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The Fallen, Duel - Round Two


The scabbard slid across the floor after being thrown off carelessly to the far corner of the room. The owner of that sword's casing ignored the loud clanking sound it made when it hit the wall, and instead inspected the double-edged blade for any wears, rusts, and scratches. Having raised the sword to eye level, the steel glimmered from the light of the chandelier above for a moment before revealing the reflection of a pair of smoldering amethysts against its silver surface; she realized that he had polished the blade to perfection prior to this little engagement. He was even considerate enough to move the larger furniture and valuable yet fragile items out of the parlor room in preparation for this activity.

Viessa lowered the sword to glance at her opponent standing in the opposite side of the wide room. The ravenette was in the process of pulling off the scabbard of his long sword. Like her, he inspected his blade, twisting his wrist to eye the steel in its full angle, before shoving aside the scabbard and giving the weapon a few practice swings. Despite all the preparations he made in the room, he was dressed casually for a sword fight – A simple, white cotton sweat shirt, the neckline wide to reveal a bit of his shoulder blades and the long sleeves rolled to his elbows. Dark, faded jeans complimented the plain upper clothing, but a pair of black and red running Nikes gave the whole apparel an edge, and as he gave a few steps around his area the rubber soles tapped on the marble floor in an intimidating way. She could agree that the choice of clothing, in its way, had its advantages: The sweat shirt was comfortable; the jeans were loose enough for running; and the rubber shoes were light and allows quick footwork. She on the other hand was just a tad bit overdressed, but she would never be caught dead wearing pants even if the situation compels one to wear it. Though the pleated gray, above-the-knee length 'A' skirt over black cycling shorts, the slightly loose cream button-up blouse, and black combat-style boots made her look more like a simple college student than a fighter, it was a much better choice of attire to fight in than the slightly heavy and frilly petticoat she ended up in more than a century ago.

She gave a soft blow on a loose strand of pale-gold that had detached from the high ponytail she donned her curls into and over her nose. Then she smiled in that sickly-sweet fashion when she caught her mate's gaze, those crimson eyes glinting impishly at her as he payed her grin back with a wide, devilish smirk.

Sebastian tilted his head to one side slowly without breaking apart their exchange of sly looks – both eyes glinting in intimidation and excitement. "Shall we apply the same rule, my dear?" he said, his silky voice loud enough to cross the other side of the room, as he place his weight on one leg and raise his sword to lean the flat portion of the blade on his broad shoulder in a relax and casual manner.

Viessa mimicked his stance, but tapped the blade lightly on her shoulder a few times as she hummed in false contemplation. "'First to bleed, losses', right?" she purred, smirk widening, tilting her chin down and looking innocent. Her attempt of looking demure made the male demon run his tongue over his thin upper lip.

Fixing his stance, the former butler placed one foot forward, bending the knee a little while stretching out the other leg behind, the muscles of his calves tensing beneath the faded black jeans in preparation to sprint. He lowered his arm and angled the blade to a point that he could see the distant head of blonde hair at the sharp pointed tip. "First to bleed, losses." He repeated in confirmation, his wicked smirk wider than before, his red eyes flaring in the thrill of a fight.

A girlish yet dark giggle escaped her smiling lips as she took on the same stance, the leather of her boots squeaking in process to the tensing muscles of her feet. Her grip on the sword's hilt tightened, steadying it. For a while, they were surrounded in silence, their breathings still as they garnered their concentration between each other

"My love," she then announced slyly, prolonging the hiss on her the 'love' for a long while until the syllable disappeared into a fading whisper, before her purple eyes blazed dangerously without having to shift to its demonic glow, "On guard!"

With simultaneously steps, combined with the speed of any natural demon, their blades clashed between them, the force creating sparks from the friction of metal against metal. Strike after strike, the walls echoed the sounds of the violent clanking of sharp steel. After one powerful collision of blades, the two fighters were propelled back by the force, but the distance disappeared as quickly as it formed when they sprinted back towards each other. The momentary cessation of their initial sparring began a series of ducking, swinging, missing, and dodging, eyes keeping watch for any openings at the same time aiming as precisely as possible.

