Excitement rushed within the pale-blonde, burning a spark within her core, as she closed her eyes when his mate slowly made his way closer. He was so very close that she could feel the heat radiating from him touch her face, and smell his intoxicating scent of musky spice and cinnamon.

And just when their lips where a breaths away, Sebastian suddenly rolled off of her, landing on his back on the empty space beside her, making the bed bounce in the process.

Viessa opened her eyes, finding him no longer hovering above her, and then blinked a few times in surprise. Why didn't he kiss her?

She propped herself up with her elbows and turned to her side, blinking some more in both shock and confusion upon finding Sebastian making himself comfortable on her other pillow. His eyes were closed and a wide and playful smile was plastered on his face, looking triumphant. He rested his hands on his stomach as he cross his outstretched legs by the ankles.

She tilted her head, looking at him with a puzzled expression. "What are you doing?" was all she could ask.

Sebastian remained closing his eyes and smiling when he replied, "I'm giving you what you want."

Viessa raised an eyebrow. "…what?"

The onyx-haired male opened one eye to look at her while propping a dark brow. "Isn't this what you wanted, Viessa?" he said, his voice teasing.

"I…I don't…" confused, she was at lost for words, "I don't…understand…I thought…"

Sebastian shifted to lie on his side, facing to her direction, and propped an elbow on the pillow so he could rest the side of his head on his palm. "You want to sleep, am I right?"


He resisted the urge to laugh at the confused look on her face. It was practically hard to get such a reaction from her.

"You see, Gabriel told me that you always sleep once you return from an assignment. You must be awfully tired by now. I'm only giving you what you want."

"But you –"

"I'll be right here," he cuts her off, lying back down on the bed in his previous position. The smile on his lips was gone but inwardly he was snickering. "Sleep, Viessa."

The blonde pursed her lips, getting annoyed. "Sebastian, I want –"

"Do you want me to leave?" he cuts off her sentence once more, opening his eyes and looking up at her, feigning a sad look on his face. He sighs, slowly sitting up, still faking unhappiness, "I see. Well…then…I'll leave you to rest. I'll see you in the morning."

But just when he was about to step out the bed, a hand suddenly grasp at his arm and pulled him back down on the bed with such a force that his head almost slammed into the head board had Viessa's mountains of pillows not been there.

Viessa pushed him down on her bed with both her hands on his shoulders, and then immediately sat on his stomach, putting her full weight over him.

Sebastian smirked wide upon looking up at his mate, who looked absolutely livid. Her brows were furrowed and her purple eyes had shifted to its demonic red with the pupils in thin, dark slits. Her well-manicured black fingernails were long and sharp, and they dug on his shoulders through the thin fabric of his white shirt in a sadistic manner that made Sebastian hum in satisfaction. This is exactly the reaction he wanted to emit from her.

"Listen to me, Sebastian Michaelis," she snapped at him with a growl behind her tone. Whenever Viessa would address him in his full name, she means serious business. Sebastian's smile only grew even more, and he slowly ran the tips of his fingers up the expanse of smooth, porcelain skin of her thighs, exposed when her night gown hitched up when she sat on him.

'Not interested in doing anything else but sleep, huh?' he thought with a smile, referring to what Gabriel had told him. It was a challenge that Sebastian had accepted, and from the looks of where things were headed, he's going to win that challenge with flying colors.

"I know you love to tease me, and you know I enjoy it at times. But there is always a limit to my patience, and you should know to never test my patience." She growled as she leaned down to glare at his devilish smirk. Before she continued, she shifted above him until she was suddenly straddling him, adding pressure to the hard bulge in his constricting pants. He groaned loud and delightfully behind his grin, his roaming hands suddenly cupping the swell of her buttocks and squeezing them hard in his excitement. A spark of ache jolted his bandaged hand at the intensity of his grip, but he was too intoxicated by the scent of lust from his partner to even care about the pain.

Viessa then spoke in the most alluring but commanding demeanor that made Sebastian want to take her senseless that very instant. "I don't want you to leave this room. I don't want to go to sleep. I want you. I want sex. And I want it now."

Ah, he truly loves this hell of a woman.

A dark chuckle finally left his throat. He leaned up, their lips inches apart, his hold on her hips still tight to the point where his fingernails had now left crescent red marks against her alabaster skin. "You know I'm easy to talk to, love," he whispered seductively, "All you have to do is say it."

Viessa's brow twitched. 'Bastard. I've been trying to, but you kept cutting me off!' she mentally cried, then grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him up harshly until their noses touch.