After recovering from a close strike to his chest, Sebastian initiated a forward thrust of his own, the tip of the blade aiming straight for the side of her face. Viessa was fast enough to dodge by shifting to the side like how a door would swing open; her purple eyes following the sharp line that almost grazed her nose, and then clash her blade on it to push the point away from her. Pirouetting with criss-crossing legs, she turned away from Sebastian's front, spinning to his side and made a move to strike her sword on his back as she continue to twirl. But the male anticipated this. From the many years of training and sparring with her, he is fully aware of his mate's tendency to incorporate her ballet skills in close combat fighting, so he retorts with a dance of his own: crossing the foot trailing behind over the front, he does a twirl as well, and now having turned around to face her, he clashes his sword with hers, halting her spinning by the force of their blades' impact.

As their swords twitched against each other in their struggle to maintain a strong force, Sebastian could tell that he had upset her by ruining her strategy when she furrowed her brows a little and clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth. He heard the squeezing of her bare fingers when she tightened her grip on the hilt, and then surprised him by leaping back a few feet, jumping up high suddenly with the sword raised above her. She was suddenly coming up at him from above, and she was descending fast. Sebastian braced himself and raised his own sword over him in preparation to deflect the blow. But just when she was closing down on him, she vanished like a phantom in a mere blink of an eye. He inwardly cursed upon realizing that she was gone and hearing rushing footsteps coming his way from the side. Here was another one of Viessa's fighting tricks other than the ballet-like footwork. Her phantom speed was one of her most usual fighting tactics but unlike the first, he had forgotten to put in mind to anticipate it. Lucky for him, he improved his own speed to closely match her own, which made him quick to turn to the direction of the fast approaching steps and block the sudden thrust of her blade. The momentum of her sprinting towards him pushed him back a little once his blade touch hers, the rubber soles of his hideously expensive shoes squeaked as he slid a few feet across the floor.

A frustrated rumble left his throat, and with enough strength, he forced her away with a strong swing, and while Viessa was still recovering from the sudden push, she didn't have the chance to stop his shove on her with her heels as Sebastian rushed towards her quickly with the tip of his sword pointed forward. Viessa ran backwards, avoiding the sharp and quick aim timed with his every forward steps. When Sebastian broke that pace with a flashing transverse swing instead of a thrust, the pale-blonde ducked lower than usual and attempted a low swing with the intention to slice his ankles. The male demon, reacting more on impulse, jumped up, leap-frogging over the crouching demoness, and flipped so that his left palm touched the ground instead on his feet, then made a surprising move of a low kick. The female fallen demon saw him perform this move from her peripheral vision and leaped up in time to miss his kick, barreling back and landing another few feet away in a low, cat-like stance, purple eyes glaring at him menacingly. Sebastian sometimes wonders if his beloved mate had her own feline bloodline. She certainly has the agility and flexibility in her fighting moves that reminded him so much of a pouncing puma.

Her lips tugged down into a disappointed smile as she eyed Sebastian, who now had the leg he used for kicking awhile ago angled while the other kneeled on the floor. "No kicking, dear. This is a sword fight. We're not rough housing." She said, a little whine in her tone, as she kneeled up, but was secretly preparing her leg muscles for a quick sprint.

"My apologies," He said, looking sheepishly apologetic. He closed his eyes and beamed a repentant smile, raising the hand not holding the sword to his chest and bowed his head a little. When he reopened his eyes, the blood-red orbs glinted wickedly, "I didn't mean to boot you actually. I just needed to stretch my legs for what I plan to do next." And as soon as he finished his sentence, Viessa was greeted with the suddenly vanishing form of her mate, his appearance fading in a grim account of when she uses her phantom speed.

Realizing that the largest part of her body she left open and unguarded was her back, Viessa raised her sword horizontally above her head when her sharp hearing heard the whistle of the air – the sound produced upon wind being sliced by a fast swing – behind her. Her blade block the impact of his own sword before it slices her shoulder from behind.

"Whoa." Was all she could mutter in her surprise that he was able to pull off the trick she had spent centuries perfecting. Sebastian was always keen in learning new tricks, and he always learn them fast, and with them constantly sparring with each other he was bound to figure out the secrets of the fastest run and escape stunt in demon history.

She could sense him smirking arrogantly behind her. "Whoa, indeed." He whispered back, before pulling away, leaping back and landing a few feet behind her, his blade still angled towards her. Viessa spun around, holding her angled sword with two hands on the hilt. She was beaming him her sickly-sweet smile while her eyes remain narrow and blazing, but with more excitement.

"Copy-cat." She told him with a smirk, her tone laced with honey and venom. This fight just got a lot more interesting.

"I only learn from the very best." He replied mockingly, his devilish smirk growing further. "Now then," he raised an index finger, curling it towards himself, beckoning her forward, "Come at me. I'm excited to see if I could beat you with your own technique."

Viessa rushed forward before a second pass after he taunted her, and the raven-haired demon's blade met with hers, blocking himself from the strike. They stayed in that position for a while, their crossed swords trying to outwit each other.

"You're still as arrogant as the bastard I've first fought with." The pale-blonde said as she met his eyes between the gap of their swords, her lips curled up in haughty smirk.

Sebastian grinned back, his pearly white fangs showing. The thrill in his vermillion eyes glimmered in mordant mischief. "I love you too." And then with a powerful force, he uncrossed his blade from hers, stepped back only to rush forth with another powerful thrust of his blade, eagerly trying out his new skill.

Viessa retorts with a phantom trick, vanishing from his sight after clashing swords, but because she was so close to him he could feel the flow of the air when she sped to the side. He evaded her strike, flashing away and leaving a phantom of his previous location for her to slice in half. The male had leaped up after dodging the blow, slowing his speed in the process so that he reappeared above her. Before his blade could touch a hair on her head, Viessa dances again, twirling like a top, moving away from the blow, and continued to revolve until she made it behind him, and then poise her sword to strike. Sebastian deflected the blow by raising the hilt over his shoulder so that the long-sword's blade was parallel to his back. The clashing of metals echoed a loud clinking noise followed by the hissing of the blades as it slid off against each other when he turned to face her. They delivered several continues blows, sparring for what seemed like an endless moment. At this point in their fight, they had allowed their eyes to shift to their demonic hue, the slits of pupils dark against the burning fuchsia-red embers or their irises. The sudden increase of their powers bathed the room in a heavy dark aura that radiated from their bodies and reflected on their silver blades. The force of each swing had evidently rise as they start to get pushed back every time they deflect a strike.

They broke apart after the exchange of blows, equally using a tactic of vanishing like phantoms and attacking each other like predators when they reappear. For a while, the only sound heard was the whistling of the air as their blades cut through the fading images of themselves of which they left behind whilst evading.

Sebastian bent backwards to dodge an aim to his face. He was fast enough to evade but her blow manage to chip off a few strands of his black hair. He slid out of the blade's way, and surprisingly swung the sword to her ankles. Viessa pulled back quickly just when his blade's tip grazed her shoe, mentally thanking whoever designed the boot for incorporating it with very thick leather.

Just when she was about to strike back at him though, Sebastian had vanished from below her. That was also when she realized that her still forward thrusting blade was heading for the wall. In their fierce battle, she did not notice that they had crossed the wide hall and was about to reach the end. The sharp tip of her sword pierced the wall. It wasn't deeply embedded though, but the second it took to pull it out was a second wasted to escape. She could sense Sebastian heading towards her from behind, his blade aimed forward.