"Then kiss me, you bloody idiot."

He grinned, ivory fangs exposed. "With pleasure." And with that, he crushes his lips over her parted ones, and the night was followed with a flutter of sheets and clothing, of passionate kisses and moans of pleasure. In the midst of all the heat the two had long waited for with patience, Sebastian felt a little pain electrocute his body, but it didn't stop him, in fact, the pain somehow only heightened his pleasure, resulting in a night that was longer than he had previously expected.


The warmth of the morning light that seeped through her curtains touched on her face, trying to lull her awake with its gentle sun beam. Her eyes eventually flutter open, amethyst orbs gleaming against the stray light. However, it was not the morning glow which woke her up, but the disturbing spike of intimidating aura that suddenly filled her bedroom.

A dark figure was standing by her bed, and she peered out from her mate's arm that was slung by her shoulder to catch a better view, only to flitch when her sight finally cleared.

Gabriel wore an irritated expression on his normally stoic face. His brows were furrowed and his topaz eyes were narrowed and blazing. He stood tall and commanding by her bed side, arms crossed over his chest, looking down with a threatening gaze, not at all perturbed by the fact that Viessa was practically naked beneath the thin sheets.

Awkwardly, the pale-blonde smiled sheepishly at him. "Um…good morning, Gabriel."

Her voice made the figure spooning her on the bed stir. Sebastian shuffled behind her, slowly lifting his head from her tuft of disheveled pale-gold curls, only to groan in protest when he caught sight of his brother and his intimidating aura that was practically visible around his outline.

Topaz eyes met with still sleepy russet eyes and he glared. "Sebastian," he began, his monotone slowly forming into a reproaching tone, "What did I tell you yesterday?"

How he really hates it when he was treated like a child by his own brother. "You told me to stay out of her room," he mumbled, falling back down on the pillows and burying his face on Viessa's hair again. He felt awfully weak this morning, which was strange, since he never gets tired or sore when making love with his mate.

Gabriel grimaced, a vein pulsing on his temple upon noticing the younger going limp beside the female, who only blinked at that information.

"That's right. But that is tolerable. I know that I couldn't keep your hands away from Viessa, even if I tried." The older explained, causing Sebastian to raise a dark brow. "But I told you something else, Sebastian, and that was the most important."

At the moment, Sebastian was too tired to care (which was uncharacteristic of him) and made an attempt to wave his hand to shoo Gabriel off, as he was slowly becoming irritated at the fact that he was in front of his naked mate. His right arm was currently curled under Viessa's waist, so he could only use his left arm, however, he couldn't lift his left hand without flitching in sudden pain.

It was then that both Sebastian and Viessa noticed that the white sheets of the bed were smeared with small patches of red. Some blood was even found all over her shoulders and thighs, smeared in hand prints.

Gabriel sighs in irritation, raising a hand to his face to pinch the bride of his nose. "I told you: No strenuous activities, Sebastian." He reminded in an exasperated tone. He then shot Viessa a stern and annoyed look, and then lowered the hand from his face to point at her with an accusing finger. "You…" he muttered, and then his pointing finger turned away from her to Sebastian's bandaged hand, which was not so tightly bandaged anymore, and the tourniquet was tainted red with fresh blood, some even dripping from Sebastian's fingers,

"…You're healing him from now on."

An after shooting them once last annoyed look, turned and stomped out the room, shutting the door behind him.

A few seconds of silence filled the room after that, and was suddenly broken by a deep but rich laughter. Viessa turned to her partner, who continued to chuckle, clearly amused at his older brother's irritation. She gave him a frown though. "It's not funny, Sebastian. You're hurt. We need to heal that scar before you drain your reserves again and end up in another coma." Worry was evident in her tone, and Sebastian stopped laughing, though he was still smiling as Viessa helped him sit up.

She sighs, furrowing her brows as she looked down on his bleeding hand while removing the bandages, grimacing at the sight of blood dripping onto her comforter. She would have to have her sheets washed before it stains. "Honestly, all those efforts of teasing me last night just so you could hurt yourself…" She said in disquiet, not at all pleased with her mate's condition.

A warm hand touched her face, and Sebastian caressed the apples of her cheek with the pad of his right thumb. Viessa looked up at him, seeing a genuine smile on his face, with no hints of pain one would normally have when wounded.

He leaned in and kissed her passionately, to which the female responded with equal fervor, and when he pulled back, he bit the lobe of her ear lightly before whispering, and she could sense him smirking that arrogant smirk of his. "It was worth it."


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