She turned to face him at the last second, her back leaning against the wall, her sword braced vertically before her to parry his own. Her sword managed to move his forward thrust away from aiming her face, and she could her the sharp screeching of the his blade on hers as it slipped pass her ear. The tip of his sword crashed into the wall, and due to his speed upon running towards her, the force of his blow was so strong that his sword was bound to be embedded very deeply in the concrete, making it difficult for him to pull it back.

The fight seemed to have stopped after that, with both fallen demons lock in their positions, breathing hard. The momentary stillness between them allowed Viessa to recover a little from the adrenaline of the fight, her senses becoming more aware, especially towards the stinging sensation on her cheek closest to the sharp edge of Sebastian's sword. Then she felt something trickle from the area of the sting down to her chin. By the victorious smirk widening on her mate's lips, that trickle on her cheek could only mean one thing: Blood.

It seems that even though she was able to re-angle his thrusting blade, it still manage to graze her cheek. The cut is small, nor is it deep, but it still bled, which meant that she lost this time.

No words can describe how utterly ecstatic Sebastian is feeling right now. Since that draw in the abandoned manor (although he believed Viessa had dominated in that previous duel), he had long wanted to defeat his mate in another sword fight. Although they occasionally spar and continue to hone their skills in the years of being a Fallen, nothing really beats the zest in a demon than an actually duel and test of dominance.

He stared down at the wide, bewildered eyes of his mate, standing almost paralyzed before him, her pink lips slightly open as she panted. His nostrils flared at the scent of her intoxicating blood and his red eyes dimmed. Suddenly, his elation was replaced with something darker, and coupled with the still flowing adrenaline within his veins he had the urge to take her right there on the wall. But the sound of sudden clapping with an exhilarated girlish squeal tamed his growing desire, rationality reminding him to be aware at the little audience of their fight.

Her magenta eyes were wide and bright, full of admiration as she bounced on the balls of her feet. Her small hands continued to applaud them, and her parents turned to catch her attention and her beaming open-mouth smile. "Papa won! Papa won!" Cassandra, physically a six year old albeit only three summers in existence, cried out in amazement, her silky black waves bouncing on her shoulders.

His expression softened at the sound of his daughter's giggles and he stepped back, leaving his sword embedded on the wall. Viessa sighed in relief, slumping a little in her defeat but still wore a sheepish smile for her little girl as she lowered her sword. Cassandra ran forward, and she watched as Sebastian bent down to meet her. The demonling wrapped her lithe arms around her father's neck and gave him a congratulatory hug. Sebastian chuckled, and then lifted her from the ground while letting her sit on his forearm. "Thank you, kitten." He told her in a soft and fatherly tone.

"You were amazing too, mama!" she said delightfully towards Viessa when Sebastian walked towards her, her magenta orbs still glowing and her cheeks flushed pink though, this time, not due to her bashfulness but due to admiration.

"Of course your mother is amazing, kitten," he added, his tantalizing eyes glancing at his mate, a smirk on his lips. "If it weren't for her lessons, then I wouldn't be able to win now." The pale-blond rolled her eyes at him. She never taught him anything at all, especially the phantom speed. Sebastian was just too observant and a very fast learner. Cassandra was lucky enough to inherit these aspects from him, but as her mother, she'll have to make sure that her daughter won't end up arrogantly flaunting this fact like her bigheaded papa.

She raised a hand to pat the head of the darker-haired version of herself. "Thank you, sweetheart. But as I have lost, it'll be papa's job to teach you fighting skills from now on." It was as they wagered upon: the one who wins their little duel will take the sole responsibility of taking charge of the more physical aspects of Cassandra's demonic skills. Each one of the fallen demons has promoted themselves into instilling every bit of knowledge and skill they know into the still growing demon-child. As much as Viessa would like to teach her everything she knows when it comes to battle, she suppose that it wouldn't be so bad to be the one to help her daughter focus more in the mental part of her training, including aura control, mind skills, manners, language and other forms of education. The musical portion though had been left with Lucilla, as well as magic and enchantments, while Gabriel had spent hours drilling the history and information of all things daemon into her head.

Speaking of wagers…

"Pay up, Lucilla." the red-haired demon said with a victorious smirk similar to Sebastian's, his voice uncharacteristically taunting and full of mirth that he almost sing-sang it. Gabriel was sitting with one ankle crossed on his knee, elbow propped on the cushioned arm of the sofa while he rested the side of his head on the ball of his hand. He glanced at the shocked look of the brunette seated on the other end of the sofa, suppressing a chuckle.

A growl left Lucilla's throat, and then she suddenly bolted up from her seat. "Rematch!" she cried out, causing the previously dueling demons and their daughter to turn their heads towards her. "I demand a rematch!" She pointed an accusing finger at Sebastian, who frowned in a bored way at her sudden outburst. "There is no way in hell that Essie could lose to this sanctimonious asshole! No fucking way! You bastard trapped her into a dead end! That was low, you motherfu–"

"Lucy, please watch your language." Viessa cut her off, smiling ruefully, while an annoyed Sebastian was covering Cassandra's ears. The demonling merely blinked, confused why the voices around her was suddenly muffled.

"Yes, learn to have some control over that colorful mouth. There's a minor in the room." Gabriel said, tone still teasing, as he appeared to stand beside her. Lucilla grumbled when the couple turned away to turn their attention back to their daughter, mumbling an explanation for suddenly deafening her. The brunette suddenly jumped when she felt the older demon's breath on her ear. "Besides, I have other ideas of which you can use that mouth of yours." He whispered low, seductively – very uncharacteristically Gabriel.

Lucilla nudged him away with her arm, stepping back. Her scowl was clear but it was unable to mask the embarrassed flush of her face. "Just because you won this time, doesn't give you the right to control my actions, Winterson." She hissed in a low volume, emphasizing each word with a pointed finger poking his chest. "This isn't over."

Gabriel rolled his eyes, but kept smirking. "It's always an endless gamble with you, Lucilla." And though at times their wagers are nonsensical or edge to becoming dangerous, he found that he didn't really mind it at all. He chuckled to himself, closing his eyes, stepping forward and burying his hands into the pockets of his slacks. He approached his brother and Viessa, and when his eyes opened, he had already shifted from playful side to his ever serious self again. "Excellent as always, you two." He praised them before turning his attention to the demonling seated on her father's arm, giving her a smile, "Even if the results of this duel were reverse, you'd still have a great mentor. Right, Cassandra?" he patted her head the way he always does with everyone else. Cassandra smiled shyly, nodding, and he continued, "In the mean time, you still have lessons under my tutelage. So I'll see you in the library in exactly ten minutes. Don't forget those books I had you study."

Viessa chuckled when she practically heard her daughter grumble. "Yes, uncle." She said softly, whining just a little, and Gabriel gave her one last pat on the head before turning away, heading for the door, but before that had grabbed for Lucilla's wrist, tugging her along. The brunette was annoyed, but did not protest as she was pulled out the room.

"Ten minutes, huh?" Lucilla said with a frown and a blush as he continued to tug her out the door a little enthusiastically.

Gabriel did not turn to face her, but she could tell that he was smirking playfully. "Yes. Ten minutes." He said after closing the door.

"Mama," her soft voice broke Viessa's reverie while watching the older demon pull Lucilla out the room. She turn to her and Sebastian, who had lowered her down on the floor. Cassandra tugged on her sleeve, beckoning her to kneel down to her height. Viessa crouched down and the dark-haired demon-child planted her small palm on her wounded cheek. "Does it hurt, mama?" she asked, her magenta eyes soft with concern.

Viessa smiled, shaking her head then leaning on her touch. "Not really, Cassie, but its fine. It's healed already." She said in a soft and assuring way.

She was suddenly surprised when Cassandra leaned forward and, with her small soft tongue, lapped on the residual blood that had trailed down her cheek. Instead of stopping her, Viessa giggled as her cat-like lick tickled her. After two more quick licks, she pecked her mother's cheek, and then looked up at her father, pouting suddenly. "Papa should promise not to hurt mama again!"

Sebastian laughed, a deep but rich laugh, as he lowered to meet his daughter at eye level. "I wouldn't dream of it, kitten." He told her, zealous in his words, his soft eyes glancing from magenta to purple as he leaned to plant a chaste kiss on the crown of raven-black waves.

When he pulled back, she rocked on her heels, her hands clasped behind her, and turned to Viessa with shy eyes, though it glinted with excitement. "So…when can I start training with papa?"

The pale-blond looked up thoughtfully. "Well, that depends." She turned to consult her mate. "What do you think, love?"

Sebastian shrugged a shoulder. "Unless I receive an assignment, then next week is fine."

"I can cover for you if you have one. It would really be great if she could start as early as possible and straight for a month."

He nodded, agreeing. If all goes well, Cassandra would perfect one fighting technique in a matter of days, just like every time she learns a new language. After that he could leave her to train on her own before he'd decide to teach her a new lesson.

"Then it's settled." She said, tapping the demonling's nose. "You can start next week. But for now, off you go, little one. You should get ready for Gabriel's lessons. You still have those books to fetch from your room and you know how strict he is with punctuality." And like Sebastian, she kissed her crown, and when she pulled back, her daughter was wearing a sheepish smile.

"Yes, mama, papa." She said politely, bowing a little, before turning and running off towards the door.

"I'll see you by dinner, kitten." Sebastian followed up, straightening, watching his daughter wave at them before exiting the room, closing the door behind her, the lock clicking.

Both of them stared at the closed door, a small contented smile in both their lips. A wave of silence was in the room the moment the demon-child left, only broken by a sigh that escaped Viessa's lips. She turned away, heading for the wall were she was last trapped during their duel, intending to clean up whatever mess they left behind. Sebastian's sword was still embedded on the wall; the point where the sharp tip entered had dented and cracked the concrete. She grabbed the hilt, still warm from his hold, and pulled the blade out from the deep crevice it made. She checked the sharp tip for signs of any bents and blunts, and after deeming it all right, turned around to find the scabbard, but she was surprise to find Sebastian in front of her, blocking her way.

He was looking down at her with those smoldering red eyes and playful smirk. He stepped forward, strutting towards her with a dominating air, and Viessa automatically steps back, her purple gaze locked on those crimson orbs. Even when her back touched the wall, Sebastian continued to step forward and only halting when their chest and hips were an inch apart. "Is there something you want, Sebastian?" she said with a charming smile, her tone alluring, and her purple eyes darkening. She trailed the cold, iron hilt of the sword up his clothed chest in a slow train. Sebastian grabbed her hand, pried the sword from her light grip and shoved it aside where it clanked loudly at a far corner.

"Yes." He grunted, closing the gap between them, pressing his hips to hers. He held each of her wrists and pinned her to the wall, her back just grazing the crack made earlier. "I want to take you on this wall." He all but whispered, the slight growl in his seductive voice an indicator that he had been holding in his urges while focusing his attention on their daughter.

Viessa pouted teasingly, her lips grazing his. "That's very unfair, love. You already won that duel. I'd like to be the dominant one for this round." He hissed when she bucked her hips to his, the quick grind eliciting sparks of electricity throughout their core.

He pinned her some more, pressing their chests together. He leaned down and mimicked what Cassandra has done earlier. He licked the dried blood from her cheek, but with more enthusiasm, practically flattening his tongue on her skin, lapping the blood until she was free from it. He smirked against her skin when he heard her moan softly.

"Then you'd just have to fight for it, my mate." He whispered in her ear, before claiming her lips roughly, pushing her up the wall further, lifting her off her feet and she later used her legs to wrapped around his hips. Their tongues battled within the moist caverns of their mouths, clashing like swords, trying to outmatch each other, because between these two, it's always a competition – a rivalry as endless as their love.


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